BJ Archmage – Episode 53: Provocation (2)

Provocation (2)


That was sudden.

– Huh? A new video of BJ Archmage has been uploaded!

– What? Already?

– It’s about solo killing the ragged magician!

While everyone was having an argument about what item BJ Archmage had, the new video was uploaded a lot earlier than they expected.

As inferred, it was a sudden attack.

Of course, the public wasn’t interested in the video’s quality or the fact that he did a solo kill.

– Let’s check his weapon!

Everyone focused on the weapon that even Azmo didn’t know about.

It was like that first.

[ FYI, I’m going to hunt it without getting hit while solo killing. ]

[ Huh? What? What am I going to do if I get hit? ]

[ As soon as I get hit, I’ll hold a draw for a Mercedes. Of course, with full options. I don’t consider a car without options as a car. ]

Even though he bluffed continuously, viewers only cared about the weapon he equipped.

– Huh? Double Casting?

– It’s Double Casting!

However, they couldn’t help turning their eyes to something else when Double Casting showed up in the video.

Everyone was surprised at Double Casting’s appearance since it was an issue on G-bay.

– The rumor was real!

– Did he really buy it at $20,000?

– This rich bitch isn’t a joke!

– Definitely, this game is only for fucking rich people! Money is the best!

Of course, there was also sarcasm amongst the surprise.

However, it slowly waned as the video played more.

Everyone started feeling that BJ Archmage wasn’t a player who put his money before his ability.

– By the way, how did he hit so well? Is he really damage dealing?

└ Could he really see that? The distance looks to be at least over 50 meters, though. Also, he couldn’t secure a clear view due to the black fog.

└ Is he hitting only with his luck?

└ I think he guessed while his holy beast shouted and hit it…..

└ That wouldn’t be as easy as you said.

[ Now, I’m going to use my fifth spell. ]

As soon as BJ Archmage said the words, everyone paid attention.

– What? The fifth skill?

– I think it’s going to be something incredible.

– Isn’t it going to be something above Double Casting since he’s using it at the climax?

– Legendary! He’s going to use legendary magic!

BJ Archmage showed them what he was so confident in.

[ Physical magic is always the best. ]

It was a shocking ending.


‘How many views did I get?’

Midas thought about the video of his solo killing that was uploaded through the Rising Star Channel and stopped his movement.


He let out a sigh shortly because he had worries instead of expectations about the new video.

‘The slayer orc one was too good.’

It was because the video of his solo killing the slayer orc was too popular.

The number of views surpassed 4 million which was hard for even famous pro players.

Of course, it was an unusual circumstance that was only possible thanks to the big star, Azmo.

‘It’s going to be very low.’

In fact, the probability was extremely low for the video of solo killing the ragged magician to make as many views as the video of solo killing the slayer orc.

Unless Azmo came again and commented.

‘Whatever. It’s still a jackpot if I get 300,000 views in a month.’

That was why he didn’t have great expectations.

‘I can’t do anything about it now.’

Also, the dice was already cast.

No matter how many numbers he got, it depended on luck, not Midas.

‘It’s more important from now on.’

What he had to do now was try hard to throw another dice.

[ You have conquered a mine dungeon. ]

[ You have conquered 100 mine dungeons. ]

[ You have acquired a title, ‘The digger in the Dorido Mine’. ]

Midas continuously conquered mine dungeons.

‘First, I should finish the Dorido Mine.’

He had to finish Juga’s quest quickly and start the next quest.


“Yea, only 11 left now.”

And there were 11 remaining dungeons.

Midas checked his status before them.

[ Midas ]
– Level: 39
– God: WarDragon
– Job: Archmage
– Ability: Strength (5+225) / HP (5+215) / Intelligence (200+318) / MP (43+259)

Level 38.

The speed of leveling up was remarkable.


Even Midas was surprised.

‘It hasn’t even been a while since I equipped the slayer orc’s item set. It’s already time to change my item again….’

He couldn’t help worrying from a practical standpoint.

‘I’m going to lose money again.’

He couldn’t avoid the commission and stuff while trading items.

Commission on G-bay was 3 percent of the amount.

The slayer orc’s item set was a little more than 8 million won and the commission for that was 240,000 won.

Even other than that, there were more additional expenses, for example, Haste skill and expensive items to record Lucky’s debut video.

‘Ha, it’s going to take more time to buy a skill card I want.’

The worst thing was that there was still more to do.

‘I have to buy at least two more unique skills before level 50……’

To buy two more skills Midas was willing to buy, he had to save up at least 20 million won.

“I’m going crazy.”

He bitterly smiled after thinking about spending that much money on a game.


Lucky answered his owner’s monolog.

Ah uh ah uh!

Midas smiled at Lucky who was rubbing his face on Midas’s legs.

“Hey, Lucky.”

Frankly speaking, he wouldn’t dare think about using the money to buy a skill card, not an item he could resell again if it was like before.

However, things had changed.

He didn’t doubt the fact that he had to invest his money.

‘I can go further than I went before with Lucky.’

Lucky gave him confidence that he could hope for a higher place than before.

‘No, if Lucky’s video goes well…..’

Also, he gave Midas a marvelous gift.

Midas expected his speed run video to gain some popularity.

‘Profit distribution for me is 60%.’

It would be weird if Midas’s face wasn’t bright in front of Lucky in that situation.


Midas pet Lucky’s head and spoke low, “If I record a video of you saying ‘Pikachu’, we could beat Tori Tori so easily……”

He mumbled without thinking.


