BJ Archmage – Episode 46: The Dorido Mine (1)

The Dorido mine (1)


There were many variables to consider when starting a war in God Wars.

A war was always tense.

Audiences who came to watch were the same.

It wasn’t easy to relax in a situation where you couldn’t expect when a monster would appear or when someone would try to PK you.

There was only one reaction when facing an unexpected situation while being nervous.

Staying still like a turtle hiding in its shell.

“He ran towards the ragged magician?”

“With an axe?”

“Is he trying to melee attack? He’s a magician, though.”

The audience was reacting at the unexpected action where Midas ran with an axe towards the ragged magician.

“He’s insane!”

The audience couldn’t contemplate the situation.

The hyenas weren’t any different.

They waited for an opportunity and their last chance to hunt finally came, but they also hesitated.

The silence wrapped around the audience.

“Oh, it’s dead!”

The hunt for the ragged magician was over.

That was also unexpected.

“What are you talking about? Already?”

“He was wielding the axe, you said!”

A magician couldn’t deal damage well when attacking with an axe.

Of course, everyone considered Midas’s actions as mere performance.

Nobody imagined that he would hunt the ragged magician with the axe.

Except for Midas.

‘No one’s making a move as expected.’

He also expected the situation.

‘This is my only chance.’

Midas started to finish up quickly while everyone was stiff.

[ Looting has started. ]

[ 5 items are added into the inventory. ]

Midas finished looting the items first.

[ You have satisfied the condition of the quest. ]

As soon as he heard the alert, he looked around.

Then, he saw zombies surrounding him.

‘This is the beginning.’

The only thing he had left to do was to run away from the group of zombies.

It wasn’t that difficult.

‘If I get attacked here…..’

The real problem was that some players might attack Midas when they got a chance.

If someone was really after Midas, this moment was the last chance for them.

Therefore, Midas shouted.

“Everyone, thank you for helping me.”

He shouted as loud as possible so that everyone around could hear him.

“You guys are good to go. Next time we gather again, everything will be on me! Thank you so much!”

He shouted repeatedly and clearly.

At that moment, players thought that Midas hired helpers just in case for his solo kill and they were standing by around him.

‘Oh, he made helpers standby here.’

‘Are they from the Explorer’s guild?’

Their thoughts were understandable enough.

‘Indeed, that’s why he was that confident.’

‘Money sure is the best. I’m trying my best to do it alone and he does it with insurance(the helpers).’

Who wouldn’t buy a safety net if they have enough money?

‘If I attack him, it’s over for me.’

‘Phew, thank god. I’m glad I didn’t attack him.’

Midas’s shout made players who were about to attack him let out a sigh of relief.

“Now, Lucky will say goodbye.”

Midas left with a final greeting.

“Lucky, say something.”


Lucky’s howl echoed in the Cursed Forest.

Midas. He perfectly succeeded in solo killing the ragged magician.


A storm, named Midas, passed through the Cursed Forest.

The storm appeared in Wiga city next.

He tried his best to hide his identity and came to the city.

“You are here.”

He wore a large robe and came quickly to Sahalin’s place. Sahalin greeted him.


However, Midas exhaled out roughly instead of answering at Sahalin.

“Ha, fuck!”

After that, he continued spitting out what he had in his mind, for example, anxiety, nervousness, and restlessness that were accumulated while hunting the ragged magician.

“Phew, for real. Wow.”

He was supposed to express those feelings after he finished hunting. However, Midas had to hold everything in until he got here. So he couldn’t help but let it out roughly.

After spitting out everything, elation at his achievements started to fill up his mind.

‘I did it.’

No one could say that he did it easily.

He felt an unspeakable shudder at the fact that he did something that was not easy.

Besides, the result wasn’t the only thing that was important.

‘I did it at an important moment.’

He achieved it at a very important stage in his life.

‘I did it for the first time!’

The chances came to Midas several times, but he never succeeded before. So, he felt extraordinary.

Of course, all the results hadn’t come out yet.

Since he succeeded in solo killing, he would get paid. However, if the Rising Star Channel would accept it or not was their decision.

‘I hope the result is good…..’

Anyway, it was better than failing.

A profit at least as much as his investment was guaranteed.

“Hey, you.”

Plus, there was an additional gain.

“Did you bring the thing I asked for?”

Midas picked up his head when Sahalin asked.

It was time for Midas to get the reward for the quest.


As soon as he answered, the quest was processed.

“Give it to me.”

[ You have given Sahalin the cursed stone. ]

Sahalin opened her hand with the alert and a stone appeared on it.

It was a very tiny stone.

It was as small as a pinky fingernail.

The size was so trivial.

However, Sahalin’s face started to distort when she held it.


Midas didn’t ask why because unusual black stems started to spread on her hand.

Soon, she clenched her fist.

“I guess this is the real piece.”

Her sweat started falling from her forehead to her chin.


Her sweat dripped and echoed in the quiet space.

Sahalin shook her right index finger in the air.


Then a dried-up wooden stick flew directly towards Midas’s face with the sound of the wind.


Midas unconsciously snatched the wand.

“What was that? Fu…….”

He looked at the wand he held and almost spoke out a swear word at her.

[ Sahalin’s Wand ]
– Grade: Unique
– Level to equip: Level 30 and above
– It’s one of the wands Sahalin has. It has strong magic inside.
– Attack power: 52
– Intelligence +25
– MP +25
– All magic power increases by 10%
– The speed of casting all the magic increases by 10%
– All magic cooldown time decreases by 10%
– Nontradable

“……ucking awesome.”

However, his swear words went down his throat as soon as Midas checked the options.

‘It’s nontradable again.’

