BJ Archmage – Episode 63: The Price of Life (3)

‘Then I should make the story start.’

Midas didn’t hesitate.

“If you trust me and give me a chance, I won’t let you down.”

“I like your answer. Oh, we should calculate first.”

Wiga stopped the conversation for a moment, took the skill card book from Sahalin, and gave it to Midas right away.

“You gotta get a reward for the egg.”

When he got the skill card book, Wiga said, “Keep the egg with you.”

“Ok, sir. I’ll protect it.”

Midas answered right away.

At that moment.

As soon as Midas answered, a question mark appeared above Wiga’s head and Wiga said, “Of course, I believe that you’ll protect it with your life. But, it seems like Sahalin doesn’t agree with me.”

Wiga didn’t give Midas enough time to figure out the situation and tapped his shoulders.

“So, you gotta prove if you can really protect the egg or not.”

[ A new quest is uploaded to the list of the main scenario quest. ]

Midas wasn’t surprised.

‘As I expected, he wants me to hunt the jewel alligator.’

He already guessed the next quest would be to hunt the jewel alligator which was the boss monster in the swamp.

He was relaxed instead.

‘I’ve already planned for the raid.’

His plan to hunt the jewel alligator was even perfect, so there was no reason for him to get bewildered.

[ The Jewel Alligator ]
– Rank: Main Scenario
– Level: Level 40 and above
– Content: Hunt the boss in the swamp!
– Reward: Wiga’s wand

Therefore, Midas wasn’t surprised when he saw the quest window.

It was actually surprising since Wiga’s wand wasn’t as great as Wiga’s bow, but it was still a legendary item that was over $30,000.

It was surprising enough since the item was very expensive and perfectly tradable.

Though, the reason why Midas wasn’t surprised was simple.

! When solo killing the jewel alligator, you can acquire ‘Wiga’s white wand’.
! When completing the quest, you can continue the quest, ‘Huge Forest’.

It was because the hidden information was more surprising than the information above.

‘Wiga’s white wand? Not just Wiga’s wand, but Wiga’s white wand?’

It sounded like this item was definitely a higher grade item than just Wiga’s wand.

‘What the hell is that?’

Midas couldn’t even guess what it was.

Of course, one thing was certain that this quest would be worth risking his life.

“What about that? Can you do it?”



As soon as the conversation was over, Sahalin and Wiga disappeared and Midas walked towards the door of the mansion.

However, he didn’t go outside because he had something to do.

[ You are opening the skill card book. ]

He opened the quest reward in front of the door.

Then five skill cards showed their backside in front of Midas’s eyes.

All the gold lights were glowing in front of him.


“Oh, you’re going to even glow more!”

At the same time, his two partners made a lot of noise in his ears.

Midas carefully turned his eyes to the very left card in the middle.

Of course, Midas knew what he needed the most at that moment.

‘Please, come out with an MP recovery card.’

Midas’s attack power was more than just enough.

What he needed in this situation was maintenance power to keep his attack power.


The thing he wanted was in front of him.

[ Dragon Mana ]
– Rank: Legendary
– Effect: You will be awakened with the dragon’s power and absorb MP from nature. The speed of MP recovery increases a lot.

Dragonic Mana!

“It’s definitely a great game! It comes out right away!”

The skill card that Midas wanted the most appeared and Midas didn’t hesitate to touch the card.

“It’s a great choice, my lord”, Gold said.


Lucky also barked next to Midas.

Then Midas instantly stopped.

‘Wait, woof? Not howl?’

Soon, Midas pulled his hand back from the card and looked through the other skill cards.

From the left to the right. He finally checked the very right skill card.

[ Dragon Fever Time (龍熱病) ]
– Rank: Legendary
– Effect: You get dragon fever. During a certain time, the casting speed increases a lot. MP consumption also increases a lot.

Dragonic Fever Time.

In plain language, it was a very strong booster skill.

In return for MP consumption increasing, it reduced the casting time.

The skill existed in any other games.


However, it was different in God Wars.

There were unique nicknames for the skill.

