BJ Archmage – Episode 6: Chapter 1 – This Can Be Seen Too? (2)


In God Wars, when you clear a quest, hunt powerful monsters with exceptional ability, or discover something new , and make an achievement, a title is given and a rune comes as a title reward.

The rune that’s given permanently raises a player’s stats.

This was the decisive reason God Wars became a game for top level players, those with something special to them. They were able to use their skills to reach the top.

They didn’t allow the challenge of late starters as they had already achieved stats far superior to those at the same level through those runes early on.

Going further, the top level players exchanged information among each other on how to receive stats which made their stronghold at the top impregnable.

They had secret trades with information and items that only they knew of.

‘Tutorial Master?’

But, one of these secrets had appeared in front of Midas’ eyes.

‘There was something like this?’

Tutorial Master.

It was a title that even Midas who played God Wars quite a bit longer than average had heard for the first time.

What was more surprising was the effect it granted.

‘All stat rune? On top of that 10 points each?’

The bonus points given for one level is 5 points in God Wars.

Thinking about that, it was an unbelievable merit.

‘Physical aspect points are vital to magician types.’

Especially to magician classes, Strength and Endurance were more precious because they had low health by default, and due to the fact that they needed to invest in intelligence so they could be effective in a fight.

To the magician classes that had no choice but to use bonus points from leveling up to raise Intelligence and Magic Power, the Endurance and Strength stats they received through runes like this often had a large influence on their survival.

Of course, the conditions for obtaining them were also extremely stringent.

‘More importantly, surviving for 71 minutes huh…….’

Surviving for 71 minutes in tutorial mode was very difficult.

As said before, the tutorial mode was designed to make the players experience game over.

It meant that they had no choice but to die even if they struggle.

In reality, normal players would only be able to survive for about 10 minutes even if they try to survive to the best of their abilities.

Surviving for 71 minutes wasn’t easy.

‘It’s really cheap.’

On top of that, the number 71 minutes itself was pretty evil.

‘Maybe if it was an hour….’

Let’s try surviving for an hour since there’s a possibility there’s a title.

However, a reward doesn’t appear after an hour.

‘Even if one were to stay for another 10 minutes, 11 minutes is a bit wrong.’

Even if one were to survive for those cruel 10 minutes, a reward wouldn’t appear in front of the hard-working player.

They would have to survive for another minute for the reward.

Something everyone would try to receive with all their might if they knew.

However, it was something no one would try if they didn’t.


That was why Midas prepared.

‘Let’s try it.’

At that moment, a message could be heard.


[The walls break down.]


With that message, the walls that were trapping the 30 players broke down and light started pouring in.

A lush, green forest could be seen across the light.

It was the moment the field appeared.

It was also the moment orcs appeared.



An era where God Wars became the standard of all human values in the world.

In such an era, many wanted to play God Wars with each of their own hopes, dreams, or objectives and they were always told the same thing.

“God Wars, it’s insanely difficult.”

“Hey, don’t do it. You would just be wasting your parent’s hard-earned money.”

The moment they realize this fact first is in the Tutorial Mode.


[The tutorial ends once you die.]


A stage where the real game would only start once you die.

On that stage, the players realize how difficult it is to survive from monsters that have overwhelming stats.

“Fuck, this is crazy!”

Also, they realize that dying is incredibly difficult as well.

One wouldn’t be able to survive easily, nor would be able to let oneself get killed easily. It was similar to a hell for the new players.

“You want me to die from this kind of monster?”


With a height of over 180cm, a mass of ripped muscle that makes anyone with a similar height ashamed of themselves..

It was a monster quite familiar to modern people.

Orcs were more well known through movies, games, novels and various other media than dinosaurs (PR: what about zero two) that actually existed after all.

However, getting killed by such a familiar monster was a completely different story.

“Damn it! I can’t do it!”

“M-me too…….”

It couldn’t be helped that those who came across this fact become overwhelmed by fear and dread unconsciously.


Beginners ran away like that.

On the contrary, the experienced people were different.

“Let’s hurry up.”

“There’s no need to waste time.”

They had already experienced this game and ran towards the orcs without hesitation as they had seen the Game Over screen several times already.

And they willingly gave their life to the incoming orc’s fist.

There were even some that aimed their own heads exactly on the incoming fist as to achieve a clean Game Over.

“Wow, he aimed at the head properly.”

“He’s pretty skilled huh?”

There were a few that let out exclamations at that fact.

That was the scene of the tutorial.

At the stage where one could only leave by dying, the experienced died faster than anyone while the beginners faced inevitable death after running around.

Of course, that was only the difference between the experienced and non-experienced.

The talent and skills one possessed usually appeared in a different way.

“Huh? Look at that person! It seems he’s trying to fight the orcs?”

“He’s fighting the orcs in tutorial mode?”

This was about the players that took a posture to get ready for battle against the orcs that appeared, rather than running away.

“Is that possible?”

It was a retarded thing to do.

The players starting the tutorial were all level 1, they had no stats or skills.

“That orc is a level 20 monster right?”

On the other hand, the normal orcs that appeared in front of them were monsters that could only be killed by players that were at least over level 20.

It was a difference similar to that of a cat and a tiger.

This was why it was the best method to show the difference in skill.

“I will have my debut battle. I will show my skills.”

To put it differently, it was a method one could use to prove one’s worth.

“It seems he’s recording.”

“Looks like it’s a professional player wannabe.”

The eyes of the people gathered towards the orc that was currently appearing in front of the wannabe-pro.

‘What’s this?’

Midas was the same.

‘A professional player wannabe?’

Midas’ eyes sparkled at the appearance of the wannabe-pro, a person that lives off of being a God Wars player.

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