BJ Archmage – Episode 56: Guardian (2)

Guardian (2)


Most people felt a similar way about something.

The debut video of BJ Archmage’s partner, Lucky was something like that.

In the rest area of the capsule room, everyone’s opinions were the same.

“Whoa, this video’s going to hit the jackpot.”

“The number of views will increase a lot.”

“Holy moly.”

They all agreed that the video was going to hit the jackpot.

No one disagreed, so there wasn’t more to talk about.

“BJ Archmageis going to be popular for a while.”

“He can make more videos of his holy beast.”

“Definitely cute. Dogs are the best.”

The provocation video was also the same.

“It’s the answer to Azmo’s question.”

“Isn’t he really a friend of Azmo? It’s so suspicious how they communicate with each other like this.”

They only doubted the situation but didn’t discuss the video.

The atmosphere was peaceful.

Shiver shiver shiver!

There was only one who was excluded.

“There’s something behind, right? Huh? Hyunwoo? Why are you shivering so much?”

Hyunwoo grabbed his shaky right hand with his left hand.

“W, what?”

He pretended that it was nothing.

“Are you sick?”

Hyunwoo shook his head at Hyukjoo’s question.

“W, well. I’m just tired. Oh, so tired.”

Hyunwoo wrapped his face with his hands.

Hyukjoo clicked his tongue.

“Hey, don’t be too harsh on yourself. You gotta take care of your health. You don’t get paid much on working as a miner…….”

Hyunwoo didn’t answer him.

‘What do you mean? I get paid so much!’

He felt like he was going to exclaim with delight if he opened his mouth.

Hyunwoo’s feeling was that strong.

His hand was shaking and he couldn’t speak.

It was a reasonable reaction.

‘It came out well.’

By the looks of the reaction to the video, it was obvious that the video would be the most popular amongst the videos of BJ Archmage.

‘First, 1 million views is guaranteed.’

1 million clicks would be the base.

‘It could be more than that…..’

He felt like he could accomplish the number of views that he could never imagine.

Just by imagining that, Hyunwoo was about to faint.

‘Oh, relax.’

While he was trying to relax, Hyukjoo approached and handed out a paper cup.

“Hey, drink some coffee.”


Hyunwoo started sipping the coffee.

He was a little bit relaxed maybe thanks to the sweet coffee.

‘That’s right. It’s only the beginning.’

After being relaxed, he checked his plan again.

‘I need to level up at the swamp and finish the quest first. While doing that, I have to make a new video too.’

There were many people who hit the jackpot with their videos in God Wars, but there weren’t many who continued the fame.

There were those kinds of people around Hyunwoo.

He started God Wars as soon as it started the service. That was why he knew some skilled players who hit the jackpot.

Some of them became stars.

However, most of them fell to the ground again.

‘I should never make a sloppy video.’

People got intoxicated in their popularity and updated videos of hunting a weak monster or their private lives.

In the beginning, the number of views went up thanks to their popularity and they gained some profit, but that was it.

They became candlelights that couldn’t shine anymore after the candle melted.

‘If I want to be a star, I have to give them something shiny. Just like the Rising Star Channel.’

That was why the Rising Star Channel focused on their quality.

They didn’t raise the number of views with a sloppy video. They updated an impressive video and maintained their quality.

‘By the way, aren’t they going to send me a bonus or something?’

When he thought about the Rising Star Channel, he became greedy.

‘If they raise the downpayment more or….’

He wanted to get paid more.

‘I have to change some items and buy the guardian items. Then I won’t have enough money to buy a skill card…..’

He wanted to beef up his spec.

At that time.

“Huh? Azmo commented!”

“Azmo left a comment on BJ Archmage’s video!”

The rest area became noisy as soon as Azmo was mentioned.

Hyukjoo was the same.

He took out his phone quickly and checked the comment.

He also found out the donation above the comment.

“Oh my god. Azmo donated $10,000!”


Hyukjoo saw the price and looked at Hyunwoo.

“Hyunwoo, did you see this? Oh!”

Hyunwoo was pouring some coffee and it was overflowing in the cup.

“Are you okay?”

Hyunwoo stood up and said, “I, I have a stomach….”

Then he went to the bathroom hurriedly.

Someone asked, “What’s wrong with him?”

“He said he’s having a stomach.”


Another one said, “He’s just jealous. He’s working like hell and can’t make even $1,000. Then a rich asshole made a video of burning his money and got a $10,000 donation. How can he not feel jealous? His account is also temporarily suspended.”

Everyone nodded and clicked their tongues while looking at the bathroom.

“Click click. I feel so bad.”

“Isn’t he crying in the bathroom?”



As soon as he saw the donation, he came up with one idea.

‘Okay, let’s do this.’

It was time to shop.

‘What should I get?’

His thinking started and it wasn’t easy.

Originally, there was something he planned to buy.

‘My original plan was getting Summon Golem.’

Summon Golem.

It was a skill that he needed the most, so he was getting ready to buy it.

However, Summon Golem’s necessity decreased a little bit after he got a Guardian skill.

‘It’s not urgent anymore since I have a Guardian skill.’

He naturally thought about the second priority.

‘Should I buy a skill that recovers MP?’

It was a passive skill that was related to MP recovery.

He didn’t struggle with the lack of MP at that moment, but he was almost at the limit.

It was like he soaked himself in water and the water was at nearly his chin level.

He could barely breathe.

‘It’s going to be tough to recover MP only with a potion when I get a high-rank skill.’

Obviously, his MP wouldn’t be enough as he acquired high-rank skills.

‘I’ll be dumb if I can’t fight well with Double Casting because of the lack of MP.’

Besides, he needed MP as much as possible so that he could make Double Casting effective.

