BJ Archmage – Episode 31: The Secret Altar (3)

The Secret Altar (3)


“It appeared!”

A shout echoed in the capsule room where it was always silent except for the rest area.


“What is it?”

The sudden disturbance made everyone watching a God Wars raid video in the rest area run outside.

One of them was the part-time student, Hyukjoo Lee.

However, none of them appeared to be confused.

“It appeared?”

“Did it really?”

They asked questions to a balding man. He was the reason for the disturbance. The man clenched his fist and answered.

“Yea, it’s unique! It’s a unique ring!”


“You finally got it!”

This was a scene from the God Wars era where a unique item was several hundred thousand to several million won.

“Hey, guys! I’ll buy you dinner! Order Chinese food, chicken, pizza, or whatever you want! Hyukjoo, ring the golden bell!”


“Finally, his unique item is feeding us!”

However, there was one person who wasn’t excited in the heated atmosphere of the capsule room.

“Hey, Hyunwoo! What are you going to order?”

“No, I don’t need it.”

Hyunwoo Jung’s voice was the coldest ever.

“I’m going to log in, so get ready.”

“Already? You just logged out though. Since you are here, why don’t you eat and then do it? It’s not usual to eat food and celebrate getting a unique item.”

Hyunwoo just shook his head at Hyukjoo’s words.

Hyukjoo Lee looked so shocked.

“Hey, are you ok?”

“I’m ok.”

“No, you are not ok. You deny free food…… Hey, did something serious happen to you?”

However, Hyunwoo did not frown his eyebrows or glare at Hyukjoo fiercely. Instead, he closed his eyes.

‘Yea, it is serious.’

Something serious had really happened.

‘It’s serious if the skill is legendary. It’s tremendous.’


[ The Dragon’s Dignity ]
– Rank: F
– Effect: The dragon that dominates above all creatures extends its dignity. All kinds of damage to an exposed object increases by 10%.

The dragon’s dignity.

He still looked very surprised at the second legendary skill he acquired.

‘This is still ridiculous even though I’m seeing it again.’

This skill was that great.

It was not only because it was a legendary grade.

‘I didn’t know this kind of skill existed.’

All kinds of damage to an exposed object increases by 10%.

On the surface, the increase in damage couldn’t compare to the long toss skill that increased the maximum damage by 2x according to the distance.

The difference was that the dragon’s dignity skill could be applied to exposed objects.

In other words, Midas did not have to worry about damage dealing.

It doesn’t matter if Midas tap-dances, does ballet, or picks his nose. Just because Midas stands in front of a monster, all the players’ attacks will increase by 10%.

‘I can get paid at least 5,000,000 won per month just with this skill.’

In God Wars, where so many skills existed, this kind of skill was very rare and fit the modifier, ‘legendary’ really well.

Players who had this kind of skill were paid for just existing.

‘If I join a raid and just stand there breathing, I’ll get paid 5,000,000 won.’

Just like Midas’s words, he could earn money by doing nothing in God Wars.

Even if he doesn’t play God Wars desperately, he will live comfortably before God Wars goes bankrupt.

Therefore, Midas asked a question.

“Hey, Lucky.”


“What would you do?”

Would you compromise reality and live comfortably?

Woof Woof!

Lucky only shook his tail because his owner talked to him.

He shook it hard.

Midas nodded his head.

“Right. If I thought about being comfortable, I would have already joined a guild and gotten paid monthly.”


“Also, 5 million won per month is too little. Hyerin needs to go to school and attend an art academy, and later she will go to college and study abroad… It’s going to cost a lot.”


“We need to move too. Hyerin is going to need her own room when she grows up. She can’t sleep in the living room forever. Right?”


“Besides, when she gets married then… Wait. She should marry someone who is rich. Of course. I can’t let my precious Hyerin marry a beggar. Let’s not worry about this.”


Midas finished the conversation with Lucky and stood up right away.

“I’m going to ride a Mercedes when I go to the entrance ceremony for her elementary school in the future.”

Midas stood in front of the underground tunnel.

Then he put his hand inside.

[ You feel the dungeon’s barrier. ]

The pressure that felt like when he put his hand in the water started wrapping around his arm.

His arm didn’t move more than that.

At that moment, the ring on his finger started to glow.

The ring Sahalin made melted the barrier.

[ The ring made of the trace of the nameless god has fooled the barrier. ]

[ The barrier allows your entrance. ]

[ Would you like to enter the dungeon? ]

Midas confidently answered at the alert.



What Midas heard the most when he used to be a pro baseball player was this.

“Hey, throw with your confidence! Don’t run away and throw confidently! Baseball is a game where the strong-willed pitcher wins! Just throw the ball at the strike zone confidently!”

Whenever he heard that, he answered.

“Ok, I will do it confidently.”

Of course, what he thought for real was different.

‘Fuck, the speed of the baseball is only 130km/s because of my shoulders today and he is telling me to throw it at the zone? Confidently? Throwing with confidence is only possible for pitchers whose speed reaches over 150km/s, not me!’

What a pitcher who could only throw at 130km/s had was not confidence but courage.