‘………Is this it? The million dollars!’

The skill was called the million dollars.

The nickname was made not because it was traded at a million dollars for real.

On G-bay, this skill was never traded officially.

The reason why it had the nickname was because of Azmo.

After half a year since God Wars started, Azmo found out about the skill’s existence and said that he would pay a million dollars if anyone brought it to him.

Whether he really bought the skill at a million dollars from someone or he bought it somewhere else was unclear. Anyway, the skill became one of the representatives of archmages and Azmo.

Of course, this skill wasn’t helpful for Midas at that moment.

It was actually for a boss raid.

Dragonic Mana skill was more helpful when hunting normally.

Moreover, Midas already felt the lack of his MP. It was certain that he wouldn’t use the true value of the skill.

It was throwing pearls before swine.

‘I can’t even buy it even if I sell my house.’

However, that kind of worry was useless for Midas.

‘I should push ahead whatever the result may be!’

Midas’s hand didn’t hesitate to touch Dragonic Fever.

[ You have acquired Dragonic Fever. ]

Soon, an alert notified of the skill acquisition.


Also, Lucky howled to congratulate him.

While listening to them, Midas thought, ‘The rest of the things I need are now Wind Arrow and Fire Arrow.’

Then Midas shortly expected, ‘Oh, isn’t anyone going to give me them for free?’

After that, he giggled.

‘Well, there won’t be anyone that nice.’

There wouldn’t be a pushover like that.


“Boss, I sent an email.”


Yeongjoon nodded at his subordinate.

“Then now, it’s time for you to ask me a question.”

The subordinate held his tongue and Yeongjoon laughed at him.

“You were going to ask me why I sent an email saying that I will find anything he needs.”

Then his subordinate nodded strongly.

Yeongjoon happily answered, “Do you remember I talked about the biggie which is the sequential period for bribes? That’s what I’m doing right now.”

His subordinate asked with his unsatisfied face, “Wasn’t it a joke?”

“A joke? Why is it a joke?”

“Isn’t it bullshit?”

“What do you mean by bullshit? I’ve never said something like that in my life.”

Yeongjoon protested, but his subordinate still made a doubtful face.

“Frankly speaking, everyone’s going to be rich if giving bribes is a biggie.”

The cross question was reasonable.

Yeongjoon giggled.

“That’s why it’s called a biggie. Just giving an expensive gift isn’t a bribe. That’s just a tribute. Think about it. If someone buys you a Rolex Submariner, you’ll be happy. What if that person buys you a Hermes Birkin bag next time? How would you feel?”

His subordinate tilted his head.

He seemed like he didn’t understand the value of the gifts.

“They both are over $10,000.”


Only then he understood and said, “Well, I think I would be happy. No, I might probably reject the next gift.”

“They’re for free. Why?”

“There has to be a reason why that person gives them to me.”

Then Yeongjoon pointed at his subordinate with his finger.

“Yea, that’s right. If someone buys you expensive gifts in a row, you’re naturally going to wonder, ‘does he want something from me?’. But what if the person says something like this after giving you the Rolex?”

“Like what?”

“I’m working in the concert industry, so I can get a singer’s concert ticket easily. Just tell me if you need it. Now, what are you going to answer? Are you going to say ‘your intention is suspicious, so no.’?”

The subordinate shook his head.

He made a face that he understood and Yeongjoon smiled.

“Now I understand why you’re doing this to BJ Archmage, but what if he asks for something ridiculous? Something like a legendary item or a skill card?”

“We can reject politely. Also, if he was going to ask that kind of thing, he would’ve done that already.”

Yeongjoon tapped his head with his finger.

“I’m sure that BJ Archmage will figure it out and ask for something reasonable. Probably a rare grade skill card. Something cheap in his standard. Maybe about 3 to 4 million won in cash. Something that is not too much for us. Something that he can get comfortably from us.”

Yeongjoon smiled with his words.

“However, I can at least grab one of his collars as soon as he gets it from us.”

He smiled like a fisherman who just saw his float’s movement.

“You’ll see BJ Archmage in my hand soon.”

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