BJ Archmage – Episode 48: Debut (1)

Debut (1)


[ Hunting alone ]
! When hunting 99 higher leveled monsters alone, the holy beast evolves.
! When evolving, the holy beast stats improve and a new skill is acquired.

Hunting 99 monsters alone.

That was Lucky’s evolution quest.

From the looks of Lucky’s fighting power, it wasn’t a difficult task.

However, Midas considered Lucky’s life more precious than his own life. He had to reduce risks for Lucky.

That was why Midas supported him with everything he could.

[ You have invoked the Strength skill on Lucky. ]

He frequently invoked Strength on Lucky.

[ Lucky drinks a colorful mushroom potion. His HP increases by 15. ]

[ Lucky drinks a black herb potion. His strength increases by 20. ]

[ Lucky eats a wind berry. His movement speed increases by 10% ]

Midas fed Lucky with the expendable items that he couldn’t use for himself due to the price.

“Lucky, run away when it’s dangerous. Don’t forget I’m right behind you!”

He stood by with a spell all the time just in case Lucky fell into danger and maintained his concentration.

Midas supported Lucky as much as possible.

Lucky answered his owner’s support.


He said he didn’t need it.

It was reasonable.

First, a kobold miner wasn’t hard to hunt.

It had a higher level than an orc, but players who leveled up while hunting orcs felt that a kobold miner was easier to hunt.

That was why players skipped the Cursed Forest.

However, Lucky’s god was a first-tier battle type, Fenrir, whom all the players in God Wars recognized.

[ A kobold miner was hunted. ]

Lucky instantly made a kobold miner lifeless on the ground.

Ah uh ah uh!

Then he walked towards Midas while straightening his tail up high and rubbed his head on Midas’s leg.

‘I might lose if I fight him sincerely……..’

Midas conceded that he would lose if he fought with Lucky.

‘Should I make a Lucky TV channel instead?’

He even thought, ‘If the situation came this far, isn’t it better to put Lucky forward and to stick myself in a corner?’

Many players thought that way in reality.

Some players made money with the content of their holy beasts since holy beasts were rare in God Wars.

Moreover, Lapo and Tori Tori had the most popular holy beasts content and their profit was above common sense.

Just because Lapo told Tori Tori to sit, he received a donation as big as someone’s part-time monthly income.

A few rich fans of Tori Tori sometimes donated more than 1,000,000 won at once.

Ah uh ah uh!

It was hard for Midas to ignore Lucky staring at him for a rub.

“Lucky, let’s do as much as we can.”

Of course, Midas resisted Lucky’s temptation.

“I will make money to feed you. Trust your owner!”

Woof! Woof!

Lucky answered his owner.

Midas smiled and continued.

“Now, only one more left. Let’s finish it up. The sacrifices are coming just in time.”

At that moment.




As soon as Midas mentioned the sacrifices, a rough barking sound came out from the darkness in the cave at the mine.

Three kobold miners appeared.

Midas threw a fireball he was holding in his hand towards one of them and aimed at another one with an ice arrow.

“Take care of the middle one!”

Midas trusted Lucky to make a clean stage since there was only one more left until Lucky hunted 99.


Lucky happily accepted.

After that, the battle was unilateral.

While two kobold miners fell by Midas’s strong attacks, Lucky rushed towards the other one.

“Lightning Bolt and Fire Spear!”

Midas cast the spells with Double Casting and waited.

As soon as Midas finished casting, he threw the fire spear he was holding towards a kobold miner.

The fire spear flew and hit right at the shiny golden target on the kobold miner’s chest.


[ You have hunted a kobold miner. ]

When the kobold miner was killed on the spot by the attack, Midas aimed at the other one with a lightning bolt arrow and started to shoot it.


The arrow hit the kobold miner’s body and shocked it.


Midas cast another spell.


When the third lightning bolt hit the kobold miner’s chest, a fireball appeared on Midas’s hand.

