BJ Archmage – Episode 28: Mission Impossible (3)

Mission Impossible (3)


“Ice arrow!”

His wand turned into an arrow at the moment Midas finished casting.

However, Midas didn’t pull the bowstring.


He left the bow and cast a fireball.

A magic circle appeared on his hand and started to create sparks.


Then Lucky threw himself towards the orc with his cute bark.

The scene looked like an egg flew to a huge rock.

However, the result was different from how it looked.


Lucky instantly bit off the orc’s neck that was as hard as a rock.

Then he moved to the orc’s back.


The orc’s attention was directed towards Lucky.


At that moment, a fireball flew towards the orc’s backhead and made a strong explosion sound.

The power was also strong.


The orc glared at Midas right away.

‘Wow! Look at the damage. I was already expecting it, but it’s still incredible.’

Even Midas himself was surprised by the damage that his fireball made.

‘This is why people spend so much money on this game.’

The damage that his stats bolstered was completely different from how much the same level player could make.

However, his level was only at 10.

It was actually impossible for him to make critical damage to a level 20 orc.


The orc was still alive and started rushing to Midas with all its strength.


Lucky also rushed to the orc to protect his owner.

He jumped and bit off the orc again, but it didn’t stop rushing towards Midas.

Midas didn’t try to run away from it.

He only pulled the bowstring towards the orc.

He wasn’t trying to pretend to look like Robin Hood.

‘I don’t have much time.’

If he had enough time, he could run and reduce his cooldown time.

However, he didn’t have enough time.

‘No one has died yet.’

If the tanker logged in again or the magician prepared his full-strength to fight with the healer’s support, they would be able to hunt the orc again.

After that, they might appreciate Midas and probably compensate.

The problem was who was going to own the orc’s dead body.

If they all hunted together, it would be an advantage for someone who hunted it first.

However, it would be much better if Midas hunted the orc by himself.

So, it was time for Midas to damage the orc as much as possible within a short time.

That was why Midas faced the orc and pulled the bowstring.


Midas pulled the bowstring and shot ice arrows one by one towards the orc.


The more ice arrows were shot, the more screams the orc made.

And, the distance between them was closing.

Soon, Midas moved when the distance became so close that he could not run away anymore.

He threw himself directly to the orc.

It was not unusual.

‘A bullfighter doesn’t show his butt to a bull!’

Ranged fighters used this method in an emergency situation when they fought orcs.

Magicians have an advantage of the strength stat against goblins, however, they could never run away by themselves from an orc.

Once they showed their backs, they would shortly get caught.

There was no way to avoid or defend against an attack from behind.

That was why people came up with a passing method.

It was just passing the orc which was its weakness.

The basic skill, rush, was powerful, but at the same time, it was too fast.

A car that was speeding too much can not suddenly u-turn.

Not many people could do this method.

They had to be talented or they had to have practiced for a long time.

Midas was the latter.

‘People called me a cockroach!’

He had survived in this game for five years even though he had nothing.

It wasn’t actually that hard for Midass to avoid the orc by looking at its behavior pattern.

Midas rushed and passed by the orc.


It got surprised and tried to stop after going forward to 10 more steps, but it wasn’t easy.


The orc stumbled due to its sudden u-turn and soon slipped on the ground.

The distance between them already became 30 meters.

It was going to take some time to make it close again.

‘The cooldown time is now 2 seconds.’

The distance was enough for Midas to shoot one more fireball.

As soon as the orc started running towards Midas, he counted the time and shouted.


A magic circle above his hand started to create a fireball.

The distance with the orc was closing, however, Midas accurately attacked its face in a situation normal players would feel fear and nervousness.


The fireball hit the orc’s face and made an explosive sound.


The orc also screamed.

However, it was still alive.

It did not stop and walked towards Midas.

Midas was not surprised.

‘I expected this.’

He could perfectly calculate the damage better than anyone.


Midas smashed the orc’s head with his wand.

The orc, running around like an unleashed horse, became still.

[ You have hunted the orc. ]

At the moment the hunt was over,

“Fuck, shit! I got disconnected!”

The tanker logged in again.


80 hours which was not short at all was the penalty for players who died in God Wars.

“Thank you for helping us.”

The players who received help expressed their appreciation because they were able to avoid the penalty.

“No problem. We should help each other in the game.”

Midas smiled and thought at the same time.

‘The item is a different subject though.’

The real beginning had just started.

Midas definitely helped them and they also avoided doing nothing for 80 hours.

However, it didn’t mean the orc was Midas’s.

‘The first to attack gets first dibs is an absolute rule.’

Everyone in God Wars obeyed the rule that the person who attacked first had priority.

Even the top 10 guilds who break this rule, didn’t deny it openly.

Of course, some nice people could just give it away.

However, there was no way for Midas to figure out if the players were conscientious or blackhearted.

“Oh, wait a second.”

Therefore, Midas tried a plan.

“I’m live broadcasting right now.”

The three players nodded.

“Oh, Mr. Absolutely PK. Thank you for your support. What? Just kill them and take the items?”

As soon as Midas said that, the players hardened their faces.

It was nothing weird in God Wars if somebody started PKing just because of a broadcast.

“I PK only other PK players, not normal players. I gave you a warning. Keep your manners in the chat. I’ll ban you when you get three warnings.”

Thankfully, they relaxed their faces again.

“Item looting?”

Midas looked at the three.

“I killed the monster so I have to loot the items?”

There was no prompt answer and only silence.


At that moment, the tanker, Daechul, said to Midas.

