BJ Archmage – Episode 26: Mission Impossible (1)

Mission Impossible (1)


The conversation with Yoong continued with a heavy mood.

“When a god becomes nameless that means the god has given up on his own divine throne and he has become an existence who can’t be called a god anymore.”

In this atmosphere, Yoong did not ask for an answer.

“Then who on earth can make a god renounce his throne? His believers who are only weak? That’s ridiculous. Only a god can fight against another god. Yes, that’s right. What you’re thinking is right. The nameless gods are the gods who were defeated in a war between gods.”

Yoong led the conversation by himself without Midas’s answer.

‘This is comfy.’

Midas relaxed his tension.

Some of the NPCs required an answer to their questions to progress through a quest and some of them even required the right answer otherwise players failed to continue their quest.

That was why Midas was so thankful because those NPCs screwed him over before.

“Then, what did the defeated gods leave behind?”

Midas absentmindedly stared at Yoong when he asked the question.

The silence between them became longer.

Ah uh ah uh!

There was only Lucky’s panting sound.

Midas tilted his head while staring at Yoong with silence.

‘What is it? Why isn’t he talking? Is it a bug?’

After a while, Yoong still did not continue his words and just looked at Midas.

The silence continued.

“Answer me what they have left.”

Eventually, Yoong repeated the question.

‘Oh, I need to answer.’

Midas finally figured out the situation and thought about the answer.

It wasn’t long since there was only one thing the defeated gods left in God Wars.

“It should be the spoils of war.”

‘It’s an item drop.’

A sweet reward for winners!

Yoong nodded as he was satisfied.

“Yes, that is the only inheritance left from the defeated.”

He opened both arms at his words and pointed out towards the weapons lined along the wall.

Only then did Midas find out the meaning of the weapons and clicked his tongue.

‘People who tried to find a quest to get the weapons just wasted their time.’

Players made a hypothesis at the beginning of the game that there was definitely a quest where Yoong gave the weapons to them.

It was quite reasonable.

Otherwise, there was no need to design the interior that way for the place where players graduated.

That was why players tried so many attempts to prove that hypothesis.

However, the weapons were not meant for a quest.

“Now it’s time for you to ask me a question. You asked about the trace of the nameless god, didn’t you?”

While Midas was recalling for a minute, Yoong asked the question.

“Yes, I did.”

“Do you need an answer to that?”

Midas shook his head.

The nameless god was someone who was defeated in the war of gods.

And they left a trace.

That must be their inheritance.

Finding a trace meant finding an inheritance.

‘I can already smell something legendary.’

Indeed, it must be something entirely different from the ordinary.

So, Midas needed only one question at that moment.

“How can I find the trace?”

The question mark above Yoong finally became an exclamation mark.

“I couldn’t find it, but maybe you can.”

Yoong took off a ring with a red jewel and handed it to Midas.

“If you show him the ring, he will let you know how.”

[ You have acquired Yoong’s ring. ]

[ You have received a new main scenario quest. ]

A quest window showed up with the alerts.

[ A man identifying the ring ]
– Rank: Main scenario
– Level: Above 1
– Content: Find a man who can identify the ring in Wiga city.
– Reward: Unknown

The quest was very unkind.

However, Midas did not have any complaints about the quest.

! ‘Mission Impossible’ quest will continue when you find an NPC, Sahalin, in Wiga city.


The answer was clearly shown under the quest.

“Now, I want to graduate from this village.”

Yoong smiled at his words.

“You have already hunted many goblins. You are now strong enough to leave here. I will let you get out of the village right away if you want. Would you like to do that?”

[ Do you want to graduate from the Beginner’s village? Once you graduate, you can never come back. ]



Soon, a huge magic circle appeared under Midas and Lucky’s feet.

[ You will be transferred to Wiga city. ]

[ A warp spell is casting. Be aware of motion sickness. ]

Midas had graduated from the Beginner’s village.


As soon as players graduated from the Beginner’s village through Yoong, they experienced two special things.

First was the warp spell.

They flew across the world with fabulous speed like a rocket and then they got dropped in random areas in Wiga city. This enjoyment was something they could never feel in reality.

The second thing was the excitement of Wiga city.

The huge scale of the city was incomparable to the Beginner’s village. Also, things that filled up the city were amazing.

“We have got nice goods!”

“Do you have a song you want me to sing?”

“Get away from here! The fire is too dangerous for you!”

A gnome merchant was attracting players, an elf bard was singing, and a dwarf smith was yelling at players who were peeping at the smithy.



A griffin and a wyvern who seemed like some NPC’s holy beasts were making sounds in their nests on a mansion’s roof. This sight was the fantasy that humanity has dreamed about.

Players’ reactions were always the same at this sight.


They sincerely expressed full admiration.

