BJ Archmage – Episode 49: Debut (2)

Debut (2)


Azmo was the biggest spender in God Wars.

In other words, he had the most items and had used the most items.

Part of his content was showing unknown, unique, or high grade items and their options and powers.

“Oh, someone told me this item is good. I’ll try it.”

This was an unboxing video.

Therefore, he was always confident that there was no one who knew better than him about magician items.

“I’ve used all the weapons for magicians.”

Of course, items below rare grade were excluded by his standard.

“But only above unique grade items. Rares aren’t even items, are they? Normal? Is there an item like that?”

A producer could set the design for a rare item while producing it.

Anyway, Azmo was so certain that there was no item he didn’t know, but he had commented that he had never seen the item.

– Azmo: It was true. I’ve never seen that wand design.

It was an enormous event.

– Is he really Azmo? Isn’t it fake?

└ It’s really Azmo.

└ It’s real, dumb.

└ Mr. Azmo, give me 1 dollar, please!

It was enormous because Azmo reacted to this.

He didn’t hide and made an appearance on all the issues. He even argued with other players when he got mad. However, he was in third place in terms of popularity.

– By the way, Azmo doesn’t know about this item?

– Is there any item Azmo doesn’t know?

– It’s a magician item though.

Moreover, Azmo personally said he didn’t know the item.

– Isn’t it because it’s a rare item that’s produced?

└ You moron, do you think a rare item can make that much damage?

└ Do you fucking have eyes? It’s at least a unique item by the looks of the slayer orc’s phase changing so quickly!

└ It’s not unique. It’s at least legendary.

Also, they couldn’t know if it was a rare item. However, no one would think that it was a rare item if they saw the video of BJ Archmage hunting the slayer orc.

Anyways, it was an amusing situation for those who loved watching and playing.

“What happened?”, Yeongjoon’s subordinate asked.

Yeongjoon tapped his head several times and answered, “He might not know.”


“Don’t you think so? There might be an item Azmo doesn’t know about. Also, that’s not the important thing right now.”

“His expression, ‘It was true’, is important.”

“What about it?”

“Hey, think about it. Do you think Azmo spends his time watching WarsTube? Huh? Do you really think he’s going to subscribe to our channel and be like ‘Wow! A new video uploaded on the Rising Star Channel! I should watch it!’ when a video is uploaded?”

“No way.”

“That’s what I’m saying. Then the answer is obvious. He heard about BJ Archmage from someone. Properly speaking, he might’ve been questioned. He was interested in the question ‘There is a player who spends lots of money on the game and his items are unique. Do you know anything about him?’. Then he saw the video and commented.”

The subordinate nodded at Yeongjoon’s theory which was reasonable.

“The point is who was the one that threw the question to Azmo. He wouldn’t react like this if I asked him, right?”

“Who do you think it is?”

“I don’t know.”

Yeongjoon shook his head shortly.
“But one thing is certain. That person is not ordinary, and….”


“The extraordinary person is observing BJ Archmage closely.”

Then his subordinate closed his mouth.

“Or he might’ve used Azmo. He threw the question as bait and expected Azmo’s reaction like this.”

Yeongjoon continued his monologue and started to twitch his lips.

“I have to concede that I was wrong. I’m sure that he’s influential beyond what I thought.”

Soon, Yeongjoon started smiling.

“And that this influencer did this for us means he liked our quality.”, Yeongjoon said and ordered his subordinate.

“How long is the video of solo killing the ragged magician going to take?”

“Probably, we are going to work on it for 5 days.”

“Finish within 3 days.”

“Sorry? However, the cost is going to be…”

“Look, this is not a normal situation. If the fact that Azmo commented spreads, the number of views is going to go crazy. What do you think people are going to be curious about next?”

Yeongjoon checked the number of views that had risen in real-time.

“Also, offer BJ Archmage that we’ll contract the next video at $10,000.”

“$10,000? It’s lower than the last time.”

“Instead, tell him that the profit distribution of the video is going to be 6:4.”

“Isn’t our distribution 7 now? Then should I change it to 6?”

