BJ Archmage – Episode 59: Legend is Legend (2)

Legend is Legend (2)


God Wars was available to play for a maximum of 14 hours a day.

Most players thought that the makers of games were demons, and Satan and Lucifer made God Wars.

It was very rare that players played the game for 14 hours.

Normal players played at most for 8 hours and even pro players couldn’t play longer than 12 hours even though they took good care of themselves.

Therefore, how they spent time outside the game was very important for the players who made money from the game.

It was the same for Hyunwoo Jung.

As soon as he woke up, he jogged and took a shower while taking care of things to do before breakfast.

He sat down on a toilet and checked some things while doing number two.

‘Let’s see…… How many miscellaneous items were sold……’

Checking to see if his miscellaneous items were sold and updating new items on G-bay were things to do.

‘They aren’t selling well……. Should I lower the price?’

He managed his G-bay account and then stopped his finger.


Hyunwoo made a short sound, picked up his head, and looked at the ceiling.

The ceiling was so low in the bathroom and it was too tiny to have a tub inside.

He put his head down towards his phone and looked again.

Then he rested his chin on his fist.

He spent time like that while looking like Rodin’s Thinker.

“Uncle Hyunwoo! Let’s eat!”

His niece’s bright shout broke Hyunwoo’s thoughts.

“Oh, ok!”

Hyunwoo came to his senses and came out quickly.

He looked at the table in the tiny living room in the very tiny house without a kitchen.

But the food was quite plentiful.

It was thanks to Hyunwoo who recently filled up the refrigerator.


There was his niece who was waiting for her uncle while swallowing her saliva in front of the food.

“You guys go ahead and eat. I need to do something urgent.”

Taewoo said to Hyunwoo who was getting ready to go out, “Hey, is everything alright?”


“You’ve been so weird these days. Did something happen to you?”

Hyunwoo pricked his conscience and answered ambiguously, “I just have something to do. I got a job to do suddenly. The pay is high.”


“Hyerin, I’ll buy you fried chicken tonight! So wait for me, ok?”

“Fried chicken!”

“Yea, and ice cream for dessert. Taewoo, you want mint flavor, right?”

Hyunwoo made the atmosphere noisy and then left home quickly before his brother answered him.

“I’ll see you guys with fried chicken.”

As soon as he closed the door with his words, he looked at his phone.

[ A Summon Golem Skill Card ]

Then he saw the item that arrived in his account on G-bay.

He was so certain that there must be a delivery mistake.

‘Some moron must’ve sent it wrong to me!’

‘I should learn it quickly before that person tells me to give it back.’

Therefore, he had to make it an unrecoverable situation before they try to take it back.

Hyunwoo ran the best he could towards the capsule room.


[ Summon Golem ]
– Rank: F
– Effect: You can summon a golem that is made of soil. Whenever its skill rank rises, its attack, defense, and size rise.
! When defending an enemy’s attack with the golem 3,939 times, you can acquire a title, ‘The Iron Castle Wall’.
! When defending a boss monster’s attack with the golem 1,001 times, you can acquire a title, ‘Sacrifice’.

Summon Golem.

After Midas saw the new skill that he acquired, he stared at the sky without words.

The skill wasn’t that special because Midas already knew about it well since he was waiting for it so long.

The reason why Midas’s face wasn’t good was simple.

‘I never expected to get a unique skill card as a gift.’

It was because the gift wasn’t a mistake but was from the Rising Star Channel and there was barely a free thing in the world.

There were few exceptions to free things in the world.

Some were so rich that they donated a big sum of money like Azmo.

‘They’re giving me this kind of thing even though I’m not like Azmo because…….’

However, the Rising Star Channel was different from Azmo.

They were raising their recognition with their good quality videos, but they were a new company compared to other channels that were shining like a star in this industry.

It meant that they weren’t in the position that they could give something like this to him without any reason.

Although, they were offering the gift with the condition of the contract to a hot player.

It was like giving an expensive restorative medicine to a new popular baseball player.

‘……They want me to make the next one well.’

They wanted him to be more remarkably active.

It wasn’t bad because the Rising Star Channel had a keen interest and care in whatever sense.

But it didn’t mean that he could take it while being relaxed.

‘I have to win the jackpot that goes beyond their expectations.’

Midas saw so many cases like this when he used to be a pro baseball player.

A newbie went up to the first string with this and that reason, performed actively, and was treated well by his team.

Midas didn’t get a chance like that, but anyways, those players were divided into three cases.

One case was that they felt so pressured that they failed.

Another one was that they lived up to the expectations.

The last one was that they transcended everyone’s predictions and expectations.

It was obvious that the third case became a star player who represented his team and league.

‘I can get something better that way.’

Once they became representatives, treatment from their team completely changed.

Their team provided a car, gave a mortgage with no interest, and paid money for their drinking with their company card after games.

It was the same now.

If he just did well, he would be treated a little better than other rookies who were contracted by the Rising Star Channel.

However, they would support him actively if he won the jackpot.

‘It has to be the jewel alligator.’

And the jackpot would be a video of solo killing the jewel alligator at the Swamp.

As previously stated, just solo killing didn’t have any meaning.

Everyone already expected that.

‘Kill it within the shortest time.’

What Midas had to show was more than that.


Midas finished thinking and lightly slapped his cheeks with his hands.

“Lucky and Gold.”

Then he said to Lucky and Gold who were staring at him, “Let’s get 2,000 lizardmen.”


Hunt 2,000 lizardmen!

That was a long way off.

