BJ Archmage – Episode 4: Chapter 1 – A Day of Good Fortune (3)

“You’re creating a new character?”
At Lee Hyuk-joo’s question, Jung Hyun-woo didn’t bother telling him his miserable reality.
“Just open the Gate Capsule.”
He only showed that he wasn’t in a very good mood through his low tone.
“Ah, yes.”
At that look, Lee Hyuk-joo didn’t ask any further.
At that moment, Lee Hyuk-joo threw a question.
“But do you have a character creation card?”
Jung Hyun-woo frowned at the question.
‘Bastards that are starved for money.’
It was possible to create as many characters as one wanted in God Wars.
It wasn’t a problem for a single player to create 100 million characters.
The problem was that the character creation card cost a whooping 880,000 won.
Of course, they had justification.
As long as the character was created, the game usage payment of 330,000 is given for free for three months.
From that perspective, it was a great benefit.

‘The yearly profit from character cards is higher than Benz’s profit.’
The problem is that one cannot select the job they want, the so called random box structure.
‘There are guys that used over hundreds of millions of won on just this.’
It was to the point that there was not a low number of people that used mind boggling amounts of money to get a good job.
‘The amount of money the rank 3 Azumo used to first get the Archmage job was over 100 million won.’
The amount of money the player called Azumo used to get one of the five legendary rank jobs, Archmage, was a legend in various ways.
The number of people that got the Archmage job after that was about 81 currently.
Jung Hyun-woo couldn’t leave the bridle of gambling himself.
‘I used 5 million won to get the Magician job as well.’
He had used close to 5 million won to get the Magician job as well.
‘I had used relatively less since it was an event period.’
Even then he had used relatively less thanks to the 2+1 event.
Of course, that didn’t matter to Jung Hyun-woo at the moment.
‘I’m glad I just left the Character Creation Card that was left over back then.’
Thanks to not using or selling the leftover Character Creation Card back then, there was still one left and it was possible to use it as a code unlike an account.
‘The job can be whatever.’
Also, to him who was determined to be a miner the job didn’t matter.
“Hyeong, it’s ready. Go into capsule 11.”
Jung Hyun-woo restarted the game like that.

A silver tray, what Jung Hyun-woo encountered once on top of that was a bunch of light.
It was an amazing scene.
Amazing to the point that it was hard to believe that this was a virtual space.
A scene that made one accept why people said that God Wars was a world beyond reality.
However, Jung Hyun-woo who came across that scene didn’t have an expression of surprise anywhere.
‘It’s a crappy scene every time I see it.’
The fact that this was the stage he would have to live in like a dog, not better or worse.
What made Jung Hyun-woo even more depressed was the fact that there wasn’t a character anywhere on the stage.
If it was like usual, there would have been his main character and the various other characters he created after all.
It was proof that everything he built up in the last 5 years had disappeared.
To Jung Hyun-woo who was sighing at that fact, God Wars asked.
[Are you going to participate in the war of gods?]
Jung Hyun-woo answered to that question.
Then, a second question came.
[What is your name?]
At that question, a window appeared in front of Jung Hyun-woo’s eyes.

– Level : 1
– Faith : None
– Job : None
– Stats : Strength (5) / Endurance (5) / Intelligence (5) / Magic Power (5)

The moment the status window appeared.
At that moment, an endless number of cards started appearing around Jung Hyun-woo.
The cards of the same size all showed their backs and the cards that looked like a wall made one feel confined and cozy.
[Select the god you will follow. Then the god will be your power.]
The final message could then be heard and Jung Hyun-woo replied to that message.
Together with the answer, Jung Hyun-woo rubbed his eyes with his two hands clenched into fists.
He then looked around once more.
After that, Jung Hyun-woo replied.
“Wa, wait a minute.”

To Lee Hyuk-joo, a Capsule Room part timer, there wasn’t much to his work.
It was to make a seat before capsule users entered and to clean it after they come out.
To him, there was nothing special about the notification that told him it was time to clean.
“Huh? Hyeon-woo hyeong?”
However, the fact that the sound came from the capsule Jung Hyun-woo who had only entered the capsule a few minutes ago surprised him.
“Why did you suddenly come out? Is it a sudden number two signal?”
Instead of answering to that question, Jung Hyun-woo immediately went to the bathroom.
At that figure Lee Hyuk-joo let out a light laugh.
“It is a number two.”
Leaving Lee Hyuk-joo’s sudden burst of laughter behind, Jung Hyun-woo who arrived in the bathroom stared at himself in the mirror.
He threw a question at the him in the mirror.
‘Why can I see the content of the cards?’
Jung Hyun-woo, it was a moment he experienced the miracle that came to him.


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