BJ Archmage – Episode 45: Level Up (4)

Level up (4)


“I’m giving away a free Mercedes!”, he pompously shouted.

However, the face behind the slayer orc’s iron mask had no confidence at all.

‘Shit, was it too much?’

It wasn’t easy for him to say that when he couldn’t even buy a used Mercedes even if he sold everything he had.

He would be living in debt again as soon as he fails to solo kill the ragged magician.

It was a moment where he put everything on the line.

‘I’m glad I took a Cheongsimhwan.’

He had already taken a Chungsimhwan.

In other words, he was ready to go.

He ran through countless simulations and found the perfect route to success.

His plan was flawless.

‘If I do it well, I can hunt it.’

If there was a problem, it would be Midas himself.

“Fireball and Fire Spear!”

Midas steeled his resolve and started the war.


90 meters.

A fireball flew through the far distance between Midas and the ragged magician.


The fireball flew through the black fog that looked like the night sky and finally hit the ragged magician orc’s head.


The explosion didn’t match with the beautiful arc of the fire.



After that, two short screams came out of both heads of the ragged magician.



At the same time, 10 zombies around the ragged magician began moving towards the source of the attack.


At that moment, a fire spear hit a zombie orc’s head directly.

The zombie orc collapsed right away.

The remaining 9 zombies didn’t get scared and moved to the person who attacked their boss.



The ragged magician also prepared for its counterattack on the attacker while making grotesque sounds.

Black clouds started to form around the wand held in one of the four hands.

It was a sign the ragged magician was casting the spell, Blind Curse.

The curse was troublesome.

Sight was already limited in the Cursed Forest due to the black fog, but the curse completely blocked a player’s sight.

Someone had to stop it.


Lucky showed up.

He instantly threw himself towards the goblin head’s neck of the ragged magician.


Then he bit it off and went over the ragged magician.

As soon as he landed, he bit its left arm and Achilles tendon.


It eventually stopped casting and its four arms bustled to catch Lucky.


In the meanwhile, Midas hunted the zombies approaching him one by one.

There was obviously a limit.

The distance between Midas and the group of the zombies became 60 meters when he used the second fireball.


He waited for the right distance.

“Ice Arrow and Lightning Bolt!”

Midas was able to hit with the arrow type skills within the distance.

He finished casting the spells and threw the ice arrows at the zombies one by one.

He didn’t try to show off.

He didn’t hurry.

He knew the cooldown time didn’t decrease if he hurried.

He steadily hunted the zombies.


When he hunted them all, his eyesight followed the ragged magician that was fighting Lucky.

‘60 meters.’

The distance between the ragged magician and Midas was 60 meters.

Midas shouted in front of the distance.

“Now, I’m going to attack without moving! Focus, everyone! I’ll show you damage that you can never see at this level!”


“How’s he doing?”

“He passed the first phase easily.”

Players gathered one by one around Midas’s raid on the ragged magician.

Of course, there were some hyenas amongst them.

However, they didn’t look like they would attack Midas soon.

There was no reason to commit a difficult crime.

“Good. Hunting those 10 monsters is the most bothersome in the raid.”

Especially, players who were after the ragged magician knew conquering it wasn’t easy.

“Yet, the second phase is worse.”

The ragged magician’s first phase was called Summon Zombies.

It wasn’t a special skill. It appeared and summoned 10 subordinate zombies. The strategy of conquering the ragged magician was to hunt the zombies first.

The problem was the second phase.

“Indeed, it uses Double Casting as soon as the second phase started.”

“The two heads aren’t for nothing.”

The two heads cast at the same time when the second phase started.

It was literally Double Casting.

There was only one way to stop it.

“To stop it, he must attack its head. A normal attack won’t work.”

The only way was to damage its head hard.

It wasn’t an easy task.

“It’s never going to be easy to hit it correctly in the darkness.”

The unique environment in the Cursed Forest made the difficulty worse.

‘The second phase starts.’

That part was the biggest reason why Midas was confident.

‘This is a piece of a cake.’

At the moment the ragged magician’s second phase started and the two heads started casting, Midas steadily attacked only its heads.



A fireball and a fire spear hit its heads in that order.

His attack didn’t falter.

‘I had practiced throwing more than a thousand times.’

It was thanks to his long time practicing.

‘Also, throwing thousands of times doesn’t hurt my shoulders.’

Being able to practice was only possible since he was in God Wars.

If he practiced throwing in reality, his shoulders would have been injured.

His practice produced good results.

Midas consistently focused on attacking the ragged magician’s heads with 4 magic spells.

Nevertheless, the ragged magician didn’t express its hatred towards Midas.


Life and Death!

It was thanks to Lucky’s skill.

Besides, he didn’t stop at just holding down the ragged magician.


When Midas aimed at its upper body, Lucky conquered its lower body.

“Wow, the holy beast is on fire.”

“What kind of holy beast is he?”

“How much does he spend on the holy beast?”

Everyone was captured by Lucky’s brilliant performance.


At that moment, a bizarre sound came out of its mouth.

Its cries was a sign that the third phase had started.

“The third phase is starting! Zombie Control skill is invoked!”

“All of them are going to gather here.”

“Everyone, run away before you guys attract their aggro!”

Its cries summoned all the nearby zombies.


When the ragged magician’s HP drops to under 20%, the third phase starts. At the same time, Zombie Control skill is invoked.

Everyone knew that fact.

