BJ Archmage – Episode 35: The Slayer (3)

The Slayer (3)


Whenever a party fought against an orc, the members played according to a rule.

Damage dealers were not supposed to touch an orc before the tankers attacked it.

The reason why it became a rule was simple.

There was almost no way to stop an orc from charging towards the damage dealer once that damage dealer catches the orc’s attention.

The scene at that moment was the same.


An orc poured out his anger and charged towards a player who was wearing a wooden mask.

It looked like a bowling ball was rolling towards the last bowling pin.

No one could think of a way to stop its charge.

At that moment.


The player who was the target of its charge shouted.

“Stop it!”

As soon as the two words came out from the player’s mouth, a fluffy animal who was as big as a Jindo dog showed himself.

The fluffy animal opened his mouth and shouted.


A strong tiger like sound passed between the orc and the player.

[ Lucky has expressed his life-and-death will against the monster. ]

And the alert rang right after.

Soon, a weird thing happened.


At the moment the alert rang, the angry orc suddenly stopped its charge.

The orc’s body was too fast so it couldn’t easily control its stop.

It tried to stop, but lost its balance and stumbled.

The orc turned its body away from its previous target.


And now, it started charging towards Lucky.

The orc’s attention was forced towards the fluffy animal.

However, the next scene was even more amazing.


An ice arrow flew from the player’s hand and directly hit the orc’s back.

It was deep enough to arouse the orc’s anger again.



Nevertheless, the orc still ran towards the animal who was barking at it.

Life and death!

It was the orc’s determination and didn’t change even though the player kept attacking with ice arrows.

It even turned its head towards the player.


Only when a fireball hit the orc’s head, it finally stopped moving.


It stopped and fell on the ground right away.

[ You have killed the orc. ]

[ The skill rank of the fireball has been raised. ]

[ You have acquired the title ‘I know how to rank up a skill’. ]


Midas saw what happened and couldn’t help laughing.


Lucky came to Midas.

Woof! Woof!

And he started rubbing his bigger body on Midas like he wanted Midas’s compliment.

Midas happily pet Lucky’s head.

“You are the best.”

His voice was more sincere than ever.

‘This skill doesn’t make any sense.’

Managing the monster’s attention was the most challenging and also the biggest problem for tankers.

In plain language, it was like the alpha and omega to tankers.

That was why those skill cards, the so-called provocation cards, to attract attention again were quite expensive.

They were still not perfect.

According to the skill’s grade and type, the effect was different. There were required conditions or time limits.

Therefore, Midas couldn’t be more surprised at the Life and Death skill.

‘The skill is invoked by only one bark.’

The condition was too simple.

The skill’s effect was invoked as soon as Lucky barked at Midas’s order.

Of course, there was a disadvantage as well.

‘It’s a shame that it only works for one monster.’

Life and Death skill was not available against many monsters at the same time.

It only worked for a one on one fight.

Also, once the skill was invoked, Midas couldn’t change the target of the skill until the target died.

These could be disadvantages when they fight many monsters.

‘However, nothing can beat this skill when we fight a boss monster.’

On the contrary, it was such a perfect provocation skill against a boss monster.

As it says, Lucky will attract a boss monster’s attention until it dies.

Of course, Midas couldn’t stop thinking about solo playing.

‘Should I try solo killing?’

Solo killing a slayer orc.

Very few players who had both talent and money accomplished this feat.

It was like a pitcher who threw a 160km/s ball.

This couldn’t guarantee his success, but Midas had a high chance.

Midas never dreamed about it before.

Now he seriously thought about it.

‘I don’t need a tanker.’

First, Lucky’s skill did not have any problems when Midas saw him.

He would perfectly attract the monster’s attention.

He could take on the tanker role sufficiently.

Midas didn’t have to worry about how long Lucky would last.

‘The problem is my damage dealing.’

The question now was about how fast the damage dealer can kill it.

The success or failure depended on Midas.

At that moment.


Midas’s world blinked with red light for a moment.

Midas picked up his head and looked at the sky.

[ The remaining time until the appearance of a slayer orc  2:59:59 ]

It was a timer to notify the reset time for a boss monster.


Midas giggled at the appearance of the timer.

Then he looked at Lucky.

“Lucky. This is telling us to solo kill, right?”


Lucky barked as he agreed.

“Yea, I should solo kill and take all the items by myself. Why should I share it?”


“You said you agree?”


Midas looked around and soon made a decision.

“Ok, let’s do this.”

Midas started to prepare to solo kill a slayer orc.


A slayer orc.

Players who wanted to be a star in God Wars had to put that in their resume.

Hunting it wasn’t that easy.

“The slayer orc? There was too much competition to hunt it.”

Most of them said the competition was the reason.

It wasn’t wrong since there were plenty of parties in the Stinky Forest that wanted to hunt the slayer orc.

“…..That’s what people who can’t kill it say.”

However, the real reason why hunting it was hard was not the existence of competitors.

“The reason why hunting a slayer orc is hard is just hunting it is hard. If you have the ability to hunt, competitors don’t matter because you can just kill it.”

