BJ Archmage – Episode 41: 1+1 (3)

1+1 (3)


Pro players required three things when participating in a raid.

Items, level, and skills.

Items were the highest priority.

The reason was simple.

A player could sell it for cash anytime when he doesn’t need it or when he needs money urgently.

The next was level.

It wasn’t about preparing. It was because a player’s value comes from his level.

Even though everyone knew skills were also important, they couldn’t help being pushed back due to those reasons.

Especially, high-rank skills that were over 10,000 gold which was equivalent to 10 million won were not easy to get.

If a player could spend money on skills, he wouldn’t work so hard for 3 days to earn 200 to 300 thousand won and wouldn’t waste his life on the game.

Midas was the same.

He had a family to feed, so it wasn’t easy for him to buy items while saving up.

[ Ballista ]
– Rank: F
– Effect: When attacking with magic in the same place, you can get the following additional effects. The effects disappear once the caster moves from the casting place and there is a cooldown period before the effects can be applied again.
– Magic attack power increases by 20%
– Speed of casting increases by 10%
– Cooling time of magic decreases by 10%
! When attacking monsters more than 333 times while Ballista’s effects are invoked, you can acquire the title ‘Bombardment’.
! When hunting a boss monster while Ballista’s effects are invoked, you can acquire the title ‘No Retreat At a Battlefield’.
! When hunting more than 50 monsters while Ballista’s effects are invoked, you can acquire the title ‘Unable to Move’.

Midas felt unusual while looking at the information about Ballista at that moment.

‘I’ve collected all 3 bombardment skills in the magician’s set!’

Ballista, Long Toss, and Bullseye. One of his skills was even the higher rank version, Dragon’s eye.

Of course, the world is wide and the sky is high.

There were even higher rank skills.

‘If I have Double Casting and a legendary skill, Revolver,…… I can collect Cannon Style.’

Cannon Style.

Gustav, the top bombardment magician, was second to none. Cannon Style was the reason for his nickname, cannon.

He was a distant star to Midas.

‘He gets paid more than 100 million won whenever he participates in a raid.’

Gustav worked as a freelancer and got paid an inconceivable amount.

Comparing Midas to him was the same as comparing an unknown extra and a famous Hollywood star.

‘With these three skills, I can’t be like him, but I can be like a supporting actor.’

That was why Ballista was a great skill since it reduced the distance to someone like Gustav.

‘Plus, Fire Elemental Mastery.’

Besides, there was one more skill he had acquired.

‘I can hunt zombies sufficiently with only these two skills, Fireball and Ice Arrow.’

His fighting power increased with the new skill and it changed his situation.

‘I can fight against three at once.’

He didn’t have to avoid a group of zombie orcs or goblins.


At that moment, Lucky barked to let Midas know his presence and Midas became confident when he saw Lucky.

“Yea, Lucky. I can hunt four or even more with you.”

Midas smiled.


It wasn’t easy to get a nickname in God Wars.

Players couldn’t get one just because they were talented. They could only get one after producing results.

Midas got his nickname that way as well.


It didn’t sound good, but he got it as a nickname because he survived well.

In reality, Midas’s survival rate was higher than anyone else’s when fighting.

He kept his survival rate while raising his level steadily.

It meant he didn’t survive by just running away.

At the same time, it also meant his calculations about a fight were accurate and fast.

When he couldn’t determine a fight, he gave up.

However, he hunted with certainty when he could.

His methods weren’t for fighting monsters stronger than him.

He just gave up when he wasn’t certain.

On the contrary, Midas showed his abilities over 120% against monsters that he could hunt.

Midas was weak against the strong, but he was a horrifying existence against the weak.


In the Cursed Forest, he didn’t hide his presence anymore.

Also, he kept his place in the area where everyone was busy running away.


He didn’t hesitate to use the magic towards zombies approaching while keeping his place.


He hit a target far away with a fireball.

“Ice Arrow!”

He hit a close target that approached within 20 meters with an ice arrow.


The closest targets were Lucky’s.

Of course, he didn’t forget to calculate the damage thoroughly while fighting.

‘Let’s let that one approach.’

Zombies came from everywhere repeatedly and Midas attacked following the monsters’ HP.

His calculation was perfect.

[ Ballista’s effects are being invoked. ]

Keeping the effects while repeating the fight was the evidence.

[ You have killed a zombie orc. ]

[ You have acquired the title ‘Unable to Move’ ]

Even while hunting as many as 50 monsters, Midas didn’t move at all.

“Yea, this is a game!”

The game was becoming enjoyable to him.


Lucky stood above a dead zombie and howled to agree with his owner.

Midas threw a fireball towards a zombie goblin that was approaching.


The fireball exploded and threw the zombie goblin’s body.

[ You have killed a zombie goblin. ]

[ Your level has risen. ]

It was a happy alert.

