BJ Archmage – Episode 36: Fame (1)

Fame (1)


Lucky’s signal started the beginning of the battle.


It was hard to believe the animal that was smaller than the monster made a roar that instantly swept through the Stinky Forest.


As soon as the slayer orc heard Lucky, it picked up his ax above his head and started to run towards him.

Thud, Thud, Thud!

Just facing it was terrifying.


However, Lucky didn’t run away but stuck to where he was.

He looked different.

He would normally run to the slayer orc and bite its body rather than stand still.

But he kept his place?

It wouldn’t happen unless Midas ordered him.

Besides, he wouldn’t order him to do that without any reason.

‘Life and Death. It’s so amazing.’

The reason was the Life and Death skill.

The skill made the target unquestioningly chase after Lucky as soon as it was invoked.

‘I can’t believe I can lure it to where I want so easily.’

He could attract it to where a tanker was even though the tanker didn’t move.

In other words, he could throw his magic from where he wanted.

It was like baseball.

A batter who is against a pitcher on the mound goes to the batter’s box on his own.


Just like that, the slayer orc went towards Lucky.


Of course, it was not baseball.

He didn’t have to wait for the batter to stand at the batter’s box.

‘The first shot is coming.’

At the moment the slayer orc’s walking path became what Midas expected, he held a fireball that he had prepared in advance.

His target was a golden target mark on the slayer orc’s head.


He threw the fireball with a short exhale and it flew towards the slayer orc.

There was no disturbance.

Unlike other places, there weren’t many trees and their twigs were cut by something.

It wasn’t a coincidence.

If Midas hoped for a coincidence, he wouldn’t use the word ‘lure’.

Of course, that was what Midas had prepared earlier.

It’s human nature that a player transforms the environment to his advantage if he can let a monster stand in that environment.

Plus, Midas was already well-informed about the geographic features of where he was going to fight.

Throwing a fireball in the forest at that moment was not that different from throwing a ball on the mound.

Also, Midas was someone who stood on the mound even though he had nothing but ball control.


Midas’s fireball hit the middle of the golden target on the slayer orc.


A scream came out from the slayer orc’s mouth right away.

It wasn’t exaggerating its pain.

The damage was critical and Midas could see the decrease of its HP with his eyes.

No one would scold him even if he yelled out a cheer.

However, he stopped pitching and went on to the next step instead.

He watched the slayer orc nervously and prepared for his next step.

‘As soon as you get a strike, examine the batter.’

That was what he learned from when he was a pro baseball player.

‘Coach Jinho, I’m finally getting it now.’

Midas thought about the lesson and prepared for his next move in the time he could cheer.

His next move was obviously Ice arrow.

However, he didn’t perfectly aim, unlike the fireball.


He only aimed to hit it from far away.

The bow wasn’t what he was good at.

Then it was better to damage it than to aim for its head with Dragon’s Eye’s effect and miss the target.




The arrows Midas let go of hit the slayer orc’s back one by one.

Of course, the slayer orc never gave its attention to Midas.


It only showed its life-and-death will towards Lucky.


Now Lucky didn’t wait but threw his body to the slayer orc who came within his territory.


At the moment the slayer orc swung its axe like a lightning bolt, Lucky avoided it, bit off its calf that was bare, and then moved behind it.


The slayer orc turned its body to Lucky.


Something fell on the slayer orc’s head.

It was a bottle of oil.


The oil slipped down through its head and steel mask.


Soon, a fireball hit the slayer orc’s head and made a strong explosion.


Fire burst into flame on its head.


Then sounds kept coming out from its mouth.


Lucky also didn’t hide and yelled out his will to fight.

The fierce battle resounded everywhere.

“What’s going on over there?”

“It sounds like someone’s battling… but it doesn’t sound like he’s hunting a normal orc.”

And players around heard the sound and started to gather.


The rate of success of hunting the slayer orc was about 60%.

In other words, 4 parties failed when 10 parties tried the hunt it.

If they get lucky, they would get a chance to hunt a slayer orc when they have a 5th waiting number ticket.

“Who’s trying to solo kill?”

“Who the hell is he?”

That was why so many people went there when the news that someone was trying to solo kill.

In the meantime, they expected this challenge was too risky.

“He’s going to fail, right?”


It wasn’t just a random curse.

Also, it wasn’t an insult towards him.

“I guess he’s doing it because he has a chance of success, but…”

The players were certain of his failure even though he was confident of hunting the slayer orc alone.

“It’s going to be a totally different story once it invokes Slayer mode.”

Slayer mode was the third phase special skill that was invoked when the slayer orc’s HP fell under 20%.

In reality, most of the challengers endured the second phase but failed in the third phase.

“Even tankers who arm themselves with unique items can’t hold that long when it invokes that mode.”

“It’s entirely different.”

Even when tankers fail to endure one after another due to the Slayer mode, he hunts by himself?

“There is no way for him to succeed.”

“Of course.”

His failure was obvious.

Midas also thought that way.


‘His HP is at 21%. With one more hit, he’s going to invoke the third phase.’

He checked that the slayer orc’s 3rd phase was about to start and recalled so many videos.

So many tankers miserably collapsed in front of a slayer orc that invoked the Slayer mode in the videos.

‘Such a bothersome skill.’

The Slayer mode was that powerful.

Its attack speed increased by 30% and all stats also increased a lot.

‘It’s impossible to read its pattern.’

The most bothersome thing was that its attack pattern became too various that Midas couldn’t predict.

‘Lucky can’t endure long enough.’

