BJ Archmage – Episode 43: Level Up (2)

Level Up (2)


Hunt the ragged magician alone!

What Midas bought first was an item to perform the task with his limited budget.

[ The Slayer Orc’s Mask ]
– Grade: Unique
– Level to equip: Level 30 and above
– It has the slayer orc’s bloody stench.
– All stats +20
– Attack power +3
– Slayer orc set items unlock the additional options
! When equipping 2 items, all stats +12
! When equipping 3 items, all stats +25
! When equipping 4 items, attack power +7
! When equipping 5 items, all damage +10%

He started with the slayer orc’s mask and then he bought the top, bottom, gloves, and shoes.

They were the slayer orc’s set.

He had to spend more than half of his money on the items.

‘….I was going to get them anyway.’

The item set was what he had to buy even without the task.

The goblin champion’s set Midas was wearing at that moment was good for level 10.

He had to upgrade his items.

‘I can sell them later.’

Indeed, it was easy enough to get cash when he sells the items later.

He had to use a large sum of money, but he didn’t hesitate or agonize while buying them.

‘It’s better than skills. Of course.’

However, skills were different.

In fact, the best way for magicians, especially Archmages, to strengthen their fighting power was by gaining skills.

Azmo was a typical example.

If cooldown time is a problem, you can use another spell while waiting for the cooldown time. Everyone has 5 or 6 legendary attack spells. What? You don’t have money to buy them? Then you shouldn’t have played the game.

His logic applied for other magicians too.

Most of the famous magicians who reached the peak of magicians, for example, Merlin, Cannon Gustav, had so many strong spells that they couldn’t count them.

However, Midas didn’t have that much money.

After buying the slayer orc’s item set, he could only buy two skills.

He couldn’t choose which one to buy easily.

‘Unless I solo kill the boss monster, I don’t really need to buy them….’

He didn’t have to spend excessively if he wasn’t trying to solo kill the boss monster.

Also, the efficiency wasn’t that good.

When investing, the damage will go up for sure.

However, the damage is just too much for normal monsters.

Midas didn’t have any problem hunting zombies in the Cursed Forest.

It was the same against the boss monster.

If Midas asks to join a raid party for the ragged magician, who will reject him?

Players will beg him to join their parties.

He didn’t have to invest unless he planned on solo killing the boss monster.

[ Lightning Bolt ]
– Rank: F
– Effect: You can cast three arrows that are made of lightning bolts. The higher the skill’s rank is, the more arrows that you can cast.
! When hitting 10,000 times with Lightning Bolt, you can acquire the title ‘Tingle Tingle’.
! When hunting 555 monsters with Lightning Bolt, you can acquire the title ‘Death from Electric Shock’.

[ Fire Spear ]
– Rank: F
– Effect: You can cast a spear that is made of fire. The higher the skill’s rank is, the bigger the spear gets.
! When hitting an enemy 444 times, you can acquire the title ‘Javelin’.
! When hitting an enemy’s head 99 times, you can acquire the title ‘Master of Javelin’.

Midas bought two new skills after some thought.

“Lucky, I must solo kill no matter what happens. I’ve spent everything on this. If we fail, I am going to go bankrupt.”


He was determined to succeed in this task somehow.

Midas was going to do anything for that.

“No matter what..….”


Normal players had love and hatred for the Explorer’s guild.

No one denied that the game became convenient thanks to them.

It was a privilege for players that they could hunt without worrying about PK and also the Explorer’s guild didn’t request too much.

However, they also felt like they were watched by the Explorer’s guild at the same time.

They didn’t especially like to meet a member of the guild at a hunting field.

There were many players who avoided the members.

“They treat us like shit.”

“What can we do?”

It wasn’t pleasant for the members as well.

“We do our jobs since we’re paid.”

The members of the Explorer’s guild were basically players who liked to play God Wars.

It was drudgery for them to standby near hunting fields while not playing the game properly.

“I’m thankful that I can make money while not doing anything like this.”

They wouldn’t have gone through the drudgery without money.