Midas threw it to the kobold miner with little HP.


[ You have hunted a kobold miner. ]

[ Your level has risen. ]

He heard the pleasant alerts.

However, he didn’t express joy at them.

[ A kobold miner has been hunted. ]

[ The god’s power is overflowing in Lucky’s body. ]

[ Lucky’s body is changing. ]

The real pleasant alert was this one.


The cave started shaking at his strong howl.

At the same time, Lucky’s body started to grow bigger.

His size grew from a Jindo dog to a real wolf.


His howl now sounded like a wolf’s.

While he was howling, Midas heard some alerts.

[ Your holy beast, Lucky, has received a new power from the god. ]

[ Choose Lucky’s new skill on your own. ]

Soon, 100 cards spread in front of Midas’s eyes.


Midas couldn’t help freaking out.

More than half of the cards shined with yellow and the others shined with red.

He could expect a rare grade skill even if he closed his eyes to choose.

It was full of legendary cards.

“Lucky is lucky.”

The result fit Lucky’s name.

“Oh, I can’t help agoniz…….”

It was time to agonize over what to choose.

“….Nope. I don’t need to.”

Of course, he didn’t have to worry too long.

[ Lightning Speed ]
– Grade: Legendary
– Effect: When using the skill, the holy beast’s body shines with a golden light. Attack power and moving speed increase rapidly.

A golden card was exuding its presence.


Midas saw the skill card and looked at Lucky slowly.


Lucky was still howling and Midas shook his head at him.

‘I’m going to end up filming Lucky TV later.’

Midas reached out his hand towards the golden card while shaking his head.

[ Lucky has acquired Lightning Speed. ]

Lucky who grew a lot bigger came to rub his body on Midas after the alert.

Ah uh ah uh!

Midas pet Lucky’s body.

“Good job, Lucky.”


Lucky’s voice was now much heavier. Midas repeatedly rubbed Lucky’s body and continued.

“What did you say?”


“You want to show me how strong the new skill is?”


Midas picked up his head after that.

Then he could see a group of kobolds approaching them from afar in the darkness.

“Yea, let’s see how strong it is.”


A special scene was unfolding at the Dorido Mine where instant dungeons were the main hunting field.

“Oh, it’s done!”

“I’m finally outside!”

Everyone released their feelings when they came out of the mine after conquering dungeons.


“Oh, we did it well.”

“Good job, guys!”

It wasn’t a normal hunting field since players couldn’t predict when new monsters appeared and attacked.

Of course, the atmosphere wasn’t always good.

Most of them shook their hands after hunting.

“Shit, you should’ve tanked well! Why did you avoid it?”

“Then should I have died there? Huh? I backed off because you weren’t damaging well. What do you want me to do?”

“Oh, both of you, stop!”

“You lied about your skill to us and joined our party. How dare you raise your voice that much?”

The team that ended up with bad results was about to fight while blaming each other.

“Move to the next one.”

There were also people who didn’t have any emotions and moved to the next dungeon like machines.

Most of the scenes were not that special in the mine.

However, one scene was definitely special.

“Who is he?”

“What is he doing? He held a dog right after coming out of a dungeon.”

“He said something.”

As soon as the player came outside, he kneeled and held his holy beast tight. The scene was a rare sight.

However, the scene’s main character, Midas, didn’t care about anything.


Ah uh ah uh!

“No, Mr. Lucky.”

Midas thought about Lucky invoking Lightning Speed in his mind.

‘He made a 9 second cut.’

Lucky finished a kobold miner within only 9 seconds.

Midas spoke sincerely to Lucky while remembering the scene.

“Mr. Lucky. I’ll pledge my allegiance.”

Woof Woof!

Lucky answered his owner.

< Owner, I smell something unique over there. >

Midas turned his head and scanned the area. Soon, he stared at a hole that appeared 5 meters from him.

