BJ Archmage – Episode 29: The Secret Altar (1)

The Secret Altar (1)


Legendary was a word that all the players in God Wars wished to have even in their dreams.

A legendary rank skill’s or item’s value was that high.

And it was very hard to get.

‘Oh, this chance is too big.’

Midas couldn’t smile at the vastness of the chance because of this reason.

‘This level of difficulty won’t be easy.’

The level of difficulty of the ‘Mission impossible’ quest which rewarded the unique skill card was already hard
Normal players would take about 10 days straight to hunt the orcs. Only Midas could do it easily.

‘It’s not about hunting monsters but about finding the hidden dungeon….. If I get unlucky, I’m going to have to search for the dungeon everywhere in the Stinky Forest.’

Also, finding a dungeon was different from finding a monster.

The difference between hunting the goblin champion and finding the goblin magician’s secret hideout was another example.

No, it couldn’t be compared.

‘Shit, the Stinky Forest is a lot bigger than the Beginner’s village……’

Wiga city was literally a city, not a small village.


Midas agonized and let out a sigh.


Lucky rubbed his head on Midas’s leg to make Midas feel better.


Midas grabbed Lucky’s head and looked in his eyes.

“I trust you.”

Midas looked at Lucky with an earnest wish that Lucky would make a miracle happen again with his treasure locator skill.

Lucky shouted at his owner.


Midas smiled.

‘Come to think of it, Lucky is also legendary.’

Midas became confident by looking at Lucky who was like a symbol of good luck.

“What did you say, Lucky?”


“You are going to find the secret altar right away, huh?”


“You said you are going to make this game so easy for me?”


“Alright, Lucky. Let’s do this!”

Midas put Lucky in his bosom and left Sahalin’s house.

‘A week! I’ll find it within a week!’

He glared at the Stinky Forest with determined eyes.


He found a high golden column that was towering over the Stinky Forest.


Midas realized something he forgot.

‘I forgot that I can see the quest location once I get the quest.’


[ Secret Altar (hidden) ]
– Grade: Legendary
– Level requirement: Level 20 and under
– It is an altar dedicated to the nameless god. A stinky smell comes out from inside of the altar.
– Reward for completing the dungeon: Unknown

Secret Altar.

Midas mumbled to himself while looking at the information window.

“This can’t be.”

Midas’s voice was disappointed.


Lucky couldn’t understand why Midas was doing that.

Wasn’t it what Midas had wanted to find?

Midas complained to Lucky.

“Look at this. Is this really an entrance to a dungeon?”

He pointed at the entrance with the complaint.

There was a hole that made Midas doubt if he could fit through.

“This is so ridiculous. How can people find it?”

The hole was so small that normal players would never consider that this was an entrance to a hidden dungeon.

Even if somebody joined Midas for the quest, that person wouldn’t be able to find it.

‘This quest is not meant for one player.’

In other words, this quest was designed so that a player couldn’t complete it by himself.

That was why Midas was complaining.

! Reward: The title of ‘The main culprit of the stink’ will be provided if you succeed in killing the rotten orc.
! Reward for the title: Rune (All stats +3%)
! Discoverer: 0

Midas complained while looking at the hidden information under the dungeon information.

‘This dungeon is designed for at least a party of five.’

It requires a party of many players whose levels were under 20. Also, they had to be very skilled.

This was not for Midas whose level was only 11.


Midas reaffirmed his resolve in front of the dungeon.


Lucky answered short and hard at his resolve.


Then he started growling at the dungeon while sticking out his tail.

Midas looked at Lucky.

“Let’s hunt something else.”

Grrr… Woof?

Midas turned his back on the hidden altar dungeon with his words.

Lucky relaxed his posture and turned to Midas.

Midas’s steps did not have any hesitation.

It was obvious.

‘I don’t need to force myself to show my spirit in this difficult dungeon.’

Midas could probably complete the hidden altar dungeon with his stats at this moment.

However, he needed to expend a lot of effort and had to go through so much trouble.

It wasn’t bad to do that.

It’s amazing enough to get money and applause from people who watched him.

‘Even though I try hard, I can’t even broadcast it.’

In Midas’s situation, he had to try hard to hide the quests.

‘If the level requirement is 20, it’s better to level up to 20. Why should I suffer now?’

Midas didn’t want to suffer again.

‘My past when I had nothing was difficult enough.’

While he was a pro baseball player and then a pro player in God Wars, Midas already tried his best to survive.