That was why Midas was sure that Lucky would definitely lose against the Slayer mode and that Midas had to pay the price with Lucky’s death even if he succeeded in killing the slayer orc.

Midas didn’t want to pay that kind of price at all.

In other words, he had prepared another method.


Midas threw a fireball towards the slayer orc that was moving here and there to catch Lucky.


The fireball instantly hit the slayer orc.


As soon as the fireball hit the slayer orc, horrifying energy started to spread around it.


At the same time, a sound that the monster was losing its reasoning started to come out from its mouth.

‘Its stats are increasing like crazy.’

At that moment the Slayer mode was invoked.


Midas yelled at Lucky.

“Run away!”


Lucky turned his body and started running away while ignoring the slayer orc.


And the slayer orc started chasing Lucky.



That was what Midas had prepared.

It was definitely not common sense.

Most of the tactics and strategies were based on a tanker fighting against a monster, but what if a tanker runs away?

It was the same as strategies disappearing.

Midas didn’t deny the fact.

He only asked a question.

Why are they planning strategies only based on a tanker enduring against a monster?

The answer was obvious.

That was how range fighters could attack a monster well.

On the contrary, the tanker didn’t need to risk his life to fight a monster if the range fighters were talented enough to hit a target.

Plus, Midas set up a trap to be sure.


Lucky ran away and jumped over an X mark.

However, the chasing slayer orc threw its body directly to the X mark.


Then the ground gave way and half of its body fell.


Of course, the slayer orc didn’t take too much time on getting out of the trap.

It took about 2 seconds which was as short as blinking the eyes twice.


However, It was enough time for Midas who had finished preparing and was waiting.


Hunting a boss monster was difficult in many ways.

First, the playtime was different.

Hunting a normal monster takes a minute, hunting a boss monster takes 10 minutes.

Besides, the time difference that a player feels due to stress and nervousness is even longer.

[ You have killed the slayer orc. ]

However, all the effort and hard work melted like sweet ice cream on his tongue as soon as he heard the alert.

[ You have acquired the title ‘The Slayer Orc Hunter’. ]

[ You have acquired the title ‘The Man Who Was Against The Slayer Orc Alone’. ]

[ You have fulfilled the quest conditions. ]

[ Your level has risen. ]

The alerts could melt anyone.


Lucky showed his happiness at the fact that he became a winner of the battle.

However, Midas was different.

As soon as Midas heard the alerts, he didn’t look at his accomplishment.

He only looked around.

‘Many people have come.’

He saw many players take their seats.

They were the audience.

‘Before something happens, I should quickly loot the items.’

The audience could turn into hyenas anytime.

In reality, some players succeeded in hunting a boss monster but they often got their loot items stolen.

Stealing was not hard.

They just had to kill the player who hunted the boss monster or make him log out.

Besides, Midas was alone. If the fence is low, it makes people steal.

‘Anyone can become an asshole outside of the line.’

Indeed, where Midas hunted was outside of the Explorer’s barrier.

He shouldn’t have let them know.

“Did you watch, everyone?”

Midas started to act.

“I definitely told you that solo killing is possible.”

He pretended to broadcast live.

‘People can control themselves in front of broadcasting.’

It was efficient.

Some players didn’t care if they were hell-bent on dying, but mostly, players didn’t push themselves against a player who was broadcasting.

Also, Midas didn’t have to go easy on someone who tries to fight against him.

“Now, I’m going to loot the items. If I get the slayer orc’s axe, I will have a drawing for the winner to receive it!”

Plus, he played the peacock.

“……I would like to say that, but I don’t have enough money since I bought an extravagant car yesterday. It’s nothing but an E class Mercedes. I was going to buy an S class, but my dad didn’t let me. He said it doesn’t go well with my age.”

I’m a very rich guy!

This was also one of the most efficient ways.

Midas’s scam perfectly worked.

“That rich bitch succeeded because he was overgeared.”

“Indeed, that was how he could solo kill. How is it possible without spending so much money on items?”

“Shit, this fucking game for rich people.”

Everyone frowned at Midas’s behavior, however, no one showed their will to attack or disturb him.

Even if there was someone, he had to hold it in.

It was obvious that he shouldn’t attack Midas in this situation.

Meanwhile, Midas quickly approached the slayer orc’s dead body.


Lucky was standing on the dead body to protect his owner’s prey. Lucky welcomed Midas and Midas pet Lucky and soon he put his hand on the dead body.

“Looting the item.”

He tried to loot the items.

[ You have acquired a treasure from the slayer orc. ]

[ You have acquired a treasure from the slayer orc. ]

As soon as the alerts rang, Midas stood up.

‘Let’s leave now.’

It was time to leave the battlefield.

However, Midas didn’t let go of his anxiety and shouted to make people hear him.

“Now, I will open the treasures somewhere safe. I’m still broadcasting, so please don’t leave! Watch when I open them!”

I’m still broadcasting, so don’t ever think about it!

Midas slowly left the battlefield with the warning.

When Midas and Lucky disappeared, the players started to leave.

“Even though it was all thanks to his items, he solo killed. Who is he?”

“He was broadcasting. What is his channel called?”

And they started talking about Midas.

It wasn’t weird.

A slayer orc was a trophy monster. Hunting it became a career maker.

Hunting it alone was not just a rookie, but a super rookie.

It was enough to be an issue.

“Solo kill? Did anyone record the boss raid?”

“Me! I recorded from the middle part.”


“Yep, I’m going to report it to WarsTV.”

In the present age, the issue could instantly spread throughout the whole world.

Translator: Amy Shin
Twitter: @AmyShin39

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