BJ Archmage – Episode 23: I Can See Your Voice (1)

I Can See Your Voice (1)


There is sometimes a situation when your body moves by itself like it is possessed.

Midas was experiencing that now.

‘A golden card?’

At that moment one of the hundred skill cards for Lucky shined with a golden color, Midas’s hand already grabbed the golden card.

[ You have chosen a card. ]


When Midas regained his senses, he had already chosen a card.

Midas looked at Lucky’s new skill card in his hands with surprised eyes.

[ Treasure Locator ]
– Skill Grade: Legendary
– Skill Effect: Your holy beast can find rare treasures that are hidden everywhere.
! The Holy beast reacts when finding a treasure.

‘Treasure Locator?’

Midas had never seen this skill.

‘A holy beast gets a skill to find treasures huh?’

It wasn’t hard to estimate the worth of this skill.

A treasure in God Wars meant something was above rare grade.

‘It can’t be.’

Midas came up with one other case in his mind as soon as he saw that.

‘Tori Tori, he has it too?’

The luckiest player in God Wars was a guild master of the Immortal guild.

He was as lucky as his nickname.

The titles of his personal broadcast channel were something else.

< Finding a Hidden Dungeon As Soon As Logging Into the Game! >, < Wait, I Was Going to Do Nothing, But Why Is This Unique Item Here? >, < Is It Real That I Have Found Two Hidden Dungeons In a Day? > Titles were like these.

Luck that most players couldn’t experience was more like his average day.

It seemed like he had a skill that could sniff out treasures.

‘Tori Tori’s faith was also to Fenrir. What if he also had the Treasure Locator skill?’

What if everything was not pure luck but was a result of his skill?

There was a possibility.

‘Of course, he would hide it if he had that skill.’

Hiding the skill was obvious.

Speaking out ‘What? Was the item here?’ sounded better than ‘I can find items that are classified as treasures or hidden dungeons thanks to my skill!’

‘It’s crazy.’

Midas now had the chance to enjoy the incredible luck Lapo had.

Plus, Midas had eyes that could see all the information.

Midas could find the location faster than others if Lucky found something and Midas could notice his signal.

‘The important point is my response.’

Midas just had to catch Lucky’s signal.

‘It’s important to figure out how he reacts when he finds a treasure.’

It was written on his skill that he reacts at a treasure.

In the other words, Midas would miss a treasure if he couldn’t notice Lucky’s signal.

‘If Lucky could speak, that would be the best…… Then, broadcasting it can make more money.’

The best was if Luck could speak, but the possibility of that was obviously zero.

He didn’t worry about that part.

‘Let’s analyze Lapo’s personal live videos. There should be a clue.’

He didn’t have to worry because the person with a proven method would show him the process on the air.

Midas smiled and pet Lucky’s head.

‘It can’t be better than this.’

Ah uh ah uh!

Lucky rubbed his head on Midas’s hand while opening his mouth and being cute.


Then, he started barking and hopping in front of Midas like he wanted to play.


Lucky looked so cute that anyone would smile.

Midas prepared to log out while watching him.

‘Let’s analyze first.’

He needed to research more about good skills.

He didn’t want to delay what he had to do and lose a chance so he prepared to pause the game for thorough research.


Lucky barked and seemed to stop Midas.

Midas tried to soothe Lucky.

“Ok. Wait a minute. I will be back soon.”

At that moment.

Sniff Sniff!

Lucky sniffed several times and then barked at Midas loudly.


Midas couldn’t figure out what was going on and kept calming Lucky.

“Ok, ok. Just wait. I will check some videos and then come back.”


Midas stopped logging out and looked at Lucky while nodding his head.


Soon, Midas started to see something new.

Woof Woof!

< Owner, owner! I smell something sweet! >

There were letters above Lucky’s head.



It was the title for people who collected ingredients that required a strenuous grinding in God Wars.

The main collected ingredients were for potions.

A miner’s main task was to collect herbs that randomly appeared within the assigned area under another player’s protection.

There was nothing hard.

It was similar to finding a clover on a mountain.

They just had to search everywhere while lowering their heads on the ground. It didn’t really require any special skills.

It just made them feel empty.

However, miners were paid well because the demand was high.

The demand for potions that recovered HP or MP remained high just like coke, and potions that raised stats needed to be pre-ordered.

The demand was steady, so the price never went down.

Of course, rare potions that were made of rare ingredients were more expensive.

[ Awl Mushroom ]
– Grade: Rare
– Effect: It is an awl-shaped mushroom that tastes sweet. It temporarily raises Strength if taken.

The awl-shaped mushroom Midas was holding was one of a kind.

‘If I make a potion with it, I can get at least 10,000 won per.’

It was not something anyone can easily find on the street.

‘I have never seen it for real.’

It was obviously hard to find it.

How many could find this kind of rare item while looking down on the ground with the threat of many kinds of monsters and players all around?

That was why a miner was a high paying job.


That was why Midas looked at Lucky with surprise in his eyes when he barked as if to say ‘I did well, right? So, pet me!’

