BJ Archmage – Episode 37: Fame (2)

Fame (2)


Midas halted his steps after he left the Stinky Forest and arrived at the Wiga Forest.

When Midas entered a narrow path without people, he put down Lucky from his bosom.

‘It’s not easy to carry him around anymore.’

Lucky became too big for Midas to hide him in his bosom.

Midas pet Lucky’s head.

“It’s ok to be seen, so just grow well.”

Ah uh ah uh!

Lucky panted and licked Midas’s hand.

“You did a really good job.”

Midas repeated his compliment to Lucky.


Midas activated his inventory.

It was full of items.

However, Midas was attracted to only two items.

[ The slayer orc’s treasure ]

[ The slayer orc’s treasure ]

It was a treasure box that randomly gave one of the slayer orc’s items to the player.

‘The most expensive item in the slayer orc’s set was the axe. The market price for it was about 1,500,000 won……’

Calculating the item’s price was meaningless to Midas as any item would suffice.

‘This will cover living expenses next month.’

Midas finished calculating and pet Lucky again.

‘I couldn’t have dreamed about it without him.’

The more surprising thing was that his profit was now started.

Midas checked the next profit.

[ The Slayer Orc Hunter ]
– Explanation of the title: The title is given to a player who has hunted the slayer orc.
– Reward: Strength and intelligence +4

[ The Man Who Was Against The Slayer Orc Alone ]
– Explanation of the title: The title is given to a player who has hunted the slayer orc alone.
– Reward: All stats +7

The title rewards from hunting the slayer orc were also similar to unique items.

Most players would be fascinated by the results.

However, Midas wasn’t.

Instead, he stared at somewhere else after closing all the windows in front of his eyes.

‘The real jackpot starts from now.’

There was the NPC, Sahalin’s house where Midas was looking at.


“I didn’t expect you were going to hunt the slayer orc for real.”

Sahalin’s face looked calm towards Midas who had completed her mission.

Midas was satisfied.

“Well, it was nothing.”

He was still satisfied even after the next blunt reaction from her.

There was no reason not to be satisfied.

‘Yea, yea. Now, give me something greater.’

Midas didn’t mind getting a more difficult quest.

“Still, you have completed the mission. So, I should reward you.”

Before giving him another quest, Sahalin started to give a reward first.

Sahalin stared at Midas for a moment and then took off one of the 10 rings on her fingers.

It was a blue ring on her left pinky finger. Soon, she threw it to Midas.

Midas caught it and checked the option.

[ Sahalin’s ring ]
– Grade: Unique
– Level: Level 20 or above
– The ring belonged to the reclusive Sahalin who hid in Wiga city. It has a mysterious power.
– All stats +20
– Attack +5
– Recovering speed for HP & MP +25%
– When acquired, it belongs to the player (non-tradable)
! When equipped with Yoong’s ring, an option for the hidden set is invoked.

The basic and hidden options made Midas’s eyes keep rolling.


The reward was incredible enough for Midas to exclaim.

However, he didn’t spend more time looking at Sahalin’s ring.

“Now, I’m going to tell you about a story.”

The real important thing was this.

“It’s not my story but someone else’s.”

Midas didn’t make any sound.

He only nodded and Sahalin continued her words.

“After the gods started a war through the creations of the world, many people had fought for their gods. Many of them made legendary results.”

When Sahalin opened her hand, a cluster of lights appeared above.

The lights soon became a warrior holding a sword.

“He did that as well.”

The warrior above her hand started swinging his sword.

“He made a significant contribution and a great achievement for his god. In the end, he became a legend. He was a tremendous legend that no one could dare compete with.”

Sahalin had a bitter smile.

“However, the war never stopped.”

She clenched her fist with her words and the cluster of lights slipped down like sand powder.

“Then he realized that the war still continued even though he had gathered so many legends.”

‘She meant legendary items couldn’t beat it.’

Midas could guess what the legend meant.

“So, he started to search for something that could surpass legendary. I mean something that could put an end to the long war.”

‘Then there has to be an item that’s above legendary.’

He could also know what Sahalin was going to say.

“Almighty, something omniscient and omnipotent that can end the myth.”

At that moment.

[ You have acquired the title ‘Knowing the Almighty Class’ ]

Midas heard the alert that notified the acquisition of the new title.

Soon, he saw the option.

[ Knowing the Almighty Class ]
– Explanation of the title: It is given to a player who has known about the omniscient and omnipotent class that surpasses the legendary.
– Reward: All stats +30

The option was unspeakably amazing, but Midas wasn’t surprised at it.

‘I’ve recorded it.’

Recording all the processes already surpassed the limit of his ability.

Indeed, the scene at that moment was like a huge bomb that could end God Wars’ idle time.

‘I’ve recorded her mentioning a mythical weapon.’

“Let’s stop talking about this.”

Sahalin stopped talking.

“Because you need to pay for the story.”

Soon, a question mark took the place instead of an exclamation mark above Sahalin’s head.

“So, do you want to listen to the story more?”

Midas answered Sahalin’s question.


Midas’s face didn’t show any hesitation.

He had already determined so much that he didn’t have to determine more.

“Good. Then, I will give you the same mission as last time.”

Sahalin happily offered a new quest to Midas.

“Hunt 1,000 zombies that appear in the Cursed Forest.”

[ The new quest has been uploaded to the main scenario quest. ]

Midas smiled at the quest.

Find a piece of the nameless god!

It wasn’t that different from the quest and Midas didn’t doubt that this quest would be easy like last time.

‘Yay, it’s definitely the best game!’

‘I should just find one monster that has the quest item again. Easy victory!’

A quest window appeared in front of Midas.

