BJ Archmage – Episode 5: Chapter 1 – This Can Be Seen Too? (1)



[Select the God you will serve. Then that God will become your strength.]

The moment Jung Hyun-woo heard that message, he turned his head to look at the 1,000 cards in front of him.

The cards that all looked the same.

However, they were different in Jung Hyun-woo’s eyes.

‘They’re different from the color.’

For now, the color of each card was different in Jung Hyun-woo’s eyes.

There were cards that shone yellow among the cards without color and there were a few cards emitting red light.

‘The ones without color are of normal rarity, the yellow ones are rare, and the red ones are uniques.’

However, Jung Hyun-woo’s line of sight went to a single place.

‘The golden light is legendary.’

The legendary golden card.

Only one card among the 1,000 cards in front of him took Jung Hyun-woo’s attention.

Moreover, it wasn’t just one.

‘Ah, Archmage!’


It was a job that could utilize all magic in God Wars as the price of serving the War Dragon.

Currently, there were only 9 types of Legendary classes and it was the class among them that Jung Hyun-woo wanted.


It was the job that came out after attempting character creation for the 19th time.

At that fact, Jung Hyun-woo unconsciously made a slight smile.

‘To come out in 19 tries.’

It’s often said so, that mathematicians didn’t buy lottery tickets.

It’s because although normal people know that the chance of winning is low, they don’t know exactly how low it is but mathematicians know that it’s low to the point that it’s unproductive to even try and buy one.

Right now, Jung Hyun-woo’s case was like that.

He knew that it was difficult to obtain a Legendary class.

‘It really is a trash game.’

It was beyond anyone’s imagination that they could look at the rarity of the classes in this way.

‘Certainly, that’s why they receive such treatment.’

This was also why Jung Hyun-woo wanted the Archmage job.

‘Just by having the Archmage job, the treatment would be different.’

Damage dealing, excluding super star level melee attackers, were mostly done by ranged attackers such as magicians and archers in God Wars and the treatment for useful magicians was not bad because of this.

The problem was that most magicians could only learn magic of a single attribute.

Because of this, no matter how skilled, in a battle against a monster with high fire resistance, there would be no choice but for a fire magician to be left out.

However, there was no such restriction for Archmages.

‘Since all attributes could be learned.’

The characteristic of an Archmage was that one could learn all magic!

‘They can be make an appearance in all contents.’

That meant that it was possible to attend in Contents Business, that was the main business with battle at the core, at any time.

That was the main point.

An actor that could appear in any movie was much more valuable than an actor that couldn’t be used in an important film after investment.

It was easier to gain popularity.

‘There’s an overflowing value in investing.’

Even if it wasn’t so, it was enough of an issue as it was a legendary class.

‘Azumo said so as well.’

The one that made the Archmage popular was none other than the player to first get the Archmage job, Azumo. 

As a Prince of Arabia, he had over 10 trillion won of private assets and he who had been the group owner as a pro gamer immediately invested a massive amount of money to get the Archmage job the moment God Wars came out.

After splurging a total of 10 billion won, he was finally able to succeed in getting the Archmage job.

In the process, he said this despite the fact that he had gotten several other legendary class jobs.

‘This job is the one that makes me feel like I used the money well.’

That the Archmage class was the only class worth investing in.

Of course, if it was put differently, it meant that it was a job that needed investment on the level of even Azumo using some money.

‘That is the reason why the nickname attached to him is the money eating hippopotamus.’

When Jung Hyun-woo arrived at that fact, he momentarily pondered.

‘…… Should I pick something else?’

A serious contemplation, however, he didn’t ponder for that long.

‘Well, I can just make a new one if I don’t like it.’

After a bit of pondering, Jung Hyun-woo picked that card.

[War Dragon accepts you as the 82nd believer.]

[You have become an Archmage.]

He could hear the message and at the same time, the status window appeared once more.


– Level : 1

– Faith : War Dragon

– Job : Archmage

– Stats : Strength (5) / Endurance (5) / Intelligence (5) / Magic Power (5)

The changed status window entered his eye.

Also, a message could be heard.

[Now the first test will begin.]

‘It’s the tutorial I see.’

It was the moment the first phase of the game began.



[The test stage opens.]

The light that filled Jung Hyun-woo’s, now Midas’, eyes started disappearing together with the message.

After that light disappeared, a space of about 100 pyeong (330 ) surrounded by brick walls could be seen.

“Cool, the thirtieth person is here.”

29 players could be seen who filled the interior of the room.

Just that, the people there didn’t place much interest in Midas’ appearance.

“Everyone came right?”

“Now the tutorial starts!”

What they were interested in was the tutorial that would start with Midas’ appearance.

It wasn’t that difficult.

Like every other game, God Wars had a tutorial stage for those that first start.

If 30 people gather, they would be presented to a stage full of monsters where they would be able to experience monsters without death penalties.

“Damn, for the game to start after dying once mandatorily.”

“This game is a trash game I tell you.”

The experience they spoke of here was usually death.

God Wars was an RPG game where level rose through hunting monsters.

The experience they get flustered by the most when first playing the game is the experience of getting killed by monsters after all.

“Now then, let’s quickly die.”

“We have to start the game quickly after dying.”

Of course, a part of the ones here were those that had already experienced dying numerous times and those people had no thoughts on surviving for long.

Midas was the same.

He was also planning on giving himself to the monsters the moment the tutorial started.

[The tutorial quest begins.]

[A new quest has been added to the Quest window.]

‘There’s no need to waste time in the tutorial.’

He was planning on starting the real game after dying quickly.


He was definitely planning on doing so.

[Tutorial Quest]

– Quest Rank : None

– Quest Information : Survive against the orcs that appear on the field.

! Quest Reward : Tutorial Master title will be given if you survive for over 71 minutes

! Tutorial Master Title Reward : Rune (All Stats +10)

‘I can see the quest’s hidden rewards as well?’

He had been planning on doing the same as the others before seeing the black words on the Quest window in front of his eyes.


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