BJ Archmage – Episode 58: Legend is Legend (1)

Legend is Legend (1)


The lizard warrior had a completely different arm from the normal lizardman.

A lizard warrior slashed a lizardman with a scimitar in his hand.


The lizardman’s leather was cut with a sharp sound.


The lizardman shouted and struggled desperately.

It started to tackle with its body since it didn’t have a weapon.

The lizard warrior blocked its attack with his shield on his left hand.


The lizardman’s body hit the shield.


The two lizards started their strength contest with the shield.

It was a very short contest.


The lizard warrior overwhelmed the lizardman and the contest was over within a few seconds.


The lizardman bounced off backward, but it didn’t step back.

The swamp grabbed its legs and it fell back right away.


It sounded hurt.


Then it sounded like something creepy.

[ You have hunted the lizardman. ]

Midas watched everything nearby and checked the time in his mind.

‘With all the buffs, it took an average 3 minutes 33 seconds to hunt the lizardman.’

What Midas did first when he checked the loyalty system was collect battle data for his guardian, Gold.

It was to compare.

‘What does his loyalty do?’

He was going to find out the advantage of the guardian’s stats and battle when his loyalty changed from grade 9 to 8.

‘Well, it’s not bad now though.’

It was certain that Gold’s fight power was enough at that moment.

Even though Gold equipped the slayer orc’s item set and the lizard warrior’s scimitar and also Haste and Strength were buffing it, it was still great that he hunted the monster so easily.

He was better than a normal player.

“I’ve crushed the enemy that was threatening you, my lord.”

“Yea, good job.”

Moreover, his loyalty couldn’t be seen from other players.

On the other hand, that was it.

‘Overwhelming with his specs. It’s only like an amateur player whose skill was comparable with a professional.’

He was a little bit insufficient to feed himself with his skill.

It would only show as much as Midas invested in him.

‘Compare to Lucky…..’

He wasn’t comparable to Lucky who made pro and also star players shiver if they were the same grade.

Of course, it didn’t mean that his guardian wasn’t good.

‘Well, this is better than nothing.’

Midas wanted his guardian to fulfill a tanker role when Lucky was fighting.

To put it bluntly, that it took 3 minutes 33 seconds meant that it gained that much time for Lucky to fight.


“Yes, my lord.”

“This time, you are going to defend until I attack. Got it?”

“Yes, sir!”

Midas didn’t expect too much.

‘Yea, this is enough.’


It wasn’t hard to endure for 33 minutes.


He only had to lure a lizardman to somewhere remote and spend 33 minutes there.

Midas had nothing to do.


Only Gold with a shield was working hard while Midas and Lucky were watching it.

While spending time, Midas was certain that other archmages wouldn’t be able to figure that out in God Wars.

‘None of the archmages can find it out. For sure.’

‘There can’t be someone who could endure this boring time. They are archmages who are snobbish.’

Having an archmage as a job was the same as becoming a noble.

Would any of them endure this boring time without any reason?

Most of them would quit their parties while saying ‘I can’t hunt with this party! I’d better hunt with another one!’

And the rest would show their competence while saying ‘I can’t watch it anymore. I’ll carry it!’

[ The guardian had protected you for 33 minutes. ]

[ The guardian’s loyalty grade became 8. ]

In the meantime, Midas heard the alerts he was waiting for.

[ The guardian’s stats have increased. ]

[ The guardian’s fight ability has increased. ]

[ You are now able to have a close conversation with the guardian. ]

Midas still had a bored face and said, “Gold, kill it”, to Gold who was silently defending attacks with his shield.

Gold pulled out the scimitar from his waist and shouted, “For the lord!”

He kicked the lizardman’s stomach with the shout that expressed his loyalty.


At that moment, Midas’s bored face changed.

‘Huh? There was no kicking.’

His attack pattern was never seen in the previous fights that Midas collected data from.


After that, the lizardman’s body started to be cut mercilessly by Gold’s attacks.

The attacks were also different from the previous ones.

‘His pattern became various and sharp!’

A pattern was definitely added.


The lizardman tried to fight desperately and they were in harmony.

[ You have hunted the lizardman. ]

The desperate fight was over.

And there was no boredness on Midas’s face.

‘2 minutes 57 seconds?’

There was only surprise


Players were treated differently depending on their abilities.

If they were talented, they were treated well.

One more important thing was to show his or her ability.

If they showed their ability inconsistently, their partners weren’t going to trust them.

Hunting in God Wars was mostly repetitive work.

Monsters’ patterns and tactics were already decided.

Therefore, players showing their abilities were evaluated better than just talented players.

Midas received a favorable evaluation and made money because he didn’t make a better than expected result but rather lived up to expectations.

However, there were existences that Midas couldn’t beat.

Existences in God Wars.

No matter how Midas was good, he couldn’t do anything consistently like them.


That was why the holy beasts with the 1 tier, Fenrir, were evaluated as remarkable existences.

“For my lord!”

‘2 minutes 56 seconds.’

And that was how Midas was sure about Gold that was hunting the lizardman for him.

‘He became stronger for sure.’

Gold’s combat ability rose as his loyalty rose.

‘By a lot.’

When he figured that out, he came up with a question.

‘Isn’t this skill better than I thought?

The skill, Guardian, might be very great and overshadowed the public’s estimation.

‘No, it’s obviously good. It’s legendary.’

Come to think of it, legendary skills were mostly efficient.

It would be weird to put a low efficient skill in the legendary grade.

It was obvious that Guardian was better than a unique grade skill.


At that moment, a new simulation was drawn in Midas’s mind.

‘It’s not necessary to make an excellent melee fighter a tanker.’

What would happen if a reliable tanker was added to an excellent melee fighter, a melee fighter that could also be a tanker, and a strong range fighter?

