BJ Archmage – Episode 25: I Can See Your Voice (3)

I Can See Your Voice (3)


Minsoo Kim. He was the only one who could perfectly design a virtual world.

Everyone had the same question when he announced making God Wars.

“Why did you choose a game of all things?”

They asked why it had to be just a game instead of all the better things he could make with a virtual world.

Minsoo Kim answered the question.

“There is a story I want to make. I’m just doing it as a hobby, so don’t put too much meaning on this. I’m not thinking about making money, either. Also, I’m going to make whatever I want to make since I’m making it all by myself. If you don’t like it, why don’t you try to make something else? Well, it’s going to be possible only when you guys can make one.”

He told them not to care about his business.

Anyway, Minsoo Kim had made God Wars, and no one asked a question of why he made a virtual game anymore since the game instantly swallowed up the world in no time.

Instead, they started to ask another question.

So, what on earth was the story Minsoo Kim wanted to make?

People tried to find the answer from God Wars after Minsoo Kim had passed away.

However, none of them had found the story, the so-called main scenario, for more than 5 years.

The hologram window in front of Midas at the moment was the story everyone was looking for.

[ Trace of the Nameless God ]
– Quest Rank: Main Scenario
– Level: above 1
– Story: Meet an NPC who knows about the trace of the nameless god in the Beginner’s village.
– Reward: Unknown
! If you find the NPC, Yoong, and mention ‘the trace of the nameless god’, the quest starts.
! Quest reward: Yoong’s ring (unique)

Quest rank, main scenario!

It was a story that had never been known in the world for more than 5 years.

Midas couldn’t help freaking out.

‘How did it happen to me?’

First, he had a doubt.

‘Wait, it doesn’t make any sense how no one could know about the existence of this main scenario quest.’

Numerous people had searched God Wars thoroughly to find this.

But, the quest’s start point was nowhere other than in the Beginner’s village.

‘What the hell are Alpha company people doing? Isn’t this some kind of an error?’

It was beyond comprehension and also absurd.


Lucky barked for Midas’s attention while he was in a daze.

Midas turned his eyes to Lucky.

Suddenly, the 5-year history of God Wars passed through Midas’s mind.

‘No. Come to think of it, Alpha company never touched any of the settings Minsoo Kim made in God Wars.’

Alpha company did not accept people’s repeated requests for updates or changes in the game setting.

Their justification was that they did not want to touch the genius’s inheritance.

That was why the players in God Wars were going nuts.

‘They also left the players to mess up the Beginner’s village.’

The evidence was the Beginner’s village.

If Alpha company took control of the game, the Explorer’s guild would never have controlled the Beginner’s village.

‘However, even Minsoo Kim wouldn’t predict that this would happen.’

Alpha company’s carelessness also caused the main scenario quest start point to be hidden for more than 5 years.

Even Midas who had a special skill barely discovered it.

Midas did not ask a question about why anymore.

Instead, he felt enraptured.

‘This is a chance that is entirely different.’

He couldn’t even think about ‘How much would this information be?’

It was a chance that could change his miserable life to a successful happy life.

Obviously, there was nothing he should worry about.

‘I must do this. It’s not something to sell.’

What he had to do at that point was taking all the benefits before some lucky competitor appeared.

‘Yoong is the NPC who gives the graduation test. Only the examinee can go into his room, so I don’t have to face the Explorer’s guild.’

Midas made a plan in his mind and then turned off the hologram window.


Lucky kept barking.

“Yes, Lucky.”

Midas happily pet Lucky’s head with a bright smile.


Lucky was happy and picked up his head to howl.

At that moment.

[ You have not used the chance War Dragon has given you. Would you like to use it? ]

It was an alert that he had not used the rewards for the achievement of level 10.


He was showing his feelings by answering without emotion because he did not expect any good new skills.

‘I have enough attack skills. Let’s just choose whatever between a buff, summon, or misc type and go on to complete this quest.’

It was a natural reaction since he was in a situation where a huge mound of gold was right in front of him at this moment.

‘It’s going to be no better than rare.’

Also, the chance that a reward for a level up is a legendary skill card is very rare.

Even lottery winners in Korea weren’t as rare.

That was why he did not have any expectations.


Lucky who could never know his owner’s feelings howled to encourage his owner.

[ Choose a skill card. ]

Soon, 100 cards appeared in front of Midas.


And Midas could see.

[ Polymorph ]
– Grade: Legendary
– Effect: You can transform into any subject you hunted.

It was a golden shiny legendary card.


God Wars was lawless.

However, the Beginner’s village was orderly unlike the rest of God Wars.

Players only went to the designated paths like a car on a highway and NPCs just waited for their turns in front of the buildings where they were supposed to be.

Everything was all thanks to the players who were placed here and there from the Explorer’s guild.

However, there was only one exception where it had an atmosphere of freedom because it had not been touched by the Explorer’s guild.

On the third floor of the biggest building in the Beginner’s village, there was the village chief, Yoong, who managed the village.

“Dude, do you want to graduate already?”

“Hey, there is nothing to do even if I stay. We have to pay for the quests here anyway. It’s better for us to graduate and go outside faster.”

