BJ Archmage – Episode 24: I Can See Your Voice (2)

I Can See Your Voice (2)


The place looked like an abandoned temple.

A fireball flew through a path where many luminous stones were shining inside.


Then there was silence.

Midas stood in front of the goblin he killed and laughed uncontrollably.

‘Damage is crazy.’

If someone told the players to choose which one was more difficult between hunting in the field and hunting in the dungeon, they would choose the latter without hesitating.

Hunting in the dungeon in a limited space was too difficult so players who were used to God Wars avoided it.

Midas knew this fact well.

‘Strategy is meaningless since I can deal damage just with my stats.’

He was able to disregard strategies since he’s able to deal high damage just with his high stats. Normal players at his level couldn’t do this.

Midas suddenly thought of another player.

‘Azmo. Now, I understand why he poured his money into this game.’

Azmo was a player who spent the most money in God Wars.

He played the game just like Midas did.

He got the best items he could acquire at his level using huge sums of money and wiped out the monsters with his overwhelming stats boosted by the items he bought.

‘It’s obvious why people are fanatical about him since he makes this difficult game look like a kids game.’

Azmo had the most viewers for his personal broadcast channel among all the players in God Wars.

‘By the way, it’s an incredible game by the looks of how he can’t get to first place.’

Surprisingly, Azmo was only the third-highest level at the moment.

Two more players who had a higher level than Azmo existed.

‘Well, it’s not my business.’

They were literally stars who were the brightest in the sky to Midas.

It was a world where he couldn’t even imagine reaching.


However, Midas didn’t treat it as an unreachable world anymore.

‘I think I can now dream bigger.’

Midas couldn’t help being greedy.

Woof! Woof!

While Midas was dreaming of his future, Lucky barked at his owner.

Midas stopped his steps at Lucky’s barking.

He picked up his head and looked towards the front.

The dimness of the luminous stones caused low visibility, however, Midas could see clearly.

There was a wide space at the end of the path.

[ Goblin Magician (Lv.16) ]

And also, a monster in that space.

‘It’s the boss room.’

It was the final room of the dungeon.


[ Goblin Magician (Lv.16) ]
! Attacks with a fireball when the enemy’s distance is greater than 5 meters.
! Automatically casts an insanity spell to goblin type monsters around the caster.
! Activates kamikaze by fire when HP is lower than 20%.

Goblin magician.

Its height was about 5 ft and looked frail, different from the goblin champion.

Its arms and legs were so thin that bones were sticking out.


However, a wand, accessories made of bones on its arms and neck, and patterns that were drawn with blood all over its body were showing that its existence was out of the ordinary.

Kihee, Kihee!

The goblins around him were also unusual.

[ Crazy Goblin (Lv.7) ]
– It has lost fear due to the insanity spell.
– All attacks raised by 20%
– All defense decreased by 20%
– HP & MP decreased by 15%

Their sounds were mixed with laughter and their eyes were foggy, unlike normal goblins.

It seemed very bizarre that it was never seen hunting in the field.

Of course, it wasn’t a very unusual case for Midas who played the game for more than 5 years.

Midas understood the situation quickly.

‘While the crazy goblins hold me down, he’s going to attack me with a fireball. Then he will set fire to himself at the last moment. Are there two phases?’

He figured out how they attacked players.

That was enough.

‘It’s simple.’

He did not need a long time to solve a problem that he had solved so many times.

“Lucky, I’m depending on you.”

He did not have to wait after getting an answer.

“Let’s get it!”


Lucky sprinted towards the group of goblins like a bullet on Midas’s order.

Woof! Woof!

Goblins quickly reacted to Lucky’s cute sound.



There were 6 goblins around the goblin magician and the green lights above their heads instantly turned red.


All the goblins started to run to Lucky.

It was such a disturbing scene.

No one wanted to see a tiny wolf getting attacked by 6 crazy goblins.


However, Lucky did not lose his determination but instead showed his teeth with a courageous shout.


At that moment, a huge fireball flew from Lucky’s back and hit one of the goblins who were in the front.

The goblin who got attacked fell to the ground.


After the first goblin fell, an ice arrow hit the second goblin’s eye.


Soon, the second and third ice arrows hit other goblins’ faces.

The fifth goblin was hit with a rock.

The rock flew faster than the other attacks and hit the fifth goblin exactly on his forehead.


