BJ Archmage – Episode 55: Guardian (1)

Guardian (1)


[ Guardian ]
– Rank: F
– Effect: You can hunt a monster and make it your guardian. You need a deep understanding of the monster.
! When hunting 1,000 monsters with a guardian that is summoned, you can acquire a title, ‘Guardian’.
! When hunting 99 boss monsters with a guardian that is summoned, you can acquire a title, ‘Boss Guardian’.


When Midas saw the new legendary skill he got, a player came across in his mind.

‘Azmo’s lethal move.’


He was the player who had the most skills and the most legendary skills.

The most helpful skill he had was the Guardian skill.

‘The skill by itself isn’t that strong.’

The skill could make a monster a guardian as the explanation said.

Properly speaking, it possessed the monster’s body.

There were several conditions to use the Guardian skill.

‘There are many conditions.’

First, a player couldn’t use the skill on a monster that is 10 levels higher than the player.

Second, a player should have an understanding of the monster. In other words, the player had to hunt a hundred monsters he wanted to make a guardian.

Boss monsters or big monsters have very low populations, so it is impossible to make them a guardian.

On the contrary, the other monsters were only a little bit stronger when a player made them guardians.

The skill by itself was no different from summoning a golem or a spirit.

‘But it becomes a totally different story as soon as a guardian equips an item.’

Instead, guardians could equip items.

That was how it became Azmo’s lethal move.

‘It can also equip a legendary item.’

Azmo let his guardian equip items that other players couldn’t even have. His guardian was as strong as a 1-tier holy beast.

‘I can also make a guardian equip a non-tradable item.’

Besides, a guardian could share items with its owner.

If he properly invested, it was better than other C(Creature) type skills.

It was a big help for Midas to solo play.

‘I don’t have to spend money on summoning a golem.’

He was recently thinking about buying the Golem Summon skill.


The reason was Lucky.

Lucky aggroed so well, but Lucky showed his competence better when he was a damage dealer instead of a tanker.

Midas realized that at the Dorido Mine.

It meant that it would be more efficient if he added something that could take the role of a tanker.

‘A golem wastes too much MP.’

He excluded golems because they consumed so much MP for maintenance and repair.

Of course, it was always the more, the better.

‘Well, it would be better if I can add a golem.’

Azmo summoned all the things that a magician in God Wars could summon, for example, guardians, chimeras, golems, spirits, and demons.

He even summoned a dragon.

That was why Azmo was the most popular in God Wars because he was a player who perfectly enjoyed solo playing in the true sense of the word.

‘It’s better to buy an attack-type if I have money.’

His worry ended there.

‘Let’s think about it after making money.’

His worries were supposed to be after he earned money.

What he needed at that moment wasn’t that.

‘What I should buy right now is a ragged magician’s item set.’

It was time to graduate from the slayer orc’s item set.

‘The priority now is that I have to leave the Dorido Mine.’

It was also time to graduate from the Dorido Mine.

“Let’s go, Lucky.”


“With full speed.”

And also, it was time to engage in a chase.


The Dorido Mine mostly had instant dungeons and was relatively peaceful.

Players didn’t have to worry about monsters’ sudden attacks, so they were relaxed and enjoyed chilling in the relaxedness.

“Do you really think BJ Archmage is in the Dorido Mine?”

“This is the only place to go after the Cursed Forest.”

“I heard that he’s active in the East of the Dorido Mine.”

The most popular subject between the players was obviously BJ Archmage.

“His weapon is that special?”

“Azmo was wondering about it too. Let’s look at his weapon.”

“If Azmo doesn’t know about it, isn’t it above a legendary grade?”

“It’s not going to be ordinary.”

It was natural that the players in the same hunting field were interested in BJ Archmage who was the hot issue on WarsTube.

Besides, famous players and issue makers were mostly above level 300.

Players hunting in the field for level 40 didn’t have that many chances to meet them.

“Should we meet him?”

“It’s not hard to find him. He has a holy beast.”

It was obvious that they would feel that way.

“Should we try to kill him”

“If we succeed, we’ll get something from him.”

It wasn’t weird that they would feel that way.

[ You came out of the dungeon. ]

[ The dungeon will disappear. ]

The situation outside of the dungeon was like that.

Actually, he didn’t have to worry about the situation.

He could just go to another dungeon.

‘It’s going to be tough from now on.’

However, it was different at that moment.

Midas would move to the North swamp to conquer the main scenario quest.

‘They are going to chase me.’

And some guilds or game companies would hire someone to track him.

It wasn’t his overinflated ego.

Chase was one of the most important in God Wars.

That was the only way to track someone since there wasn’t a security camera or GPS.

Players often chased because it was a good method to figure out where a hunting field or a boss monster would be or a dungeon hidden by a certain guild would be.

‘That Azmo’s interested in me means someone’s giving him information about me every time.’

Azmo sensed Midas’s change and reacted to it.

He wouldn’t watch every single thing that Midas did.

There had to be some guild watching Midas and sending the information to Azmo in a certain route.

No matter what it was, there was a high probability that Midas would be exposed to danger as soon as he left the Dorido Mine.

‘I can be attacked.’

The worst-case was being PKed.

Even if he won, it wasn’t beneficial for him, and also there would be a risk if he failed.

That was what he had to face at the moment he left the Dorido Mine.

Of course, he was prepared.

“Haste and Strength.”

And he was perfectly ready.


One of the three players opened his mouth from about 100 meters away from Midas.

“The target is moving.”

Then the other two started complaining.

