BJ Archmage – Episode 62: The Price of Life (2)

[ Wiga’s Bow ]

He didn’t need to look at the option in detail.

‘I still can’t believe that I got one of the Wiga series.’

The Wiga series were the best items that players could get in Wiga city. It was a dream weapon for level 50 players.

‘When it came out, it was crazy.’

When Midas started the game, it used to be a more powerful weapon than it was at that moment.

Just because a player had it, everyone tried to hire him.

The weapon transcended a player’s ability.

‘The market price for this weapon isn’t as high as before…..’

Of course, its market price had dropped since then.

Players leveled up faster and supply was released more than before.

‘Still, it’s at least more than $40,000.’

Nevertheless, it was much more expensive than other unique item sets.

He could always sell it later and get cash.

‘I can’t get that much even if I sell everything I have.’

Midas thought about so many things.

‘What should I do with $40,000?’

He started to think about how to use money happily.

‘Definitely paying off the debts?’

First, he thought about paying off the house payment.

He would’ve chosen this option before.

However, things had changed.

‘Or should I buy a skill?’

Midas could even make more money if he invested at that moment.

He didn’t need to refuse the investment.

‘Should I buy a capsule?’

Furthermore, he could even buy an expensive personal capsule with the money.

‘No, there will be extra costs such as installation fee and maintenance fee. There’s even no space for that at home.’

Of course, there was a problem that there was no space in the place where Midas lived with his brother and niece.

‘The personal capsule gets taxed even more.’

Besides, the gate capsule got taxed a lot if it was purchased as a personal item.

‘A lot.’

The government strongly decided to tax the buyers since only rich people bought their personal capsules.

‘……Let’s buy a house first.’

That was why Midas was still struggling while walking towards the capsule room

‘Let’s just rent a house with two bedrooms, put some rehabilitation tools for my brother in one room, and decorate the other room for Hyerin.’

Anyway, one thing was certain.

It was that he got a sum of money.

‘Alright, let’s keep it for now.’

He could put off the worry about where to spend without suffering.


Then Midas came up with an idea.

‘If I can sell it later……, it means I can use it now!’

An idea where he uses the bow.

He could do that.

‘I can use it.’

If a player’s level matched an item’s except for special ones, the player could use it without class requirements.

It was always possible for a magician to use a sword, for a warrior to use a wand to poke an enemy’s eyes, and for a priest to pray with a two handed axe in his hands.

Only one thing was that they couldn’t use the weapon’s occupational trait.

For example, a wand transformed in accordance with magic when a magician used the wand.

When the magician used arrow magic, it transformed into a bow and when he used sword magic, it transformed into a sword.

A bow also transformed in accordance with an archer’s skill when an archer used it.

Same as a sword and also a spear.

Jobs didn’t exist uselessly in God Wars and people weren’t just going crazy about the jobs.

‘I wouldn’t normally use a bow unless I’m going nuts, but……’

That was why players didn’t normally use other weapons except for their occupational weapons.

Even if they used those weapons as a second weapon, switching was a problem.

To switch their weapons, they had to open their inventory, touch the item, and equip it.

That was a dumb thing to do and also the weapons weren’t free.

‘Wiga’s bow is different.’

However, a legendary grade item, Wiga’s bow, was a totally different story.

First, an arrow chased a target by itself once a player hit the target.

‘It’s a perfect combination with Dragon’s Eye.’

He didn’t have to think about what the combination would be like.

One more thing was that he could shoot quickly as soon as he hit a target.

He didn’t have to aim but only pull the bowstring.

There was only one problem.

How would he switch?

When Midas thought about the question, he slowly let go of Sahalin’s wand in his hand.

Then the wand stopped in the air right away.

‘I guess switching won’t be difficult if I use psychokinesis.’

Midas’s eyes started to glow.



A thunder arrow hit a lizard warrior’s body with the sparking sound.


The lizard warrior shouted shortly and fell forward right away.

It didn’t look so special in the swamp where a lot of lizardmen and lizard warriors existed.

[ You have hunted a lizard warrior. ]

[ You have acquired a title, ‘Lizard Warrior Hunter’. ]

It wasn’t special for Midas who had hunted over 333 lizard warriors.

There was nothing surprising.

Only watching it from 130 meters was surprising to him.

‘Holy cow.’

Midas looked at the Wiga’s bow in his hand with his surprised eyes.

The power increasing through switching with psychokinesis was a lot higher than his expectations.

No, it wasn’t about power.

‘I think I have to change my tactics.’

His strategy was changing.


He couldn’t help laughing.

‘It doesn’t make sense. No sense.’

He laughed because of the ridiculous situation. He couldn’t be more surprised than this.

At that moment.


Lucky howled to congratulate his owner’s new power.

Midas’s laughter became a smile.

“Definitely, you are the best……Oh!”

Then he removed the smile instantly.

“There was one more legendary skill.”

Midas just realized that there was one more thing to celebrate about.

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