BJ Archmage – Episode 3: Chapter 1 – A Day of Good Fortune (2)


On the way home after leaving the hospital, Jung Hyun-woo’s expression was extremely bad.

“God damn alzheimer old man.”

A monologue that I would have spoken inside of my head normally, but Jung Hyun-woo said it to himself like a wild animal growling.

The proof that he wasn’t feeling good in various ways.

‘What’s up with my luck?’

It couldn’t be helped.

‘A truck came at me.’

He experienced an accident of almost crashing with a truck.

‘The moment I thought I survived I got electrocuted.’

After that, he unluckily got electrocuted and had to go to a hospital.

‘On top of that, a crazy old man with alzheimer.’

It didn’t stop there and even got one upped by an alzheimer patient.

‘I already don’t have much money…….’

On top of that, he paid the hospital money himself.

Thanks to that, his bank account was now a four digit number.

After recalling the events that happened in the course of half a day, Jung Hyun-woo grit his teeth.

‘Look forward to how much compensation money I’m going to rip off of you people.’

He would make them pay for this fury in any method possible!

The place Jung Hyun-woo stopped his steps after walking while resolving to do so was in the middle of a building forest.

A place where buildings rose high up in the sky with glass windows densely filling the building walls, the buildings were so densely packed that it would be difficult for light to shine on the buildings.

It was the neighbourhood Jung Hyun-woo lived in.

‘Damned place.’

Of course, it was a place that deserved to be called a farm rather than a housing area.

A farm used to store humans using cheap rent as the pretext.

It was the rock bottom that was allowed in Korean society for those that didn’t have anything.

‘I will get out of here somehow.’

It was a place Jung Hyun-woo had to leave even a day faster as well as the reason Jung Hyun-woo was struggling so much.

After resolving once more, Jung Hyun-woo passed the front gate and stood in front of apartment 231.

He then took the elevator and stood in front an endless row of doors.

Room 2031.

After confirming that number, Jung Hyun-woo held the doorknob tightly.

[It is not a registered body code.]

A message could immediately be heard.


Surprised, Jung Hyun-woo looked at his palm and checked the room number again.

‘What, what is this bullshit? It’s my house though?’

After confirming the situation once more, Jung Hyun-woo put his hand on it again.

[It is not a registered body code.]

The same message could be heard.

Jung Hyun-woo raised his head at that moment.

‘Did I come to the wrong building?’

He thought about his surrounding situation in his head on his way here.

In his head, he had passed the exact same figured buildings.

It was a place where it wouldn’t be weird even if one got lost.


At that moment, the door opened from the inside.


After that, a cute short haired little girl around 7 greeted Jung Hyun-woo while shouting cheerfully.

Jung Hyun-woo finally made a smile.

“Oh, were you doing well Hye-lin?”


Jung Hye-lin.

Jung Hyun-woo’s one and only niece.

“What about dad?”

“I’m here.”

Behind that niece, was one of two only blood relative, his brother Jung Tae-woo.

Looks similar to Jung Hyun-woo but he was a man that looked much more handsome than Jung Hyun-woo.

A severe difference that would make one shake their heads at Jung Hyun-woo if they were put next to each other.

However, that fact wouldn’t enter one’s eye.

There was only one thing that one could see, the fact that Jung Tae-woo was in a wheelchair.

“I heard you went to the hospital? Did something happen?”

At Jung Tae-woo’s words full of worry, Jung Hyun-woo replied indifferently.

“How bad could the illness of a game maniac be? It’s nothing much.”

“Are you hurt somewhere?”

Jung Hyun-woo shook his head several times at Jung Tae-woo’s continuous words.

“I’m telling you, it’s nothing much. If I really had a problem I would have been hospitalized, not

coming here completely fine.”

Jung Hyun-woo who said so remembered the tragedy that occurred a certain day 4 years ago.

His brother who had become the family head at the age of 14 just because of the reason that he was 5 years older after their parents passed away in an accident, after going through various hardships, his brother had finally found hope but he had to go through another large loss.

‘There’s no need to say it separately.’

Jung Hyun-woo who remembered that tragedy didn’t feel the need to recite the day he went through.

He didn’t add another page to his brother’s head that was already full of bad memories.

“More importantly, it seems that body code cognition device is broken?”

Jung Hyun-woo changed the topic naturally.

Jung Tae-woo stared at his younger brother carefully and then answered.

“It’s broken? Does it not work?”


“There’s no way it would be so though?”

There was certainty in Jung Tae-woo’s voice.

He had been a good programmer formerly which is the reason why he could have such certainty.

Jung Hyun-woo laughed at Jung Tae-woo’s certainty.

“Why can’t it be? A machine can break.”

“The algorithm used in this neighbourhood’s security system is the same algorithm used in the Gate Capsule. Maybe it would make sense if the machine itself broke but the chance of a body code not working is only one in a million.”

It didn’t work twice in that specific probability of one in a million though? Was what Jung Hyun-woo was going to say but his faced stiffened.



“So you’re saying that the security system of our house’s front entrance is used in the gate capsule as well?”

Gate Capsule.

The virtual reality connection device for God Wars.

Body code is used for such a Gate Capsule.

“That’s right.”

Of course, it meant that it wouldn’t be possible to connect to one’s character if the body code was different.

That fact didn’t change once until now.

That was the reason.

“Hy, hyeong, wait. Wait a minute. I’m going to a nearby capsule room for a bit.”

Jung Hyun-woo had an incredibly bad premonition.

And that premonition soon turned into reality.

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TL: KyleXaus

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