The goblin cries were worse than the other goblins.


The sixth goblin was hit with a fireball.

It was the best combination that Midas had at the moment.

First, he attacked with an ice arrow and used a fireball while preparing three ice arrows.

After that, he attacked with the ice arrows, gained some time with a rock, then used a fireball once its cooldown time was done. He repeated this again and again.

It was a great combo that wasn’t hard and also couldn’t go wrong.

It was enough for Midas to hunt the group of goblins with this combination.

All the cooldown time for his skills was done while he rested a little bit after the fight.

However, the boss of the goblins was still alive.


He was making a basketball-sized fireball while Midas was hunting his subordinates.

Someone had to stop that.

However, Lucky didn’t have enough time for that since he was fighting goblins in front of him.

The person who’ll interfere with the spell casting was obviously Midas.


While Lucky was attracting all the monsters, Midas ran quickly to the goblin magician.

He was closing the distance so quickly even though he was only a magician.

Also, he stabbed the goblin magician’s neck with a sword, not a wand.


The sword stabbed deeply.

The damage from it was also heavy.

[ Goblin magician has canceled the cast. ]

It was strong enough to cancel the cast.

‘Ok, it worked.’

Midas smiled and pulled out the sword from the goblin magician.

And soon, he started to increase the distance from the goblin.

1 meter, 3 meters, and 5 meters.

The goblin magician glared at Midas after taking his hand off his neck and started casting again.


And Midas also cast a fireball.

Midas’s casting speed was a little bit faster.

Midas already had a fireball in his hand and did not hesitate to throw it.


He threw it not to the goblin magician but to a goblin that was attacking Lucky.


The goblin gasped out at the sudden fireball attack and fell to the ground right away.

Now, there were only 4 goblins left.

It was Midas’s plan.

‘It’s the basics to kill the small fry first and then kill the boss afterward.’

There was no reason to force himself to kill the goblin magician first because he could respond to the goblin magician’s pattern very well.

While canceling the goblin magician’s cast, he hunted one of his subordinates.

Soon, Midas put his sword in front of him and rushed to the goblin magician again.


The sword stabbed the goblin magician’s body again and the goblin magician canceled the cast while flinching.

Midas stepped back again.

When the distance between them became 5 meters again, they shouted at the same time.



Midas’s strategy had begun.


All the players prepared a strategy before hunting a boss monster.

No one prepared a strategy that resulted in total destruction or annihilation.

At first, no one would try to hunt if the strategy only made that kind of result.

That was why players who came forward to hunt a boss monster had confidence and a chance of success.

However, having a result they wanted was very rare in reality.

When a situation turned bad, the losses were unexpectedly less because they could just run away.

On the contrary, the losses were worse when the situation seemed good.

In the case where damage dealing, strategy, and the situation being better than they thought, players naturally sped up.

‘It’s ok to speed up, but it becomes a deluge at the moment they get out of the rail.’

Most players start to stray from the strategy they prepared.

‘Even if my condition is good, I have to keep my pace.’

Midas knew that was dangerous.

‘It was the same in God Wars as it was on the baseball mound.’

He already felt the danger from unpredictability when he grabbed a baseball before he played God Wars.

It was the same now.

Midas’s pace was beyond his imagination.


Lucky also fought better than expected. Every single one of his attacks was very critical.

Midas’s accuracy was also excellent.

However, he did not overdo himself.

He did what he had planned.

He interrupted the goblin magician’s cast and killed the subordinates one by one.


When there were only two left, he remained steady.

He could possibly damage them with his sword but he didn’t fight a melee battle forcibly.

‘It feels boring.’

The time until only the goblin magician was left was boring to keep concentrating.

‘This is the best.’

Midas liked the boredom.


The goblin magician’s scream was letting him know that it was time for the climax of his plan.

When the bloody goblin magician screamed, his body started to blaze up.

Burn himself.

He started to make a frantic last-ditch effort to burn everything that touched him.

‘The second phase has begun!’


As soon as Midas saw the scene, he shouted at Lucky.


Midas immediately ordered Lucky, who seemed like he was going to bite off the goblin flame.



Midas’s face did not have any hesitation.

‘It doesn’t matter if we look stupid. We need to survive.’

Fighting against a monster who was making the last effort would look impressive.

It was something that no one could do easily.

It could only be seen in animations, movies, or novels.