‘Anyways, I don’t have to worry about someone finishing the dungeon first because the ring is required to enter the dungeon.’

He didn’t have to complete the dungeon right away.

All the circumstances were telling Midas to level up first and own the dungeon easily.

Most of all, Midas was confident in hunting orcs easier than ever.

‘Now, hunting orcs isn’t hard anymore.’

“Lucky, follow me.”


“I will show you what ‘hard carry’ means.”


In the Stinky Forest where weak orcs roamed around,

“Fucking tankers! Block well!”

“What the hell are the dealers doing? Shoot correctly! Fuck, they suck!”

“Heal! Heal! Heal! Heal me! Oh, shit! Fucking healers! If I die, you will die in real life!”


So many angry shouts were coming out of the forest that had a completely different difficulty from the Beginner’s village.



As the forest was also called the sighing forest, the sighing sound was also heard.

Midas couldn’t stop smiling at the scene.

‘Nothing has changed since 5 years ago.’

It was not that different from when he came to the Stinky forest for the first time.

Players shouted and let out a sigh due to the difficulty of the game.

‘I used to be like them.’

Midas used to let out a sigh like breathing out cigarette smoke.

He luckily joined a party with skilled players because he was a magician who was good at aiming, however, hunting in the Stinky Forest was still tough.

His party full of players who were better than him was even more pressuring.

He had to try so hard to live up to their expectations.

‘I did my utmost to survive.’

Of course, Midas didn’t give up and tried to hunt orcs with his effort and will power.

Most of the players played God Wars like him.

‘Whales tried their best to spend money on the game too.’ (TL: Whale means a person who spends an incredible amount of money in gacha type games which makes him/her ultra-powerful and godlike.)

Some players got over the difficulties in other ways.

They acquired items above rare grade and bought skill cards.

It was very efficient.

Players who had a unique item or a unique skill hunted orcs so easily and they started to hunt together to make it even easier.

Item market prices in God Wars started breaking common sense at that time.

‘People started to exert themselves in the game.’

That instigated the occurrence of pro players who made money from the game like Midas.

People who had not graduated from college and did not have any special skill could make money from the only virtual game in the world.

Even they earned as much as a salary person’s salary for a month if they got a reputable item.

Who was going to stay still?

Of course, it wasn’t related to Midas anymore.

‘Well, it’s different now.’

Midas’s situation at that moment was totally different from the time when Midas tried his best to survive in the game.


At that moment, an orc that had a green light above its head showed up in Midas’s view.

It meant no one was hunting it.

“Ice arrow.”

When Midas cast the spell, his wand turned to an ice bow and he held it.


He opened his right hand and cast a fireball.

He planned his main combo which was a fireball, an ice arrow, and another fireball.


Lucky also held a battle position to hunt anytime.

Then Midas started to walk backward.


While Lucky turned his head to Midas, Midas slowly calculated the distance.

‘….40 meters.’

When the distance became 40 meters, Midas stopped going backward.

The orc looked very tiny in Midas’s sight.

The distance seemed so far that Midas wasn’t sure that he’d succeed in aiming.

However, Midas prepared his posture without hesitating.

Then he threw the fireball.

At the moment the fireball left his hand and it was about to pass through the forest where so many obstacles existed, Midas was convinced.

‘Ok, it’s going to hit.’

And his conviction became true.



The fireball exploded and the orc screamed.


The orc started to rush directly towards Midas with full strength.

Meanwhile, Midas was pulling the bowstring and aiming at the orc.

He didn’t hurry but aimed perfectly, then he let the bowstring go.


Three ice arrows hit the orc’s body.


Lucky moved at that time.

He started to run to the orc.

‘20 meters.’

It was a signal that the distance between Midas and the orc was within 20 meters.

Midas cast a fireball again.

The distance from the orc became less than 10 meters when he created a fireball on his hand.

The scene was similar to when he saved the players before.

He did not think about running away like last time.

He threw the fireball while looking straight at the orc.


The fireball hit the orc and then exploded.


With the explosion, the orc fell forward.


Lucky who was about to bite it off stopped running and looked at Midas.

An alert rang in Midas’s ears.

[ You have killed the orc. ]

Midas smiled.

‘Yea, it’s definitely an ‘overgeared’ game.’

His smile was telling the reason why Midas didn’t hesitate to choose Long toss over other unique skills.

Translator: Amy Shin
Twitter: @AmyShin39

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