BJ Archmage – Episode 42: Level Up (1)

Level Up (1)


When God Wars first started, no one knew about the value of things that existed in God Wars.

Especially, the value of skills was unknown.

For example, Long Toss.

The explanation and effect let people know that it was meant for the magician class, but it took a long time to figure out its true value.

In the past, some people bought up skill cards and waited until the market price went up.

Of course, there were exceptions.

Some skills immediately proved their value, so people posted them at a very high price or the skills never showed up on the market.

Double Casting was like that.

Everyone knew about the value of Double Casting even without enough knowledge of the RPG game.

Even if it came out on the market, it disappeared so fast like a crab going to hide. So, the market price couldn’t stabilize.

‘There is no current record of any trades with the Double Casting skill card.’

Five years have passed since then, and there are still no trade records on G-bay.

The price was all up to the seller.

Even if someone had enough money to buy it, the skill card was so rare to find.

[ Double Casting ]
– Rank: F
– Effect: You can cast two spells at the same time.
! When using Double Casting 1,111 times, you can acquire the title, ‘A Crime of Shooting Magic’.
! When using 10 kinds of magic in a row with Double Casting, you can acquire the title, ‘Chameleon’.

That skill was in Midas’s hand.

He couldn’t be happier than this.

‘Indeed, this skill is entirely different.’

Double Casting lets magicians fight differently.

It wasn’t just using two skills at the same time or reducing cooldown time.

The skill was used for defense and attack at the same time or to use a strong skill that has a long casting time while using another skill that has a short cooldown and casting time as support.

Also, players always stood by with skills like Teleport or Blink to maximize survival or they approached a target and gave a critical boost at the same time.

The skill was on a whole other level to Midas who played only with the idea ‘just hit well’.

He couldn’t dare to dream of having this skill.

However, it didn’t mean he didn’t dream about it.

‘I didn’t expect that my dream would come true.’

A person with 1 billion won doesn’t think deeply about how to use his money, but a person who dreams about winning the lottery imagines how to use every single won perfectly.

Midas was the same.

‘I thought about all the ridiculous things……’

He dreamed about his days with Double Casting and thought about his own ways how to use it.

Of course, what he thought was only a fantasy, but it wasn’t anymore.

‘Yea, let’s buy some skills from now on!’

His fantasies became reachable.


“Hyunwoo, did you have fun?”

Hyukjoo spoke the customary greetings when Hyunwoo came out of a capsule.

It was the same for Hyunwoo.

“Did something happen while I was gone?”

He didn’t expect an answer while greeting.

“Something is happening on G-bay right now.”

However, Hyukjoo brought up the subject as if he was waiting for it.

“G-bay? Why? Did a legendary show up?”

“No way. If it was legendary, it wouldn’t just be an issue. There is a unique on G-bay.”

“What is it?”

“A Double Casting skill card.”

Hyunwoo’s mouth wiggled a little bit.

‘I guess someone got a tradable Double Casting skill card.’

There was one more person who got lucky besides Hyunwoo.

“How much?”

“You know the price for Double Casting. It’s up to the seller. It’s up for auction and the price is crazy.”

“How much is it so far?”

“60,000 dollars.”


Hyunwoo clicked his tongue at the vast amount and Hyukjoo did the same.

“It’s still going up. It has been a while since a long time ago, so everyone is trying to get it. This is definitely a crazy game.”

Hyunwoo nodded in agreement with Hyukjoo.

‘Wow, this is insane.’

The situation made Hyunwoo feel renewed about the value of what he had gained.

‘That valuable thing came to me.’

Also, it made his heart palpitate.

Hyunwoo got his phone from Hyukjoo and connected to G-Bay right away with his agitated heart.

The first search word was obviously Double Casting.

‘The price is going to go up more.’

As Hyukjoo inferred, the price for the Double Casting skill card was increasing madly.

‘Well, the seller has already been offered a higher price from his messages for sure.’

There was more than meets the eye.

There had to be people who offered an enormous price instead of participating in the auction.

That was how valuable Double Casting was.

‘I don’t know who that person is, but it’s a jackpot.’

Hyunwoo envied the person because his Double Casting skill card was untradable.

‘If my skill card was also tradable, I could’ve posted on the market right away.’

Hyunwoo wouldn’t keep Double Casting unless it was untradable.

Therefore, he had to play the game desperately because it wasn’t going to be easy to exploit the value of Double Casting.

‘Yea, I should use it well since I’ve acquired it.’

Hyunwoo changed what he was looking at.

He searched skill cards only for magicians.

There were several skill cards and Hyunwoo’s face got wrinkled.

‘…..The market price is making me feel insulted.’

There was nothing under 1,000,000 won.

The card that was 1 million won was also not for sale but for auction.

‘Oh, it’s driving me crazy.’

The screen crushed his will to buy.

Hyunwoo eventually turned his face away.

‘Let’s just check the miscellaneous items that I sold.’

Instead, he logged in to check if the items that he had gathered were sold.

Then he found a message.


It was from the Rising Star Channel.

‘It can’t be they want a refund because they didn’t like it.’

The moment he saw the message, he became nervous at the thought that he might have to give the money back.

