BJ Archmage – Episode 33: The Slayer (1)

The Slayer (1)


Someone once said that there were many false rumors related to God Wars second only to religions.

It was obvious.

God Wars wouldn’t exist without the genius, Minwoo Kim. He kept the secrets of God Wars with him buried underground.

Most of the rumors were obviously considered false.

It was the same as this rumor.

‘In God Wars, an item grade above legendary grade exists.’

After a year since God Wars debut, there were so many incredible happenings with legendary items.

At that time, someone said there was a possibility for the existence of an item above the legendary grade.

‘It was bullshit until Junghoon Heo reacted to the rumor.’

It was an old rumor.

People did not react to the rumor about items above legendary grade, mythical grade, God grade, or even God God God grade.

However, only one person reacted to the ridiculous rumor.

The world-renowned game director, Junghoon Heo.

He was one of the very few people who met with Minsoo Kim when he was making the AI program, Alpha, which created the world of God Wars.

He responded to the rumor like this.

‘He said there might be items above legendary.’

He said he might’ve heard the word, almighty class, from Minsoo Kim’s mouth and that could’ve meant an item existed.

His answer was unclear.

He just answered due to a hailstorm of questions.

However, his words added oil to the fire in God Wars.

‘The atmosphere at that time was very serious.’

Of course, his story became a false rumor when nobody found the almighty class, so-called mythical items.

Also, Junghoon Heo consistently declined to comment on questions about God Wars.

The fire eventually lost steam.

It was like a huge erupted volcano that became quiet.

“Lucky. If the almighty item is revealed to the public, this game’s going to become chaotic.”


What Midas was seeing at the moment was a volcano on the verge of another eruption.

‘If I reveal it to the public, it’s over. After that, it’s going to be unreachable for me.’

That meant that the current Midas wasn’t capable of handling the aftermath.

‘However, if I control the eruption right……, I will be able to collect a huge sum of money.’

What if he could control the eruption of the volcano?

Midas would get so much money that he would not have to worry about whether to buy a Mercedes or lease it.

‘Anyways, the priority right now is hunting the slayer orc.’

Of course, all that comes after Midas conquers the slayer quest.

Midas only saw the hidden information in advance with his skill but hadn’t acquired the real information.

“Shall we continue? Lucky, what item do you think will come out?”

Midas shook the skill card book in front of Lucky and Lucky picked up his head high and shouted.


Midas opened the skill card book in front of Lucky.


As soon as he opened it, there were five cards in front of his eyes.

Nothing looked special, however, the golden light was shining from the cards only through Midas’s eyes.

The scene was admirable enough for Midas.


However, Midas let out a long sigh instead of expressing delight.


Lucky tilted his head at his owner’s sigh and Midas mumbled about his worries.

“To buy a Mercedes or to buy a BMW, that’s the question.”

Midas had suffered even when he chose a unique grade skill card.

Telling him to choose one between legendary skills was just like telling a guy who never had a car before to choose one between a Mercedes and a BMW.

‘Dragonic Mana? The rate of recovering MP increases? Elemental Mastery! It’s a skill that increases all the stats’ attack power!’

However, there is a case when something suddenly shines so much like a Porsche suddenly popping up.


The skill that Midas saw was just like that.

[ Dragon’s Eye ]
– Rank: Legendary
– Effect: It figures out the object’s critical weakness and gives extra damage.

Dragon’s eye.

‘No way! is it?’

It was the higher grade version of the unique grade skill, Bullseye, that Midas saw a few days ago.

The effect of the skill was simple.

It was a passive skill that created a target mark on an enemy’s body and increased damage whenever hitting the target close to the center.

In other words, the skill increased damage when hitting well.

The explanation was enough to prove that the skill’s value was not little.

‘It’s the skill that made Greg a star.’

Greg, who won the Cy Young award in the Major League, became one of the top magicians in God Wars.

The effect of the skill was good, however, watching it was also fun.

There was nothing special for normal magicians when hitting a target, but it was special for Greg to hit the target in the center since the skill gave extra damage.

‘Whenever he hit the target in the center, he received so much money from his viewers.’

Greg had a record of 133 wins, to sum up in the Major League, and also won the Cy Young award that was given to the best pitcher of the year. In Greg’s case, his fans were on a different level.

Comparing him to a pitcher who couldn’t win even a single game in a small Asian country was an insult.

That was why Midas no longer had to worry.

‘This is it.’

Dragonic Mana, Elemental Mastery, and etc were good enough, however, Midas did not hesitate to reach out his hand towards Dragon’s eye.

[ You have acquired the new skill. ]

Then the third legendary skill showed its presents in front of Midas’s eyes.

[ Dragon’s Eye ]
– Rank: F
– Effect: It figures out the object’s weakness and gives extra damage.
! When hitting the weakness 77 times in a row, you acquire the title of ‘Marksman’.
! When hitting the weakness 999 times, you acquire the title of ‘Veteran Marksman’.