“Oh, they are members of the Explorer’s guild.”

At that moment, somebody approached them first from the dark fog in the Cursed Forest.

Ah uh ah uh!

The next one that approached them was a fluffy dog.

It was enough to know who the player was.

‘He’s BJ Archmage or something.’

Some players knew Midas was active in the Cursed Forest.

The members of the Explorer’s guild had to know about that well.

As they expected, Midas showed up with the goblin champion’s mask.

The two members of the Explorer’s guild questioned why he appeared.

‘But why?’

‘What’s the reason?’

Midas had never bought the Explorer’s guild’s services since the Beginner’s village.

He also didn’t use their service at the Cursed Forest not even once.

It meant they didn’t have any interactions.

“You guys are from the Explorer’s guild, right?”

However, Midas familiarly asked them a question.

“That’s right.”

One of the members answered with a brusque tone.

“Do you have a problem?”

Midas shook his head at the businesslike tone.

“No, I don’t. Thanks to you guys trying so hard day and night.”

The members contorted their faces a little bit.

‘He doesn’t like us?’

‘Shit, he’s acting up with his money.’

What Midas said only sounded like sarcasm.

“Thank you so much.”

However, the atmosphere instantly changed when Midas handed over something to them.

“This is?”

“This is nothing, but just potions.”

What he handed over were potions.

“I would like to buy you guys some coffee, but there is no such a thing like that. I chose potions that taste close to coffee.”

They were not ordinary potions but rare potions that increase stats temporarily.

The price for it was 10 gold which was 10,000 won.

“Oh, isn’t it expensive?”

“Coffee costs almost the same these days.”

“This is….”

“Anyways, I play the game comfortably thanks to you.”

The gift was enough for the members to become friendly and their facial expressions changed.

“Not a problem.”

“That’s our job though.”

After that, Midas and the members of the Explorer’s guild had a conversation.

They talked about small things and the atmosphere was harmonious.

“What are they? Aren’t they the members of the Explorer’s guild? Who’s in front?”

“By the looks of the dog, isn’t he BJ Archmage?”

“They look so friendly to each other.”

Anyone could feel the friendly atmosphere.

The players who saw them thought that BJ Archmage and the Explorer’s guild were close.

“I guess the rumor about BJ Archmage buying the Explorer’s guild’s VVIP service is true.”

“Indeed, he spends so much on items. He would definitely buy their service.”

“If somebody does something to BJ Archmage, he’ll be in trouble.”

“They should expect to throw away their characters as soon as they hunt him and take his items.”

They also thought the Explorer’s guild would take revenge if someone attacked BJ Archmage.

That was what Midas aimed for.

‘I can use the Explorer’s guild’s halo effect for now.’

He had an important hunt ahead and had to reduce variables as much as possible.

The Explorer’s guild’s halo was the best way for Midas to reduce variables at the moment.

The rumor that Midas is a VVIP from the Explorer’s guild would spread and the players who were after Midas would hide their teeth for a while.

‘I must avoid being robbed while hunting the boss monster.’

Especially, the rumor would become a safe shield at the boss monster raid.

Disturbing a rich VVIP from the Explorer’s guild wasn’t something that people could easily do.

‘Well, it won’t last for more than a week.’

Of course, the shield wasn’t for a lifetime.

The rumor will spread around and reach the Explorer’s guild. Then the truth will come out.

As Midas said, it would last for a week.

‘So, let’s finish it in a week.’

Midas decided a week from then as d-day.

“See you around! Let’s go, Lucky.”


Midas finished working and started hunting.


Everything is expensive in God Wars.

None of the items or skills were cheap.

However, not many players could do anything about the high price.

Everyone knew that spending money wouldn’t betray them.

Midas thought the same.

“Fireball and Ice Arrow!”

Midas cast two skills at the same time with the Double Casting effect. Then he threw a fireball that was cast first toward a zombie orc that was 40 meters ahead.


The fireball made an explosion sound. As soon as the sound disappeared, Midas aimed at a zombie goblin that was 20 meters away with the ice bow in his left hand.