That was the reality.

He saw the balls that he threw with confidence go over the wall and his coach who told him to throw confidently nagged him. After that, he was placed in the 2nd team and then was removed at the end.

It was the same in God Wars.

Midas when he had nothing had no confidence at all.

He thought he did not deserve it.

‘Confidence is only a luxury to people who have nothing.’

He still thought at this moment that his beliefs weren’t wrong.

“Lucky! Gain some more time! I will instantly sweep them!”


That was the reason why he was full of confidence against orcs in the Secret Altar.

His level at that moment was 20, the maximum level limit of the dungeon.

His stats were even above that.

Thanks to all the titles and items, he was stronger than level 30 players.

Plus, he had many strong skills.

It was like the speed of his pitch was 160km/s.


According to Midas’s beliefs, now was the right time to have strong confidence.


Midas’s offense based on his confidence was horrifying.

[ You have killed an orc intoxicated by the odor. ]

“I’ve hunted 22 orcs!

He killed orcs so fast.

‘If I broadcast this, I will get a lot of money from the viewers!’

His fight was at the level where he could get paid for broadcasting.

‘Well, that’s ridiculous though.’

Midas didn’t have any thoughts about broadcasting at all.

The damage was not quite related to talent in God Wars.

It was the result of items and stats.

‘There is no reason to share this secret that I am a treasure goblin for a small sum.’

What would happen if he shared the results to everyone?

It would be like Midas announcing an event to people, who would kill other players for money, to kill him.

Selling a video was the same.

‘I don’t need to make competitors.’

Even if he sold the information worth a great value, he would only get a small sum of money and competitors such as the top 10 guilds.

‘Let’s just keep it this way.’

If he endured a little bit more, his life would be much better than ever.

“I shouldn’t stop until I buy a Mercedes.”

Midas thought about his future life and stepped forward with a bright smile.

“Right, Lucky?”


Lucky happily followed Midas.

“What? Did you say let’s hunt the boss monster quickly, get the legendary skill and then rule the game with you?”


“Yea, you know something.”

Midas finished the conversation and looked at the front.

There was something in his sight.

< Rotten Orc >

It was the last obstruction at the end of the dungeon and held the legendary card reward.

“You are dead. Stay right there. I will crush your head with Lucky and then……”


The triumphant Midas swallowed his confidence and blinked his eyes.

After he took off his mask, he blinked his eyes again and mumbled to himself.

“Is the bitch’s HP real?”


When Midas found out the entrance of the Secret Altar, he knew the boss monster was the rotten orc.

He considered the possibility that the monster was an undead type.

‘Undead is not easy.’

Monsters that were the undead type had high HP, so Midas couldn’t avoid a long fight in a battle with the boss.

‘But this is too much!’

The rotten orc’s HP was much higher than what he determined.

‘30.3 times more than normal orcs.’

Midas calculated the damage he needed to kill the rotten orc based on the normal orcs he had hunted.

‘Even if I patiently attack him, it’s going to take at least 10 minutes.’

It was entirely different from the goblin champion and the goblin magician he had killed.

‘Yea. This fucking game isn’t going to feed me a legendary so easily.’

If he thought about the reward of this quest, it was understandable.

‘Anyways, I did all I could.’

There was nothing he could do more for the quest.

His level was 20 which was the highest level that he could have to enter the dungeon and his items were also the highest grade.

‘No one could be better than me at this level except for Azmo.’

Except for players like Azmo who had all the legendary items, Midas was incomparable.

‘A guy who wraps himself with legendary items doesn’t need to come here though.’

Indeed, someone who is rich like Azmo would never go there.

Anyways, the situation was indisputable.

Either go through adversity or get broken.

I meant he had to go through it first.

Midas in the past would definitely consider his position at least once because he didn’t have that much confidence.

In other words, Midas at that moment was different.

“Lucky, let’s go.”


Midas and Lucky had entered the boss room.


[ You feel dizzy due to the horrible odor. ]

[ All the stats decrease by 10%. ]

The alert that popped up after entering the boss room was shocking enough to players who strengthened their determination.

“Ice arrow!”

However, Midas did not care about the alert and cast a spell right away.


Midas finished casting the fireball and threw it towards the rotten orc.

‘The method is hit and run.’

Midas’s battle method was hit and run no matter who the opponent was.

It was the same against the rotten orc.

A better method was not needed.

‘I just have to keep my concentration.’

What he needed at that moment was the concentration to proceed with the method without any mistakes.

It was just a matter of time.

The concentration was like a candle. It melted as time went by.

The main point was to reduce the battle time even for a second less.

That was why Midas didn’t hesitate to start the battle.

“Lucky, run!”

Lucky followed his will.


Lucky ran to the rotten orc as soon as Midas shouted and Midas held the bow at the same time.

The bowstring was already pulled.


The last thing Midas had to do was let the bowstring go on his hand.


However, Midas couldn’t do that.

‘Wh… What is it?’

He awkwardly looked at the rotten orc that was running towards him.

He couldn’t help talking out loud.

“Why is it so slow?”

Translator: Amy Shin
Twitter: @AmyShin39

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