BJ Archmage – Episode 61: The Price of Life (1)

The Price of Life (1)


Range attacks were troublesome because it was hard to find out when or where the attacks would come from.

On the contrary, range attacks weren’t hard to defend against if a player knew where the attacks would come from.

Then there was only figuring out when they would come.

At this moment, players were divided into two groups. The experienced group and the inexperienced group.

Beginners tried to hide like a turtle hiding inside its shell.

It wasn’t bad like there wasn’t a savage beast trying to bite the turtle’s shell on purpose.

But in the end, a confrontation would happen and the defending player would lose in many ways.

On the other hand, professional players did the opposite.

They pretended not to notice the enemy and gave the enemy some time to pull his bowstring.

It was throwing bait.

Of course, the enemy wouldn’t be stupid, so they’d think.

If they acted poorly, the enemy would find out.

Therefore, this was for players who knew how to play a game.

Midas was obviously one of them.


As soon as an arrow flew towards Midas, Gold turned his body and blocked it with his shield.

‘Got him!’

Midas knew that someone was chasing him earlier.

It was obvious why a player followed Midas while keeping his distance in the hunting field. Players were normally busy with their own businesses.

If it was an ordinary hunting field, Midas would run away with all his efforts.

‘I guess he’s after me because it’s the swamp…..’

However, Midas changed his mind since he was at the swamp.

‘You’re fucked up, asshole.’

He decided to hunt the player.

“Fireball and Fire Spear.”

Midas strengthened his determination and prepared to counterattack.



As soon as his arrow was suddenly blocked by the guardian’s shield, Lail figured out that he’s the one who bit the bait.

‘I’m trapped.’

That was it.

He was surprised but didn’t fall into a panic.

He started playing God Wars and became one of the main range dealers in the Seven Stars union.

He was too professional to fall into a panic and be flustered.


Instead, he pulled his bowstring again.

“Reset Guidance.”

Then he reset the option of the Wiga bow and aimed at the target.

He didn’t need the Guidance since 120 meters was enough for him to hit it.

That was why he was paid several hundred thousand dollars in the game.


He was so relaxed while using the skill.

‘It’s going to take more than 30 seconds to come to me in this swamp.’

This was why he chose the swamp to do his side job.

Lail had a very high accuracy rate and range. He could finish whoever came towards him within 120 meters.

The only variable was that the player was second to Lail.

‘You can’t hit me with a magi……’

However, Lail didn’t bear the variable in mind before he saw a fireball flying exactly towards him.



Soon, the fireball hit Lail’s head right away.

The impact wasn’t that strong.

When compared to a snowball, it was a snowball that had a lump of ice inside.

However, Lail’s body was figuring out it wasn’t an ordinary impact.

[ You have been critically attacked. ]

Even an alert was telling him that the attack wasn’t a joke.

Of course, Lail gathered his senses soon in that situation and let go of the bowstring.

The arrow flew and definitely hit something.


“You dare break through me!”

It was Gold’s shield.

That was still amazing because others couldn’t even hit a target that far.

Lail moved his position to the right side of a thick tree after the second attack.

When he finished moving, his bowstring was already pulled.

“Reset Guidance.”

Then he reset the option of the Wiga bow.

He was trying not to hit the guardian but his owner.

‘How dare a magician counterattack against an archer. I’ll make you a hedgehog with my arrows.’

A magician needed to cast a spell and to stand with his or her legs on the ground to do that, unlike Lail.

Plus, Lail had the Wiga’s bow.

Once he hit a target, he didn’t have to aim at it after that.

He only had to pull the bowstring and let go of it.

If he pushed ahead with the number of arrows he had, there was no reason to lose.

Everyone would agree with this.

Of course, Midas knew about that as well.


‘It’s a moron if a magician tries to fight against an archer.’

After Midas figured out how far the opponent was and that the opponent was an archer, he didn’t think about fighting directly.

“Lightning Speed!”

So, he didn’t hesitate to activate the fastest weapon he had.


[ All of Lucky’s stats have risen. ]

Lucky was already moving and he started to speed after Midas yelled and his body shined with yellow light.

Lail’s reaction was simple when Lucky appeared.

He ignored Lucky and only aimed at Midas.


“My lord, you’re in danger!”

Arrows struck Gold’s shield.

Midas shouted in the back of Gold.

“Gold, move forward.”

“I’ll serve your order!”

Gold didn’t hesitate to walk on the swamp with the shield in front of him and Midas followed him.

Lail couldn’t expect that in the situation.

The moving spell was essential for magicians to move while casting.

Also, the spell was only for players above level 80.

It meant that Midas gave up on casting a spell.

‘He’s going to misunderstand that I’m just earning extra time for cooldown.’

There was only one way that Lail could think of. He would think that Midas was closing the distance and was going to cast a spell whenever the cooldown time was ready.

‘Yeap, I’m earning cooldown time, but I won’t only do that.’

It was literally a trick.

Midas never thought about doing anything while moving.


He opened his inventory and put his hand inside.

When he pulled out his hand from it, there was a rock in his hand.

The rock was a perfect size to be a baseball.

‘Let me show you how humanity used a rock first not a bow.’

He grabbed the rock, checked the target’s location, then threw it.

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  1. Eggo_Ego

    “He was going to take the Fifth.”
    Is this supposed to reference 5th amendment to the US constitution or more specifically the line “nor shall [he] be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself”? I mean I think ‘taking’ the fifth is something I have seen before, however I more often hear of someone ‘pleading’ it. (For instance:) “He was going to plead the Fifth.” However this is a korean novel, and while I have read the phrase “plead the 5th” in TLed novels before, it hasn’t been very often. (That being said it fits the context well)

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