BJ Archmage – Episode 5: Chapter 1 – This Can Be Seen Too? (1)


Ranked 98th in the Draft, his coach had told him that he was ranked 98th in the Draft, barely within the professional world.

“It was probably okay to do it laxly in high school since it’s against high schoolers but pros are different. You are the weakest entity here. Most players in the professional world, even pitchers can hit home runs against you balls.”

That you were the professional world’s weakest.

“There’s no answer for you even if you do your best with that power. That’s why, use your head if you want to survive. Research more than others, analyze and contemplate. Find out the best pitch you can throw against the batter.”

That, the only way you can survive is by using your head.

“Especially if you think that there’s something fishy, dig into it. That’s the only crack you can crawl through.”

That I should react strongly to any change or sensation.

Of course, Jung Hyun-woo had ignored that advice at first.

I am different!

I will show a different figure in the professional world!

I will break everyone’s expectations and enter the Major League!

I had thrown the balls with my all while having such determination.

The conclusion was what everyone had expected.

“See, what did I tell you? Didn’t I tell you, you were the weakest here?”

Jung Hyun-woo only realized how trivial of an existence he was after getting beaten harshly by  not the main team, but their opponent’s reserve team and was thus removed from even the reserve team, only then taking the coach’s words to heart.

If there was something off, he would not let it pass but research, analyze, and contemplate.

It was the same now.

‘It’s not my imagination. I can really see the information on the cards.’

At the situation that Jung Hyun-woo didn’t even imagine in his dreams, he strived to understand his situation rather than begin to panic.

He continuously went through the character selection process to see exactly what kind of situation he was in.

‘There’s no telling if what I’m seeing is real but,’

He would only be able to know once he selected a card and confirmed it.

‘If it indeed is real…….’

If it were to be real then what should he do?

Jung Hyun-woo meticulously pondered what would come after.

‘Since a problem with my body has occurred, should I consult a doctor?’

Either way, a problem with his body had definitely occurred and Jung Hyun-woo didn’t have the slightest bit of clue as to what it was nor knew what to do with it.

The natural consultant would be a doctor.

‘If I were to consult, it would be one of two.’

‘The one in charge of me would either become a neurology department or psychiatry department.’

One would be where they treated Jung Hyun-woo as a mental person.

‘Or, they would acknowledge my ability and go into “treatment”.’

The other one was where they would understand the situation that happened to Jung Hyun-woo and try to find a cure to it.

‘There’s nothing good.’

If he was treated as mentally unstable then he wouldn’t be able to get a proper job and in the latter case, he would end up as an experiment subject.

‘What’s certain is that I won’t be able to play God Wars again once this ability is known. Most of the players would try to prevent me from playing it by using the law.’

God Wars was that kind of game.

‘There’s no way the original players would allow a guy with such abilities to play the same game together.’

It was like a masterpiece that couldn’t be left out of human civilization.

A place where a large number of men and women of power and wealth, and fame built strongholds befitting the current era.

They couldn’t allow a mutant to descend on that stage.

There were many instances.

‘Some were even PKed just because it was a legendary job one couldn’t get even after trying thousands of times’

The chance of winning a lottery was miniscule but there would always be one.

The random job selection that is one of God Wars systems is nonsensical to most but some end up becoming the lucky ones.

Also, a part of them show off their good luck.

However, the result of their showing off is usually miserable.

There were many cases where they were PKed just because they had a job that was difficult to get and there were quite a few that had to delete their characters because progress became impossible.

‘They would have fun looking at it too.’

Some were using this absurd, depraving method as an opportunity to eat popcorn.

‘Whether I die this way or that way, only I need to know about it if I want to play.’

In such a world, there was nothing good about letting the world know about oneself.

On top of that, this was basically a cheat.

Was it okay to see a profit with such a dishonest method?

Wouldn’t it pierce one’s conscience?

A cheat to the point that it would cause such questions to pop up.

‘Hye-rin, uncle will buy you pretty clothes.”

He had no such conscience within his mind.

‘Well then, should I go get that job?’

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