This was why a player’s exclamations resounded everywhere throughout Wiga city.

Some players, who had been playing the game long enough, said this when they saw this scene.

“I guess it’s their first time playing this game.”

“I envy them.”

“Yea, God Wars used to be really fun at that time.”

They were smiling with their thoughts of ‘That time was fun.’.

However, that was it.

No one put too much meaning on this scene.


No one cared about a player who just came down from the sky and was screaming.

No one could not know.

[ Yoong’s Ring ]
– Grade: Unique
– Level requirement: Above level 1
– The village chief of the Beginner’s village, Yoong, used to wear this ring. It has a strong power.
– All stats +15
– Attack +3
– All defense +10
– The speed of recovering HP & MP +20%
– Once acquired, it belongs to you (nontradable)
! When wearing Sahalin’s ring, the set’s hidden option activates.
! When wearing Sahalin’s ring, all stats +22
! When wearing Sahalin’s ring, attack +2
! When wearing Sahalin’s ring, the speed of recovering HP & MP +10%


No one figured out that the player wasn’t looking at Wiga city but was looking at his finger.

‘Is this option real?’

The option of Yoong’s ring was incredible.

‘This is almost like a legendary grade. Plus, the set’s hidden option!’

Yoong’s ring’s options were amazing enough, but the hidden options that would activate when wearing Sahalin’s ring were almost at legendary grade.

‘Shit, I could take my brother and Hyerin on a Jeju island trip if it wasn’t nontradable….. Well, I should be satisfied since the item is so great.’

It was so good that he could accept the fact that it was nontradable.

‘The reward for the main scenario quest is crazy.’

The incredible thing was that the item was a reward just for continuing the quest.

Mostly, players had to go through a boss monster to get a unique item.

‘If the main scenario quest becomes popularized, the market price for the items will change a lot.’

The main scenario quest had not been found by anyone, but the rewards were for anyone.

In other words, everyone could acquire items like this if they could complete the quest.

That would change the market price for those items so much.

‘……I should keep it to myself.’

It was not good for Midas.

Midas realized what could happen and put down his hand wearing the ring.


The whining sound came out from Midas’s bosom.

“Lucky, hold on.”

Midas tried to relax Lucky and worried about the situation.

‘We can’t walk outside like this forever.’

Lucky at that moment was so tiny that Midas could hide him in his bosom, however, he will become bigger than Midas someday.

‘Tori Tori is as big as a house now.’

Lapo’s holy beast, Tori Tori, was already as big as a monster.

Lucky will be about that size in the future.

‘If I try to hide him, people are going to start doubting. It’s better to just walk with him.’

Having a holy beast was rare but not unusual in God Wars.

Hiding a holy beast in someone’s bosom would be more suspicious.

‘There is no other choice than a disguise.’

The answer was a disguise.

There was nothing difficult.

‘There’s no problem if I use polymorph.’

Midas already had a skill where he could transform into a subject he had hunted for a certain amount of time.

Besides, the subject to transform into included other players.

Of course, what Midas had to worry about was not that.


“Ok, I will find him soon.”

He had to quickly find the NPC, Sahalin, and continue the quest.

Midas picked up his head and looked at the vast Wiga city which was full of NPCs.

Other players would feel the long road ahead.

However, Midas was different.

‘I have a god known as Google who can find him.’

He had Google that knew about everything.


“Hyunwoo, aren’t you going to log in?”

Hyunwoo Jung frowned his face instead of answering while looking at his phone.

“Hey, the setting is done.”


Hyukjoo repeated himself, then he finally answered.

However, he couldn’t relax his face.

‘I have been searching, but it’s not showing up! All the NPC locations should have been found by other players.’

Hyunwoo did not worry about the quest when he saw it the first time.

There was nothing to worry about.

What he had to find was a specific NPC, Sahalin, not a random NPC.

Also, the information about NPCs in Wiga city should’ve been enough as Hyunwoo said.

However, there was not even a little bit of information about the NPC, Sahalin, in Wiga city even though he searched on Google.

It meant Hyunwoo Jung had to find the NPC himself.


It was troublesome to him.

But there was something he was more concerned about.

‘What if the NPC, Sahalin, appeared at the same time the main scenario quest started……’

If a new NPC appeared in Wiga city, that fact would be disclosed soon.

Also, who finds it first was obvious.

‘The Explorer’s guild will find out any time.’

That was what Hyunwoo was concerned about.

There was only one solution.

‘I have to finish the quest before they find out.’

He had to move before something bad happened.

“Hyukjoo, I’m logging in.”

“Got it!”

Hyunwoo Jung’s eyes did not show nervousness.

‘I have never had this kind of chance before. I can’t be deprived of it by something like the Explorer’s guild.’

His eyes were full of malice.

Translator: Amy Shin
Twitter: @AmyShin39


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