BJ Archmage – Episode 32: The Secret Altar (4)

The Secret Altar (4)


Various elements affect the level of difficulty when hunting monsters.

In other words, a strong attack was not everything.

There were some monsters whose attack was weak but their defense was strong and some other monsters whose attack or defense were weak but had a special skill.

It was the so-called balance in games.

In the rotten orc’s case, it focused on its HP and attack.

It was an undead type’s characteristic.

They had low defense or slow speed since they had high HP and attack.

Of course, they were slow only to tankers and melee fighters whose strength and stamina were high.

Magicians or healers who invested all the stats to intelligence and mana couldn’t run away from it.

The setting was kind of picky to party play.

What if it has an overwhelming attack power when tankers have to directly fight against it to protect healers and ranged fighters?

What if it has even high HP so the fight can’t be short?

It would be so harsh for the players that they couldn’t help saying ‘How can they create a monster like this? Bitches, balance it well!’

“Oh, I got scared for nothing.”

However, the rotten orc’s characteristic was to Midas’s advantage.

Natural enemy.

In plain language, they were that kind of relationship.

“I didn’t know why its HP is too high, but now I understand.”

Midas looked so relaxed in front of the rotten orc.

“Lucky, come back.”


“Let’s go slowly.”

He even called back Lucky who was rushing to the rotten orc.


The rotten orc moved towards Midas who attacked it.

Its speed was threatening enough to normal magicians.

Midas didn’t think it was too slow.

Even though the monster is slow, the situation becomes different when the space is small.

‘The longest straight-line distance is about 35 meters.’

‘After finishing casting within 20 meters, I will have at least 2 seconds with its speed.’

Midas was relaxed because of his condition, surrounding environment, and his calculation with all the elements.

His calculation wasn’t false.

‘I can hunt it perfectly.’

Unless Midas makes ridiculous mistakes or he gets forcibly logged out, he can’t lose this battle.

‘Then I have to attack it perfectly.’

Therefore, Midas tried to do it thoroughly.

He tried to finish the battle quickly and enjoy the reward.

“Lucky, I will show you my beautiful attacks this time.”


Midas started calculating the perfect damage he could make.

“I will make the best……”


At that moment.



Midas came up with something.

‘What kind of titles related to a boss monster did my skills have?’


What do people think of most when they think of God Wars?

People would answer jobs first at this question.

Then some would say skills and make a confident face.

At that moment, the others would say this.

“It’s obviously a title. There are more than 5 or 6 titles on one skill.”

There were so many titles players could get through monsters, skills, and NPCs.

Besides, the title’s influence in the game was very high.

Especially when their level rose, the influence became much greater.

In a situation when raising levels and changing items became tough, there was nothing better than titles that could raise stats.

The problem was that the condition for acquiring a title was not easily opened.

Even if it was, the condition to get the title was way too difficult.

The hardest title to get was related to boss monsters.

That a normal player meets a boss monster was basically rare and also fighting against it was harder.

Of course, it was possible if a player got help from a very strong group and money.

A title related to a boss monster was nonexistent in Midas’s previous life.

However, the chance had come to Midas.

[ Fireball ]
! When hitting a boss monster 333 times, you acquire the title of ‘The Strong Heart’.

[ Ice Arrow ]
! When hitting a boss monster 505 times, you acquire the title of ‘The Marksman’.

[ The Dragon’s Dignity ]
! When attacking a boss monster 300 times, you acquire the title of ‘The Unflinching Man’.

There were titles that Midas could get through those three skills when he attacked a boss monster.

‘I just have to fucking hit it a lot.’

The condition was to attack many times.

He wouldn’t normally consider the titles because he didn’t have time to think about that while fighting against a boss monster.

Also, the possibility of success was very low.

‘This chance will never come again.’

In other words, the rotten orc could be the last chance for Midas.

‘If I miss it now, acquiring the titles could be possible after at least level 40 or 50.’

The last thing to consider was either catching the chance or not.

His thinking was not that long.


Midas put his wand down on the ground as soon as he saw the rotten orc coming towards him.


Hit and run. It was not that hard.

Players who couldn’t do this process did not exist.

The problem was when they repeated it.

They made a mistake where they didn’t know why they did that.

The reason was simple.

They didn’t learn how to stay on their toes and they didn’t have to even learn it.


For example, the moment Midas made a mistake at the mount.

Unless they were like Midas who was sent to a second-tier team after he made a mistake at the mound, and a batter hit Midas’s careless pitch, people didn’t have nerve-racking lives to learn it.


That was Midas’s secret how he could complete the process for 38 minutes without any mistakes.