‘I also have to buy the ragged magician’s item sets……’

What he could do with that was buying a level 40 unique item set which was the ragged magician’s item set.

Then his stats would rise.

‘I can get to give my slayer orc’s item set to my guardian only when I buy the ragged magician’s item set.’

That was also a good option since he could make his guardian have a better spec.

Actually, it wasn’t an option.

He could sell it and get cash anytime and buy other options.

‘Well, I can just resell it so it could be a better option.’


Hyunwoo relaxed his mind and checked his phone.

‘Let’s check the price first.’

He connected to G-bay where all items were traded and searched the thing he thought in his mind first.

Soon, the new page appeared and Hyunwoo glared at the list as it appeared in order of the lowest price.


‘Summon Golem with this price?’

Hyunwoo was surprised and pressed a bid button without hesitating.

Then a new window popped up on his phone.

[ The item was already traded. ]


“How’s the number of views?”

“It went up a lot since the moment Azmo donated $10,000. I think it’s going to reach 10 million views in a week.”

Yeongjoon nodded at his subordinate.

His mouth didn’t have any expression.

“You don’t seem satisfied, do you?”

He looked calm even though the video was successful.

Yeongjoon answered with his calm face, “Have you seen a farmer who was happy just because he saw a bud open? Huh? It’s meaningful only after he tastes the fruit.”

Everything so far was only the beginning.

“It’s going to be tough from now on.”

“Is there something more?”

Yeongjoon asked back, “Hey, what have we done for this video?”

“We edited the video and uploaded it on our channel.”

“Is it something only we can do?”

“No, there are many.”

“Then is there anything we can do if BJ Archmage wants to change a channel now?”


Yeongjoon answered instead of his subordinate who was hesitating to answer, “BJ Archmage and Azmo are like VIPs who are writing a scenario and we are just a subcontractor.”

A subcontractor.

The word didn’t sound good because looking at reality was an entirely different matter.

“We’re like a subcontractor that finally made a contract with a global company.”

Yeongjoon had a smile that he didn’t have before while saying that.

“This is a chance that we were waiting for decades. I mean a chance to play in the big ocean.”

“A chance?”

“When I was about to graduate from the Wharton school, there were two options. One was that I work in management at a good enough company with a $20,000 salary and bow to people and the other was that I make my own company, give $20,000 to my employees, and they bow to me. Of course, I chose the latter.”

Yeongjoon continued, “It’s now time to show our capacity.”

His subordinate nodded.

“Yes, our editorial team is comparable to other major teams. We have also invested in our team so far!”

“That’s obvious.”


“I mean that it’s obvious how a restaurant has a fork and a knife.”

His subordinate tilted his head and Yeongjoon continued, “It’s time for the Wharton school’s biggie to come out.”


“What is the biggie?”



Yeongjoon showed his tablet on his hand to his subordinate who was surprised.

“Bid this skill card.”


[ The Ragged Magician’s Ragged Robe ]
– Grade: Unique
– Level to equip: Level 40 and above.
– It’s a weird robe that is made of the ragged magician’s leather. It’s not colorful but it has a strong power.
– All stats +25
– Attack power +5
– Casting speed +5%
– Whenever equipping the other ragged magician’s items, extra options will be opened.
! When equipping 2 item sets, all stats increase by 17
! When equipping 3 item sets, all stats increase by 30
! When equipping 4 item sets, attack power increases by 10
! When equipping 5 item sets, all damages increase by 10%

A robe, pants, gloves, shoes, and a headband.


Midas checked the ragged magician’s item set’s options and let out a sigh.

‘Oh, Summon Golem. It was 3 million won cheaper than its normal market price.’

It was because he lost the Summon Golem skill right in front of him.

‘Even if I sell it again, I would gain money from that.’

It was a reasonable regret.

‘Wait. Maybe, its market price is being controlled now by the looks of how its price went down suddenly. It can drop even more.’

So, he started to draw a happy scenario in his mind.

‘Yea, whoever bought the skill will be a fucking unlucky one. For sure. The market price will drop so badly. Then I’m going to buy it at a lower price!’

Only after he ran so-called positive thinking once, he could forget about it.


Luck shook his tail and greeted his owner.

Midas smiled at Lucky and continuously pet him.

“Thanks, Lucky.”


He felt like bowing towards Lucky when he thought about his profit from Lucky’s video.

“Should I bow to you?”


“What? Just pet you?”


“Ok, Lucky.”

Midas pet Lucky and soon stared at a mountain where a red pole rose.

Then he covered himself with the robe and narrowed his eyes.

‘The Swamp.’

The Swamp was over the mountain.

It was a hunting field for players whose level was higher than 50.

There were the lizardman and the lizard warrior at the huge swamp.

The place wasn’t easy to play.

Just like the Cursed Forest, its geographical feature was troublesome to players who hunted for the first time there.

‘Everyone gets slower.’

Especially, everyone’s moving speed got slower as soon as they went inside the swamp.

The limit was completely different from the previous hunting fields.

Of course, the limit wasn’t a disadvantage to everyone.

There was a case that the limit was an advantage.

‘So thankfully.’

The Swamp’s characteristic was the absolute advantage for Midas since slower targets were always easy to hunt.

‘If I had Summon Golem, I could break all the players’ records at the Swamp.’

That was why he still had a lingering attachment to the Summon Golem skill.

If he had a tanker when a target was slower, it would let Midas hunt much easier.

But he didn’t think about his regretful feeling too long.

‘Well, Guardian will do enough tanking.’

What he had to do at that moment was clear.

Midas settled his mind and looked at Lucky.

“I wish a very kind person would donate the Summon Golem skill card to me, right?”


Lucky howled instead of answering and Midas nodded.

“That’s right. There is no pushover like that in the world.”

Translator: AmyShin

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