Also, the conditions of acquiring the titles appeared.

‘Long Toss with Dragon’s Eye is going to do incredible damage!’

Midas imagined what effect the skill was going to show.

“If I had the Ballista skill, I would rule this game.”


“Yea, Lucky. I shouldn’t be greedy. There is no way in this fucking gotcha game to get the skill I want.”


Of course, his imagination ended since it was time for him to face reality.

‘Now I have to hunt a slayer orc…… this isn’t going to be easy.’


The slayer orc.

It was a boss monster in the Stinky Forest.

There was nothing special other than that.

There was no reason to hunt the boss monster or try to get a unique item of the same grade from a slayer orc.

However, the competition for a slayer orc was one of the fiercest.

The reason was simple.

‘Once people hunt it, they are recognized as a rookie.’

A slayer orc was a trophy for people who did not play God Wars for fun but who were only after money and honor.

If It was baseball, it was like a baseball competition in elementary school.

If they did baseball as a hobby, just participating was meaningful, but if they dreamed of becoming a pro baseball player, they had to have a record to prove their talent and value at the competition.

Therefore, the competition was too fierce.

‘Well, most of them fail to hunt though.’

At the same time, a slayer orc was very strong.

He was on a different level from a goblin champion.

That was how he became a trophy monster.

People couldn’t get recognized for hunting a monster that was easy to kill just because they raised their level and had some good items.

There were several tacit conditions.

Players had to hunt with a party of fewer than 5 people, they couldn’t get any support including attracting the monster’s attention, and etc…

Only when they hunt a slayer orc under those conditions can they put it on their resume.

‘Solo playing is always tough.’

Anyways, it wasn’t a monster Hyeonwoo Jung could hunt alone.

That was why he was trying so hard to look for a job post on the phone for a party to hunt a slayer orc.

“What are you looking at?”

When Taewoo Jung in the wheelchair asked Hyunwoo Jung, he hurriedly changed what he was looking at on his phone.

“I’m trying to sell an item.”

Taewoo smiled bitterly.

Hyunwoo frowned at his bitter smile that did not need an explanation.

“Taewoo, I’m happy because my income has been good recently. So can you stop making a depressing atmosphere that makes everyone cry? Just smile”

Only then did Taewoo’s bitter smile become a laugh.

And soon, he let out a sigh after his laugh.

“Why are you sighing again?”

“It just came out when I thought about your future wife who’s going to suffer a lot.”

Hyunwoo shook his head like his brother was not worth consideration.

Their conversation was over and Hyunwoo’s face started to be serious again.

‘My income isn’t bad.’

What he said to his brother was not a lie.

Recently, his income was good.

‘Money for living is enough since I don’t share items with other players.’

Selling the ingredients from hunting orcs was lucrative.

Besides, Hyunwoo had the skill to check a list of items the monsters had.

The percentage of getting a rare grade item for him was entirely different from normal players.

That was the trick behind his income.

Also, other players mostly spent a lot more money than their income to level up fast.

‘A penny and a penny stacked up are just pennies.’

However, his income was as much as he could barely maintain their lives.

‘Let’s do it right. I must play with a party, but I won’t risk my life with clumsy players.’

Hyunwoo turned off the phone.

‘I should throw some bait to attract big fish.’

As inferred, many pro players were standing by to hunt a slayer orc.

There were obviously gems and stones between them.

Some failed to know their place and just had determination.

The other players knew their place and also prepared perfectly.

He had to team up with those gems to ensure to hunt a slayer orc.

The problem was that the gems already solidified their parties, so a clumsy skilled player couldn’t cut in.

‘I should use bait that is so attractive that they can’t help but be captivated.’

In other words, there was a gap where a good skilled player could cut in.

That was what he aimed for.


His phone rang an alarm.

‘Time reset.’

His time to play the game again had reset.


In the Stinky Forest.


“Hey, Lucky. How are you?”

The first thing Midas did after appearing in the middle of the forest was pet Lucky who was happily greeting him.

Woof, Woof!

Lucky kept rubbing his body on Midas to show his delight.

However, Midas couldn’t comfortably care about Lucky.

‘My character name will be known if I party play….. Well, other people use the same name though…..’

He couldn’t avoid party playing to hunt a slayer orc, but party play didn’t only have advantages.

Also, there were more things to care about if he party played.

For example, dividing items and keeping them in step together.

There was nothing more difficult than dealing with people.

‘Oh, it’s so troublesome. Working for someone who gave orders to me on what to do was much easier.’


Lucky showed his presence while rubbing his body on Midas.

Woof! Woof!

He didn’t stop doing that.

“Yea, I only have yo…….”

Midas slightly smiled and gave his attention to Lucky.

Then he saw something.

“……..Lucky, what is it above your head?”


There was a new question mark above Lucky’s head.

Translator: Amy Shin
Twitter: @AmyShin39


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