For this reason, parties cleared up the zombies around them before they hunted the ragged magician.

Midas did the same.

He already knew about when and where the ragged magician would appear. He didn’t only clear up around the area. It was more like cleaning up the entire forest.


However, Midas became nervous when the third phase started.

‘The zombies that have followed the crowds are coming now.’

He did clean up the forest.

However, zombies chased the crowds while Midas was waging the war.

Besides, all the zombies around forcibly targeted the player who attacked the ragged magician as soon as Zombie Control was invoked.

It meant they were going to fly only at Midas and Lucky.

It also meant at least 30 zombies would close in on all sides.

“Haa! I’m in the middle of the third phase now.”

Midas caught his breath.

He didn’t hurry since it was urgent.

“Oh, I did lots of damage so well. I didn’t expect the third phase would be invoked so soon. I’m going to stretch a little bit. Everyone, stretch with me now.”

Midas acted like he was so relaxed and took a good look at the situation around him.

Then, he saw a group of zombies rushing towards him and also some players hiding amongst the zombies.

‘I knew it. The hyena assholes are standing by.’

The thieves who were after the ragged magicians were one of the reasons why the Cursed Forest was troublesome.

Any crimes were caught easily in normal hunting fields.

However, it wasn’t easy to chase them in the black fog of the Cursed Forest.

What if some range fighters attack the ragged magician from far away now?

‘The Explorer’s guild isn’t a guaranteed solution.’

The insurance he made in advance was meaningless.

Insurance is sold since there are accidents. Even though the Explorer’s guild was outstanding, criminals who ignored them were everywhere.

Plus, Midas was conquering the ragged magician far away.

Midas was already expecting them.

He also prepared a solution for this.

‘I won’t let you steal what’s mine.’

Midas figured out the situation around him and shouted.

“Now, I’m going to cast the fifth spell I have.”


“Do you think it’s possible?”

“I understood enough about his damage and cooldown time. I think we can give it a try.”

50 meters from the ragged magician.

Two archers were having a conversation with shiny red lights in their eyes.

The red light was from Eagle Eye, the archer’s skill.

It was evident that they were not part of the audience but hunters.

“We’ve already come here. Of course, we should hunt the ragged magician.”

What they wanted was obviously the ragged magician.

Their goal wasn’t to steal kills or items.

That was difficult to achieve.

“Well, we’ll have no losses even if we fail.”

“We can just flee.”

What they would like to earn was mere personal satisfaction.

People might ask why they were doing that, but they only did it for fun.

It was commonly seen in God Wars.

“How could the Explorer’s guild find out?”

“I can’t leave the Cursed Forest because it’s fun.”

The Cursed Forest was the best place to play around.

“Let’s fuck around with the rich asshole.”


They waited for the right time when Midas attacked the ragged magician several more times and its HP dropped under 10%.

The timing was when it would die by only a few of their arrows.


They heard an explosion sound towards the ragged magician.



The sound let them know it was almost the time for them to pull their bowstrings.


Soon, another explosion sounded and they pulled their bowstrings slowly.



At that moment, they couldn’t help being surprised.

“What is that?”

“Why is he running?”

Midas was moving towards the ragged magician.

“An axe?”

Also, he was holding an axe.


Pro baseball players mostly thought the same way.

“I should show everything I have when I get the chance.”

When they got the chance, they did it at all costs.

It’s easy to say.

However, most of them destroyed themselves when they got a chance.

Midas was the same.

He did everything at all costs and mostly destroyed himself.

Nevertheless, he prepared to do everything whenever he had a chance.

He was the same this time.

‘Remember me well deep in your memories this time.’

It was a chance to be a supporting actor, not an extra.

What if he did as usual on the stage where he can show himself?

He didn’t want to miss this opportunity like that.

So, he agonized.

How can I attract the audience’s attention, raise my recognition, and appeal to the Rising Star Channel?

‘Very deeply!’

That was why Midas was swinging the slayer orc’s axe that he hadn’t sold yet towards the ragged magician.


He displayed his experience of over five years in the game and wielded the axe.

Surprisingly, the power of the axe was pretty good.

Midas’s strength stat was basically high, but Strength skill made it even higher. So, Midas’s stats resulted in better damage than the damage from other normal melee fighters.

‘It’s working so well!’

That was why Midas was certain because it was better not to do that if he only thought about displaying his showmanship.

The hyenas showed their teeth but stopped due to Midas’s actions.

First, there were many who were surprised at his actions.

At the same time, aiming for the ragged magician became difficult.

What if they accidentally attacked Midas?

The gravity of the crime between stealing a monster and attacking a player was totally different.

That was what Midas was aiming for.

‘There are no real hyenas here.’

There were real hyenas who were ready to lose everything while stealing a monster and PK. Other than them, no one let go of their bowstrings or threw magic towards a player in this situation.

Finally, Midas finished the game with his axe.


The ragged magician made its last sounds, shook its body, and fell on the ground.

[ You have killed the ragged magician. ]

[ You have acquired the title, ‘The Ragged Magician Hunter’ ]

[ You have acquired the title, ‘Man who Killed The Ragged Magician Alone. ]

The alert ended.

Midas chopped the dead ragged magician’s head with his axe and showed his thumbs up.

“Close combat is definitely the best.”

Midas. He succeeded in solo killing the ragged magician.

Translator: AmyShin
Twitter: @AmyShin39

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