[ Mine dungeon (Hidden) ]
– Grade: Unique
– Level to enter: Level 45 and under
– The maximum number of players: 10
– The bizarre energy flows out of the dungeon. It seems like a strong monster is hiding inside.
– Reward: Skill card book(unique)

It was a hidden dungeon that appeared rarely at the Dorido Mine.

It was literally a hidden dungeon that had a hidden treasure.

Midas checked it and pet Lucky.

“You are really the best.”

Midas moved quickly towards the dungeon.

He didn’t want anyone to go inside before him.

“Oh, I forgot!”

Midas realized something and instantly turned his body towards Lucky.

Then he held Lucky.

“Mr. Lucky. Let me escort you inside.”


A player was watching them and threw out words.

“This game is definitely only for lucky people. That kind of weirdo has a holy beast, but I don’t.”

Midas’s happy game play just began.

BJ Archmage’s debut also just started outside of the game at the same time.


“Sir, it’s been an hour since the video was uploaded.”

The subordinate reported and Yeongjoon touched a tablet screen he was holding.

Then he checked the new video that was uploaded on the Rising Star Channel on WarsTube.

From the beginning to the end.

Only after checking all the videos without skipping or stopping, Yeongjoon opened his mouth.

“The quality is good, but there is no impact.”

“That was our best. As you know….”

“No, I’m not scolding you guys. I’m saying that’s the reality. And we need to see our reality.”

Yeongjoon closed his eyes slightly.

“Our job is to show our future investor our capability anyway.”

He started to recount the scenes of the video he just saw in his mind.

A wolf springing out at the slayer orc and a magician throwing a magic spell towards it.

“BJ Archmage. Honestly, his naming sense is bad. It’s worse than the worst of the worst.”

Yeongjoon thought about the debut video of BJ Archmage and clicked his tongue.

“So, how’s the reaction?”

“The number of views is rising quite well. I think it can achieve 300,000 views within a week with this speed.”

Yeongjoon made a surprised look and his subordinate continued like he was waiting for that face.

“I think the videos, related to solo killing the slayer orc on other channels, were efficient somehow.”

“The WarsTV or whatever?”

“Yea, that one won the jackpot so others uploaded it too. Plus, a rumor about solo killing the ragged magician is already spreading.”

Yeongjoon opened his eyes.

“Definitely clever.”


“It’s planned.”


“Before opening the video of solo killing the slayer orc to the public, he did that in advance. I’m sure. The person who reported to WarsTV or whatever must be related to BJ Archmage.”

His subordinate tilted his head.

“No way. He spends his own money and becomes the subject of gossip?”

“Did you see any famous people who printed their faces on Times when they appeared for the first time in the world?”

His subordinate shook his head.

“Yea, they can’t. However, they can be on Tabloids anytime. Also, Tabloids are more efficient to raise their recognition.”

Yeongjoon tapped his temples.

“It’s a basic common sense that the Wharton School doesn’t even teach.”

Only then did his subordinate understand and nodded.

Yeongjoon stood up.

“So, it’s not going to finish here. Probably, one more action will happen soon.”

“An action?”

“It’s his debut, right? He won’t directly advertise it because it can cause the opposite effect. However, he’ll definitely mobilize his people and toss lightly.”

At that moment.

“Mr. Park!”

An employee hurriedly ran to Yeongjoon in the planning office from a monitoring room.

Yeongjoon frowned at the employee.

“I feel something bad. Did you see a cockroach again? Shit, why the fuck do cockroaches show up? The rent here isn’t cheap!”

The employee handed over a tablet he was holding to Yeongjoon.

“Sir, did you request this?”


“The comment.”


Yeongjoon checked a new comment under a debut video of BJ Archmage.

– Azmo: It was true. I’ve never seen that wand design.

Yeongjoon shrunk his shoulders.

“What about it? This is just an ordinary comme……Oh, fuck!”

Yeongjoon freaked out and accidentally missed the tablet he was holding.

Then he hurriedly picked it up.

“A, Azmo?”

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