BJ Archmage – Episode 63: The Price of Life (3)

The Price of Life (3)


“There, there!”

Wiga city, full of mystery and admiration, was getting noisy.

“A wolf holy beast? Isn’t that Lucky?”

“It is Lucky! The holy beast who broke the swordsman’s record!”

“It’s BJ Archmage!”

The reason for the noise was BJ Archmage.

Players under level 50 and even Azmo were so interested in him.

It was reasonable to cause a disturbance.

Besides, he wasn’t alone.

“Huh? What’s around him?”

“What? Are they his comrades?”

6 fully armed people were guarding BJ Archmage.

The scene wasn’t normal.

The people guarding BJ Archmage weren’t even players.

“They aren’t his comrades but NPCs.”


“The knights protecting Wiga city.”

“Are you saying the Wiga knights are guarding BJ Archmage?”

The knights were the most powerful NPCs in Wiga city.

They were guarding BJ Archmage.

“Oh my god, I’ve never seen something like that!”

“What on earth is BJ Archmage?”

“How is that possible?”

It was so shocking that no one could guess the situation.

Everyone was surprised at the scene.

‘What on earth is happening?’

Even Midas couldn’t understand the situation and was surprised.

They suddenly appeared as soon as Midas came to the main entrance of Wiga city and told him to follow them since Wiga, the NPC, the owner of Wiga city, was looking for him.

‘Wiga is looking for me……’

The reason was obvious.

‘It’s because of the main scenario for sure.’

This happening must be from the main scenario.

‘Ok, that’s good.’

By that time, Midas interpreted the situation in a good way.

‘It’s better to go to Wiga’s mansion where everyone knows than to go to Sahalin’s house in front of people.’

Going to the NPC, Sahalin, was more pressuring for Midas.


First, Lucky became too big to be hidden in Midas’s bosom.

“Definitely my lord. Everyone is looking up to you.”

Plus, Gold was added in this situation.

It would be impossible to hide both of them and go to Sahalin’s house unless he had invisible magic.

No matter what, he couldn’t avoid the situation that someone found out Sahalin’s house’s location.

So, he prepared for getting caught.

‘People after me can’t do anything this way.’

To delay his quest, he was determined to give a clue to those who sent the killer, Lola to Midas.

He can’t succeed if he’s afraid of failure.

It wasn’t just success. It could make Midas’s miserable life glossy.

That was why going to Wiga’s mansion was a more positive thing than going to Sahalin’s house for Midas because he didn’t need to let other competitors know about Sahalin’s house’s location.

When Midas thought about that, he could finally be relaxed.

‘Yea, let’s milk it since it has already happened. When can I experience something like this in Wiga city again?’

At that moment, Midas put his hands up and said, “Everyone, are you watching this? I’m going to Wiga with these NPCs guarding me. You guys can’t see this anywhere. For real. It’s only available for the chosen ones who are watching my channel.”

He pretended to broadcast.

One of the audience was surprised.

“Is he live broadcasting?”


“I couldn’t find BJ Archmage’s channel though.”

“Then is it true that his channel is only for VVIPs who paid a huge amount of money?”

“Are you talking about the joining condition which is to have at least 10 million won in assets?”

Then, they started making rumors and even more rumors about the rumors.

That was what Midas wanted.

“Now, focus on this more. You’re going to see a secret that only my viewers can see.”

‘The fastest thing that spreads is a rumor.’

If rumors spread this way, BJ Archmage’s popularity would also naturally spread.

‘Once my popularity spreads, it’ll become money.’

And his popularity would put more cash in his pocket in some ways.

“Now, I’m going to get inside!”

Midas went inside Wiga’s mansion.



Midas became separated from the world as soon as the entrance door closed in Wiga’s mansion which was in the middle of Wiga city.

It wasn’t a metaphoric expression.

[ You have entered Wiga’s mansion. ]

Midas came inside of the separated world where anyone could know unless he opened it in public. When Midas figured that out, he changed his facial expression.

‘Let’s focus on the quest.’

At that moment.

There was someone at the staircase in front of the entrance door.

“You’re here.”

The familiar face welcomed Midas while walking down the stairs.

It was the NPC, Sahalin.

“Oh, he came.”

And there was an old man with white hair that was pulled back.

[ You have acquired a title, ‘Someone who was invited by Wiga’. ]

[ You have received a rune as a reward. ]

It was the moment the owner of this city appeared.

‘I’ve never imagined myself meeting Wiga in person.’

Midas wasn’t the first player who saw Wiga.

Not only that, but there were actually many players who met him.

‘It was an established theory that players can only see him when they get Wiga’s weapons…..’

At least, players met Wiga more than one time when they got one of Wiga’s weapons in person.

They had to get a quest from Wiga directly to get Wiga’s weapons and also come back to finish it.

In other words, meeting Wiga meant that a player would have history with a legendary item, Wiga’s weapon.

The meaning was uncommon.

‘I’ve never expected to meet him this way.’

Moreover, Midas met him because of the quest which was more important than the legendary items.

“So, did you find it?”

Sahalin threw the question to Midas and Midas took out an egg from his item window.

As soon as he took it out, the necklace in Midas’s neck moved towards it.


The string of the necklace became tight.

Sahalin saw that and said, “You really brought it.”

Then she took out a book in her hand.

Midas’s eyes became bigger.

< Legendary Skill Card Book >

‘Okay, let’s do it without poking around.’

He wouldn’t mind if the quest ended here like this without any conversation.

Midas walked towards Sahalin with the egg in his hand and stood in front of her.

Sahalin reached out her hand towards the egg.


At that moment.

Wiga moaned shortly and then opened his mouth.


In his words, all the situations instantly stopped.

Sahalin and Midas turned their heads towards Wiga at the same time.

Sahalin opened her mouth first.

“Do you have any problems?”

Her voice was so cold that Midas’s spine was chilled.

However, Wiga didn’t react at the voice and only shrunk his shoulders.

“There’s no problem.”

“Then why are you interrupting all of a sudden?”

“Because there’s literally no problem.”

Midas frowned.

‘What the hell are they talking about?’

Midas couldn’t interrupt the conversation.

“This guy, Midas, found this without any problems when we couldn’t find it.”

“That’s right.”

“There’s no reason for someone else to do this job, don’t you think so? He’s so talented.”

Sahalin started to glare at Wiga with her cold eyes instead of answering.

However, Wiga didn’t even care about that.

Instead, he looked at Midas and said, “Like always, a hero appears in the middle of chaos. You, young man. You’re very talented.”

“Thank you, sir.”

“So I’m wondering, can you continue investigating the egg?”

Midas secretly checked Sahalin’s face.

Her face became more savage just like someone stole something of hers.

‘I see what’s going on now.’

Only then Midas understood the scenario.

Sahalin seemed to continue after she got the egg first.

However, Wiga stopped that somehow.

‘There’s some scenario between them.’

A new story was about to start.

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