BJ Archmage – Episode 50: Debut (3)

Debut (3)


Midas’s conquest of the hidden dungeon came like a lightning bolt in a clear blue sky.

“Lucky, back off!”


Midas steadily hunted kobold miners one by one with Lucky and moved towards the end of the mine dungeon.

“Whoa whoa, stop right there.”


“We don’t need to hunt in a rush.”


His pace didn’t get faster during the process.

He didn’t push himself to hunt more monsters quickly either.

His pace was even a little slower than when he came into the dungeon for the first time.

He wasn’t ignoring the reality.

‘This is a critical moment.’

Midas understood enough that he was at a critical moment and it wasn’t going to be easy to break through this situation.

‘So, I can never hurry.’

That was why he slowed down his pace a little bit.

‘If I rush and screw up everything, that’s going to be painful.’

It was the same when he was a pro baseball player.

When a runner was out, the most important thing wasn’t outing the next batter quickly in that critical moment.

It was outing the batter perfectly.

It wasn’t different in this moment.

Even if he rushed, he could barely reduce the time by 10 minutes.


Besides, he was hunting a kobold miner.

He didn’t have to spend much to hunt a monster that was easy to hunt.

He didn’t have to forcibly spend his energy, mental strength, or stamina.

‘Trump cards should only be used  at an important moment.’

If he had things to expend, it was better to do it properly at a crucial moment.

Midas and Lucky maintained the pace and slowly conquered the dungeon like driving in fuel economy mode.


Finally, Midas caught sight of something.

[ Dog Mole (Lv.42) ]
! It uses Rabbit Hole skill.
! When its HP drops below 60%, it increases the number of Rabbit Holes.
! When its HP drops below 20%, it invokes Calling Comrades.

There was a monster far from Midas.

“Lucky, I finally see the end.”


The boss monster of the hidden dungeon finally appeared.


At a dead-end in the mine, there was a 5,300ft sized dome that had bizarre holes everywhere along the walls.

If someone with trypophobia saw this, they would freak out at the scene.

‘The dog mole.’

The dead-end was the stage of the rare monster, the dog mole at the Dorido Mine.

It was famous since it always gave expensive rewards that were as rare as itself.

‘The treasure mole.’

Consequently, its nickname was the treasure mole.

Of course, it didn’t mean that the monster was easy to hunt.

The difficulty level of the dog mole was quite high.

‘It’s a troublemaker because it runs away to the holes when it’s in danger.’

First, the holes were the problem.

The dog mole used the numerous holes as a refuge.

It was the effect of Rabbit Hole.

The reason why it was such a headache was that Rabbit Hole’s condition to invoke was random.

It suddenly ran away into the hole even though it wasn’t attacked or it hid inside the hole again without attacking after it came out.

It was an exercise in futility.

The worst thing was what came next.

The hole it came out from after hiding inside was also random.

It was like a Whac-A-Mole.

No one can predict which hole it will come out of.

‘But his attack power is strong.’

The difference was that a mole from the Whac-A-Mole game didn’t attack but the dog mole in God Wars did attack and had a strong attack power.

It was so strong that it could take out a healer or a fighter from a party.


The dog mole showed its presence as soon as an uninvited guest came into its base.

Its shape was similar to a mole.

Its body length was about 1.5 meters and its legs had nails that looked like a sturdy rake.

However, its head looked the same as a dog’s.

Its mouth was sticking out like a hunting dog that could bite off anything and it had ruby-colored eyes, unlike other mole eyes that were degenerated.


Its eyes were emitting ominous and horrified energy.

At that time.

The dog mole suddenly threw itself towards a hole nearby without any reasons.

Rabbit Hole was invoked.


Lucky barked loudly and erected his tail up high at the dog mole.

He looked like a gun with its trigger was halfway pulled. It meant he was ready to shoot at any time.

Life And Death.

Lucky was confident that the dog mole couldn’t run away from him.





Lucky was surprised at the order, so he looked at his owner.

Then Midas repeatedly said, “It’s alright. Just rest.”

Midas could see clearly with his eyes.

< The Dog Mole >

Midas smiled while looking at the mark.

“It’s telling me the cooldown time. I shouldn’t reject it, right?”

Whac-A-Mole had started.

The only Whac-A-Mole where he could predict where it would show up.


Midas threw a fireball that he was holding towards a hole that was dark inside.

No one could understand the scene.


However, it made an explosion sound as soon as it reached the hole.


The dog mole suddenly appeared and was hit.

“Whoa! Lucky, did you see that? The timing was excellent, right?”


“Look at it.”

The dog mole hid into another hole again in front of Midas.

Midas looked at it and smiled.

“Oh, it’s giving me cooldown time again.”


“Yea, Lucky. There won’t be any monsters like this in the future.”


“What? We should give it a gift like Fire Spear since we’re so thankful?”

He relaxedly had a conversation with Lucky and turned his head slowly.

Then there was the dog mole getting ready to come out of another hole.

‘I’m almost done.’

Also, its HP had 21% left which meant that the hunt was almost over.

‘After one more attack, the third phase will start.’

The dog mole’s third phase invoked a special skill called Calling Comrades.

This was the hardest part of the hunt.

‘I can’t stop it when it invokes Rabbit Hole and Calling Comrades at the same time.’

