BJ Archmage – Episode 54: Provocation (3)

Provocation (3)


Azmo’s appearance always brought excitement.

It was the same this time.

– Mr. Azmo is here!

– Mr. Azmo, please sponsor me!

– Mr. Azmo, please give me 4 dollars!

Just because Azmo left a comment, the video of BJ Archmage got so many viewers.

– BJ Archmage did something again?

– He held a wand that Azmo doesn’t know about again?

The interest in the video was spreading through word of mouth.

“Oh, it’s over 1 million views!”

It instantly passed 1 million views.

He became a hot topic again.

– It seems like Azmo is so interested in BJ Archmage.

– Is he stalking?

It was more impressive that Azmo became interested in BJ Archmage twice.

‘Oh, he’s targeting. He’s definitely targeting me.’

It meant he was a target.


He couldn’t just be happy about that.

‘I knew I would be watched, so I prepared…. but..’

He predicted that people had doubts about his items and wouldn’t leave him alone.

He knew they would watch him, so he got ready somehow.

He tried his best to avoid players who tried to approach him.

It wasn’t hard for him to do that since he could see the players’ information.

‘I can’t do anything about people watching me with their skills from far away….’

However, Midas couldn’t find out all the surveillance skills and avoid them.

That was why he was more surprised.

‘By the way, isn’t Azmo supposed to be quiet if he was watching me? He’s going crazy.’

If someone was watching BJ Archmage, it would be better for the person to keep the information alone.

However, what Azmo was doing wasn’t self-beneficial.

Anyhow, it already happened and attention towards BJ Archmage rapidly rose.

Someone might think about attacking him and getting what he wanted.

He didn’t need to strengthen his determination since he was ready for that.

‘It’s driving me crazy.’

The problem was the situation that Hyunwoo Jung made.

‘If the video is uploaded in this situation….., it’s going to be really dangerous.’

The bombs that he prepared could explode worse than he thought.

‘I have to leave the Dorido Mine as soon as possible.’

Hyunwoo came to his senses and didn’t calculate anymore.

“Hyukjoo, set it up now.’

“What? What about your lunch?”

“Forget it. I need to do it right now.”

He had to act.

“By the way, do you have candies?”
“Candies? Oh, I haven’t ordered it… I only have the other one.”

“The other one?”

“The glucose candy.”

“Hey, haven’t you thrown it away yet?”

“The main character in the novel ate it so deliciously. He even put it in his coffee……”

“I guess he was a nut in the novel. A nut who eats the disgusting candy.”

Hyunwoo shook his head and then held out his hand.

“I have no choice. Give me that.”


After Hyukjoo got the glucose candy from the counter, Hyunwoo ate it and then put his body into the capsule.


“Oh, you finally came.”

Midas let go of a necklace instead of answering the NPC, Juga.

Then the necklace slowly flew towards Juga like it was alive.

Juga got it and nodded his head.

“Good job. Thanks to your work, I could gather as much as I wanted.”

As Juga finished his words, a question mark became an exclamation mark.

“I made your necklace. I just need to put them together.”

The quest was finally finished after a long time.

“It wasn’t easy. You did a good job.”

As soon as Midas saw that, he turned around right away.

‘I don’t have much time.’

If things were normal, he could listen carefully to Juga. However, he didn’t have time for that.

‘I have to leave the Dorido Mine as soon as possible.’

Azmo was making the situation worse and worse as time went by.

‘If I stay any longer, I won’t be able to get out of here.’

It wasn’t easy to move around at the Dorido Mine.

Azmo said BJ Archmage equipped a new weapon that he had never seen before.

Then what would other players think?

They wouldn’t obstinately come to the Dorido Mine to check Midas’s weapon.

However, players in the Dorido Mine would definitely think, ‘What’s so special about BJ Archmage’s weapon?’

Besides, Midas had his comrade, Lucky, who couldn’t be hidden.

Nothing would be good for him to stay in the Dorido Mine.

“Yep, see you.”

Midas said farewell quickly and turned his back towards him.

At that moment.


There was someone familiar.

A gnome magician who had sharp eyes.



Midas and Juga called her at the same time and Sahalin frowned her face.

“Juga, why did you call me to this place?”

“The necklace is ready. Now, it’s time to put the clue you have together.”

“Then you could just send it to me.”

“Sahalin. If you were good at making an accessory, you could try. But, you aren’t.”


Sahalin put his hand inside the air when she finished the short conversation.

It looked like her hand was cut.

Soon, she took out a nail-sized stone from the air.

Then she threw it to Juga.

“Don’t try any tricks.”

“Tricks? Didn’t we already have the pledge of the soul for that?”

“Stop talking nonsense.”

During their conversation, Midas quickly thought, ‘I’ve already expected the story, but it’s certain that they aren’t moving with good intentions.’

Midas knew well that the quest he had was the main scenario quest and its point was the story.

Yoong and the NPCs in front of him were looking for the items that could destroy the gods, the so-called almighty class. The items wouldn’t be for making a weapon for the player.

There should be a certain reason why they were trying to get it back in the scenario.

‘Well, a normal scenario would be something like there is a god they want to kill with the weapon.’

While Midas was thinking about the scenario, Juga put the stone inside a pendant of the silver necklace he made.

At that moment.


The pendant pointed in a direction like a live snake’s head.



They checked the direction and nodded shortly towards each other.

“Get it.”

Then he threw the necklace to Midas.

[ You have accomplished the quest, the Cursed Necklace. ]

[ Your level has risen. ]

[ Your level has risen. ]

[ You have acquired a title, ‘The Clue Discoverer’. ]

[ You have received a rune as a reward. ]

Soon, he heard the alerts.

