BJ Archmage – Episode 27: Mission Impossible (2)

Mission Impossible (2)


Wiga city.

There was so much to see in the city where players went after graduating from the Beginner’s village.

Far from insufficient, it was superior to other cities.

The setting was obviously made on purpose.

The beginner’s village was not that different from the tutorial mode.

What if the city that represented the real God Wars to players was tiny, had nothing to see, and was no fun?

People were going to lose their interest.

‘I finally found it.’

Midas found the NPC, Sahalin’s house after running around the huge Wiga city for two hours.

He could’ve complained about this.

However, he did not do that.

‘If this quest was discovered by others, 99 out of 100 would’ve sworn hard at them and the last would’ve thrown eggs at Alpha company for sure.’

If Midas couldn’t see the title <NPC, Sahalin’s house>, his 7-year-old niece, Hyerin, entering elementary school would’ve been a lot faster than Midas completing the quest. (TL: Korean elementary schools start at 8 years old.)

Midas swallowed his swear words, picked up his head, and checked the shape of the building.

It was a two-story stone construction.

It didn’t look that special compared to the buildings next to it.

‘The Explorer’s guild is not here.’

That the Explorer’s guild was not in the place was showing that no one knew about the value of this place.

‘Was it newly created as I thought?’

At the same time, it was showing that Midas’s hypothesis was highly possible.

Midas tried to knock on the door nervously.

‘What if they don’t open the door? What if they ask me about some kind of password or something?’

He was worried about the door not opening.


However, there was no knocking sound.

Midas’s hand just passed through the door.

It was a scene he couldn’t believe if it was in the real world.

However, it wasn’t that surprising in God Wars.

‘It’s an illusion.’

It was illusion magic as he thought.


As soon as he saw that, he didn’t hesitate to push himself inside the door.

His body had disappeared over the door.

The inside of the building was much wider than what Midas had expected from outside.

The house was full of bookshelves that were full of books.

Midas put down Lucky on the floor first.

Woof Woof!

Lucky barked out loud as he was holding it in for so long.

Woof Woof!

Midas shushed at Lucky who kept barking at him.

“Lucky, hush!”

Woof Woof!

However, Lucky didn’t stop barking and Midas knitted his eyebrows.

‘I was being too much. I told him to be quiet in my bosom for two hours.’


Midas couldn’t scold Lucky because he felt bad and suddenly Lucky started to show his teeth and growl.

“Wait, Lucky.”

Midas was surprised but figured out Lucky wasn’t looking at him.


Midas turned around.

“How did you get in here?”

As soon as he turned around, he could hear a young female’s voice.

However, he couldn’t see the owner of the voice.

‘What? Even I can’t see? Is it some kind of stealth magic?’

Midas looked at the ceiling.

“Hey! Look down!”

Then something hit Midas’s leg.

Only after that, Midas found a gnome magician whose height was half of Midas’s.

“I asked how you got in here!”

NPC, Sahalin.

Midas put his left hand up before answering her who had the sign above her head.

A red jewel ring was shown on his finger.

“Do you know about this ring?”

“Yea, I made it for Yoong. That was why you’re able to come in here.”

Midas smiled at the answer.

“So, the reason how I’m able to come in here is already explained.”

Sahalin snorted.

A question mark above her head turned to an exclamation mark.

[ You have completed the quest. ]

The alert rang.

“Yoong is going crazy while being stuck in the countryside. I can’t believe he sent someone like you.”

Soon, Sahalin continued her words.

“I don’t talk to amateurs who can only hunt goblins.”

Then a question mark appeared above her head.

It meant a new quest came up.

‘It was called mission impossible.’

Midas already knew about it so he wasn’t that surprised.

‘Let’s see how hard it is.’

He kept his composure because he didn’t expect anything hard.

Sahalin opened her mouth to Midas who was so relaxed.

“If you want to talk to me, hunt 10,000 orcs.”

“Haha, It’s nothing…… What?”

Midas’s thinking stopped at that moment.

‘How many?’

After he could think again, he was still blanked out.

“Did you say 10,000 orcs?”

He kept asking and Sahalin also kept answering.


He finally figured out the situation and distorted his face.

‘Fuck, it doesn’t make any sense!’

Hunting 10,000 orcs did not make any sense.

‘I know it’s called mission impossible, but it’s too much! Tom Cruise from the movie, Mission Impossible, can’t even do this!’

The quest was as impossible as its title.

Midas wanted to hurl abusive language right away.

Of course, he couldn’t.

“Why? Can’t you do this?”

Nothing would happen even if he did that to the NPC.


The system sent an alert to Midas.

[ A new quest was created on the list of the main scenario quest. ]

At the same time, a quest window appeared in front of Midas.

[ Mission Impossible ]
– Rank: Main scenario
– Level: Above 1
– Content: Find a piece of the nameless god. You can find it with very low probability when you hunt orcs.
– Reward: Unknown
! Reward: Skill card (Unique)
! When completing the quest, you get the title ‘The man approved by Sahalin’.
! Reward for the title: Rune (Intelligence +20)


Midas’s facial expression changed.

He looked at the gnome magician with wide-open eyes.

Sahalin saw Midas’s eyes and sneered at him with a deep smile.

“If you get lucky, you are going to have to hunt only 5,000. So, pray to your god.”

Midas smiled instead of answering.

A very bright smile.


There was the Stinky Forest located to the south of Wiga city where players visited the most after graduating from the Beginner’s village.

