BJ Archmage – Episode 3: Chapter 1 – A Day of Good Fortune (2)


Jung Hyun-woo wasn’t the type that liked to study.

The only reason he, who was annoyed just by hearing analysis, calculation, and statistics, got familiar with it was because he became a Korean professional baseball player.

“The speed of the ball is 135 km/h at most. You’re not the type to throw over 100 balls and from what I’ve seen, your body can very well crumble if you exert it too much. The only talent you have is control over the ball. If you want to survive in the professional world you need to use your head well.”

He learned the way to survive in the professional world from the coach he met at his debut and learnt to enjoy playing with numbers from then on.

He analyzed batters and started a battle of probability after turning all their actions into numeric values.

Of course, the result wasn’t entirely good, but playing with numbers wasn’t bad either.

‘If only my shoulder didn’t pop back then.’

Before he could even play with numbers properly, his shoulder began dysfunctioning.

‘More importantly, why am I suddenly thinking about such things. Ah, there’s a truck coming at me right now. Is this that thing that comes before dying? Where memories flash by like traffic? No, but what’s the probability that a person dies in a car accident from being crashed into by an unmanned self driving car?’

The fact that he was thinking about probabilities while in a desperate situation where a truck was coming at him at high speed after losing balance on the road was

‘Completely messed up.’

Going further, he was able to remember the fact that the average number of people dying due to a self driving car in one year was less than the number of people that got first place in lotteries.

‘Make me win the lottery instead.’

It was only up to that.


The truck crashed into Jung Hyun-woo and his accident ended at that moment.

A tremendous explosion rang out.

Afterwards, the surroundings were covered in thick dust.

It was as if time and space had stopped.


Jung Hyun-woo scoffed a short breath.

“Did, did I survive?”

With those words, once Jung Hyun-woo turned his sight to the side, he could see that the huge truck had passed by him and hit a pole.

Had the truck not turned the steering wheel a bit more, the scene would have been way more gruesome.

After having narrowingly escaped death, Jung Hyun-woo finally spat out his feelings.


It was swearing that couldn’t be rougher, but reasonable nonetheless.

Wouldn’t it be weird to say something good when he almost died in a nonsensical way?

“Fuck! Ahhh, ahhh!”

He didn’t stop swearing as the words came out of his mouth in an explosive manner, as his mind was trying to calm itself down.

“Ahhh, fuck!”

He forgot the falling rain and wiped the sweat on his head after taking his hat off.

“Haha, ahaha!”

Then came laughter, and with that that together a smile of madness.

Jung Hyun-woo unconsciously collapsed on the ground.

After doing so, he gained some time to think and soon remembered the conversation he had with Lee Hyuk-joo.

The conversation about the game fantasy novel the main character regressed after getting hit by a truck.

“Wow, I almost got regressed.”

As he remembered the conversation back then, a laugh that thought it was absurd came out.

A smile slowly appeared on Jung Hyun-woo’s face.

‘Ah, I wonder if I’ll get compensation money from this? I wonder how much would it be?’

It was a smile of happiness at the thought that he might get compensation for this accident.

‘I think it will be more than I think…….’

As he was filled with such thoughts, Jung Hyun-woo collapsed just like that.

The cause was electrocution.


There was no one that liked hospitals, and Jung Hyun-woo was no exception.

Actually, he hated hospitals.

After his shoulder got messed up during his professional baseball period, he almost began living in there, which made him hate them even more.

After that, because his brother and his wife got into an accident, hospitals were hell to Jung Hyun-woo.

A place he didn’t want to go even if he died.


That was why, the moment Jung Hyun-woo opened his eyes, he was able to tell it was a hospital.

‘Hos, hospital? Why?’

Of course, he didn’t know how he ended up in a hospital.

His head was hurting to the point of breaking and his memory was in a chaotic state.


More than anything, his body, his senses were weird.

‘What, what is it?”

It was as if time had become slower, like  looking at the world through a slowed down video.

At the strange sensation he felt for the first time, Jung Hyun-woo started feeling unknown confusion and fear.

“Young man, you’re awake.”

A deep voice made him return to normal.


Jung Hyun-woo who threw out a sound like that of his breath exploding raised his body.

He could then see an old man.

He seemed to be about 60 years old, and the hair that was cleanly brushed back as well as the thick rimmed glasses made him look like a professor.

This was a hospital so he should be a doctor.

That was why Jung Hyun-woo didn’t doubt a bit as he asked a question.

“How many days was I asleep for? What’s the date today?”

At his question, the old man answered with a stiff expression.

“It’s March 9th of 2034.”


At that moment, Jung Hyun-woo’s expression became blank.

After understanding the situation, Jung Hyun-woo’s expression changed to astonishment and spoke.

“Wa, wait a minute. It’s 2034 right now? Not 2038?”

The old man nodded once after closing his eyes instead of answering.

At that figure, Jung Hyun-woo’s eyes started trembling.

‘Did, did I really return to the past?’

Returning to the past.

Was a situation that could only be seen in novels happening to him right now?

‘Wa, wait. Then what should I do? What should I do first?’

At the nonsensical situation, Jung Hyun-woo was obviously in a state of panic.

Badump badump badump!

Even during all this, his heart that felt instinctively that a golden chance arrived started beating strongly as it got excited.

“Patient Yang Hyun-soo!”

The voice of a nurse organized Jung Hyun-woo’s chaos.

“How many times have we said that you can’t just talk to patients as you want!”

At the nurse’s sharp voice, Jung Hyun-woo tilted his head.


With those words, Jung Hyun-woo inspected not the old man’s face but his clothes.

He was only then able to see that the clothes the old man was wearing was none other than neat and tidy patient clothes.

At that moment, a robot came between the old man and Jung Hyun-woo.

The robot that looked like a monitor was placed on top of a trash can, on the monitor of that robot was a man wearing a doctor gown.

– Patient Jung Hyun-woo, you have gotten up.

It was the moment the real doctor appeared.

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