“No, we are 4.”

“Sir, there is nothing we have left then.”

Yeongjoon answered him with his confident face.

“I guarantee that BJ Archmage will prepare an item that’ll pour gas on fire as soon as we offer this condition.”



A capsule door opened in the capsule room and Hyunwoo came out while stretching.

Hyukjoo Lee wasn’t there somehow.

It was weird Hyukjoo didn’t know people were going to log out and came outside.

However, Hyunwoo was relaxed instead of doubting the situation.

It was obvious since he calculated the logout time.

‘I came out on time as I planned.’

That meant everything went perfectly.

‘It’s very good.’

Hyunwoo’s situation was very good for real.

‘I guess I can conquer the hidden dungeon today with this pace.’

First, he was conquering a hidden dungeon where he could get a unique skill card.

‘I won’t fail since I have Lucky.’

Also, he had a certain trump card that he was confident in conquering the dungeon.

Hyunwoo had never been so certain in God Wars.

“Oh, Hyunwoo! You came out on time.”

Hyukjoo appeared at that time.

“Hey, why are you so late?”

“Sorry. I was watching a video.”

“A video?”

“This one is so popular now.”


Hyunwoo tilted his head at Hyukjoo.

“Was there an important raid? There shouldn’t be at this time.”

There was no popular event that Hyunwoo knew about.

“There is one video uploaded on the Rising Star Channel.”

Hyukjoo explained and Hyunwoo’s eyes started to shine.

“Yea? What is it?”

“The same one. You know that, right? The player on WarsTube.”

At that moment, Hyunwoo’s heart began to beat fast.

“The player? Who?”

Hyunwoo already guessed who that was but pretended not to know.

“You saw the player who brags about his items that he bought. The rich asshole we should beat up and kill.”

Hyunwoo made a sour face and said, “Hey, speak nicely. What’s the point of talking bad about someone you don’t know?”

Hyukjoo was surprised and asked back.

“You are the one who always said we need to kill all the rich assholes and establish a beautiful society in God Wars, didn’t you?”

“Yea, that’s right.”

Hyunwoo answered and changed the topic soon.

“So, his video came up on the Rising Star Channel?”

“It’s official. This is why the rich are fucking assholes. If someone edits his video on his own and sends it to them, they don’t even look at it. But the rich asshole isn’t that talented and he debuted on the famous channel right away.”

Hyukjoo explained and Hyunwoo shook his hand.

“Give me my phone.”


Hyunwoo got his phone, turned it on, and then threw out words.

“So, what did you mean by the video is so popular? Is the number of views high?”

“Yea, it’s really high.”

Hyunwoo Jung held his smile at Hyukjoo’s expression.

‘Is it over 10,000 views?’

Hyunwoo expected his video to record about 100,000 views.

‘I’m glad I debuted on the channel that has name value.’

Hyunwoo’s standard was that much.

“Yea? How high?”

“I think it’s going to be 1,000,000 views soon.”

“Oh, 1,000,000! A million…..”

He couldn’t help stopping his rationality when he heard the number.

“What? 1,000,000?”


“The video of nothing except for a holy beast and items recorded 1,000,000?”

After his rationality started working again, Hyunwoo realized that something weird was going on.

“That is 1,000,000? It’s bullshit.”

‘It doesn’t make any sense. Did they manipulate the number of views?’

It was right that solo killing the slayer orc was tough.

However, there wasn’t anything special about the process that Hyunwoo showed.

‘Rising Star Channel isn’t on that kind of level though.’

Besides, Rising Star Channel awareness wasn’t as high as a major channel.

Nevertheless, the debut video recorded 1,000,000?


There had to be some other reason.

Hyunwoo’s hands started to maneuver with the phone.

“Well, Azmo commented.”

Hyukjoo explained the reason in advance.

“He said he hasn’t seen the item before.”

And Hyunwoo could also check with his eyes.

– Azmo: It was true. I’ve never seen that wand design.

Hyunwoo’s face got stiff as soon as he saw it.

‘I’m fucking doomed.’

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