“Why on earth do we watch him?”

“Aren’t there too many of us to catch just one magician even though he uses so much money on his character?”

The other one answered, “Since we’re getting paid, we need to do it. If you have a complaint about that, don’t get paid.”

His words were hard for them to deny, so they shook their heads.

“Wow, I have nothing to say since what you said is true.”

“Indeed, we should get the money thankfully from chasing one magician with our secondary characters.”

At that moment.

“Huh? He’s running.”

One of the players was like a leader. He shouted while watching Midas with the Hawkeye skill that made him see far away.

The other two laughed, “Why is he running all of a sudden? Is he running away?”

“It’s no use even if a magician runs.”

BJ Archmage had enough items to equip, but he was a magician.

It was impossible for a magician to run away since magicians couldn’t invest stats on their strength and HP.

That was why his subordinates were laughing.

However, the leader didn’t react to their laugh.

“Should we chase him now or wait?”

Only then, the leader answered with his stiff face, “We’re fucked.”


“We’re fucked!”

“What are you….”

His subordinates asked back and the leader said, “He’s fucking fast!”



Lucky started to bark since it had been a long time to run as much as he wanted.

Midas glanced around them while following Lucky.

“Stop, Lucky.”


Lucky instantly stopped at Midas’s order.

Ah uh ah uh!

And soon, Lucky came and rubbed his head on his owner, and Midas pet Lucky’s head while looking around.

There was nothing suspicious.

‘They can’t chase us.’

What Midas did to leave the chasers out was simple.

Just running away.

Of course, it was impossible in a normal situation.

Even though magicians were great, they couldn’t be faster than archers or assassins.

However, Midas was excluded.

First, his strength stat was better than other melee fighters.

Besides, he had Strength and Haste.

‘Indeed, they can’t follow us. I have this necklace.’

The final touch was the Cursed Necklace he got this time.

All the stats were increased by 50 and moving speed increased by 10%.

That was why he didn’t have to worry about the chase.

“This game is so great. I knew that since this game is called GodWars. Right, Lucky?”


Lucky barked to show his agreement and Midas pet Lucky’s head.

‘I don’t have to worry about chasers for now.’

It was great for Midas because he got a way to avoid gameover at least in the situation that threats were everywhere as he was getting famous.

‘I can actively work.’

It was good news for Midas.

‘By the way, the video’s going to be uploaded soon.’

He had to be ready for threats that would be more serious than now.

Of course, the reason why he took the risk was simple.

“Lucky, your debut video will be uploaded soon.”




“Did you say ‘I’ll hit a million views and buy you a new item.’?”


“Definitely, that’s my boy.”


What he was doing was as beneficial as he took the risk.

He thought about the benefit and turned his head towards the North.

There was a red pole sticking out from far away.

‘This quest will be an easy victory again.’

Midas smiled and said, “Let’s go to the swamp now.”


Midas and Lucky walked towards their new journey.

At the same time, the video was uploaded.


When the video of BJ Archmage’s solo kill was still getting popular, a new video was uploaded before people’s interest waned.

– A video of BJ Archmage has been uploaded!

└ Already?

└ What? BJ Archmage? I didn’t see a title with his name though.

– Search BJ Lucky.

└ BJ Lucky?

└ The holy beast that BJ Archmage has?

Properly speaking, the video was about BJ Archmage’s holy beast.

The title was BJ Lucky.

– What the hell is it?

People’s reactions weren’t that good.

– Did he upload a video of how he plays with his holy beast?

– BJ Archmage is trying to increase the number of views by tricking people with his name.

Most people thought that he was just trying to raise the number of views.

It was a common trick.

Many people made more money by uploading useless videos after one of their videos hit a jackpot.

In the world where pro players couldn’t expect when they would be thrown out, it was somehow their survival skill.

Besides, people’s recognition of BJ Archmage wasn’t that good.

– Let’s leave malicious comments!

└ Hey, it’s only going to increase the number of views and comments. Let’s not do that.

└ Don’t touch your keyboard! He’s trying to make money with you guys!

The atmosphere was already bad even before they watched the video.

They seemed like they were going to make BJ Archmage a public enemy if the video was disappointing.

In that atmosphere, the video was open in public.

The video was shorter than 5 minutes.

– Huh?

As soon as the video was opened, the atmosphere changed.

– Huh!

When the video was played for about 4 minutes, people started to be more enthusiastic about the video than the video of solo killing the ragged magician.

– The swordsman’s record is broken!

– Even a dog did it alone!

– Shit, is it real?

– Wow, the swordsman is now worse than a dog.

The reactions were reasonable since they couldn’t imagine that the new record would be made this way.

– Wait, so what about BJ Archmage? What’s his weapon? Did he show his new weapon?

└ His holy beast did it by himself! BJ Archmage didn’t cast his spell but walked around with his arms crossed.

└ Wow, people with holy beasts are only lucky in this damn game.

Of course, it wasn’t incredible enough to make them forget about Azmo.

They still talked about the new weapon that Azmo was wondering about.

– A new record? The video was only about 5 minutes though.

– Oh? I see BJ Archmage coming out in this video.

– It looks like a 30-second video is added.

BJ Archmage gladly showed it to them.

[ Someone was wondering about the previous weapon that I was using. I don’t really care about items that I used and threw away. ]

[ How about you guess what it is this time? Huh? ]

He showed it to Azmo and Azmo answered.

– Azmo: I don’t know what the item is. I can’t guess.

– Azmo has donated $10,000 to the video.

He answered so impressively.


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