“Take it.”

Midas waited for that answer, but he didn’t do that right away.

“What? Can I?”

He just asked again.

“Yea, we already appreciate you for helping us.”

“We didn’t kill it anyway.”

The other two answered, then Midas shouted.

“How generous they are. I’m so glad I saved their lives. Guys, look. If you do something good, you will get some benefits. Now! I will go loot the items. If I get an item higher than a rare grade, I will open an event!”

He made the mood noisy and bright, then he went to the orc’s body quickly.


He looted the items right away.

[ Item looting has been started. ]

[ Three items have been added to the inventory. ]

He heard the alerts and checked his inventory.


However, he didn’t smile.

“What a shame. There are only useless items. I will delay the event for the next time.”

He finished his thorough acting.

“Excuse me.”

One player asked Midas a question.

“What’s your name?”


“Yea, I can’t do anything special for you, but I can advertise your channel for you since you helped us.”

Midas answered.

“I’m BJ Archmage.”


[ You have given a piece of the nameless god to the NPC, Sahalin. ]

When he heard the alert, he looked down at Sahalin with his most confident face ever.

However, Sahalin seemed unpleased.

“I guess you just got lucky this time.”

She tried to speak ill of Midas.

“Yea, I was very lucky.”

Midas didn’t care about that at all.

His interest at that moment was only the question mark above her head.

“Well, that’s ok. Luck is also an ability.”

The question mark became an exclamation mark.

[ You have completed the quest. ]

[ Your level has risen. ]

[ You have received a hidden reward. ]

[ You have acquired the title The man approved by Sahalin. ]

[ You have received a rune as a reward. ]

He started to hear repeated alerts.

[ Would you like to receive a skill card? ]

Midas answered at the alert.


Soon, 100 cards appeared in front of Midas.


The scene looked fantastic with so many red lights.

‘This is awesome.’

He couldn’t help admiring.

‘What should I choose?’

Choosing a jewel in the sand was easy, however, choosing one jewel between lots of the other jewels wasn’t.

‘Shit. I have never used a unique skill so I don’t know which one to choose…..’

He had never experienced those jewels so his worry deepened.

Everything looked nice.

There were so many good things for real.

‘Bullseye, it’s expensive too. Ballista? This is good too. Memorize? Wow! If I have these three, I can get paid at least 1,000,000 won as a long-range attack magician on every raid!’

Unique skills were expensive for a reason.

‘Uh? Long toss?’

The familiar skill, long toss, caught Midas’s attention.

[ Long Toss ]
– Grade: Unique
– Effect: When attacking with magic, the damage goes up depending on the distance from the opponent.

‘Oh, this.’

Midas had memories of this skill.

‘When my level was 20, I saw this at a store. I didn’t buy it because it was 5,000,000 won and I regretted it even until last week.’

It wasn’t a good memory.

However, he had information about it.

The skill, long toss, was very useful for magicians who had throwing magic.

The value was even higher when their level went up.

‘This skill is the most useful when I hunt a large monster.

As a player’s level went up, there were more chances to meet a large size monster. Also, the bigger the monster was, the easier the player could aim.

Midas thought about it for a moment.

‘Yea, I won’t regret it if it’s Long Toss.’

Midas’s hand went directly to the skill card.

As soon as his hand touched it, the rest of the 99 cards disappeared in his hands.

[ You have acquired Long Toss. ]

The alert notified him that his choice was over.

Midas didn’t leave any lingering attachment.

“Where do you use it?”

He asked Sahalin who had changed the exclamation to a question mark again.

‘Now, give me the next quest.’

He tried to continue the next quest.

“Do you know why it’s so hard to find the trace of the nameless god?”

“How can I know? I’m just a moron.”

“Finding it is also hard, however, there is a barrier that only a player who has faith in them is allowed to enter when you find it.”

Sahalin opened her hand.

There was a lump of black coal on her tiny hand.

< A piece of the nameless god >

It was what Midas had brought.

Sahalin grabbed it and continued.

“Then what do you have to do if you want to go through the barrier?”

“I have to pretend to be his believer.”

“That’s right.”

When she opened her hand again with her answer, there was a black ring that was created in her hand.

< A ring made of a piece of the nameless god >
– Grade: Unique
– Level requirement: Level 10 and above
– It is made of a piece of the nameless god. It can temporarily let you go through the barrier of the nameless god’s altar.

As soon as he saw the ring, he could imagine what the next quest was going to be.

‘I have the ring now, then the next is finding the door.’

He understood the content enough and relaxed his face.

He looked at Lucky who was shaking his tail next to Midas.

‘It’s not going to be easy but there is nothing I can’t do.’

I’m not like myself from before!

I will complete any quest that comes to me!

He showed determination on his face.

Sahalin continued.

“So, will you do it? It can be very dangerous.”

Midas didn’t hesitate to answer.

“No danger can stop me.”


Lucky also answered with a long howl.

[ A new quest has been updated on the list of the main scenario quest. ]

Then the system rang with the alert and showed the quest in front of Midas.

‘Come on. Show me a big chance! Big!’

He checked the quest window quickly.

Then his face became hardened.

[ Secret Altar ]
– Rank: Main scenario
– Level: Level 10 and above
– Content: Find the secret altar in the Stinky Forest and then find out its secret.
– Reward: Unknown
! Reward: Skill card (Legendary)
! When completing the quest, you can start ‘Slayer’

‘…….This is too vast.’

It was a moment a big shot had appeared.

Translator: Amy Shin
Twitter: @AmyShin39

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