BJ Archmage – Episode 65: Live (2)


All the videos of God Wars were only available through WarsTube.

However, most of the players didn’t complain about that.

It wasn’t because they had deep affections for God Wars.

The main reason why they didn’t complain was that it was very easy to broadcast through WarsTube.

Live streaming was the same.

[ Insert the channel code for livestream. ]

A player could broadcast right away after inserting a channel code while logged into the game.

‘So easy.’

It only took a minute to process all the work.

[ You have inserted the code. ]

[ Your live stream will start through ‘The Rising Star Channel’. ]

As soon as he connected to the channel, a hologram window showed up on the right side of Midas.

‘Ok, a chat room showed up.’

It was a chat room.

There were three connectors.

‘Three? Who’s the other one?’

Midas and a manager who managed the chat room.

They were obvious members.

However, the other one wasn’t expected here since the livestream was still private at that moment.

His wandering didn’t last long.

– Wharton: Mr. BJ Archmage, you can only focus on playing the game. We’re going to try our best to direct it.

– Wharton: Oh, I’m the owner of the Rising Star Channel. It’s the first time having a conversation, right? Thank you for your decision.

Midas was so surprised that he wanted to bow on the floor right away when the former showed up.

‘The owner’s talking in person?’

However, he suppressed his feelings hard and said calmly, “Thank you for your service.”

After the short conversation, a red number, 9, appeared in front of Midas’s eyes and started decreasing.

The countdown had started.


Midas got his breath inside.

‘How many will watch this?’

He had already finished preparing for fighting against interruptions and achieving what he was willing to.

However, he wasn’t ready for the number of views.

‘There aren’t going to be many viewers, but I’m going to be a little disappointed if there are too few…… It can’t be barely 100. Oh, forget it. It wasn’t advertised and planned. The Rising Star Channel isn’t a livestream speciality. By some possibility, it can be really 100.’

He didn’t expect to hit the jackpot, but he couldn’t help expecting.

The higher the expectations, the greater the disappointment.

‘Still, I made a video with a million views and became a hot issue….. I hope a thousand people watch it.’

As soon as Midas finished strengthening his determination, the countdown also finished.

The private broadcast became public and soon, viewers started to enter.

At that moment, a storm attacked the chat room.

Also, the number of viewers started to increase.

– Finally, livestream!

– Mr. BJ Archmage, I’m your fan!

– BJ Archmage is now the general trend!

– No bullshit please. The general trend is BJ Lucky!

– Lucky! Show us Lucky!

The chat room instantly became chaotic.

That way, the number of views broke through 3 to 1,000.

The number didn’t stop but increased rapidly.

Midas made a blank face.


The situation was beyond his expectation and above his imagination.

‘Oh, let’s gather my senses. I can’t be a moron in my first livestream.’

Midas narrowly devoted his attention and started broadcasting while relaxing himself.

“Hello, this is BJ Archmage. I’m greeting you guys through the Rising Star Channel.”

Midas slowly and calmly continued.

“I only did the private livestream, but I changed it to public due to the current incident. Well, you guys are not here to listen to all this, I’ll proceed to the main point. First, let me introduce my comrades.”

Midas pointed at his front.

“This is my golem.”


The golem hit the swamp heavily like he was waiting for this.

“And he’s my new guardian, Gold.”

“For my lord’s infinite glory!”

Gold picked up his shield and sword high and showed his presence.

The viewers were surprised at him.

– Guardian? Is it a legendary skill?

– Wow, he picks legendary skills so easily.

– How much did you spend?

– Wow, he’s spending more than Azmo.

– I think he’s stronger than Azmo when he had the same level as him.

– I didn’t know there was someone who spends more than Azmo does.

Of course, the viewers were waiting for something else.

– I don’t want the ugly lizard warrior guardian. Lucky! I want to see Lucky!

– If you show me Lucky, I’ll give you money!

Lucky, the holy beast who broke the swordsman’s record in Dorido mine!

“Everyone’s looking for Lucky.”

Midas happily showed Lucky to the viewers who were expecting him.

Midas shouted out loud after putting his hands together near his mouth.



Then Lucky appeared on the golem’s head and howled loudly.

[ It’sLucky donated 1 dollar. ]

[ HolybeastIsTheBest donated 1 dollar. ]

[ ILoveLucky donated 4 dollars. ]

The viewers started to donate money at his howling.

‘This isn’t a joke.’

Midas made a surprised face.

‘Lucky was this popular?’

He knew Lucky was popular, but he didn’t expect that much donations to pour out just because Lucky howled.

At this rate, the channel would be not for BJ Archmage, but for BJ Lucky.

‘Definitely, he’s Godly.’

Midas smiled happily.

He continued with a deep smile, “Now, let me tell you about the topic of this livestream. I’m planning on solo killing the jewel alligator. Of course, I’m going to give a condition for fun. I’ll break the record of the jewel alligator raid for a party of three, 10 minutes 32 seconds.”

Then the chat room became chaotic again.

– He’s notifying a new record already.

– By the way, isn’t it going to be tough? There should be disrupters for sure.

– Right. The biggest reason why it’s hard to break a record is not the lack of ability but the disrupters.

The viewers showed their opinions.

– I’m going to hunt BJ Archmage. I’m recruiting for a party!

– I’m going to stop him.

– I’ll show you why this game is fucking messed up!

Some intentionally showed their enmity.

Of course, Midas couldn’t pay attention to the chat room where so many conversations were going on.

He had to focus on only one thing now.

< Jewel Alligator (Lv58) >

60 meters forward, a 10-meter length monster that was hiding its whole body in the swamp except for its eyes.

That was what he had to focus on.

“I’m going to play the main round.”

As soon as Midas finished his words, he shouted, “Dragon Fever Time!”

[ You have gotten dragon fever. ]

[ The casting speed increases by 50%. ]

TL: Thank you for reading so far!

I’ll see you guys again with other novels or webtoons 🙂

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