[ You have accomplished the condition for the quest. ]

And the next alert made Midas put his right hand high up above his head.


“So, what have you found out?”

What the NPC, Sahalin, said was not an answer but a question towards Midas who came to get a reward for the quest.

The situation was weird enough to wonder.

However, Midas wasn’t bewildered and just answered.

“The rotten orc in the Secret Altar was the main culprit of the smell in the Stinky Forest. I anticipate that there is a connection between the rotten orc and the zombies in the Cursed Forest.”

This scenario was the main scenario quest. There was a story just like its name.

“I expect that there is something that has the nameless god’s power in the Cursed Forest and we need to find it.”

Sahalin stared at him without any words and soon nodded.

“Right, there is something that the nameless god left.”

Midas smiled inside.

‘A game is just a game. Yea, let’s move on quickly.’

At that moment.

“What you have to do is to find and bring it.”

Midas’s face got stiff a little bit.

‘Wait, isn’t it too fast?’

According to the conversation, a new quest would appear before he got a reward.

As far as Midas knew, getting a reward for a quest hadn’t been a problem.

The AI never had a bug.

However, this was the main scenario quest that no one had done before.

Something might happen.

“Wait a moment.”

“What is it?”

Midas stopped Sahalin from talking and made a polite posture.

“I guess Ms. Sahalin already knows about it, but I’ve hunted zombies in the Cursed Forest.”

Midas stopped the quest from progressing for the moment and rubbed his hands against each other.

“I’ve fucking suffered to hunt 1,000 of them……”


“No, I mean I’ve suffered…..”

“What do you want?”

Sahalin’s next words made Midas frown.

“Anyways, what you need to do is only one thing. Find the reason why the Cursed Forest became like that.”

The conversation continued again.

‘This can’t be. Was I being too much?’

While Midas was surprised, Sahalin snapped her fingers.

Then one of the books in the bookshelves flew in front of Midas like a butterfly.

“Well, it’s certain that you are going to run into trouble with the zombies at your level. So, I’ll give you some help.”

Only after Midas got the book, he finally smiled at her.

“Oh, thank you.”

He found his modesty again.

[ A new quest has been uploaded to a list of the main scenario quest. ]

Soon, a new quest appeared.

[ The Cursed Stone ]
– Rank: Main Scenario
– Level: Level 25 and above
– Content: Find a stone that seems to be left from the nameless god in the Cursed Forest. There must be a clue from a monster that was cursed the worst in the forest.
– Reward: Unknown
! Reward: Sahalin’s wand (unique)
! When finishing the quest, you can continue a quest, ‘The Cursed Necklace’.

Midas’s face was astounded after checking the quest.

‘It’s hunting a boss monster again.’

The ragged magician was the boss monster in the Cursed Forest.

‘It’s not easy to hunt.’

The difficulty level of hunting was very high.

‘Its Zombie Control skill that starts with the third phase is….. unspeakable.’

Especially when Zombie Control skill was invoked at the last phase, all the zombies around gathered in one place.

In other words, it means he’ll get into trouble if he doesn’t hunt the zombies in advance.

However, it wasn’t easy to hunt zombies while hunting the boss monster because it was highly competitive when hunting it.

Most of the players hit the boss monster as soon as they found it so that they could get priority.

‘The best way is pouring fire attacks and killing it in one minute.’

Players saved their firepower until the third phase started and then exploded all at once.

‘I have to have a party of five or more.’

To secure enough firepower, a basic party of five was needed to conquer the ragged magician.

Midas’s firepower was extraordinary, but he couldn’t avoid party playing this time.

‘If I need to, I should play with a party.’

Of course, it wasn’t difficult if he thought about party playing.

‘Oh, I could earn another 10 million won for a video of solo killing again.’

He only thought about solo killing because the previous money he tasted was too sweet.

“Got it. I will find it and come back.”

Midas slowly moved towards the door.

But he didn’t go through it.


Ah uh ah uh!

He stopped in front of the door and looked at Lucky.

“Can you howl once?”


Lucky started to howl long.

Midas looked at a skill card book in his hand.

‘Mr. Lucky. Please bring me a good one.’

He asked for a howl from Lucky because Lucky howled when a good skill came out.

‘Please a good one.’

In other words, Midas was desperate.

He couldn’t buy a unique rank skill without this kind of chance.

Skill cards appeared in front of Midas’s desperate eyes.

He looked into every single one of the 10 cards.

There was nothing bad.

‘Summon Salamander, Freezing Ball that slows a target, oh, Chain Lightning.’

Unique skills couldn’t be bad.

It was full of valuable skills.


However, they were meaningless in front of this skill.

[ Double Casting ]
– Rank: Unique
– Effect: You can cast two magic spells at the same time.

‘Holy shit, I can’t believe it came out!’

Double Casting.

It was every magician’s dream skill.

Translator: AmyShin
Twitter: @AmyShin39

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