BJ Archmage – Episode 61: The Price of Life (1)


What’s the most important aspect of PK?

Needless to say, it was an item.

The weight class had to be similar to fight. Heavyweight and lightweight couldn’t match.

Then what would be the most important when the weight class was similar?

It would obviously be an ability.

It was normal for a player with a better ability to win.

Midas knew about that so well.

‘If he knew who I am and still came to hunt me alone, he must be so confident in his ability.’

Besides, there was no possibility that the hunter after him would be an amateur.

So, Midas planned tactics to flush the opponent’s plan and make him feel bewildered and tear his hair out.


His tactics just hit Lail’s head.

An arrow flew towards Gold at the same time and a heavy hit sounded.


But the arrow passed by Gold’s body and hit the muddy ground.


The damage from throwing the rock wasn’t that high.

It only worked for goblins or orcs.

In return, it was efficient to mess up with the opponent’s aim.

The small wobble became a miss after 100 meters.

That was the main tactic.

‘I guess he didn’t plan to attack many times because there’s no way Lucky doesn’t know that.’

The opponent must know about Lucky who broke the swordsman’s fastest record for the dungeon in the Dorido mine.

He definitely watched a video of Lucky fighting and finished figuring out a safe distance to run away from Lucky safely in the swamp.

And he probably concluded the number of opportunities to attack BJ Archmage with the distance that he calculated.

The number wouldn’t be many.

It would be a maximum of 7 to 8 times.

Midas only had to make him lose his chances.

‘He’s gotta feel nervous by this attack.’

Lail already lost one chance, so he couldn’t help being more careful the next time.

Being more careful would delay additional time.

While Lail was delaying more time, Midas closed the distance quickly with Gold.

Splash, Splash!

He walked step by step in the swamp where his knees fell into.

Gold perfectly hid his upper body with the shield while his lower body was inside the swamp.


In the meantime, Lucky was quickly closing the distance.

The opponent was still wasting his time.

Then, he changed his mind.

He turned around.

It seemed like he realized that the situation turned bad and decided to run away.

‘As I expected!’

At that moment, Midas threw a fire spear that was already cast.

The fire spear flew sharply and soon became a spear shape.


The fire spear reached the target’s back.


At the same time, the attack hit him, his body fell to the muddy swamp right away.


The game was practically over.

Lail already lost at least 3 to 4 seconds.


Lucky was closing the distance within 50 meters, and he could reduce it within 20 meters within the time.

In the situation, Midas started to make him panic more.

“Everyone, I finally caught the bastard who was coming after me!”

He was putting emotional and mental pressure on him while shouting with all his efforts.

At the same time, he was also closing the distance quickly.

Closer he was reaching Lail, more clearly he could see his information.

‘Name, I need the name.’

He checked the character’s name first.

‘I’ll destroy you so that you can’t do this to me again.’

If this side character’s name was the same as his main one, he was going to make him pay for this incident.

Soon, he could check it.

‘The name is Lail-AAAA13……’

At that moment, Midas came up with something.

‘The sniper from the Seven Stars Union, Lola’s previous character?’


He knew about him more than anyone.

‘It’s certain. It’s Lola’s first character. I used to hunt with him several times at the Cursed Forest.’

Midas heard a story about him many times since he started God Wars.

That was how Midas knew about Lola’s situation so well.

This character was Lail’s first character, but he created another character called Lola and made it his main one since it got a unique class, a shooter class.

After that, Lail was forgotten from people’s minds, and only Lola was left.

‘Why the hell is he coming after me?’

Midas couldn’t help being shocked.

Why on earth did the man with a six-digit salary log into his side character to kill Midas?

However, he didn’t have time to be relieved from shock.

What he had to know at that moment was a different one.

‘W, wait!’

What would happen to Midas if he killed the main range dealer in the Seven Stars Union, Lola?

‘I’m going to get fucked up if I kill that bastard!’

At least one thing that Midas knew of the Seven Stars Union or the player, Lola, was that they weren’t kind.

If they were, Lola wouldn’t hide with his side character and come after Midas.

When Midas came to the ideas, he shouted, “Lucky, stop!”


Lucky left about 5 meters and stopped at his owner’s shout.

“Definitely my lord! I will directly take care of the bastard who impudently threatened you!”

Gold confidently shouted.

“You stop too.”

Of course, Midas shut Gold’s mouth soon.

Midas put his brain to work for a while and then shouted.

“I’ll finish broadcasting for now!”

Then he shouted at the opponent.

“Hey, you. You’re Lola from the Seven Stars Union, right?”


“You’re Lola, right?”

Lail, no, Lola, didn’t answer the question.

Correctly speaking, he couldn’t.

‘H, how?’

He never imagined a situation where the opponent instantly figured out who he was.

Lola got ready to counterattack instead of answering him.

It was to prevent the opponent from doubting his words.

He was going to plead the Fifth.

“This character. It’s the character that you used to play with before your shooter class one. Isn’t the character’s name Lail?”

Lola still closed his mouth tight.

And he stopped thinking about counterattacking.

“Oh, this is troublesome. I should’ve let the drunkard know about this.”

Also, he couldn’t plead the Fifth anymore after the words because Lola also knew the drunkard.

‘You don’t say, the guild master?’

The Seven Stars Union’s leader, Diony.

He was such an extraordinary existence to other players, but he was called the drunkard by his close acquaintances.

In other words, the nickname was only known by his friends.

“But still, how can he try to kill me with a side character just because I didn’t tell him? Did he tell you to kill me? Did he tell you to make me waste 80 hours?”

As Midas continued talking, Lola was getting confused.

“Or you don’t say, are you secretly doing a part-time job to earn some money? Did somebody say that he’s going to give you $10,000 if you kill me? You received a PK request? That’s definitely going against the rules from the guild.”

However, it was getting even more confusing after that.

Midas threw a critical attack on him.

“Hey, aren’t you going to answer? Are you going to answer me when I talk to your boss directly and face him for real? Do you want me to show you who I am?”

When Midas said that, Lola didn’t plead the Fifth anymore.

He opened his mouth.

“Well……… I’m sorry.”

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    “He was going to take the Fifth.”
    Is this supposed to reference 5th amendment to the US constitution or more specifically the line “nor shall [he] be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself”? I mean I think ‘taking’ the fifth is something I have seen before, however I more often hear of someone ‘pleading’ it. (For instance:) “He was going to plead the Fifth.” However this is a korean novel, and while I have read the phrase “plead the 5th” in TLed novels before, it hasn’t been very often. (That being said it fits the context well)

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