BJ Archmage – Episode 60: Legend is Legend (3)

Legend is Legend (3)



An explosion shook the quiet swamp lightly.

It was literally light.


However, the next explosion wasn’t light anymore.

The sound was announcing a war in the quiet swamp.



Two lizardmen with burned heads shouted with anger and started going across the swamp.


Then a 3-meter soil giant appeared in front of them.

It opened its arms widely.

It drooped arms, covered the left and right, and became a wall that was wider than 5 meters.

It caused intense pressure.


Of course, the lizardmen were already attacked and didn’t care about the pressure.

Instead, they expressed more hostility and threw their bodies towards the lump of earth.

At that moment.


As soon as the lizardmen approached the golem, something appeared from deep inside the swamp.

It was the guardian, Gold, who was completely ready and armed.

Gold didn’t make any sound when he showed up.


He cut one of the lizardmen’s back with his scimitar.

It wasn’t deep.

It was just normal damage he could make without trying.

After that, he didn’t hesitate to hide his face and body with his shield.


The lizardman turned around and became stiff when he saw the shield.

Something sharp definitely cut it, but it could only see the big shield.

It couldn’t help thinking about its fight pattern.

While the lizardman’s sight focused on Gold’s shield, he hit the lizardman with it.


The lizardman’s head and neck got bent to the side with a heavy sound.

Then he swung his scimitar towards the neck again.

This time it wasn’t as light as the previous attack.


The rough attack hit the lizardman’s neck like a lightning strike.


The lizardman’s voice changed like a snake whose life was at risk.

Gold put his shield forward and waited instead of attacking.

He was going to give a counterattack when it hit the shield again.

That was Gold’s style.

A guardian was an existence that got rid of threats for its owner, not sacrifice itself.

However, there was another existence that would do that.


Lucky was like that.

Lucky was hiding on the golem’s head.

He threw himself and bit the lizardman’s neck as soon as he saw that the lizardman was at risk.


Very deeply.

It was too deep to take out his teeth.

Then he started to shake so hard.

When Lucky detached from the lizardman, he had a big piece of meat in his mouth.

[ You have hunted the lizardman. ]

Lucky perfectly bit off the lizardman’s neck.

Then Gold shouted, “Bad dog! How dare you do that to my prey!”

He poured out his anger towards Lucky.


Lucky ignored his anger and jumped from the lizardman’s dead body.

He threw himself towards the other lizardman that was fighting against the golem.


He bit off the lizardman’s neck, made it a stepping stone, and jumped on the golem’s shoulder.


Lucky climbed up high to the golem’s head, not on the muddy swamp, and got ready to kill the lizardman any time.

His fighting sense was remarkable.

“Bad Dog! This is my prey!”

Meanwhile, Gold was also steadily attacking the lizardman.

The scene looked magnificent in many ways.

It was magnificent enough to say that it was legendary.

Someone could even say that those three would play the game without any effort.

That person would say this game was definitely a fucking gacha game.

However, there was one person who hid this magnificent scene.


It was none other than Midas.

Midas was on a burial mound that he made with dirt and wood above the swamp.


He cast the spell and threw the fireball on the spot.


There was nothing weird about him catching his breath after throwing the fireball.

There was only one difference.


It was that the explosion sounded a little later than it used to sound when he threw the fireball.

‘Now, 100 meters is a piece of cake.’

Midas hit the lizardman from 100 meters.

It was enough to overshadow the incredible combination play.

Hitting a target from 100 meters wasn’t easy.

It was also Midas’s first time.

Actually, there was a sign.

First, his stats were higher than his previous character’s.

His previous one’s strength was 261, but now, his strength was over 300.

Plus, he had the Strength skill.

Since his strength stat affected the power of throwing, it was obvious for him to throw that far easily.

However, throwing far away and hitting accurately were a different matter.

The accuracy was mostly influenced by his psychological condition.

‘I just need to focus on pitching, so it definitely works well.’

It was impossible to ignore the fact that he could only focus on attacking.

There were some baseball players who threw so well when practicing but couldn’t do that in a real game.

They were called cowards.

People could hit their chests and feel stuffy, but they would understand if they were in the same boat.

It was ridiculous that they had to play the same way as they had practiced with many variables, noise, and nervousness.

Midas’s situation was like that so far.

Midas’s mental strength was weakened due to nervousness since there was no one he could trust except for himself and he couldn’t game over.

‘Only pitching.’

It was his first time having this perfect environment that he could only focus on hitting the target.

Besides, he could see monsters that were far from him so clearly.

He could even see monsters’ information including their HP and a golden target on their bodies.

Splash Splash!

Those targets were walking slowly on the swamp.

Midas was sure that 100 meters was only the beginning.

‘I can go further than this.’

If his stats rose more and he repeated training, he could hit a target further than this.

