BJ Archmage – Episode 34: The Slayer (2)

The Slayer (2)


! [ Overflowing Energy ]
! Holy beast evolves after killing 444 monsters with the final blow.
! Stats will increase and a new skill will be acquired when evolving.

Midas got surprised as soon as he saw the hidden information from the question mark above Lucky’s head.

‘Oh my goodness.’

It wasn’t because of the word, evolution.

That a holy beast grows to be a strong existence through evolution was well-known.

‘I didn’t know that this doesn’t happen automatically.’

He was surprised that there was a quest for evolution.

All players in God Wars thought there was only one way to evolve a holy beast and that was to hunt a lot of monsters.

‘Tori Tori…..’

The proof was Lapo’s Tori Tori, the most famous and strongest holy beast in God Wars.

‘…..Indeed, he killed all the monsters alone with his owner’s buff.

However, the quest above Lucky’s head showed that Lapo and Tori Tori were just lucky.

‘This information will be sold for a good price for sure.’

Anyway, it was worth it.

With this information, he could evolve his holy beast more thoroughly than others.

‘I’m going to sell it later.’

Besides, he could sell it anytime since the information was not related to the main scenario quest Midas had.

“You, lucky charm.”

Midas pet Lucky’s head many times.


“Yea. Of course, I should let you evolve first.”

It was a good opportunity for Midas.

‘He can bite off an orc alone even now. Imagine if he evolves…..’

There were not many ways to strengthen his fighting power other than through Lucky’s growth.

‘It’s going to be a jackpot if he gets a unique skill. It’s not going to come out that easily though.’

He didn’t have that many expectations about it.

If a unique skill came out so easily, this game wouldn’t be as cursed.

What Midas expected at that moment was something else.

‘Now, let’s see how strong the Dragon’s Eye skill is.’


Hitting accuracy was very important to magicians.

In the early God Wars, pitchers from pro baseball or quarterbacks from American football were given special treatment when they started the game and chose to be a magician.

However, the required control for throwing a spell from most of the magicians wasn’t that great.

It was enough if they could hit a medium-sized car with a baseball from further than 50m away as an example.

It didn’t even have to be the car’s side mirror or an X mark underneath.

Midas also tried to hit a target well at first.

However, he didn’t need accurate control of the ball since the monsters he fought became larger after he leveled up.

‘It’s been a while since I sincerely tried to throw.’

40 meters was never a short distance.

Midas focused on pitching while looking at an orc over many trees that were obstacles.

[ Dragon’s Eye is coming into effect. ]

Besides, what Midas aimed at this time was in the middle of a golden target on the orc’s head.

The distance could cause dizziness.

‘This will be fun.’

However, instead of feeling dizzy Midas felt interested.

‘The damage is going to be crazy if I hit it right.’

Long Toss and Dragon’s Eye.

The synergistic effect that the two skills were going to make was very interesting.

‘If I miss it, I’ll be doomed.’

At the same time, it was what Midas was worried about.

‘I must hit it.’

The nervousness was similar to when he stood on the mound.

He bet his life and death on a ball and the mound could be his grave.

There was one difference from the past.

Midas didn’t have enough confidence to enjoy the nervousness at that time, but not anymore.


Midas got into position as soon as he cast the spell.

He picked up his foot for a windup and stared at his target one more time.

He checked that his target was moving slightly.

Meanwhile, a fireball appeared on his hand and he grabbed it hard and swung his arm.

The fireball, that was on the end of his banded arm, flew in an arc through the forest.


The fireball directly hit the golden target on the orc’s head like magic.

[ You have hit the critical weakness! ]

The alert rang and notified Midas that the Dragon’s Eye skill succeeded.


Midas picked up his right hand high.

At that moment.

[ You have killed the orc. ]

A new alert rang in Midas’s ears.


In the meantime Midas was surprised at the alert, another alert rang.

[ You have acquired the title ‘Orc one hit kill!’ ]

[ You have received a rune as a reward. ]

One hit kill.


Midas activated the information window with his surprised eyes because he had never imagined this result.

[ Orc one hit kill! ]
– Explanation of the title: It is a title for a player who has killed an orc with only one attack.
– Reward: All stats +3

Players under level 30 could get this title when they killed an orc in one hit.

‘I’ve acquired a title that only players like Azmo can get!’

Midas’s eyes were full of surprise in front of the exclusive property only for those heavily equipped players who had overwhelming items.


“Lucky, did you see that?”


“Yea, this is your owner. Oh, I’m now scared of myself due to my strength!”



At that moment.


Midas realized what he was supposed to do.

“….Lucky. I will leave some HP for you next time.”

Woof! Woof!

Lucky was happy to hear that Midas would give him a chance to bite off the prey’s neck and Midas laughed while watching him.

“I had no idea that I now have to hide my strength like other early players in this game.”

His laugh changed to a bright smile.

“Yea, this is how we play this game.”



Hyunwoo Jung came out from a capsule to rest and a long sigh came out from his mouth.

Hyukjoo Lee who was nearby approached and asked him.

“Hey, are you tired?”

Hyunwoo nodded and answered.

“Yea, I’m dying.”