‘It could be possible to hunt 2,000 monsters within 5 hours…….’

Midas finished simulating and looked at Gold.

Gold shouted as he waited for Midas’s attention, “Please give me a new order, my lord. I’ll show you remarkable feats that are worthy of my name, Gold!”


Lucky shouted like he couldn’t lose.

Midas nodded at them.

Then Gold looked at Lucky and said, “I’ll prove that I’m better than this useless beast!”


Lucky looked at Gold while being dumbfounded at the unreasonable challenge.

Midas didn’t put too much meaning on the scene.

‘Golem. I’m going to get it.’

He only thought that he wouldn’t have to worry about tactics anymore if he had a tanker.

‘And then I’ll hunt 2,000 monsters.’


Summon Golem.

One of the magician subclasses, alchemist, could learn it and it was quite popular since it was that good.

It wasn’t difficult to imagine.

A giant, that was made of 3 meters of rock, stood with its arms spread out. There wouldn’t be a barrier more reliable than that.

What if the barrier even moves?

Also, an attribute golem was available to acquire with the Summon Golem skill and it was very useful.

A fire golem was the best shield against a fire attribute monster.

Its attack power wasn’t bad.

Its expected result was quite high except for its disadvantage which was its slow attack.

That was why the skill was like the alchemist’s livelihood.

‘Oh, it’s expensive.’

Of course, the skill card’s price was quite high.

‘I should’ve bought that one before.’

Besides, Hyunwoo recently checked the article that was a lot cheaper than the market price.

It was always like that.

Once you saw a cheaper article than its market price, you wouldn’t be able to find an article with the right price even if you had enough money.

‘I don’t have money now.’

He didn’t even have enough money at that moment.

He used most of his spare fund to buy the ragged magician’s item set.

The slayer orc’s item set couldn’t be sold because his guardian, Gold, was equipping it.

‘I think I just need to get paid….’

Of course, the money he would get from the Rising Star Channel wasn’t small.

Since the video hit the jackpot, they made an additional profit that was more than the previous deposit. Also, Azmo’s donation wouldn’t be small even after profit distribution.

‘The payday is still after 10 more days.’

The problem was the payday on their contract was still far away.

‘Asking them to pay me earlier is bad.’

Hyunwoo could get paid earlier if he asked the Rising Star Channel.

That could be possible since they were also humans.

However, Hyunwoo already knew it wasn’t a good way.

‘I have to compete with my ability. If I do it that way, they are going to take advantage of me and I’ll eventually make a loss.’

A pro proves his ability and is treated through his salary.

Hyunwoo knew as a pro that he could get a small benefit from asking a favor and it could be a critical weakness in the future.

He didn’t have to think too far.

He heard people’s complaints so many times when they asked for money from their baseball team and they had a salary loss during salary negotiations.

In that situation, there was only one way for Hyunwoo to get money from them.

‘Should I talk about the contract for the next video?’

Making a contract for a new video and getting a deposit.

That was how he got money from the Rising Star Channel so far.

However, the suggestion was always from the Rising Star Channel.

Their positions were too different for Hyunwoo to ask how much they would like to give him.

‘Should I suggest? This video had a good reaction and was released well……’

However, their relationship had changed a little bit.

Hyunwoo agonized in the situation and made up his mind.

‘It’s too weird to talk about a deposit, but it might be ok to just ask when the next contract is going to be.’


“Boss, BJ Archmage has sent an email.”

“What’s the content?”

“He would like to talk about the next contract.”

Yeongjoon answered his subordinate, “What about a deposit?”

“No, sir.”

“Profit distribution or the date of payment?”

“No, sir.”

“Then he just wanted to talk about the contract, that’s it?”


Yeongjoon didn’t have any expression on his face.

Instead, he nodded like he was satisfied.

“See? What did I say to you?”

“It’s just like what you said.”

His subordinate made a surprised face.

“I told you that $10,000 doesn’t really matter to that kind of guy.”

Yeongjoon told his subordinate earlier that BJ Archmage would talk about the contract first but wouldn’t send any details.

“They don’t put too much meaning on us. We’re just ok subcontractors for them. It doesn’t matter to them whether they work with us or not.”

The subordinate nodded his head.

“But we should make a proper contract. The deposit will be $15,000 and the distribution is 6:4. BJ Archmage takes 6. Send it like this.”

Then the subordinate got surprised and asked, “Don’t we need to raise the conditions? Probably, other companies are offering a better one to him.”

“I told you. They have plenty of money. They aren’t influenced by the power of money.”


Yeongjoon answered with finality, “Even if they need some kind of conditions, they think that they can change the conditions any time they want. What if he wants us to change the distribution to 8:2? What should we say?”

“We should say ok.”

“Yea, a counting game doesn’t really matter.”

Yeongjoon tapped his chest and said, “It’s the heart that counts.”

“That’s a bribe.”

“That has existed since humanity formed societies. Bribes appeared earlier than money.”

Then the subordinate asked a question, “By the way, Is someone like BJ Archmage going to put much meaning on a skill card? He could already have it.”

“I told you, it’s the heart. Even if he has it, he could just resell it. Otherwise, BJ Archmage will think about us at least one more time since we gave him a gift. I mean in a good way. Don’t you think? Do you think he’s going to think about us as fucking bastards who do immoral conduct according to social norms? Do you think he’s going to think that we’re fucking assholes so he won’t do business with us? Huh?”

His subordinate shook his head and Yeongjoon nodded at him.

Soon, he smiled and said, “And there will be another big gift if it works on him.”

The subordinate asked when another gift would appear, “Is there another one better than this?”

“Giving him one more bribe.”


Yeongjoon talked with confidence to his surprised subordinate, “The more bribes we give him, the more synergy effect we can expect.”

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