At the moment Lucky tilted to express his question, Midas came back to his senses and changed his face.

“Forget it. I was talking alone. Ahem!”

Midas cleared his throat and continued, “Now, let’s log out, get some rest, and then finish the rest of the 11 dungeons.”

He left the words and logged out.


“The reaction is quite good.”

Yeongjoon didn’t answer his subordinate.

“The number of views since 6 hours ago is 110,000. I don’t think it’s going to be a million, but it won’t be bad.”

He didn’t answer but tapped his head with his fingers constantly.

His subordinate didn’t ask another question and just watched Yeongjoon’s face.

At that moment, Yeongjoon opened his eyes.

“No matter how I try, I don’t understand his intention.”

“His intention?”

“I can’t understand why he sent two videos.”

Only then, his subordinate understood why Yeongjoon agonized so much.

Then he spoke his opinion, “I think he just sent two videos. They weren’t bad, were they? No, they were actually really good.”

He mixed his admiration in his words, “A new record video. Uploading that kind of video on our channel will be the second time since our ace, Alice.”

BJ Archmage’s videos could be a hot issue as soon as they were uploaded.

They could bring a high profit to the Rising Star Channel no matter what.

“Like you said, we caught a big fish.”

That was what Yeongjoon aimed for.

He wished to catch a big fish.

He didn’t doubt that one.

“But there are two.”

The problem was that BJ Archmage sent two videos.

The subordinate shrunk his shoulders.

“Well, they are just double hits. The other one was like a follow-up video, right? It was like 1+1.”

He made a face that there was no problem.

“Do you know what the biggest asset you can get from the Wharton school?”

“Knowledge and insight?”

“Those are things you can get from Google. The real important thing is a story from people who succeeded in their businesses.”

Yeongjoon tapped his head and continued, “The story is like this. There was a developer whose app became popular. Then he sold most of his shares at more than $3 million right away. He had 9% of his share left and still had the right to manage. After that, he came up with an idea of a new item. Do you know what he did?”

“He made it?”

“No, he went to a small venture company he was watching and then gave the item to them.”


“And he made a contract with a condition to have 35% of the company’s shares. Then the item won the jackpot.”

“Why did he do that? If he did it with his name, he could get 100% of the shares.”

Yeongjoon answered his subordinate, “He couldn’t. When he sold his shares, there were conditions about no job changes and no side jobs with about 5 pages of A4. Of course, he could make the item at his company, but it wouldn’t be enough for him since he sold most of his shares.”

“Didn’t he violate the conditions?”

“Yes. That’s how people become rich. The market changes every hour. A business item becomes a legacy of the old era if you keep it a month.”

The subordinate thought about something and then answered, “Then do you think BJ Archmage is actually a talented player here, but he’s hiding his identity for a certain reason and working like this?”

“I guess we should say the BJ Archmage Company.”

“BJ Archmage Company?”

“BJ Archmage is a guy who has his own management. The number of his employees must be a lot more than our company’s.”

Yeongjoon tapped his head again.

“There’s something more. He broke the record that hadn’t been broken for almost 5 years and he made a video of it. I don’t think he’s going to stop after revealing it in public.”

Yeongjoon muttered the monolog and then told his subordinate, “List up skill cards above unique rank on the market at this moment and update it every time.”

“Skill cards?”

“Even if we give him cash or items as a bribe, it won’t work for this rich guy who has 10 times more money than us.”

“Are you going to give it to BJ Archmage?”

At that moment, someone opened the door and came inside hurriedly.


It was an employee from the monitor room.

Yeongjoon thought about what happened a few days ago and said, “Why? Did Azmo comment on it again?”


“I’m asking if he did………”

Yeongjoon felt something weird and asked again, “Wait, did you answer or ask?”

“I answered, sir.”

Yeongjoon’s face became stiff after his answer.

“You don’t say, is it the same scenario?”



Hyunwoo came out of the capsule and turned his head, but there was no one.

‘I think Hyunkjoo’s going to get fired this way.’

Hyunwoo giggled and stepped forward to find Hyukjoo Lee.

‘Let’s fill up some sugar and caffeine, rest, and then log in. It’s going to take about 30 minutes, so let’s tell him to get ready.’

He planned shortly in his mind.

Soon, he reached the front of the rest area.

‘I knew it.’

Hyukjoo was there as he expected.


However, the spectacle over the window was different from what he expected.

Everyone normally giggled while watching TV, but instead, they were sucked into their phones.

Hyunwoo went inside the rest area with his curiosity.

“What are you guys doing with your phones? Is there a dating rumor of TV stars?”, he glanced at Hyukjoo’s phone while saying that.

The video looked familiar.

‘Huh? It’s mine.’

Hyukjoo looked at Hyunwoo who was surprised at the video.

“Oh, hey. You came.”

“I came here a while ago. By the way, what’s going on?”

“You know the new video of BJ Archmage?”


Hyunwoo tried to figure out the atmosphere and said, “There’s nothing more special than the other video from last time, right? He only showed off his money and finished. The number of views is going to be lower than the last one.”

“The video hit the jackpot.”


Hyunwoo frowned at the unexpected word.

“What jackpot? Did Azmo comment on it again?”


“I’m asking if Azmo did….. Did you say yes?”


“Let me see.”

“Right here.”

Hyukjoo showed Hyunwoo the comment that had the most likes.

As soon as Hyunwoo saw it, he couldn’t frown anymore.

– Azmo: I’ve never seen his new wand. When is it going to come out on the market?

Translator: AmyShin
Twitter: @AmyShin39

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