BJ Archmage – Episode 40: 1+1 (2)

1+1 (2)


“What do I do to raise my level quickly?”

Players in God Wars asked this question the most.

Then the level ranking #3, Azmo, answered.

“It’s simple. Equip some unique items and maybe two legendary items. Then hunt a monster that is 10 to 20 levels higher than you by yourself.”

His answer provoked people’s anger.

However, no one denied Azmo’s answer.

It was apparent that what Azmo said was such a perfect truth that no one could deny it.

[ Your level has risen. ]

‘I achieved level 25.’

That was why Midas wasn’t surprised when he became level 25.

He knew that the game was always like this, so there was no reason for him to be surprised.

[ Midas ]
– Level: 25
– God: Wardragon
– Job: Archmage
– Ability: Strength (5+198) / HP (5+194) / Intelligence (131+276) / MP (30+222)
– Remaining stat points: 4

“I sincerely regret that I didn’t know.”

He saw his stats and acknowledged that his situation had been changed so much.

“That this game is the best game ever.”


“Lucky, you said you agreed with me?”

Lucky howled long like he agreed and Midas checked his quest window.

He saw that he had accomplished two quests.

“Yea, let’s go and check out the rewards.”

It was time to go back to Wiga city.



Beginners’ remarks were everywhere in the city where it was crowded as always.

A player’s existence wasn’t that different from a rock on the ground in the busy city.

No one cared about players around them.

They didn’t even care about a player who was trying to hide in a robe.

‘I got the rewards.’

He checked his rewards without concern.

[ Skill Card Book (unique) ]

[ Skill Card Book (rare) ]

He gained a lot.

He had also finished deciding what to do with the big gains.

‘I’m going to sell the unique card and use the rare one.’

He wanted to acquire the unique skill card but had to think about his reality.

Saving 10 million won for an emergency would make him feel more secure and more focused on the game than acquiring a unique skill.

‘Hyerin is entering elementary school and Taewoo doesn’t feel good…… I gotta make the last safety net just in case.’

This was also the reason why Midas earned money.

Therefore, there was no worry.

[ You have opened the skill card book. ]

Midas opened the rare skill card book first.

Soon, 30 cards appeared in order in front of Midas’s eyes.

He skimmed the skills quickly.

At that moment, he found something.

[ Fire Elemental Mastery ]
– Grade: Rare
– Effect: Fire-type magic damage increases and cooldown and casting time decreases.

All fire-type magic attack power increases and cooldown and casting time decreases.

‘This is it.’

He spent a fortune to buy the skill when he was a fire magician before and it was worth it.

‘The curse type or Haste isn’t bad, but nothing can beat this skill in this situation!’

He didn’t think too long and grabbed the card.

[ The skill card is added to the inventory. ]

The card became tradable and filled up the inventory.


Midas breathed shortly and looked at Lucky.

Ah uh ah uh!

Lucky was breathing quietly not to disturb his owner.

“Shall we open it?”


Midas heard Lucky’s answer and opened the unique skill card book.


“Hyunwoo, you’ve played so long today.”

Hyukjoo pointed at a timer on a gate capsule.

“4 hours and 44 minutes. I guess you feel good these days. People mostly get logged out by force before 5 hours of the time limit.”

Hyukjoo clicked his tongue.

“But why is it 444 of all occasions? I feel anxious. Nothing bad happened to you, right?” (TL: 4 is an unlucky number in Korea.)

Hyunwoo answered with his frowning face.

“Can you please leave me alone? I’m going insane.”


Hyukjoo opened his mouth, nodded shortly, and left Hyunwoo.

Midas wrapped his face with his hands.

His mental state was just like what he said.

He was going insane.

‘I’m insane because I’m too happy.’

The meaning was a little bit different from the normal expression.

The thing that made Midas go insane passed through Midas’s mind.

‘I didn’t expect that Ballista would come out again.’


It was a skill that Midas agonized over when he had to choose between Long Toss.

Midas agonized for a long time because it was that good.

This skill increased damage when standing at the same spot and attacking a target with magic. It also decreased cooldown and casting time.

The option was invoked when magicians stood and used magic as usual.

It didn’t ask for high-level skill control like Long Toss.

‘The price is similar but Ballista is more popular.’

That was why the market price for the two was similar but Ballista’s demand and popularity were much higher.

‘It was over 10 million won last time when I checked.’

The price was also costly.

However, he didn’t think ‘It’s a shame I can’t get it.’

He only wanted to sell this and put the money in his bank account.

‘Let’s check the market price for now.’

He got his smartphone that he previously left with Hyukjoo and connected to G-bay where items in God Wars were sold.

He checked the market price for a Ballista skill card.

Very few items for sale showed up and most of their market prices were exactly $12,999.

Panic buyers were playing with the price of the few items.

‘Thank you, hoarders.’

Hyunwoo Jung was thankful.

‘Now, I’m going to post at $12,998……’

He logged in to G-bay to prepare for a trade.

‘I’ve got many messages.’

He saw messages that were sent from people.

‘They are definitely betting on the solo kill video.’

It wasn’t surprising since Hyunwoo posted the video of solo killing the slayer orc on G-bay before he logged in to God Wars.

The messages were from people who wanted to buy broadcasting rights for the video as he expected.


Their offering price wasn’t bad.

From 300,000 won to 2,000,000 won.

As the price was high, the conditions were different.