This hunting field was full of roaming orcs at a higher level than goblins and made the players frustrated.

“Oh, shit. The tanker died.”

“Fucking idiot, he should have run away!”

“Oh, fucking tanker. How did he miss it? What’s the point of offering him the item set? He’s so stupid!”

There were so many players who stopped hunting due to their parties.

They were still fine but couldn’t continue hunting.



It was a situation they couldn’t help letting out a sigh.

That was why the Stinky Forest was also called the sighing forest.

Of course, it wasn’t like that for everyone.


Midas who appeared with Lucky in the Stinky Forest seemed happy.

‘Just one more.’

If he hunted just one more orc, he could get a unique ranked skill card.

It was possible because it was Midas.

“Ha, the others will complain a lot while completing this quest.”

Even if the other players acquired this quest, they had to hunt so many orcs until they found a piece of the nameless god.

‘This game definitely depends on luck.’

In Midas’s position, it was very pleasing.


Lucky also made happy sounds because of Midas’s satisfied expression.

“I feel great that I might find it soon. Lucky, what do you think?”


“What? Did you say you are going to find a unique ingredient on the way for your owner? That’s so sweet of you!”


Midas shared his happiness with Lucky and narrowed his eyes to look at the Stinky Forest.

He was smiling.

‘I really think I can find it soon.’

And his prediction became a reality.



A tiny player put his wooden shield in front of him and made a loud shout.


At that moment, something made a thundering sound in front of the wooden shield.


It was an orc wearing leather pants.

The scene looked very weird.

The player’s height seemed to be a maximum of 5.2ft, however, the orc’s height looked over 6ft.

The orc seemed to be able to push the player back easily.



However, they both didn’t get pushed back and evenly demonstrated their power.

It was only possible because it was a game.

“I’m glad I prepared the items!”

That was why people played the game.

They couldn’t experience something like this in their real lives.

“Hey, I caught it!”

“Ok! Now, I’m going to cast the spell!”

“I’m ready to heal! Tell me when you are in danger!”

While the player who was a tanker blocked the orc, the magician behind him cast a spell and the healer waited for his turn until they needed him.

If there was an audience, they could nod and clap at their party play.


However, Midas couldn’t clap his hands at the scene.

[ Orc’s items ]
– Orc’s canine tooth
– Orc’s leather
– A piece of the nameless god

Because this was the orc that Midas was looking for.


It was the worst-case scenario that could happen to Midas.

‘It’s even inside the Explorer’s line!’

It was even inside the Explorer’s barrier where the Explorer’s guild’s rules existed.

‘If I PK them and get caught……’

PK was not allowed in the area.

‘They are not going to let me play the game.’

Also, the three players’ item settings included a rare item and seemed like they spent a lot of money.

‘They are going to succeed in hunting it by the looks of the item settings.’

There were two meanings to that.

One was that they had enough fighting strength to hunt the orc.

The other was that they had enough will to take revenge by paying the Explorer’s guild if they got killed by Midas.

‘…..If I ask them to hunt together, they are going to think that I’m crazy.’

He couldn’t even say stuff like ‘Hey guys, I’m in the middle of the main scenario quest, and luckily the orc has the quest item I need. So, could you please give him away to me or hunt together?’

Actually, Midas already had the answer.

‘I knew it. Fucking game of luck!’

Giving up.

Midas came up with those two words and soon turned around from the fight.

“Hey, Daechul!”

Suddenly, the mood had changed and Midas turned his head back.

‘What’s going on?’

Midas found out a tanker named Daechul, who was fighting well so far, stopped like a dummy.

“You don’t say he’s forcibly logged out!”

“I knew it! I told you to log out once!”

“Oh, fuck!”

It was a forced logout for safety.

Midas’s eyes started glowing again.

In the meantime, the situation quickly continued.


The orc pushed the tank down and stepped on him without mercy then he postured a mount position.

Thud, Thud!

It punched the tanker’s head with its fists in the mount position.


At that moment, an ice arrow got stuck on the orc’s body.

It was an attack from the magician who finished casting the ice arrow.

He tried to stop his comrade’s death.

It was not a wise action.


The orc’s attention went directly to the magician and it rushed towards him like a mad bull.

“Wa.. Wait!”

The magician got freaked out and ran away, however, his low stamina didn’t help him.

The distance between them instantly got closed and the orc knocked him down with its body.


The magician’s body struck a tree and fell on the ground with a bone breaking sound.


The orc shouted victory.

“What the…”

The healer stiffened right away.

Midas started to calculate.

‘Should I wait?’

The best situation was that the orc killed the party and then Midas rushed in there.

However, there were always variables.

If the tanker logged in again, the party could fight back again.

Also, they could use an SOS voucher when they were still alive because they were within the Explorer’s barrier.

Midas started to look around.

His sight was limited by the trees in the forest, but he could see some players far away.

‘It’s not that far.’

They could hear the SOS and accept it.

Midas finished calculating.

‘If the best is not possible, then it’s the second-best plan.’

As soon as he chose the second plan, he showed himself.

Then he started talking loudly.

“Wait! Guys! I see the party is in danger. What should I do?”

Midas spoke loud so that the healer could hear him clearly.

The healer turned his head right away towards Midas’s shout.

And the moment the healer found Midas, he screamed.

“Help me!”

Midas smiled and shouted.

“I got an SOS, so I’m going to rescue him! Now, let’s go!”


Midas and Lucky participated in the fight.

Translator: Amy Shin
Twitter: @AmyShin39

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