A slayer orc itself was just very difficult to hunt.


A slayer orc showed up outside of the Explorer’s guild’s line and proved that fact.

Its body didn’t have that many differences from a normal orc.

Its height was about 6ft which was a little taller than a normal orc and had a muscular build.

However, the items it was wearing were not comparable to a normal orc’s.

A slayer orc wore leather armor that was not elaborate but thick, unlike a weak orc that only covered its inner thighs.

The most impressive things were its steel mask and huge axe.

That was how it was called a slayer orc.


When it wore the steel mask and chopped a tree with its axe, it looked like a slayer in a horror movie.

In reality, some of the players were scared of its appearance and failed to hunt it.

‘It looks scarier than when I saw it on the video.’

Midas found a slayer orc from far away and checked the orc’s information.

[ Slayer Orc ]
! When finding an enemy, it uses ‘Merciless Charge’.
! When HP is under 60%, it uses ‘Creepy Shout’.
! When HP is under 20%, it invokes ‘Slayer Mode’.

He could see the information about each of the slayer orc’s phases.

There was nothing special.

‘There are so many tactics to hunt the slayer orc.’

There were plenty of videos of it on WarsTube.


That was the first reason why Midas was confident in this hunt.

Having enough data meant that he could predict the slayer orc’s actions.

Midas had already gathered information about the slayer orc, analyzed it, and made a strategy since he got the slayer quest from Sahalin.

‘My damage is good enough.’

The second reason was obviously his damage from his ridiculous stats and skills.

If he could hit it right, he didn’t have to worry about damage dealing.

‘Besides, I was the best in hitting a target in the League.’

That was his third reason since he was confident that he was not worse than anyone at ball control.

He could still control the ball well even after a long time.

‘Recently, my condition has been the best as well.’

‘Most of all, it’s going to be a jackpot….. If I solo kill it.’

The last thing that made Midas move was no other than the things he could get when solo killing.

What he could see at that moment was already different.

The slayer orc’s unique items were a lot more expensive than the goblin champion’s items that Midas was wearing.

‘I get two cards.’

Moreover, there was only one unique item he could get after killing a goblin champion, but there were two unique items from a slayer orc.

If Midas kills it alone, he can monopolize both of the unique items.

‘Hyerin, let’s eat chicken for dinner today.’

All the reasons didn’t allow Midas to hesitate anymore.

“Lucky, let’s get it!”


His battle had begun.


At the Explorer’s guild’s barrier where all the players gathered to rest, there was one more line that was invisible.

“Hey, there’s Haynes’s party.”

“You mean one of the hottest rising star guilds in God Wars?”

“They must’ve come to hunt a slayer orc with a three person party.”

The invisible line definitely existed between players who could hunt a slayer orc and players who could only watch.

No, it wasn’t actually invisible.

“Hey, look at the sword. Is it a unique item?”

“The color is totally different.”

“All three players are wearing goblin champion’s masks.”

It wasn’t hard to guess who was in what group by the looks of their items.

“A slayer orc. It is a very scary monster. I have already hunted it twice before I raised this character.”

Some openly showed that they came to hunt a slayer orc.

They just did it for attention.

“But my party members were fucking bad every time. I did a hard carry and barely hunted it alone.”

It wasn’t good to watch them.

“Did you record a video by any chance?”

“That’s what I’m saying. That became a matter of eternal regret. I totally forgot about recording because it was too tense. Oh! Only if I recorded it, I could’ve bought a car! It was really crazy.”

The player was just annoying when he shouted out loud his story and it was unclear how to check if it had really happened.

Besides, the place was for resting.

“I’m sure some of the players here will be game over while hunting it. I know what it’s like since I hunted it. It’s damn hard. Fucking amateurs can never kill it. Oh, I could show it to you guys if I had time.”

The player’s bluff that was common was bothersome to other players who were standing by for the slayer orc to appear.

Another player eventually mumbled alone.

“If you are that great, try to solo kill a slayer orc.”

However, his voice was as loud as everyone around could hear.


The player talking about his heroic tale glared his eyes at him.

“What did you say?”

“I said if you are that confident, solo kill the orc. I can see that it’s bullshit though.”

“Bullshit? Hey! Do you know who I am?”

The atmosphere between them was getting heated.

However, the atmosphere around them was the same as before.

Most of them didn’t seem to want to stop their fight.

“Are they fighting?”

“It’s going to be fun.”

“Guys! Don’t fight with your mouth in God Wars! Just fight!”

Some incited their fight and some didn’t care and just ignored them.

It was a normal day in God Wars.

At that moment.

“A slayer orc has appeared!”

Somebody noticed the slayer orc’s presence.

Some of the players that were on standby stood up at the same time.

The atmosphere at the moment hadn’t changed that much.

“Is it inside the line or outside?”

“What is our waiting number? How many are waiting ahead of us?”

“So who’s hunting it now?”

It was also a daily occurrence in God Wars.

However, the atmosphere didn’t remain for long.

“Well…. I heard someone’s trying to solo kill it.”

Translator: Amy Shin
Twitter: @AmyShin39

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