The important thing here was that no one could do that.

Midas knew he was one of them.

‘I’m not broadcasting either.’

Therefore, he did not have a showdown war with the burning goblin magician.


Midas pitifully ran away so hard from the goblin magician who was making creepy sounds.

He wasn’t just running hard.

He did all he could to run away desperately.

His posture looked like how a 100-meter track athlete runs.

He shook his arms so hard and kept his posture to run faster.


That made the goblin magician who was chasing Midas look pathetic.

Of course, Midas did not feel any of it.

‘Just die quickly and drop items.’

He was doing it seriously.

He could do such a disgraceful thing without hesitating because he was desperate.

‘This is it.’

The end of the hide-and-seek had arrived.

Midas’s eyes clearly saw the goblin’s HP become 0.

At the same time, the goblin magician who was chasing Midas stopped his steps.

He stood still and the last of his body burned.

“Phew, it was tough.”


For the first time, Midas was relieved from the tension.


At this time, Midas heard a voice.


Midas was surprised and looked at Lucky.

“Did you talk to me?”


Lucky growled instead of answering and stared at the goblin magician.

Midas’s sight followed Lucky’s.

‘What? Why is he still alive? Is it a bug?’

Midas tilted his head at the goblin magician who was still standing even though his HP was 0.

At this time.

<I am back!>

The horrifying sound came out and echoed from his mouth.


Midas was freaked out by the shout.

“I, I have never seen a goblin talking.”

He couldn’t help speaking about his feelings in utter amazement.

“Wow! Is it real? It’s not a bug, right? If I record it, it is going to be a jackpot! Oh, I was recording. Guys, you are watching a goblin talking right now! I’m sure it’s the first in God Wars! It’s real. I’m not editing the video!”

If it was not a game, the goblin magician would make a ridiculous face at Midas.

However, it was a game, so nothing like that happened.

<Now, the war between gods will begin!>

At the moment the goblin magician finished his words, he became ashes and started to disappear.

At the same time, Midas heard alerts in his ears.

[ You have killed the goblin magician. ]

[ You have completed the dungeon. ]

[ You have acquired the title of Dungeon Conqueror. You have received a rune as a reward. ]

[ You have acquired the title of Goblin Magician Hunter. You have received a rune as a reward. ]

[ Your level has risen. ]

[ The rewards for conquering the dungeon were added to the inventory. ]

[ You have reached level 10. ]

[ Wardragon offers you a chance for growth. ]

The repeating alerts made Midas’s smile deepen.

‘Talking goblin. There is something suspicious.’

Of course, he was not going to ignore what the goblin said.

‘Well, I should find out.’

“Lucky, let’s check the items first!”


Midas checked the additional rewards in front of Lucky’s cute shout.

[ Goblin Magician’s Wand ]
– Grade: Unique
– Level to equip the item: Level 10 and above
– It is a wand that the goblin magician used. It has the power of fire.

Midas’s mouth drew a smile when he checked the option.

‘Unique! This will be at least 1,000,000 won.’

Just because the wand was a unique grade, no small amount of money was guaranteed.

– Attack: 31
– Intelligence +11
– Mana +11
– Fire-type magic attack raised 5%
– Fire-type magic casting speed raised 10%
– Fire-type magic cooldown time decreased by 5%

As soon as Midas saw the other options below, his eyes became the biggest they ever were.

‘Holy shit, is this real? This level 10 weapon has 31 attack powers! Isn’t this the best unique item?’

Midas was so shocked by the incredible options.

However, there was another option that made Midas surprised even more.

– After acquiring, it belongs to you (non-tradeable)

As soon as he checked the very last option, he looked at the ceiling for a moment.

Then, he lowered his head to check the sentence again.

– After acquiring, it belongs to you (non-tradeable)

Soon, his smile went away and an angry face showed up.

“Wait, what the hell is this? Non-tradeable? What did it say?”

He sincerely let out his pent-up anger.

“Fuck, I knew it. This fucking trash game’s existence is an affront to humanity.!”

His anger could not be controlled by anything.

Then, a system alert was able to control it.

[ A new main scenario quest has been created. ]

“What bullshit. Fucking main scenario qu……”

‘Main scenario quest? Why is it here?’

Midas could see at this moment.

The truth behind God Wars.

Translator: Amy Shin
Twitter: @AmyShin39


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