It wasn’t a lie.

Hyunwoo did feel like dying.

‘I’m dying of happiness.’

The meaning was different from what it normally was.

‘It’s the best.’

Hyunwoo’s situation was that good.

‘I didn’t imagine that I could kill an orc in one hit at level 21.’

That he could hunt an orc at once using magic meant he was playing a totally different game.

That was his actual reason why he let out a sigh.

He played the game longer than he planned to since he was elated with what had happened. So, his strength and concentration decreased.

‘If I’m at this level, I think I don’t have to advertise to join a party.’

He didn’t have to worry about joining a slayer orc party.

Any parties would try to invite him, thanks to Hyunwoo’s damage dealing.

‘Solo kill is…’

He even thought about solo killing.

‘No way, it’s tough.’

Of course, he just thought about it but didn’t have a single thought to try that.

‘I can’t take care of the orc’s aggro.’

Even though Hyunwoo’s damage was great, it was too risky to kill a slayer orc without a tanker who could gain some time while attracting the orc’s attention.

‘Let’s evolve Lucky first and then look for a party.’

It wasn’t a risk he had to accept.

“Hey, do you mine?”

At that moment, Hyukjoo asked Hyunwoo a question.

“Why? Is your character disabled as well? Do you want me to introduce you to a job? There are plenty of empty spots because the job is so fucked up.”

“No, that’s not it.”

“Then what?”

“Where do you play the game now? Are you in Wiga city?”

“Where can I be other than that?”

“Have you ever gone to the Stinky Forest?”

‘What? Why is he doing this all of a sudden?’

Hyunwoo hid his surprised feelings in front of him.

“I have. Why? Has something happened?”

“Is it true the stinky smell has decreased in the forest?”

Suddenly, the quest content after Midas hunted the rotten orc passed through his mind.

‘Oh my god. The stinky smell in the Stinky Forest was from the rotten orc!’

The hypothesis turned on a warning sign in his mind.

He didn’t expect it because all the players could smell a scent in God Wars, but most of them turned off or reduced the feature.

He did the same at the Secret Altar.

However, not everyone did the same.

‘Why the hell are they smelling the stinky scent?’

‘Wait, somebody might find out from an NPC.’

Also, the information NPCs gave could change.

NPCs sometimes gave keywords to let people know the change of circumstances around.

For example, they said a sentence like ‘I feel like I smell the stinky scent from the Stinky Forest less these days.’

‘If Hyukjoo Lee knows, it means it has already been publicized.’

With whatever reasons, it was certain that the Stinky Forest had changed and people recognized it.

And they would start to investigate the reason for the change soon.

What if they find out about a clue for the main scenario quest?


Nothing was going to be good for Hyunwoo Jung.

“Hey, how am I supposed to know? I don’t care if the Stinky Forest becomes the Fishy Forest or the Rotten Forest. Don’t tell me any useless stories. I’m going in now, so just open the capsule for me.”

Hyukjoo nodded and moved and Hyunwoo stood up to follow him.

Hyunwoo’s eyes looked determined.

‘I need to hunt a slayer orc as soon as possible.’



A cute bark.


However, the sound behind the cute bark didn’t go together well.

The scene looked worse than that.

It was too grotesque. A big orc fell to the ground dead while its neck was bitten by a small fluffy animal.

It looked frightening.

“Yes, good job!”

However, a player clapped and yelled out a cheer instead.

If a normal player saw this, he would misunderstand that God Wars was making someone crazy.

Of course, Midas didn’t care about that.

“We’ve hunted all of them!”

The important thing to him was that Lucky finally fulfilled the condition for the evolution quest.

[ A god’s power is outpouring from Lucky’s body. ]

[ Lucky’s body is changing. ]

The alert notified him that it was ready.


Lucky was also expressing signs of his change by howling stronger than ever.

At that moment.

Lucky’s tiny body started getting bigger.

He used to be as small as a Welsh Corgi, but now he became as big as a Jindo dog(a type of Korean dog).


His howling also started to become heavier.


While Lucky was changing, new alerts rang in Midas’s ears.

[ Your holy beast, Lucky, has gained a new power from his god. ]

[ Choose Lucky’s new ability on your own. ]

The alerts notified that Lucky got a chance to get a new skill along with his growth.

100 cards splendidly spread out with the alerts in front of Midas’s eyes.


Midas exclaimed at that moment.

His eyes were focused on a unique card that was shining with red light like a ruby.

It wasn’t even one.

There were three cards with the light.

“Ah, this is definitely Lucky. The luckiest wolf in God Wars.”

His name made this result.

Midas was so happy about it.

‘Oh, what should I choose?’

He agonized happily.


However, he didn’t have to agonize for too long.

Midas looked through the 100 cards in detail and found something at the edge.

[ Life and Death ]
– Grade: Legendary
– Effect: The holy beast has a life-and-death fight against a monster.

It was a card that was shining with gold light.

Midas looked at Lucky with his captivated face.


Midas regretted his wrongdoings.

“I named him wrong. He wasn’t Lucky, but Godly……”

Translator: Amy Shin
Twitter: @AmyShin39

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