Even if he could hunt one lizardman in a minute, that was 2,000 minutes which was 33 hours and even 20 more minutes.

Two days weren’t enough since he could only connect to the game for a maximum of 14 hours.

Therefore, most of the players with the task had to think about how to reduce the hunting time.

“Is there a way that I can hunt faster than this?”

“I need a good item and a strong skill to hunt many of them at once.”

And they mostly thought about items and skills for the answer to the question.

After that, they put it in action and then mostly failed.

‘It’s not bad if I can hunt many at once. It’s always better if the time reduces, but that’s only an incidental element in this long race.’

It was the wrong premise to try to reduce the time.

Midas knew about that because he was a player who played God Wars for a long long time.

Of course, he knew what was more important.

‘I have to find a way to hunt as comfortably as possible.’

The important thing in the long race was nothing other than comfort.

‘A tanker’s role was that part.’

That was the reason why Midas wanted a tanker so much.

Lucky did the tanker’s role for Midas, but Lucky couldn’t fulfill the job perfectly.

Midas had to be nervous because he couldn’t figure out when he was going to be attacked and retreat.

The tiredness from the nervousness was worse than imaginable.

In front of a tired Midas, a tanker appeared.


A stone giant’s height was 3 meters and had a big build. It stood on the swamp firmly and disclosed its existence clearly.

It became a wall for Midas.

‘Also, melee fighters can do their roles well along with the tanker.’

Besides, the wall wasn’t only for Midas.


“My lord, please give me a new order!”

The wall, the golem, was very important to the two melee fighters, Lucky and Gold.

There were two kinds of melee fighters.

One who approached an enemy and fought.

The other fought an enemy that approached them.

Only players who had a very special skill and ability could be the former.

It wasn’t an easy task to break through an enemy in the front line.

However, most of the melee fighters in God Wars preferred to be the former.

The reason?

Because it was cool.

If it were soccer, people were enthusiastic about a striker in the front line.

After all was said and done, people paid so much to do the cool things in God Wars.

However, Midas didn’t have any thoughts to draw the cool picture.

“You two, just get rid of enemies that approach.”

Their role was hunting lizardmen that went this way and that in front of the golem after its HP got reduced in half by Midas’s magic attack.


“Yes, I’ll obey your order.”

Also, they were existences who could carry the task more perfectly than any other players.

They wouldn’t make a mistake.

There wasn’t such a thing as an unexpected sudden attack in the swamp.

‘I just need to hit it right.’

The only one that Midas had to care about was throwing magic at an enemy.

‘Come to think of it, this kind of situation never happened before.’

Besides, Midas had never faced this situation in God Wars.

He had never had a reliable guardian or a bodyguard.

He had never experienced an environment where he could only focus on throwing and hitting.

‘This is going to be fun.’

Midas smiled and looked at lizardmen swarming.

An alert rang at the right time.

[ The remaining lizardmen are 1,998 in the lizardmen’s nest. ]

Midas heard the alerts and spoke in a low voice, “Shall we play this game so easily with items and skills?”


So much money came and went in God Wars.

Not only money for items came and went but also money for information about a boss monster and a quest.

Not only that, but players also could buy or sell a hunting or a guarding service.

“You’re asking me to get rid of BJ Archmage. Am I right?”

Of course, PK was available with money.

“It’s not hard with the Sniper.”

There was a union called Seven Stars with 7 guilds. Rola was from the Sniper guild which was one of the Seven Stars and one of his jobs was killing players.

In plain language, it was an assassination.


He wouldn’t always do that.

“If I mess with the rich, the Explorer’s guild is going to beat me up. There’s even a rumor that he might have a relationship with Azmo. As soon as I touch him, I’m going to be on the Explorer’s guild’s list to kill since he’s getting their VVIP service.”

Money didn’t solve everything.

The client explained to Rola, “I’ve already checked that he’s not getting any of their services now.”

“Are you sure?”

“I asked an executive in the Explorer’s guild. BJ Archmage has never used their service before.”

Then Rola changed his posture.

“He was never related to the Explorer’s guild….. By the way, why do you want me to PK him? For the items he has? The item that Azmo doesn’t know about? But it’s not something you can get so easily. The card you can get after killing him only has 1/9 chance.”

“I don’t need his items.”

Then Rola changed his posture more comfortably.

It meant he didn’t have to approach the dead body.

“You just have to kill him from a far distance and run. Waste his 80 hours that way.”

Rola crossed his arms.

Then the client continued explaining, “It’s not hard. Besides, you have the right side character that activates in the swamp. You left the side character on purpose. The place is the best for you to use your skill. I came to you with a reason. Also, because of God War’s setting, high-level users can’t go to areas where low-level users are.”

Then Rola asked, “Pay?”

“$10,000 for the deposit. Another $10,000 for success.”

“It’s too cheap to make the unknown rich guy upset for 80 hours.”

“Even if you fail, you get $10,000. You just need to pull your bowstrings several times and use your skills from 100 meters away from him. Your side character has a legendary bow. Well, you don’t really need that kind of bow since you are a marksman.”

“But what if things go wrong…..”

“Even if things go wrong, not many people know about your side character in the Seven Stars. Right? Just consider it as extra money.”

Then Rola opened his mouth, “I don’t normally accept this kind of quest, but…….”

He stopped talking for a moment and stared at the player with a robe in front of him.

And he saw a logo, AB on the player’s chest on the robe.

“I should do it since a manager from the Abyss guild, Emma, is asking me.”

A woman inside the robe brightly smiled at his answer.

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