He saw the non-tradable option, but he didn’t doubt this time because he had already experienced it before.

‘Well, I understand since it’s a reward from the quest.’

Above all things, he had another expectation.

What Sahalin showed him was a sign that the story’s scale from now on was going to be bigger.

The bigger its scale, the better rewards he’ll get.

‘Good, let’s get something strong.’

The question mark above Sahalin’s head started disappearing.


Then, a new question mark appeared.

“You got lucky.”


“You found the piece that I was desperately looking for so easily.”

Sahalin opened her hand at her words.

“I tried to put my mana into the piece just now and it showed a rejection. It didn’t become mine. Do you know what it means?”

“Does it mean there is a different owner?”


She showed the cursed stone to Midas.

The tiny black stone was now gentle.

“It means this stone is still connected to its owner.”

“Then……. if we try to find its tail, we can get to its body, right?”

When Sahalin heard his answer, she clenched her fist again.

“I gotta make a compass. The Dorido Mine. Find Juga there.”

[ A new quest has been created on the list of the main scenario quest. ]

A new quest appeared in front of Midas’s eyes with the alert.

[ The Cursed Necklace ]
– Rank: Main scenario
– Level: Level 30 and above
– Content: Go to the Dorido Mine and make a necklace that can contain the cursed stone with Juga.
– Reward: The Cursed Necklace
! When completing the quest, you can continue a quest, ‘The Swamp’.
! When completing the quest, you can acquire the title, ‘The Trace Discoverer’.

Midas held the wand tightly after checking the quest content.

‘The Dorido Mine, it’s not going to be easy.’

The Dorido Mine.

It was a hunting field for players in the level 40’s.

‘It’s the dividing line for people who play the game for fun and people who play the game for money.’

Midas realized that he was a nobody in the hunting field.

Of course, it was just the past.

“So, can you do it?”

Therefore, Midas didn’t hesitate to answer Sahalin’s question.

“Yes, leave it to me.”



After Hyunwoo Jung came out of a capsule, he celebrated his gains while drinking coke.

It was such a satisfying day.

It was a day he achieved many things.

However, he knew everything hadn’t been finished yet.

‘Now, I should download the video from the cloud and then send it to them.’

He wanted to send the video of solo killing the ragged magician to the Rising Star Channel as soon as possible.

‘I should send it quickly to make them feel good. Of course.’

As always, people who are waiting for something feel taken care of by the other person when they get it fast.

Hyunwoo downloaded the video on his phone and then started to prepare to send it to the Rising Star Channel.

The preparation wasn’t difficult.

Uploading a video didn’t take a while.

‘What should I say?’

He thought that only sending a video felt like lacking sincerity.

He should leave some words at least.

‘If I leave something cliche, it’s going to be a minus.’

He didn’t want to leave a cliche or an unmanly comment.

After thinking about it for a while, he typed some sentences. Then he used a translating machine to translate it to English and sent it to them.

‘Please be easy on me!’

He sincerely hoped that it would give him a good result.


Yeongjoon Park watched the video through a tablet and spoke to his subordinate.

“Did you see this?”

“I did.”

“How was it?”

“Well, it looked like he did ok? What he did was similar to what Azmo did last time. Oh, I recognized his accuracy because it’s never easy to hit from that far. If we edit it well, the video will come out nicely. You are definitely from the Wharton school. You have different eyes. You won’t lose much from the $13,000 you have invested.”

It was quite a good estimation.

However, Yeongjoon didn’t make a pleased expression.

Instead, he turned his head with a stiff face and checked the phrase from the email that was sent with the video.

[ I hope our relationship improves in the future. The video I sent with this email will hopefully make a good result. ]

The email didn’t look special.

“You’ve read the email, right?”

“There was nothing special.”

The subordinate also thought it wasn’t special.

However, Yeongjoon was different.

“This is a test.”


“He’s testing us.”

His subordinate made a confused look and checked Yeongjoon’s face to see if he was joking.

As soon as he saw Yeongjoon’s serious face, he realized that Yeongjoon wasn’t joking about what he said.

“Is there any problem?”

“What has changed since the slayer orc?”

“His item setting is all changed. I’ve confirmed the slayer orc full set. And his skills….. look like three new skills were added. Fire Spear, Lightning Bolt, and…..”

“Double Casting. Do you know how much the last bid was?”

The subordinate answered right away.

“It became $100,000 and then the article for sale at auction disappeared.”

“Why do you think it disappeared?”

“Someone offered a higher price by a message I think.”

“Then who do you think bought it?”


The subordinate slurred at the end of his sentence and looked through the tablet Yeongjoon was looking at.

Yeongjoon nodded and continued.

“Now, you don’t object that BJ Archamge didn’t hesitate to spend about $150,000 on strengthening his power and sent us the video of him solo killing a ragged magician as soon as we requested it, do you?”

The subordinate nodded.

“Moreover, he added those sentences while sending the video. He hopes our relationship will get better and the video comes out well. Right?”

“Yea, that’s right.”

“Then, do you think he’s just saying that? Huh? He spent $150,000 right away, sent the result to us without looking back, and said that. Do you think he really meant to be close to us?”

Only then his subordinate’s face became stiff as well.

“……There will be no relationship between him and us if he isn’t satisfied by the quality and advertisements of the video we make.”

The answer Yeongjoon waited for came out.

“Make the video of the slayer orc again.’


“Make the quality of the video higher and spend more money on the advertisements.”

Yeongjoon slightly smiled between his stiff face.

“If he’s a passionate person, of course, we should treat him that way. Only then will he passionately invest in us.”

Translator: AmyShin
Twitter: @AmyShin39

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