BJ Archmage – Episode 49: Debut (2)


The goblin magician’s wand.

It was a reward Hyunwoo got from the hidden dungeon, the goblin magician’s hideout, that appeared in the Beginner’s village.

The item was so good that it came close to a legendary item.

‘Oh, the main scenario.’

Plus, it was a reward from the main scenario quest that only Hyunwoo was conquering in God Wars at that time.

In other words, only Hyunwoo had experienced the item.

That was why Azmo commented.

‘It’s my mistake.’

It was obviously Hyunwoo’s mistake.

‘I left a clue for the main scenario quest by accident.’

It was an unavoidable mistake.

It was understandable that he sent the video to them when they offered $10,000.

Also, the channel was quite famous.

‘But why did an influencer like Azmo comment?’

Who could imagine that a magnate like Azmo would be interested in a hunting video of an unknown player at level 20?

The famous Azmo, opened WarsTube since he had enough time and there was Hyunwoo’s video. He clicked it and the item caught his eyes, so he commented. What is the probability of that happening?

‘Azmo didn’t find it himself.’

Hyunwoo was certain after thinking about it.

‘Someone asked Azmo if he knew about the item.’

Azmo didn’t doubt the existence of the main scenario.

Powerful players in God Wars maintained a friendship with Azmo and asked the question. They had sensed something weird.

‘There is a group that is looking for the main scenario.’


Hyunwoo grabbed his hair when he reached the answer.

At that moment, he only had one worry.

‘Should I sell it? Should I break the contract before it’s too late?’

It was either sell the information about the main scenario quest or hide it and bear with it.


Hyukjoo called Hyunwoo.




“The video hit the jackpot.”

“What are you talking about?”

“The rich asshole’s video’s number of views has risen by a lot.”

“It was already a lot.”

“I mean a lot more! Everyone is going crazy to find the identity of the item here!”

Hyunwoo turned on his phone and checked the number of views again.

‘What? Already 1,200,000?

The number of views consistently rose.

– Is this video the one that Azmo said there was a new item?

– He has an item Azmo doesn’t have, doesn’t he?

– Wow, is he more affluent than Azmo?

Hyunwoo was checking the comments that were constantly written under the number of views and Hyukjoo said, “By the looks of it, it’s marketing.”

Hyunwoo stared at Hyukjoo instead of saying ‘What the hell are you talking about?’.

Hyukjoo read Hyunwoo’s facial expression and continued, “Isn’t it? It doesn’t matter what the item is. It looks like Azmo is trying to support another rich asshole he knows and tricking everyone. This is why I hate those old players. They were too old and became rotten. Right, Hyunwoo?”

Hyunwoo didn’t answer Hyukjoo.


“Wait a second.”

Instead, he started to calculate.

‘The Rising Star Channel will (hire) me for sure.’

There was no reason for the Rising Star Channel to not treat BJ Archmage favorably in this situation.

‘The quality is also good.’

Even if he didn’t think about this incident, he could see that the Rising Star Channel expected a lot from BJ Archmage just through the quality of the video.

It meant they could announce their product, BJ Archmage, through their channel.

‘Also, nobody knows yet.’

There was a high probability that people didn’t know about the existence of the main scenario quest.

If they knew, they wouldn’t ask a question like this.

‘If I open Sahalin’s wand to the public……’

What if Hyunwoo Jung opens Sahalin’s wand in this situation?

Also, what if Azmo comments on that again?

Hyunwoo’s only had one worry.

‘If the number of views is a million, how much do I get paid a year?’

How much would the money be?

One thing was clear.

If he sold the information about the main scenario quest now, he would never be famous like this again.

At that moment.

‘I’m sure the Rising Star Channel has emailed me.’

Hyunwoo thought the Rising Star Channel wouldn’t just stay and watch this situation so he checked his email.

‘I knew it.’

There was an email from the Rising Star Channel as he expected.

He checked the email right away.

‘What? $10,000 is the down payment and I get 6? Wait, then if the number of views for the next video is about 3,000,000….. Wait, it also includes the advertisement and a sponsor fee if I get a profit from the video…..’

The condition was outstanding.

Hyunwoo didn’t think about it anymore after seeing it.



“I’m logging in.”

“Right now? You should get some rest.”

“I don’t need to.”

“Indeed, it only makes us sick when we watch the rich assholes doing great. They are no match for me if we meet in real life. Ha, my fist is crying. I’m pretty sure the punk, BJ Archmage, doesn’t have a girlfriend. He’s a eunuch for sure. That’s why he’s releasing his desires in the game.”

“Hey, just set it now.”

“Ok, I’ll do it now.”

Hyukjoo set a capsule again and Hyunwoo got ready to log in and answered inside his mind.

‘Yea, they stacked the deck for me. Then I should dance for them.’

He decided to throw away a break.



Lucky happily welcomed Midas who appeared at a mine where jewels dimly shined instead of a lamp.

“Hey, Lucky. Wait a second.”

Midas answered Lucky and soon checked a window of his stats.

[ Midas ]
– Level: 33
– God: WarDragon
– Job: Archmage
– Stat: Strength (5+215) / HP (5+210) / Intelligence (175+305) / MP (38+242)
– The remaining stats: 0

Midas’s eyes became sharp after checking the stats.

‘I don’t know about the intelligence or MP, but the total stats are higher than when Azmo was level 33.’

Midas’s stats at that moment were beyond common sense.

‘If I try my best, I can make it even higher.’

The surprising thing was that he could even make it better.

When he acquired a skill, he could know how to acquire titles from the skill.

He could always strengthen his stats with runes he got as a reward from acquiring the titles.

The reason why he didn’t invest in strengthening his fighting power until now was simple.

‘If I spend money…’

It cost too much.

Buying one skill cost over 1,000,000 won and acquiring a title needed an extra investment.

Midas couldn’t do that while worrying about living expenses.

Above all, Midas avoided a challenge.

Even if he risked, there was no merit that was guaranteed. Therefore, he always tried to be safe instead of making a new record.

However, his situation had changed.

If he risked, he would get more in this situation.

Moreover, it was a chance for him to be a star player that he had dreamed about.

“Lucky, let me become a star too.”


‘I’m going to conquer the dungeon and get a skill card. As soon as I log out, I’ll buy a skill card.’

Midas was clearly determined in front of the chance to invest in himself.

‘I’m going to buy a lot whenever I get money.’

Translator: AmyShin
Twitter: @AmyShin39

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