This place was called the graduate examination site.

That was why the Explorer’s guild did not manage this place.

Players who graduated left the Beginner’s village right away and moved to where they wanted to go. They could not come back here after that.

“Let’s just go.”

“Huh? Can we just go inside? Don’t we need to wait for our turn?”

“Not here. We can go inside at the same time.”

Yoong’s place was not shared with other players, unlike other areas where other NPCs were.

There was a place for only one player who came in like an instant dungeon.

In other words, the Explorer’s guild could not watch or manage this place.

It wasn’t surprising because one could not progress in God Wars if they also managed the graduation exam.

‘If Minsoo Kim made it this way, he should have made all the NPCs the same.’

If he made all the NPCs just like Yoong, the Explorer’s guild wouldn’t be in control of the Beginner’s village.

It meant that the developer intended the NPCs to be managed that way.

‘Minsoo Kim. What was the reason why he made this game?’

He wondered the genius’s intention but couldn’t worry about it.


“Lucky, just hold on a little more.”

What Midas had to worry about at that moment was going inside Yoong’s house while hiding Lucky.

‘I shouldn’t attract any attention from people.’

If he let people see his holy beast in the Beginner’s village, all the players would bother him.

They would say something like ‘How did you get the holy beast?’, ‘Give me a holy beast, too!’, ‘Mr, please let me join your party!’, ‘Fucking rich asshole, get the fuck out of here!’, etc.

Nothing good would happen.

‘Also, the Explorer’s guild might have an interest as well.’

The worst thing that could happen is that the Explorer’s guild starts doubting him.

If they found out that a player could get a holy beast in the Beginner’s village, they would put in so many workers in there.

While doing that, they would also investigate outside of the hunting field which was over the Explorer’s barrier.

They would literally investigate so hard to find a treasure, not to hunt or kill monsters.

If they found the hidden dungeon Midas had discovered, Midas would have a competitor.

The competitor would be none other than the Explorer’s guild.

‘I have to act like normal.’

It was actually the best scenario for Midas that the Explorer’s guild managed the Beginner’s village.

‘Act normal.’

He hid Lucky with a cloth and walked towards Yoong’s house.

No one was giving their attention to Midas because players did not care about other players.

Nevertheless, Midas felt really nervous.

‘It’s driving me crazy.’

The feeling that the whole world is watching him was choking him.


Lucky’s whine even sounded like thunder in the sky to Midas.

He was sensitive to all the sounds around him because he was too nervous.

“Hey, did you hear that? There was PK outside of the line.”

“PK? Isn’t it a daily occurrence that those civilian slayers hunt other players outside?”

“Well, the civilian slayer was the one who got hunted.”


A conversation between the players came to Midas’s ears.

“Civilian slayer?”

“Yea, it was even 1 vs 3.”

“1 vs 3? So, three hunted one civilian slayer, right?”

“No, it’s the opposite.”

“Shit, how does that make sense?”

“I just heard it. Anyways, it was like this. Those civilian slayers were hunting a party of three players outside of the line, then somebody showed up and he killed them all.”

“But why?”

“I heard he live broadcasted while killing the civilian slayers.”

“Oh, I understand. So, what is his channel called?”

“I think it was BJ Archmage.”

It was about Midas.

‘The rumor spread.’

There was an eyewitness, so nothing was weird if they knew about that.

“BJ Archmage?”

“Yea, I think his job is an archmage. I heard he used fire and ice magic at the same time.”

It was an interesting story, so nothing was weird if people were interested in it.

“Fucking rich asshole spent so much to get an archmage and he is now broadcasting. What a fucking game. Rich jerks use their money to get rare jobs and make money while broadcasting it.”

“Yea, assholes. We need to beat them up.”

“That jerk is going to get beaten up while broadcasting for sure.”

‘…… I should never live broadcast outside.’

The conversation was nothing special but it was horrifying to Midas.

Finally, he got to Yoong’s house with tension.



A player showed up with a door opening sound.

[ You have entered Yoong’s house. ]

[ This place is isolated. If you log out, you will automatically get out of Yoong’s house. ]

For the first time, Midas let out a deep sigh after the alerts to greet the player.


Midas put Lucky down from his chest.

Woof! Woof! Woof!

Lucky barked joyfully after holding it in for so long.

“What a noisy guest.”

At that moment, a middle-aged voice was heard.

It was the owner of the place, Yoong’s voice.

The place with so many kinds of weapons on the walls looked more like a weapon shop.

Also, Yoong looked more like a retired war hero than just a village chief.

His body had traces of how he had trained and his square face was full of tenacity.

The NPC, Yoong, asked Midas a question.

“So, do you want to graduate from this village as well?”

It was a question every player had answered yes to.

Midas did the same 5 years ago.

He said yes to Yoong’s question without hesitating.

However, this time was different.

“Do you know anything about the trace of the nameless god?”

Midas asked the question.

He did not need an answer.

‘Ok, a quest popped up.’

Because he was able to see a question mark above Yoong’s head.

Translator: Amy Shin
Twitter: @AmyShin39


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