BJ Archmage – Episode 7: Chapter 1 – This Can Be Seen Too? (3)


The people of the world had gone wild when God Wars made its first appearance.

However, there were some who feared its advent. (pr: someone watched too much sao)

It was the fear that the strongholds they had built up around different industries and games would be destroyed in front of God Wars.

“Through the appearance of God Wars, Hollywood celebrities and sports stars will become side characters.”

Among them, the fear that the sports and movie stars felt was beyond description.

Unsurprisingly, their fears immediately became reality.

They, who had wealth, fame, and something else beyond that, all died off like a flame upon the appearance of the God Wars powerhouses.

“On the other hand, more stars will appear now.”

To put it differently,many people who were earlier nameless individuals, had now become stars through God Wars.

No, on the contrary, those that had been tied down by restrictions in reality had their talents shine brighter through God Wars.

“Because anyone would be able to become a star through God Wars if they’re good at it.”

War hero Sergeant First Class Hyten, who had become half paralyzed in a war had become a champion whose name heralded victory in God Wars, while Nichole who lost her voice when her neck was stabbed at a Harlem lot became a priest that sung the most beautiful of hymns.

Those that had a fate surpassing that of being worthless to being miserable came to possess wealth and fame through God Wars.

Of course, there were many that had such a dream and started God Wars, who ended up failing miserably.

“Fuck, it’s really hard.”

“For the orc to be that strong. Orcs were killed like cleaning trash in broadcasts.”

“Wow, it’s really different from looking at it.”

Also, one realizes that it’s an impossible dream the moment the tutorial ends.

That was the reason the tutorial existed in God Wars.

The tutorial made players realize what level they were at.

“Damn, this god forsaken game.”

Through the tutorial, players realized how insignificant of an existence they are in God Wars.

The fact that they aren’t even good enough to even serve those who featured in popular videos.

“They’re all coming out as expected.”

“There’s no one enduring for over 10 minutes.”

“Isn’t that guy the one that fought with an orc?”

“That guy came out the fastest.”

This was why those that were in the same situation gathered at one place eating the same dishes and the same rice with a bitter smile.


Of course, a few among them who had good perception realized something was off.

“There’s one missing?”


“There was a person that ran away desperately you see.”

The fact that one of them had yet to appear that is.

“Did he not die?”

The fact that one of them was still playing the tutorial.

Of course, it was only up to that.

“He should come soon enough.”

There was no one that questioned beyond that.

In the first place, there was no reason to show interest.

“Now then, let’s begin the real game now!”

“Phew mate, we’re finally starting this thing. Let’s GO!!”

Because the real game has started for them.

All this while, Midas was continuing the tutorial which held the world’s disinterest.

Time passed like that.



Three orcs that let out cries sounding like wild monster sounds looked through the space between the trees.


At that moment, a rustling sound reached an orc’s ear.

All three orcs made the same cry as they headed for it’s source.

It was at that moment.


Midas who had been at the opposite side of that sound let out short breaths as he ran.

It was a simple method.

‘As expected, throwing rocks is always useful.’

After gathering the attention of monsters by throwing a rock, it was hardly difficult to run away while those monsters were making a fuss.

‘Well, it’s a method that’s not needed for those that can fight well though.’

Of course, it wasn’t a method that was used often in God Wars.

The players basically thought of themselves as hunters and the monsters they came across as their prey.

Wouldn’t it be funny if they threw rocks to run away from such a prey?

To be honest, most of the players that said so would either quit the game rather than play so pathetically or select a heroic warrior job.

‘I survived quite a few times with this.’

One, Midas knew that his case was different than those who played God Wars for their entertainment.

No matter how pathetic, how miserable he was, he had to survive somehow.

Not for anyone else but for his brother and niece.

If it was for those two, Midas had the confidence to use any means or measures to survive that he knew of or could think up.

‘I had engraved the method to avoid the aggro of monsters in my head.’

Midas had naturally researched the method to avoid aggro while researching the behavior patterns of monsters.

‘Only I can protect myself in this world.’

Guardsmen were always stuck to magicians that were good, and the magicians received help from those guardsmen.

In terms of movies, it would be a manager or bodyguard being by the side of a main actor.

To say it differently, there was no case of a guardsman sticking to a one time use extra like Midas.

In such a situation, Midas had no choice but to look for methods to survive using his own power.

‘I’m confident in running away.’

It wasn’t to the point of researching but more like Midas’ way of life.

‘Okay, the green light turned on.’

Also, at this moment, the method Midas used to survive was giving him a chance of a lifetime.

‘Aggro over!’

Midas erased his breath the moment the aggro of the orcs disappeared.

He looked around in that state.

His sight was narrow.

Tree trunks and tall grass covered his sight and it couldn’t be helped that little could be seen when he was lowering his posture and peeking his head out.

However, Midas’ eyes could see clearly.

The green lights shining across the trees.

‘The time left now is one minute.’

At that moment, Midas started a countdown.

‘59, 58.’

The second hand within his mind moved quickly.

That was Midas’ specialty as well.

In a tense battle that progressed in minutes and seconds, Midas had no choice but to know the time himself as there was no one to tell him.

‘4, 3, 2…….’

Such Midas’ countdown was accurate.



[You have achieved the Tutorial Master title.]

[A rune will be given as a reward.]


The message appeared at the exact time and Midas yelled unconsciously the moment the message appeared.


He thanked the miracle that came to him.

Also, a greeting of congratulations came to such a Midas.

The orcs ran towards Midas.


Midas’ tutorial ended just like that.

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