He could try to stop other monsters with his attack before they invoked their skills, however, there was nothing he could do once the dog mole hid inside a hole.

Besides, the maximum number of kobold miners that came out was 10 when its skill was invoked.

For that reason, the standard method to conquer the third phase was to hunt the dog mole as fast as possible.

‘It’s time to accelerate the pace.’

In other words, it was now time to burst all the fuel he was saving so far while driving in fuel economy mode.

He could see the dog mole moving towards another hole again.

“Fire Spear and Lightning Bolt.”

Midas started Double Casting.

When he finished casting Fire Spear that took the longest, he didn’t hesitate to throw the fireball he was holding in his hand.

The fireball turned into a spear while flying towards the dog mole and hit a golden target on its head right away.


The dog mole made the roughest sound ever.

At that moment, Midas shouted the loudest ever as well.




Lucky shouted at his order.


The strong roar shook the dead-end in the mine.

[ Life And Death is invoked! ]

Life And Death was invoked and the dog mole didn’t have an option to run away.

There was only a fight to the death left between the dog mole and Lucky.


The dog mole reaction proved that Lucky’s skill was working.

It used to go in and out of the holes, but it started to show its hostility towards Lucky.


Lucky also made a similar sound and got ready to charge at any time.

‘He still has the Strength effect.’


Midas let go of the leash he was holding.

Lucky started speeding.

‘Let’s go for it.’

“Lightning Speed.”

And Lucky’s speed had a burst.

Lightning Speed!

As soon as it was invoked, Lucky’s body turned into a golden flash.

[ All of Lucky’s stats have risen. ]

And Lucky’s speed started getting faster like a car already going at 200km/h accelerating more.

He rushed towards the dog mole like a bullet.


Then he instantly bit off the dog mole’s right neck and moved behind it.


The dog mole tried to chase Lucky and turned its body.

However, Lucky was already in front of the dog mole.


Lucky bit off its left neck quickly.

Victory and defeat were already decided because the dog mole was too slow to even react to Lucky’s attack.

The dog mole was already bitten five times by Lucky after about 10 seconds.

‘This is amazing.’

Midas couldn’t be more touched than this when he saw Lucky’s Lightning Speed.

‘He’s capturing it perfectly.’

Moreover, Lucky’s attack also had an effect that captured a target completely.

It was like this.

The target reacted to attacks, but it could only move in a dazed state.

When the opponent subdued it, it came to a standstill.

The dog mole at that moment only took the attacks while not chasing Lucky.

There was no better tanker than Lucky to Midas.

And he didn’t think about wasting Lucky’s tanking.

Midas aimed at the dog mole with a lightning bolt that was already ready.

It wasn’t hard for him to aim at a target that was standing still.

Midas let go of the bowstring quickly.


The lightning bolt flew and hit exactly in the middle of the dog mole’s forehead.

And its body flinched whenever it was hit.

It was a stunning effect from the electric shock.

Of course, the effect was shorter than a second.

However, the chance was good enough for Lucky.


Lucky took the opportunity and threw his body strongly towards the dog mole.


Midas and Lucky tired out the dog mole so that it wouldn’t be able to have time to invoke Calling Comrades.

‘It’s perfect.’

It was as Midas expected.

[ You have hunted the dog mole. ]

[ You have conquered the hidden dungeon. ]

[ You have acquired the title, ‘The Dog Mole Hunter’. ]

[ You have acquired the title, ‘The Man Who Hunted The Dog Mole Alone’. ]

[ You have acquired the title, ‘The Man Who Knows About The Hidden Dungeon in the Dorido Mine. ]

And the hunting of the dog mole was over as he calculated.

[ You have received a reward for the conquest of the dungeon. ]

[ Choose one skill card. ]

And a sweet reward had started.


With the alert, 10 cards appeared.

They were all shining with a red light. It was a charming spectacle.

However, Midas only checked the skill cards quickly with his eyes.

‘Chain Lightning, Summon Golem, Frozen Ball…..’

They were all marvelous.

Their money value was over several million won each.

However, Midas didn’t care about the price of the skill cards.

He only estimated which skill would maximize his fighting power.

And his estimation was finished when he looked at the 10th card furthest right.

‘…….Lightning Shield.’

[ Lightning Shield ]
– Grade: Unique
– Effect: It creates an electrified shield. An object that touches the shield gets shocked.

Lightning Shield.

The skill was very popular.

Especially, tankers loved it so much because one or two seconds to shock their enemy was worth a thousand pieces of gold to them.

That was why it was very pricey.

The money value for the skill was the most expensive amongst the other cards.

However, Midas didn’t think about the price for the moment.

‘Lightning Shield’s electric shock effect is invoked when touching the object. Then it means the effect’s going to be invoked when Lucky touches an object with the skill….’

Instead, he drew an image in his head.

‘Lucky can attack with at least twice the effectiveness with Lightning Speed and Strength.’

He drew it in detail.

‘If I add Haste skill here…. Oh, wait.’

At that time, Midas stopped drawing it.

‘How many minutes will the conquest of the dungeon take with Haste?’

He asked the question and turned his head towards Lucky.

Lucky stood on top of the prey that he had hunted and answered at his owner’s attention.


When Midas saw him, he didn’t imagine anymore.

‘…….I think I can make a new record conquering the mine dungeon?’

He had already finished drawing a perfect picture.

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