BJ Archmage – Episode 64: Live (1)

Live (1)


Many rumors started from God Wars.

They were produced continuously in God Wars.

There were too many big rumors, for example, the Urbis guild discovering a new city and Azmo spending almost 1 million dollars on God Wars.

BJ Archmage’s rumor wasn’t any different.

– Do you know what BJ Archmage is doing these days?

└ I don’t know.

BJ Archmage became popular because Azmo was interested in him. In other words, Azmo was the reason for his popularity.

– It seems like Azmo is not interested.

└ Azmo wasn’t interested in anyone except for himself before.

└ He didn’t talk about BJ Archmage in his live channel.

It was obvious that BJ Archmage’s popularity dropped as soon as Azmo stopped caring.

– Big news about BJ Archmage!

└ What’s going on?

└ BJ Archmage went inside Wiga’s mansion.

It became the main topic at that time when BJ Archmage’s popularity was going down.

– I guess he found Wiga’s weapon quest.

– One more Wiga’s weapon will come out.

Therefore, they weren’t that excited about the news.

– He’s definitely fucking rich.

└ What? If he’s rich, he can just buy the weapon.

└ It’s the opposite. He could just buy the weapon, but he paid and got the quest.

└ Oh, that’s right.

They only treated the news as gossip.

– He went to the mansion while being guarded by Wiga’s knights!

However, people gained interest again as the situation was discussed in detail.

– I heard it’s not about Wiga’s weapon quest.

└ Isn’t he the first player who was escorted by the guards?

└ I just watched a video of Wiga’s weapon quest! There’s nothing like being guarded by them!

└ What kind of quest is he doing seriously?

Everyone started to get interested in BJ Archmage again.

And their interests spawned many kinds of rumors.

“Hyunwoo, do you know what kind of quest BJ Archmage is doing now? Don’t get too surprised. Well, BJ Archmage is going to take over Wiga city. He’s going to become a lord of the castle! He’s going to take over the castle!”

There was no explanation needed since even Hyukjoo Lee was gossiping about the ridiculous rumor in front of Hyunwoo Jung.

“I got this information from a credible route. Don’t spread this. Ok? I’m going to be doomed if it spreads.”

BJ Archmage was dumbfounded as the person directly involved.

“Ok, I won’t say anything. Can you set it up so that I can connect the game?”

“Oh, ok! I’ll do it right away.”

Hyunwoo disheveled his hair nervously when Hyukjoo left.

His face was so worried.

‘People like Hyukjoo are ok because they only spread false rumors.’

It was obvious.

‘The problem is…. people who actually do something.’

He already found out that some powerful group hired Lola who was quite famous to disturb him.

Are they really going to let BJ Archmage play the game his own way? In this kind of situation where BJ Archmage was getting popular again? In this kind of situation where he was certainly doing something special?

‘There will be no trouble if it was a normal hunt.’

He could ignore them if it was an ordinary situation.

He didn’t have to play with them.

‘But it’s different since it’s a jewel alligator.’

However, he couldn’t do that if it was a very special case, a boss raid.

‘I’m certain that they’re going to tackle me.’

As soon as they find a situation where BJ Archmage hunts a jewel alligator, they will send an assassin and a disrupter.

They did that for a living and were different from Lola.

‘It worked on Lola since she was from the Seven Stars Union, but it will be different if someone else comes after me.’

Moreover, Hyunwoo was lucky because the guild master of the Seven Stars Union had a wide network.

Otherwise, his trick wouldn’t work at all.

‘It’s best not to be caught.’

The best thing was that he didn’t get caught.

The swamp was wide and only Hyunwoo could exactly figure out where and when the boss monster came out.

It wasn’t that impossible not to be caught while hunting.

‘But I can’t just rely on my luck.’

However, he couldn’t relax without any preparation.

‘I can’t just expect that my luck will help me until the end.’

Besides, it was only the beginning.

What if he could catch the jewel alligator without being caught, what about the next time?

Is he going to rely on his luck again?

When he thought about the answer to the question, Hyukjoo shouted towards Hyunwoo.

“Hyunwoo, it’s ready.”

Hyunwoo stood up with a stiff face.


He didn’t seem to be worried since there were limited choices and what Hyunwoo had to choose was already decided.


[ Fire Arrow ]
– Rank: F
– Effect: You can summon three fire arrows. The higher your skill rank gets, the more fire arrows you can summon.
! When hitting 111 times, you can acquire a title, ‘The Fire Skewer’.

[ Wind Arrow ]
– Rank: F
– Effect: You can summon three wind arrows. The higher your skill rank gets, the more wind arrows you can summon.
! When hitting 9999 times, you can acquire a title, ‘The Silent Assassin’.

Fire and Wind Arrow.

Midas stared at the new skills with a nervous face and smiled unconsciously.

‘I had no idea that I could get these expensive skills.’

The fact that he got them for free from the Rising Star Channel made him smile.

‘I guess the Rising Star Channel is going to support me as their main member.’

It meant that the Rising Star Channel admitted BJ Archmage as their key player.

In baseball, it was like he became a 1-tier and also a starting player.

‘I don’t know who the boss is at the Rising Star Channel, but I’m sure that he has eyes to see and a brilliant brain.’

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