BJ Archmage – Episode 64: Live (1)

Midas checked his stats with happiness.

[ Midas ]
– Level: 45
– God: WarDragon
– Job: Archmage
– Stats: Strength (5+298) / HP (5+281) / Intelligence (235+401) / MP (50+339)

The best in his level.

‘My stats are higher than Azmo when he was level 45. That’s certain.’

He stared at his stats that he could confidently talk about.

And when he turned off the stat window, there were Lucky and Gold who were staring at him with their faithful eyes.

Midas smiled more.

‘If I play the game normally and earn a little money even though I’m so prepared, I’m just a moron.’

Soon, Midas looked up to the sky.

It was a clear sky above the swamp.

Then Midas could see something that only he could see.

[ The remaining time until the jewel alligator appears 4:43:13 ]

Midas checked the time and looked around.

There were players playing the game everywhere in the swamp.

‘Some have been following me since the entrance of the swamp.’

He already met some players several times.

‘And those pucks approached the group chasing me.’

There were players who came to the swamp with other intentions.

Midas already saw so many times that there was nothing to trust in God Wars.

‘Even without them, there are so many players who are willing to kill me if possible.’


Midas talked to the two trustworthy comrades.

“Let’s debut today.”


“Pardon me?”

Then Lucky and Gold expressed their doubt.

Midas didn’t continue his words.

‘Even if they try to mess with me, I can’t let them do that easily.’

He only resolved his determination.

‘I’ll show you that you’ll be fucked up if you screw me.’


“How long is it going to take to edit the video? Three days? Can you do it faster?”

“Oh, yea. Of course. Mr. Mustang, you’re our best partner. We’ll try our best to support you.”

“Did you say that you want to live broadcast your channel through us?

It was a normal spectacle at a company before lunchtime.

“How much were Fire Arrow and Wind Arrow for BJ Archmage?

“Wind Arrow was $1,522 and Fire Arrow was $1,312.”


His subordinate carefully opened his mouth when Yeongjoon was tapping his tablet after the conversation.

“Excuse me, boss.”

His voice sounded depressed.

He seemed to have something to talk about.

Yeongjoon figured that out and asked, “Why? Do you have something to tell me?”

“No, that’s not it.”

“Then why are you in a mood? What is it?”

“Well that is…. Um.. Don’t you think that we’re his bitch?”

“What? Who?”


“Me? Whose? BJ Archmage’s?”


Yeongjoon just stared at his subordinate without any words with a puzzled face.

“Don’t you think so?”

His subordinate opened his mouth first.

“If we just look at the situation, you only gave something to BJ Archmage and haven’t gotten anything from him. His videos are obvious since he has a contract…… You said it’s for the future, but it’s just being his bitch.”

His words were reasonable.

Yeongjoon nodded instead of raging.

“That’s right.”

“You’re not going to be mad?”

“I won’t be. Being bitch and investing are separated by a thin line. If you invest and screw up, you become their bitch. If you are their bitch and are lucky, you become Warren Buffett.”

Yeongjoon smiled while talking.

“That’s why people like me try so hard to enter a good college and graduate from there even though the tuition fee is fucking crazy.”

He smiled with confidence.

However, his subordinate had a glum look.

Yeongjoon wasn’t wrong, but his subordinate thought that he still looked like BJ Archmage’s bitch.

Then he removed his smile and frowned.

“You seem like you don’t trust me.”

“No, that’s not it….. What BJ Archmage did recently makes me think that he’s not an ordinary person. I think that he’s not going to care about us.”

“Oh, you mean when he was escorted by guards while going to Wiga’s mansion.”

“Yes. Isn’t it extraordinary? Then, do you really think that we can get something from him just because he got bribes from us? Aren’t we just people whom he can use and throw away anytime?”

Yeongjoon shrunk his shoulders.

“I think it’ll be meaningless to explain a fundamental thing, so let me just tell you about my scenario. I think that BJ Archmage has prepared something big. Even if he hasn’t prepared anything, he will do something in the situation where he gets the world’s attention again. Am I right?”

“Yes, you’re right.”

“Then what’s going to be next?”

“Well…. He recently showed up at the swamp, so I guess he’s going to hunt the boss monster there.”


“He’ll probably give us a video of solo killing the boss monster. We’re already contracted.”



“And what else do you think he’s going to do? Just a video of solo killing the boss monster? Only about $10,000 is going to be left to him after paying for this and that. He’s BJ Archmage. Huh? He’s BJ” (TL: BJ means ‘Broadcasting Jockey’.)

Only then the subordinate understood Yeongjoon’s scenario and made a surprised look.

“He’s going to do a live broadcast. A hundred percent sure. He already became a hot issue. One more thing is that he’s going to do it through our channel for sure.”

“Our channel?”

“He needs to follow rules if he is working with major channels, but we let him do whatever he wants. We’re a faithful channel. Right? We’re his bitch whom he can use as much as he wants.”

At that time.

“Boss, we got an email from BJ Archmage”, Another subordinate said while looking at a monitor.

“He’s asking if it’s ok to do a live broadcast through our channel.”

At that moment, the subordinate made a shocked face and Yeongjoon deeply smiled at him.

“Hey, where am I from?”

His subordinate didn’t hesitate to answer.

“The Wharton school, sir.”

Yeongjoon finished the conversation with him and said to everyone, “You guys heard everything, so do I need to explain more? Get prepared for the live broadcast!”

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