BJ Archmage – Episode 4: Chapter 1 – A Day of Good Fortune (3)

Someone had said so.


Kim Min-soo was one of these ‘plus’.
From the beginning, he was different from other people.
He had extremely sharp logic from a young age and developed various virtual reality programs at the age of 20. 1à years later, he went as far as creating the Gate Capsule, a machine that could perfectly emulate reality, as well as the content he intended to use it with, the game God Wars.

He had achieved a surprising revolution among revolutions of mankind without anyone’s help.

Afterwards, the Gate Capsule manufacturing company, Plus Corp. and God Wars production company Alpha Corp. became the first and second richest companies in the world.
The value got even higher as Kim Min-soo got an incurable disease at the age of 32, making any other company not even comparable to them.

“No, I’m suddenly unable to connect to the game. Both my personal identification code and my fingerprint are correct so why am I unable to connect? It says that it’s because the body code is different but why would that code change? Isn’t it used because our irises and fingerprints don’t change? Take care of it by hiring a lawyer you say? No, what’s that supposed to…… Huh? Eh!”
It was to the point that they could ignore the chattering of a human from a mere small Asian country.

“Did they hang up?”

It took about 3 minutes for Jung Hyun-woo to realize that they were gone. He wanted to call again, but he knew it would be useless.

‘They would just say the same thing again…….’

‘What kind of nonsensical situation is this?’

In the first place, this situation itself wasn’t supposed to ever be happening.
‘How could the body code change?’

The body code was a perfect self identification method in the modern world as it was the codified version of the body’s innate signals.
Fingerprints couldn’t be used if the finger was cut off and pupil recognition couldn’t be used if the eyeball disappeared, but the body code was a method that could prove a person’s identity because it didn’t disappear even if the limbs were cut off, eyeballs gouged out, and teeth were pulled out.
Until now, it had not been counterfeited or falsified, which is why it was currently being used in all areas, including in the Gate Capsule.

The only key to accessing an ID in God Wars was through the body code.
‘Damn, even I wouldn’t believe it.’
The fact that his body code had changed, if acknowledged by the customer support team, meant the presence of a huge security problem.
God Wars was a place that valued security more than any other place.
In an era where a ranker’s value was worth way over tens of billions won, a problem with that ranker’s character would be a huge loss for the company.
To be honest, Jung Hyun-woo himself knew that what he was saying was an unreasonable request.
‘Why suddenly?’
On top of that, from his perspective, it was a matter that he couldn’t understand as it had been fine until just one day ago.

‘Don’t tell me?’

No, it wasn’t like he couldn’t understand.
‘No, no way?’
It wasn’t like there was nothing that came to mind.
If there was something that affected him since his last connection, the only thing was being electrocuted.
The moment that fact rose in his mind, the inside of Jung Hyun-woo’s head went white.
‘Oh my god.’
If that really was the truth, then that meant that what happened wasn’t a simple happening but Jung Hyun-woo’s body code changing.
‘Ah, no.’
It was obvious, but there wasn’t even a 1% chance that Alpha Corp. that operates God Wars would personally step up to solve the problem.
The only method would be for Jung Hyun-woo to hire a lawyer and obtain his rights as they had said.
‘It’s absolutely nonsensical.’
It meant that a teenager whose bank account was going dry had to face Plus Corp. and Alpha Corp’s law team that could even turn a serial killer into a Nobel Prize winner.
Jung Hyun-woo collapsed at such a distant fact.
Strength left his legs.
Jung Hyun-woo who had collapsed like that, covered his face with his two hands.
The hands that covered his face were trembling uncontrollably.
After collapsing, not a single thought appeared in Jung Hyun-woo’s mind.
Only a sigh full of despair.
How long did he sigh for?
A message arrived on Jung Hyun-woo’s smartphone.
[The raid schedule has been set! I attached the file.]
The moment he saw that message, Jung Hyun-woo was able to realize this fact more clearly.
The fact that what he invested his everything in had turned to dust in a day.

God Wars.
An unknown world that one can’t know the ends of. In there, a player can experience things beyond reality.
“God Wars is a world greater than reality!”
Many didn’t spare their compliments for the God Wars world.
However, the game was full of irrationality as well.
Among that, the greatest irrationality were the early starters, the fact that it was impossible to break down the stronghold of the huge powers that have already become the rulers.
As it reached 5 years since the game service started, the top 1% became untouchable existences and they pretty much dominated God Wars as they monopolized all wealth and honor.
Because of this, the world called them the Children of God, the Chosen Ones.
Of course, even if it wasn’t them, there were plenty of people among those that started early and have a higher level, better items and skills than others who received pretty good treatment.
Jung Hyun-woo, the reason he was able to feed two people as a professional player was due to this as well.

‘It’s over.’
To put it differently, excluding his game character Midas he didn’t have anything.
‘It’s all over.’

A normal person that lost everything he had and fallen on the ground, weak and trivial, and not able to do anything.
‘Like that time, everything is over.’
On top of that, it was the second time.
‘Like that time…….’
When he had received the notification of release from the club, he quit baseball that he had done his entire life.
‘Damn it.’
Of course, it was different from that time.
There was a place he could rely on even after quitting baseball he had done his entire life.
At the time, his brother wasn’t in a wheelchair but a pretty well off programmer that had married and lived with his wife and daughter, and stayed as Jung Hyun-woo’s sturdy backer after all.
That brother had pulled up Jung Hyun-woo who had fallen to rock bottom.
But it was different this time.
On the contrary, a situation where even his brother who was relying on him fell to the ground together due to Jung Hyun-woo losing everything.
Also, even his cute niece had fallen into shit.
As his train of thought reached that point, Jung Hyun-woo clenched his teeth.
It was an expression.
‘That’s right, there’s no such thing as a choice.’
He had to give up what he had been doing until now and do something else, however, it was expression that showed realization that he didn’t have the leisure nor capability in him.
It was the truth.
He had only done baseball in elementary, middle, and high school, spent his early 20s doing baseball and spent 5 years after that solely on the game.
Now, if Jung Hyun-woo who had entered the late 20s gave up gaming, he would truly be a incompetent that couldn’t do anything.

More than anything, it was definitely the era of God Wars.
People earned money and worked part time to play God Wars.
No, there was no need to look for part time jobs from far away.
Part time jobs were overflowing within God Wars after all.

‘Let’s at least work as a miner.’
People that mined ores or medicinal plants that were needed to craft items in God Wars.
In an era where machine did everything, it was the only thing that machines couldn’t do which is why the salary was quite high.
To put it differently, it was like treating a human like a machine.
‘I might lose my mind but…….’
Work that was stressing to the point that most would lose their minds within a month.
‘I have to earn money right now.’
Jung Hyun-woo who thought up to that point, didn’t lower his head anymore.
‘Thankfully, I still have another character creation card.’
He stood up.

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