[ You have acquired ‘The Unflinching Man’ title. ]

[ You have received a rune as a reward. ]

‘I did it.’

[ You have killed the rotten orc. ]

‘It was as I calculated.’

Midas had already calculated the rotten orc’s death. He planned to finish hunting at the moment his last fireball for the title hit the rotten orc.

Therefore, he could check all the rewards at once.

‘Now, let’s check the rewards.’

[ The Strong Heart ]
– Description: This title is given to someone who does not hesitate to throw fireballs to a boss.
– Reward: Intelligence +15

[ The Marksman ]
– Description: This title is given to someone who does not hesitate to pull the bowstring towards a boss monster.
– Reward: Intelligence +15

[ The Unflinching Man ]
– Description: This title is given to someone who has proved that a man who has the dragon’s dignity does not flinch in front of a boss monster.
– Reward: All the stats +11

Midas relaxedly checked his rewards.

‘The options are so great since they are boss titles.’

Midas didn’t hide his surprise.

[ Midas ]
– Level: 20
– God: Wardragon
– Job: Archmage
– Stat: Strength (5+115) / HP (5+115) / Intelligence (110+193) / MP (25 +143)

He couldn’t even express his surprise in front of his stats.

‘Oh, I feel dizzy. I gotta eat some ramen outside.’

He wasn’t lying, but he really felt dizzy.

Not only his stats but also the long process had affected him.

‘I’m going to feel so tired as soon as I log out.’

He couldn’t feel anything in God Wars, however, he was going to feel the horrible tiredness when he logged out.

‘I should open the legendary card before doing that.’

Of course, he was going to finish everything before.

He was going to go back to Wiga city and get the third legendary skill from Sahalin.


Midas imagined the moment he got the new legendary card and felt excited.

< You! >


A loud roaring sound made Midas surprise and turn his head.

There was the rotten orc that was slowly melting with his 0 HP.

It was the same as when he killed the goblin magician.

So Midas didn’t feel awkward.

“Hey! Warn me before the event!”

He even scolded the rotten orc that surprised him.

The rotten orc simply ignored Midas’s shout and continued his role.

< You are seeking the thing as well! >

“Oh, shit. Can’t you just die right away?”

It was just bothersome to Midas.

< The weapon that can even beat a legendary weapon! >

“Hey, just spit out the experience poi……”

Midas started at that moment.

“Wait, what did you say?”

He asked the question to the rotten orc, however, it was not able to answer since it was completely melted and left a nasty smell.

‘What did it say?’

Midas had to ask himself.

‘Was it the weapon that can beat a legendary weapon?’

As soon as he answered his own question, he came up with a rumor that was spreading between players in God Wars.

‘A mythical class item above the legendary class and wasn’t just bullshit but real?’

Midas became stiff when he figured out what it was.

‘If it does exist….. It’s going to be above buying a Mercedes.’

The information was entirely different from the others that Midas had experienced.

Therefore, he didn’t make a rash judgment.

“…….Lucky, let’s go back to the city.”



“Unbelievable. I didn’t expect you to find it for real.”

A question mark above Sahalin’s head changed to an exclamation mark with her words.

It was a signal for the reward, however, Midas’s face was still stiff.

Sahalin beckoned with her hand, then a book flew directly to her hand.

“This is a gift for your effort. It’s too much for you though.”

She handed the book over to Midas and he got it.

[ Legendary Skill Card Book (Non-tradable) ]

It was a very valuable item where Midas could get one of the legendary skill cards randomly.

“By the way, have you heard anything by any chance?”

Midas could have roughly answered because his attention was sold to the reward.

However, he answered as if he waited for it.

“It asked me if I’m after a weapon that can even beat a legendary.”

Sahalin’s eyes became narrowed at Midas’s answer.

“So are you interested in the story?”


A new question mark appeared above Sahalin’s head.

“Do me a favor, then I will tell you what I know. How about that?”


A quest window instantly appeared as soon as he answered.

[ Slayer ]
– Rank: Main Scenario
– Level: Level 20 and above
– Content: The NPC, Sahalin has asked you to hunt a slayer orc.
– Reward: Sahalin’s ring

The slayer orc was a boss monster in the Stinky Forest.

It was not an easy quest.

However, Midas was more interested in something below the quest.

! When completing the quest, you can continue ‘The Cursed Forest’.
! When completing the quest, you can acquire the title of ‘Knowing the Almighty Class’.
Almighty class!

Midas was certain when he saw it.

‘A mythical weapon does exist for real!’

Translator: Amy Shin
Twitter: @AmyShin39


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