‘Oh my god.’

Midas knew what it meant better than anyone.

‘Should I log on again after taking some Chongshinhwan (TL: It is a famous brand of relaxing pills)?’

He was so surprised that he was worried about his heart.

Sniff Sniff!

Lucky didn’t seem like he knew his owner’s feelings and kept sniffing the ground again.

Soon, he was staring at one place and turned his head to Midas.

Ruf Ruf!

< Owner, I smell something mysterious over there! >

Midas turned his head to where Lucky was staring at.

There was a hole barely big enough for a single person under the root of an ordinary tree.

There were letters above the hole.

[ Goblin Magician’s Secret Hideout (hidden) ]

Midas realized a fact that Lapo had plenty of videos about discovering hidden dungeons.


[ Goblin Magician’s Secret Hideout (hidden) ]
– Dungeon Grade: Unique
– Level requirement: Below level 12
– It is a secret hideout that the goblin magician made for his experiments.
! Quest Reward: The title of Goblin Magician Hunter after killing the goblin magician.
! Title Reward: Rune (intelligence+5)
! Discovered until now: 0

Hidden dungeon.

It was literally hidden in the game and similar to boss monsters.

Once someone completed it, it disappeared and then regenerated in a random place after a random time.

There was one difference between a hidden dungeon and a boss monster.

‘I didn’t know I could find a hidden dungeon that is harder to find than a boss monster.’

It was rarely found by people.

Boss monsters walked around and sought their prey like hyenas in Kilimanjaro and hidden dungeons were hidden so well that no one could find out. (TL: Hyenas in Kilimanjaro is a lyric from a 90s Korean song.)

Which one would be more difficult to find?

‘I had no idea there was a hidden dungeon in the Beginner’s village!’

Many players did not know about the existence of hidden dungeons.

Some people who found hidden dungeons tried to hide them first.

It was because sharing it with close people or selling the information was better.

Even Midas had never heard of the hidden dungeon in the Beginner’s village.

The secret information about the dungeon that only Midas could see also showed that no one had discovered it.

Woof Woof!

Midas couldn’t relax his face while Lucky was shouting for a compliment.

‘The first dungeon discoverer.’

He knew the title and the reward he could get after becoming the first discoverer.

‘Rune that raises all the stats by 10 points.’

The reward was beyond compare.

‘If I sell it……’

The more impressive thing was that he could sell the information to someone.

He did not have to go far.

If he sold it to the Explorer’s guild, they would pay enough for his living expenses for a month or more.

He could spread out one of his fingers in front of Hyukjoo Lee and pay 1,000,000 Won in advance.

Also, he could buy a big teddy bear for his niece on the way back home.

‘If I sell it, I can comfortably play the game for a month or two without worrying about money.’

Finally, he had gotten the chance to have a large sum of money.

There was no reason to think deeply based on Midas’s personality and his way of life.

However, he was agonizing.


He stared at the dungeon, a hole that only a person could fit through, where he wouldn’t normally go inside.

“Hey, Lucky.”

Midas pet Lucky’s head.


Lucky barked and smiled brightly at him.

“Ok. As you said, I shouldn’t be a gamer if I’m going to sell this.”

Midas’s eyes were prepared.

‘I should complete this dungeon.’

They were prepared for the chance.


“I will now start the hidden dungeon, the goblin magician’s secret hideout, in the Beginner’s village.”

Midas spoke like he was broadcasting live.

Of course, he wasn’t.

He wouldn’t broadcast this precious information on his channel where not many viewers watched.

‘This is enough for the video.’

The video was evidence that he would sell in the future with the tutorial master title.


Lucky couldn’t figure out his intention and just seemed to be excited.

“Ok, let’s go.”

He pushed himself into the dark hole, the entrance to the dungeon that was as small as his body.

Then a huge well-constructed space that was hidden from outside came into view.

[ You have entered the goblin magician’s secret hideout. ]

Soon, alerts kept ringing.

[ You have achieved ‘The first discoverer of the goblin magician’s secret hideout’. ]

[ You have achieved ‘The discoverer of a hidden dungeon’. ]

[ You have achieved ‘Dungeon explorer’. ]

‘I didn’t know this would happen to me.’

Midas couldn’t be more enraptured than this by this moment that only the best players had experienced since the beginning of the game which was five years ago.

‘Relax. It’s only the beginning.’

Midas knew better than anyone about what to do at that moment.

‘I’m in the dungeon.’

Midas did not actually have much experience in the conquest of a dungeon.

Also, the experience was mostly with a party. Tankers’ protection was in the front and healers’ support was in the back.

‘It’s my first time in a dungeon alone.’

He had never experienced completing a dungeon with a small wolf.

But, he didn’t worry that much.

‘Well, there will be no problem since my stats are magnificent.’

Midas’s stats were already more than a nightmare to goblins.


Goblins started showing up in Midas’s sights.

Translator: Amy Shin
Twitter: @AmyShin39



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