‘I can solo kill the jewel alligator.’

Midas posed pitching and threw a fireball, and it went over the golem and hit a lizardman’s head.


The explosion sound echoed.

[ You have hunted the lizardman. ]

[ You have achieved a title, ‘The Lizardmen’s Nightmare’. ]

[ Your Fireball skill’s rank has risen. ]

[ You have killed all of the lizardmen in their nest. ]

And one more alert rang.

[ The cursed necklace is pointing one way. ]

It notified Midas that the dungeon was over.


Splash Splash…….

Midas’s group was crossing the swamp area towards where the necklace was pointing.


Lucky was in the front.

He seemed to enjoy this area since he was shaking his tail constantly and making a way.

Midas was following him.

Gold was in the back.

“My lord, that bad dog stole all the prey that I almost killed. Without him, I could kill more lizardmen.”

And he was explaining the reason why he couldn’t hunt more lizardmen than Lucky to Midas.

Midas couldn’t help laughing.

‘Is it the close conversation that I can have with him?’

He laughed because of the truth of the option that opened after his loyalty grade rose.

His laugh didn’t last long.

‘Whatever. He’s staying behind us to protect me.

He already knew that Gold wasn’t staying behind him to make an excuse.

It was rear guard.

Lucky protected the front and he protected his owner from any threats from behind.

They were reliable bodyguards for Midas so he couldn’t laugh at them.

‘Here we go.’

And he didn’t have to care about that kind of thing.

Woof! Woof!

Lucky kept shouting and Midas saw something in front of them.

‘An egg?’

It was an egg that was as big as a little kid’s head.

[ ???’s egg ]
– It is an unknown egg.

An unknown egg.

However, he picked it up and could see clearly.

! A dragon’s egg
! To hatch it, you need ‘the nameless god’s power’.

A dragon’s egg.

‘It can’t be a dragon-type holy beast?’

At that moment, he came up with a dragon-type holy beast out of all types of holy beasts that were opened to the public.

He came up with many of them.

Then he stopped thinking right away.

‘Wait, one player can’t have more than two holy beasts.’

It was so hard to get a holy beast in God Wars.

God Wars blessed a player with a holy beast and it was like winning the first prize in the lottery.

However, there was someone who won the lottery twice in their lives and got two holy beasts.

‘They had to choose only one.’

They couldn’t enjoy the two beasts since one of them had to be sent back to God Wars.

But this was the main scenario quest, unlike a normal quest.

Midas narrowed his eyes with expectation.

Soon, he relaxed his eyes and shook his head with a smile.

‘It didn’t even say that it’s a holy beast. I don’t need to worry about it now.’

The information wasn’t clear and he didn’t know when the egg was going to hatch, so he didn’t have to worry about what would happen with it now.

‘Nah, it’s a scam if a player has two holy beasts. Even though God Wars is a fucking gacha game, it won’t give me two. Of course not. It should just be a quest, not a holy beast.’

Midas lowered his expectations.

‘The important thing is the legendary skill card.’

He focused on the certain reward instead of the vague one.

“Now, let’s go back to Wiga city.”

And he got ready for the reward.

‘One more legendary is going to be added!’

Even a legendary reward.


Players set up their area in every hunting field in God Wars.

Most areas were set on the roads that were already made.

The swamp field in the North of Wiga city was the same.

There wasn’t a road on the swamp.

Instead, there was somewhere shallow and players considered it as a road.

They used it when they went back to Wiga city.


He logged into his second character, Lail, as soon as he heard the news that BJ Archmage appeared. Then he waited from where he could see the road.

‘Found him.’

As he expected, BJ Archmaged showed up.

It wasn’t hard to identify him.

‘The holy beast and……’

It was very rare for a player to have a wolf holy beast in God Wars.

‘You don’t say, is it a guardian?’

Plus, there would be no one with the holy beast and also a guardian except for BJ Archmage.

‘I guess he does have plenty of money to burn.’

He frowned when he saw BJ Archmage because he knew that the Guardian skill was a legendary skill and it cost so much to buy.

Of course, he didn’t think about giving up because of that.

He was sure that the Abyss manager’s PK request was worthy.

‘He is worth $20,000.’

And there was one more conviction that he could hunt BJ Archmage.

‘It’s been a long time since I made a lot of money.’

Lail stared at a crude wooden bow like he held the conviction.

[ Wiga’s Bow ]
– Grade: Legendary
– Level to equip: Level 40 and above
– Wiga was devoted to making the bow in his workshop. It has a mystery power. Only a few were produced.
– Attack: 63
– Strength +36
– All the range attacks increase by 15%
– When attacking a target, the next attack chases it.

Wiga’s bow.

The item was making him more confident.

‘I’ll finish you quickly.’

Lail pulled the bowstring and let go of it towards BJ Archmage.

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