Midas pulled the bowstring and shouted.

“Lightning Bolt!”

Then he released the bowstring.


He hit the zombie goblin steadily with his ice arrows one by one.

At the moment he used all the ice arrows, the ice bow started to break in pieces.


And soon, it turned to an electric bow that sparked.

Lightning Bolt was invoked.

“Fire Spear!”

Midas cast the new skill and aimed at another zombie orc with an electric arrow.


The electric arrow made a rough spark sound after hitting the zombie orc.


The zombie orc stopped moving for a second.

It was paralysis from the effect of the electric spell.


When Midas hit the zombie orc with three arrows, the electric bow turned into the original wand.

Midas grabbed the wand and shouted.


Fireball finished its cooldown time and appeared on Midas’s right hand. Then Midas threw the fireball to a zombie orc 40 meters ahead.

The fireball flew fast and directly hit the golden target on the zombie orc’s head.

[ Fire Spear is ready to cast. ]

At the same time, the alert rang to notify Midas that Fire Spear finished casting. Midas opened his empty right hand.

Then a fire flame that looked similar to Fireball appeared.

Midas threw it towards the zombie orc.


The fire flame left Midas’s hand and instantly turned into a 1 meter length spear in the air.


The fire spear finished turning into a spear. It made a sharp sound that was totally different from Fireball and pierced the zombie orc’s head perfectly.

[ You have killed a zombie orc. ]

One kill.

Midas clenched his fist at the end of the cool result.

‘This is why I spend so much money.’

He could actually make the same result with the Ice Arrow and Fireball combo.

However, the excitement from using magic continuously was incomparable.

Of course, there was a disadvantage.

[ Your MP is under 10%. ]

It was obvious that the energy he spent increased as much as the output increased.

His mana was enough so far, but it started to run out.

‘Here we go.’

Magicians in God Wars experienced the same trouble.

The trouble wasn’t difficult to overcome.

The way to overcome it was very simple.


Midas started to glup a MP recovering potion from his waist.

‘I’m wasting 3,000 won like this…..’

Recovering MP with a potion.

There were other ways as well.

He could learn skills that rose the amount of MP or the speed of recovering MP. He could also equip an item that has an option related to MP.

Those cost more.

‘Still, it’s better than getting a set for recovering MPs.’


While Midas was recovering his MP, Lucky hunted zombies instead of his owner.

Midas was able to save the MP that he was going to use to finish hunting.

‘I’m thankful that I have Lucky.’

He felt more than just thankful.

At that moment.

[ Your level has risen. ]

[ You have reached level 30. ]

[ Wardragon is offering you a chance to grow. ]

The alerts rang in Midas’s ears.

Midas shouted as soon as he heard them.

“There was no point in drinking the potion.”

He complained because leveling up recovered all the HP and MP.

Midas wouldn’t normally complain since he could expect when he leveled up.

‘I didn’t know it was going to be this fast.’

It meant the speed of leveling up was much faster than he expected.


That was why he was admiring even though he complained.

[ Would you like to get a card reward? ]

The system notified Midas about a reward for level 30.


As soon as Midas answered, 100 cards appeared in front of Midas’s eyes.

‘It’s going to give me some trash for sure.’

He didn’t expect that much.

Properly speaking, he was already finished getting ready to hunt the ragged magician even if a strong skill didn’t come out here.

Midas intended to lower his expectation.

‘This game is trash. It’s obvious.’

He had ridicule in front of the cards.


There was something with a red light.

Midas saw the light and talked alone.

“Oh, I have no problem hunting the ragged magician without it…..”

While saying that, his ridicule became a big smile.

“……Well, it won’t be bad to have it. Right, Lucky?”


“I hope some attack magic comes out. I don’t really need it though.”

Midas wouldn’t deny the gift obviously and he checked the unique skill card soon.

“I don’t need it but……”

At that moment, Midas’s face got stiff.

“What? Strength?”

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Twitter: @AmyShin39

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