He agonized for a moment.

‘Should I ignore the message and delete my account? Anyway, it’s a temporary account. I think I heard somewhere that it’s legally ok if I say I didn’t know……….’

It was like ‘What about I hide for a while?’


But Hyunwoo checked the message.

‘Please, don’t talk about a refund. Please…..’

He sincerely hoped.


Soon, he could see an unspeakable offer from the Rising Star Channel.

‘Wh, what is it?’


“I’ve sent the message to BJ Archmage, sir.”

Yeongjoon Park’s employee continued.

“By the way, are you really sure it’s ok to send him this?”


“You know the message that you would like to make a contract for a video of solo killing the ragged magician at 12,950 dollars……”

Yeongjoon nodded at his employee’s question.

His employee shook his head.

“Why on earth are you giving him this offer?”

It was reasonable doubt.

What BJ Archmage had shown so far was only the video of solo killing the slayer orc. That was only possible thanks to his items, skills, and holy beast and not with his exceptional ability or control.

Offering 10,000 dollars as a downpayment was already an error.

Then he offered a much higher amount of money for the next solo kill.

It was obvious that his employee was doubtful.

Yeongjoon tapped his head and answered his employee’s question.

“First, what’s the next boss monster after the slayer orc?”

“The ragged magician.”

“Right. Then do you think BJ Archmage can solo kill the ragged magician?”

“The ragged magician’s type and level are different from the slayer orc, so….. I think it’s impossible.”

The employee thought about something for a minute and continued.

“Well, it’s going to be possible only if he spends as much as Azmo did to solo kill the ragged magician.”

“Then let’s move on to the second question. What do you think BJ Archmage is going to do after getting our offer? Do you think he’s going to be like ‘I’m so sorry, but I don’t think I can solo kill the ragged magician.’ or ‘Are you asking if I can do this? Of course, I can! Who do you think I am? I will hunt it right away!’? Huh? What do you think the attention seeker who loves to brag about his money will say?”

“He’ll accept it.”

“And next?”

“He’ll buy items.”

“Then, let’s put it together. We asked BJ Archmage for a video of him solo killing the ragged magician and he’ll accept it and invest in items to solo kill. I expect him to spend at least 50,000 dollars for skills and items.”


“In short, he’ll invest 50,000 dollars for the contract that we offered at 12,950 dollars.”

Only then did his employee look surprised and Yeongjoon tapped his employee’s shoulder.

“At the end, BJ Archmage and we will have a better relationship so that we can spend money on each other. It’s like people on a blind date talking about their next date.”

The employee exclaimed after understanding Yeongjoon’s plan and threw another question.

“Then why is it $12,950, not just $10,000? $15,000 sounds more simple.”

Yeongjoon tapped his head again and answered the question.

“Let’s say there is a pitcher who gets paid $10,000 yearly. If we give him $15,000, it just feels like we raised his annual income. What about we give him $12,950? It will feel like oh, they tried so hard to increase my annual income.”


The employee nodded at his plausible answer and Yeongjoon smiled.

“This is the kind of person that made it into the Wharton school.”

The employee threw out another question.

“By the way, what if BJ Archmage fails to solo raid the ragged magician?”

“Then we just get the downpayment back. It’s going to be better if we have a detailed conversation during the refund process. For example, investment.”

Yeongjoon answered and twisted his smile.

“At the moment, I will leech off him. A leech that graduated from the Wharton school.”


‘No way.’

Hyunwoo shortly took a deep breath and then looked at his phone screen.

There were neat sentences, but he saw only one.

‘12,950 dollars!’

He only thought one thing while looking at the number.

‘Why on earth?’

Why does the Rising Star Channel suggest this kind of condition with a large sum of money in advance?

He couldn’t understand with common sense.


At that moment, Hyunwoo came up with a memory of when he was a pro baseball player.

At one of the minor league matches, his team was winning 5 to 4 at the bottom of the ninth inning with the bases loaded and two outs.

A hit would reverse the situation at that moment, but his director ordered Hyunwoo to take the mound.

The director’s decision wasn’t understandable since Hyunwoo only threw well and nothing else.

He had only one reason.

‘He’s testing me.’

The director wanted to test if Hyunwoo Jung was worthy enough.

Hyunwoo considered the situation at that moment like that time in the past.

He thought that the Rising Star Channel was trying to test if BJ Archmage was worthy to be of concern and an investment.

In other words, it wasn’t a one-time event.

It was a chance to be a star.

What about the pros and cons?

Hyunwoo Jung was a very calculating person, but he wasn’t stupid and lacking in ambition.

‘I have to hunt it.’

It was the same in the past.

When his director told him to take the mound, he took the mound with his determination to show what he could do.

He ended up allowing a reverse hit since he lacked the ability, but it was only at the mound.

Instead of a mound, Hyunwoo Jung was now standing in God Wars.

Besides, Hyunwoo already had a power that was above himself.

‘I’m going to hunt it at all costs.’

Hyunwoo was full of fighting spirit.

He instantly changed his phone screen again.

Hyunwoo Jung. He started shopping.

Translator: AmyShin
Twitter: @AmyShin39

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