The profit sharing rate for the low price was good with a down payment and for the higher price was worse.

‘As I expected.’

Hyunwoo expected it.

He didn’t have to hurry to sell it now.

‘What the hell is he?’

Someone suggested a ridiculous price.

‘10,000? This guy is fucking around with me. Huh?’


He couldn’t help thinking it was a joke.

‘Wait, it’s not won…..’


The solo killing video was from the ridiculous player, BJ Archmage, who wasn’t famous at all.

Offering 10,000 dollars for the video wasn’t normal.

Hyunwoo checked the sender’s account information quickly.

‘It, it should be a joke.’

While checking, he kept his thoughts that someone could be playing around with him and the person’s account might be a suspended account.

However, he realized that his thoughts were wrong as soon as he checked the person’s account.

‘…….His account is verified.’

The person’s account was legally verified through several steps on G-bay.

Furthermore, the account belonged to a channel Hyunwoo knew.

‘Rising Star Channel.’

Rising Star Channel.

They declared ‘quality before quantity’ and recently increased their subscriber count through excellent visual beauty and advertisement.

The channel put forward videos of rookies, players who were under level 100, as their main content. They didn’t use videos of the highest rank players.

Their matchability was enough to bet on Hyunwoo’s video.

‘But still, isn’t $10,000 too much?’

However, the sum of money was out of common sense.

‘Well, I’ll be thankful if they give me that.’

Nevertheless, it wasn’t something Hyunwoo had to reject.

‘If I get this money, I don’t have to sell Ballista.’

Hyunwoo was going to write a message to accept it quickly.

At that moment.


He stopped his hands.

‘I’m going to look cheap if I sell it on my own.’

He deleted a sentence he wrote and put a new sentence.

‘This is BJ Archmage entertainment that manages videos of BJ Archmage……’

Hyunwoo Jung started to lie.


People couldn’t make proper money without God Wars in this era.

Yeongjoon Park was from Wharton school of business at the University of Pennsylvania. He adapted himself to this era easily.

He tried to make money in accordance with the era, so he created Rising Star Channel in WarsTube and took the first step in this world.

It worked out pretty well. His Rising Star Channel quickly raised its brand recognition in a saturated red ocean market.

That was why his employees didn’t doubt his decisions.

“Sir, isn’t this too high?”

“What is?”

But it was different this time.

“$10,000 is too much for a down payment for a video of solo killing the slayer orc. We aren’t even buying it entirely. The profit share rate is also half and half…… Don’t you think we are giving him special treatment?”

One of his employees countered Yeongjoon’s bet on the broadcasting rights for the video.

It was a reasonable counter.

“I know solo killing isn’t easy, but he didn’t hunt it with his own talent, instead he did it with his high-quality items.”

The public reaction is different between getting on a helicopter and climbing from the start when people climb the same mountain.

The video of solo killing the slayer orc was apparently the former.

Yeongjoon answered his employee’s question.

“Hey, where did I graduate from?”

“The Wharton school of business.”

“Yea, you’re right.”

Tap, Tap. He tapped his head with his finger and continued.

“I know the main character doesn’t have that much talent. I agree with your opinion that he hunted with his holy beast and items. He might’ve spent so much to have these, right?”


“Now, why did he do that?”


“If he was going to play comfortably, he didn’t have to spend a lot. He could’ve used the Explorer’s guild’s nurturing service. Then they could raise his level for him whenever he logged into the game. However, he didn’t use the Explorer’s guild’s service and risked his life to hunt outside of the Explorer’s guild’s line. Why?”


His employee couldn’t answer.

“It’s because he’s an attention seeker.”


“I guess his channel is private, but he’s not a normal attention seeker by the looks of him broadcasting live.”

“Indeed, he bragged about his new Mercedes while broadcasting.”

“Yea. Also, the Rising Star Channel that is quite popular offered a large sum of money with special treatment. What is he going to do?”

“He’ll accept it.”

“That’s obvious. Think about what’s next. The video gets popular and we treat him well. What’s next?”


Yeongjoon smiled at his employee who couldn’t answer again.

“Of course, we meet him and drink together. We talk about business, money, and investment carefully. Then we talk about sharing. How about that?”


The employee finally understood Yeongjoon’s intention and made a surprised face and Yeongjoon nodded at him.

“Yea, business is always like this. By the looks of his spending, his or his dad’s asset size is at least 10 billion won. It could be more than that. It’s a chance to get close to that kind of person. Then $10,000 is cheap as an expense. Also, we aren’t just spending money. We are giving him the money in advance for the future.”

At that moment.

“Oh, we got a message from him.”

Yeongjoon answered with his certain voice.

“I’m sure the first sentence is going to be whatever management.’

“……….BJ Archmage entertainment. It’s real!”

“See? I’m from Wharton. So, what’s his answer?”

“He likes to sell it.”

“Ok, let’s start the business.”

Yeongjoon snapped his fingers.

“After I get close to him, I’m going to ride his coattail so well.”


‘Wow, they really sent the money.’

Hyunwoo checked $10,000 in his broker bank account that his brother made for him and stood absentmindedly.

“Hyunwoo, it’s ready.”

Hyunwoo pulled himself together when Hyukjoo talked to him.

Then only one thought filled Hyunwoo’s mind while he was approaching the gate capsule.

‘Ballista, I’m just going to use it!’

Translator: Amy Shin
Twitter: @AmyShin39

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