Nothing was weird.

‘Level up? Twice?’

However, he couldn’t help being surprised at the two alerts notifying his level up.

He had already leveled up to 38 recently, but his level rose twice at once just because of the quest.

‘The experience point reward is crazy.’

Midas was freaked out.

[ WarDragon has offered you a chance. ]


His god, WarDragon notified that it was time for Midas to get a skill card reward for level 40.

[ A new quest has been updated on the list of the main scenario quest. ]

‘It’s crazy.’

Midas couldn’t think clearly due to the alerts ringing in his ears.

‘Let’s check one by one.’

Midas organized his thoughts.

‘Let’s finish the quest first.’

What he had to do first and the fastest thing he could do at that moment was finishing up the quest.

“You’re giving me the necklace. It means…..”

Midas looked at the necklace on his hand.

Then the information window popped up.

[ The Cursed Necklace ]
– Grade: Unique
– The necklace has a cursed one’s fragment. It has strong latent magic.
– All stats +50
– Attack power +10
– Moving Speed +10%
– Attack speed +10%
– Cast speed +10%
– Recovering HP & MP speed +30%
– After being acquired, it belongs to you. (non-tradable)


As soon as Midas checked the options, he couldn’t help closing his mouth.

He didn’t have a choice.

‘O, oh my god! This unique item for level 40 is a lot better than other legendary items.’

The item wasn’t weak but much stronger than other legendary items.

It was obvious that he became speechless.

Sahalin led the conversation instead of Midas.

“Go to where the necklace points and check what is there. You must do it.”

The quest was finished clearly.

“Oh, ok.”

Midas barely answered, then he opened his equipment window after putting the necklace into his inventory.

[ You have equipped the Cursed Necklace. ]

After that, he checked the new quest.

[ The Swamp ]
– Rank: Main Scenario
– Level: Level 40 and above
– Content: Go to the swamp in the North where the Cursed Necklace points at and find something.
– Reward: Unknown
! Reward: Legendary skill card book (non-tradable)
! When finishing the quest, you can continue a quest, ‘The Jewel Alligator’.

Midas’s eyes became bigger when he saw it.

‘L, legendary skill card book?’

A legendary skill card book appeared again!

He felt like he was about to faint.

“If you find out something and come back, I’ll reward you for that.”

Sahalin slightly smiled and answered as she waited for Midas to check the quest.

Midas lowered his body.

“I’ll try my best to accomplish the quest even if I burn myself!”

After the conversation, Midas turned his back.

‘Wow, it’s no joke.’

He was already so shocked because of the necklace, but a legendary skill card as a reward?

‘Oh, relax. I might be forcibly logged out this way.’

He was worried due to his heart beating too hard.

‘Inner Peace.’

He started to pet Lucky’s fur to relax his nerves.

Lucky answered his owner, Howl!

Midas listened to Lucky’s howl as a background melody and relaxed his feelings. Then he went to the next step.

‘Let’s check the rewards for level 40.’

He did the last task.

[ Would you like to receive a skill card reward? ]


As soon as he answered, 100 cards started to spread grandly in front of Midas’s eyes.

The scene was attractive enough to catch his eyes.

However, Midas’s eyes didn’t move at all.

They were only staring at a card that was shining with a golden light.


Lucky’s howl echoed in the quiet mine.


“Boss, they’re done with making the video.”

When the subordinate delivered the news, Yeongjoon pressed the home button on his tablet in his hand and connected to a cloud server.

There were plenty of video files.

Yeongjoon clicked a file named ‘record breaker’.

The video played.

It started with a monologue from a player with the slayer orc’s mask like a fake documentary.

[ …….I’m going to try to do a speed run. ]

I’m going to try a speed run in the Dorido Mine.

His monologue wasn’t special.

[ Lucky’s going to conquer the dungeon by himself. ]

[ Woof? ]

But when he said that, the mood changed and the scene changed to inside of the dungeon.

Also, a stopwatch appeared on the top of the screen.

In the meanwhile, the subordinate approached and said, “The swordsman won’t expect his record that wasn’t broken for that long to be broken by a dog.”

Yeongjoon didn’t react to his words.

He just asked with a calm tone.

“How many views do you think it’s going to have?”

“I’m thinking about at least 2 million. No matter what, he broke the swordsman’s record. There’s nothing better than this to become a subject of a conversation. What about you?”

“Appraisal has to be after watching the video properly. Rash judgement is the most dangerous”, Yeongjoon answered and focused on the video.

He imprinted all the scenes in his mind while watching it and soon the speed run was over.

He looked at the top right side of the video.

[ 4:09 ]

As soon as he checked the number, he opened his mouth, “It’s not bad for a quick job.”

“It’s a miracle for the video that was made within 24 hours!”

Throughout the short conversation, the video was still playing.

There was something more in the end and Yeongjoon kept his eyes on the video.

“You asked a question.”

“Yes, I did.”

At that moment, the player showed up again in the darkness.

BJ Archmage with the slayer orc’s mask started to talk to people who watched the video.

[ Someone was interested in my item that I was using last time. I don’t give a shit about the item that I used and threw it away after. ]

Then he shook a wand in his hand and continued.

[ Instead, why don’t you guess what it is this time? Huh? ]

Yeongjoon opened his mouth as soon as the video was over with the last words.

“10 million. This video will hit 10 million views for sure.”

Translator: AmyShin

I’m recuperating from my neck injury.
I’ll get back to the normal schedule as soon as I feel better. I’m so sorry about that.

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