BJ Archmage – Episode 65: Live (2)

Live (2)


Livestreams are the most popular content in God Wars.

Not only was it popular in God Wars but also in so many other games before it. Even other content like sports and concerts were considered the best when they were live.

However, there was a long period of transition for livestreams to settle down in God Wars.

The reason was that it couldn’t be controlled.

‘There were so many stupid things happening in the middle of a livestream.’

In sports or concerts, they had some control and punished someone when they interrupted a broadcast, but it wasn’t possible in God Wars.

It was even difficult to figure out who they were when players wore masks and interrupted someone’s livestream.

‘As soon as someone started his livestream, so many players crowded around and messed it up. Then it became a war and even a war of the guilds…….’

A livestream about hunting a monster became a livestream about PK and it also became a livestream about a war of guilds.

Moreover, live streaming a boss raid was like spraying blood in the water full of sharks.

Let’s bite it off first!

‘Everyone hunted a boss monster while hiding.’

They couldn’t live stream but hide the fact that they were going to hunt a boss monster.

To secure the information, they let their parties or guild members know one hour before they started a boss raid.

Yet, some still live streamed a boss raid in that situation.

‘Except for the top 10 guilds.’

The top 10 guilds were one of them.

They didn’t hesitate to reveal their achievements in public.

In plain language, they became the top 10 because it was possible for them.

If they were the same as the others, they would’ve stayed at the same position.

‘Well, they punished players the worst.’

The top 10 guilds’ punishment was different.

When necessary, they carried out a public execution in their livestream.

That was why players remembered what the top 10 guilds were like and couldn’t even show their teeth in front of them.

‘That was the answer.’

If we can’t avoid them, keep them off!

Only their methods worked in God Wars.

That was why Hyunwoo Jung chose their method.

He avoided live streaming to avoid other players’ attacks.

But, he was still attacked.

‘They still attack me even though I’m not live streaming. It’s better to do it.’

There was no reason to hesitate for him.

First, Hyunwoo wanted to livestream.

‘If I want to be a star player, I should do live streaming.’

What he wanted to be was not just a player, but a star player who shined like a star.

“Hyunwoo, I’m done with the setting!”

Hyukjoo notified Hyunwoo that it was ready to start.


Hyunwoo put the stinky herbal medicine, Cheong Sim Hwan, in his mouth and swallowed it.

Then he strengthened his determination.

‘When I get a sponsor, I’m going to get Cheong Sim Hwan as a sponsor first.’

After he imagined his success, he logged into the game.


The Alpha company’s share price let people know how amazing God Wars was.

And its share price after guilds in God Wars and game companies were listed showed how scary God Wars was.

It was the era where guilds and groups were worth more than a trillion if they played the game well.

It was impossible to postulate one of the best guilds, Urbis.

Anyway, there were so many employees in Urbis.

There were also managers who managed all the work for players so that they could only focus on playing the game.

Emma was one of them.

“Lola has failed?”


That was why she was at the head office of Urbis in Miami Beach, Florida, where everyone could enjoy sea bathing anytime with sandals and swimsuits.

“That’s troublesome. There are so many players who are stronger than Lola, but there aren’t many players who have a level 50 second character that can go to the swamp.”

The other manager, with tanned skin and curly hair, heard about her task and shook her head.

On the contrary, Emma shrugged her thick eyebrows under her blond hair.

“Well, it’s not actually troublesome. I was just poking around.”

“Poking around?”

“I wasn’t sure if Azmo was really supporting him or not, so I didn’t attack him for real since Azmo could show up for him. Well, I didn’t expect that my card, Lola, was going to be defeated this easily.”

Emma shrugged her shoulders and the other manager nodded.

“I guess he’s not an amateur.”

“Anyway, it’s certain that this player isn’t playing it for the first time. He’s been playing it for at least more than 3 years or maybe 5 years.”

“So what are you going to do?”

Emma didn’t even think about it and answered, “Just like you said, there aren’t many players who left their second characters who are better than Lola in Wiga city.”

“That’s right.”

“Also, I can’t bring players from the higher grade city.”

“Right. It’s not easy to regress due to the system in God Wars.”

“Then there’s only one answer. I can’t help but hire amateurs.”

“Amateurs….. Then?”

“I offered a small reward of $10,000 for BJ Archmage’s life. It’s for those who know how to do PK in the swamp.”

The other manager made a surprised face.

“Are you saying that you already did that?”

“I don’t need to delay my work. I checked on him moving to the swamp and it’s obvious that his next target is the jewel alligator.”

“Indeed, you don’t have to save money since it’s not yours.”

Emma frowned her face for a second at the words.

Literally, for a second.

It was very short so anyone would think that she only frowned because her green tea was hot.

The other manager also didn’t care about that and continued, “It’s going to be a headache for BJ Archmage. Once he looks easy, everyone tries to bite him off here.”


At that moment.


A smart watch on Emma’s left wrist vibrated shortly and she checked the screen.

Her face didn’t change.

“What is it?”

So, the other manager didn’t care about it either.

He didn’t mean anything special when asked.

Then Emma answered calmly, “BJ Archmage started a livestream through the Rising Star Channel.”

“A livestream? Not a private one?”


“Why all of a sudden?”

Emma didn’t answer the question.

She only had the coldest eyes.

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