[ The Cursed Forest ]
– Rank: Main Scenario
– Level: Level 20 and above
– Content: Sahalin needs historical data to investigate the curse of the Cursed Forest. Hunt 1,000 monsters that appear in the area.
– Reward: Unknown
! Reward: Skill card (unique)
! When completing the quest, you can continue ‘the cursed stone’.


His smile disappeared after he checked the quest.

Midas sincerely asked Sahalin.

“Do I really need to hunt 1,000?”

Sahalin sneered at Midas’s question and asked back.

“Why? You don’t like that?”

Midas smiled at her question.

“Nope, I love it so much.”

‘This game is definitely fucking trash.’

His smile was the most awkward.


“Hyunwoo, good job.”

Hyunwoo came back to reality and looked at his fingers instead of answering Hyukjoo’s greeting.

Shake shake, his fingers were shaking like a hand tremor.

“I guess you were perfectly focused on the game. You look so tired.”

“Yea, I totally worked too hard.”

Hyunwoo thought about the last scene while answering.

‘I have to do the ridiculous grinding.’

Hunting 1,000 zombies in the Cursed Forest.

‘It’s driving me crazy.’

It wasn’t an easy job.

The Cursed Forest was a higher rank hunting field than the Stinky Forest. Mostly, players whose level was above 30 chose the place to hunt.

‘I need to hunt 1,000 zombies in the area where players skip to hunt.’

Besides, the players in the level 30’s didn’t prefer to hunt at the place.

The reasons were the difficulty to hunt the monsters and also the geological factor in the Cursed Forest.

Nothing was good for Hyunwoo.

“Hyunwoo, here is your phone.”

Hyukjoo handed over Hyunwoo’s phone.

Hyunwoo was surprised at him.

“What’s wrong? Your service is suddenly good.”

“You got a call not too long ago.”

“A call?”

Hyunwoo checked a missed call that appeared on the screen and made a serious look.

A short dialing tone passed through his ear.

As soon as the tone stopped, Hyunwoo talked on the phone.

“Hey, Taewoo. Did something happen?”

– Uncle Hyunwoo!


Hyunwoo remembered the bad memory from a few days ago.

“Yes, Hyerin. What’s wrong?”

Hyunwoo tried to hold his emotion and Hyerin hesitated and answered.

– I got a prize!


– Is that Hyunwoo?

“Taewoo, what does she mean?”

– You remember the painting Hyerin drew. She got a prize for that.

At that moment, the mad imaginations in Hyunwoo’s head disappeared like smoke.

Then Hyunwoo smiled.

“That’s my Hyerin. So, was she the top at her kindergarten?”

– No, in the city.


– It was the grand prize from the city and they are going to exhibit the painting at a provincial tournament.


Hyunwoo’s thinking became slower due to the incredible news.

He put himself together again and talked to Taewoo.

“Then we should celebrate. Taewoo, please tell her that dinner is going to be chicken today.”

– Wait.

After a short silence, he answered.

– Hyerin is agonizing.


– She’s agonizing her choice between spicy or fried.

Hyunwoo had a bitter smile at his niece’s worry.

‘Come to think of it, we always shared one chicken.’

He was sorry to Hyerin who got used to living from hand to mouth.

“Why is she agonizing? Just order them all.”

– What?

“Tell her to order one fried, one spicy, one sweet, and one garlic. Dessert’s going to be Haagen Daz ice cream!!”

Hyunwoo finished talking on the phone.

‘Yea, that’s the reason why I make money.’

There was no more worry in his head.

‘Hunting 1,000 zombies is a piece of a cake. I even killed the slayer orc by myself. Why not zombies? Wait, let’s just level up this time. I can gather so many experience points from them.’

He devoted his will.

“Hyukjoo, good work for today.”

Hyunwoo started to prepare for tomorrow.

He prepared to leave the capsule room and Hyukjoo prepared for the next customer.

Hyunwoo greeted Hyukjoo who finished cleaning up and sat down in front of the counter.

“See you tomorrow!”

“Yea, be safe.”

After Hyunwoo left, there was only silence left in the capsule room.

Click Click!

Hyukjoo clicked his tongue.

‘Poor Hyunwoo. Making money while mining won’t be so easy. He’s pushing himself too hard because his account is disabled.’

Hyukjoo thought that Hyunwoo was so pitiful when he tried to buy chicken for his niece even though he didn’t have money.


Of course, the pathetic feeling didn’t last too long.

‘A new video has been uploaded on WarsTube.’

There were so many fun things in the world that he couldn’t care about that kind of thing.

‘……. This fucking equip to win game. Obtained the slayer orc solo kill?’



Hyunwoo appeared in front of the capsule room and burped.

‘It was my first time to leave leftover chicken.’

He thought about the reason for his indigestion and clicked his tongue.

‘Oh, my playtime gets shorter if I can’t digest well.’

Hyunwoo went inside the capsule room and Hyukjoo ignored him.

“Hey, don’t you have to greet your customer?”

“Oh, Hyunwoo!”

Only then Hyukjoo put down his phone and stood up.

“How are you?”

“Why were you so obsessed while watching?

Hyukjoo smiled at the question.

“There was a new video uploaded on WarsTube last night. It’s very popular now.”

“What is it about?”

“Some rich bitch solo killed a boss monster with his heavily equipped items.”

Hyunwoo clicked his tongue.

“This is fucking damn game. We gotta kill those rich bitches! So, what did he hunt?”

“The slayer orc.”

“The slayer orc? The weak boss monster? I thought he hunted a monster over level 100 or……”

At that moment.

Hyunwoo felt something weird and asked with his stiff face.

“Hey, what did you say?”

Translator: Amy Shin
Twitter: @AmyShin39

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