BJ Archmage – Episode 8: Chapter 1 – ? (1)

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The ones that showed the most fierce reaction when God Wars came out was the group that loathed game addiction.


They screamed, shouted, and protested the moment God Wars was announced, as if they had been waiting for this day to come.


“Are you going to take responsibility for all the people who die of gaming addiction while playing that game!?”


What was peculiar about God Wars was that it didn’t end with just a certain group’s outlash.


Many people held doubts about the safety of God Wars and the Gate Capsule despite the fact that it had been certified as perfectly safe for use through various clinical tests and sale permission from most countries and institutions across the world.


“The following restriction will be added to the use of God Wars.”


In the end, God Wars had no choice but to add a considerably tight game use condition.


For now, it could only be played for 5 hours at a time.


After 5 hours, one had to reconnect after logging out.


Also, it was impossible to play for more than 14 hours in a day.


On top of that, it would immediately be shut down if an irregularity was detected with the user’s body conditions.


The irregularity they spoke of here could take various forms.

A problem with health was a matter of course, if there were also conditions like decrease in the  blood sugar level, irregular heartbeats etc.


That was why professional players maintained their bodies at peak condition through dietary management and regular health check ups if there was an important raid, like a martial artist preparing for an upcoming tournament.


‘Damn, I wanted to check that…….’


It was obvious but there was no method for Jung Hyun-woo who used a mere Capsule Room to pass the given time.


‘Because a quest logo popped out on that puppy’s head, it must not be an ordinary occasion.’


Even after 5 years since he started playing God Wars, Jung Hyun-woo had no way to solve the question in a situation that he saw for the first time immediately.


‘Tomorrow I will connect to the game again, but what if it’s disappeared by then?’


Moreover quests in God Wars don’t last forever, right?


It’s the case where he doesn’t know if someone else will snatch it away while he was asleep.


More than anything that place is in the territory of an explorers’ guild that monopolizes quests.


In many ways, Jung Hyun-woo can only frown upon that.


“Hyung, this candy is for you. You’ve worked hard. You’ve used up all your time span today, right?”


Lee Hyuk-joo who handed over the candy to him right after he came out, spoke after seeing Jung Hyun-woo’s crumpled expression.


“Hyung, is there any problem? Your face looks so sour.”


Jung Hyun-woo answered that question while accepting the candy.


“I am building a second character. It’s weird if my mood is good for it.”


“Well, why are you building a second character all of a sudden?”


Lee Hyuk-joo got angry.


He knew that Jung Hyun-woo had recently created a new character, but was it because he was building up that character?


“Why on earth did you leave your original character?”


It must be a rare occasion for a pro-player like Jung Hyun-woo and not someone else to build a second character.


“Don’t tell me you got suspended from using it?”


To the continuous questions Jung Hyun-woo’s expression became more crumpled instead of answering them.


Lee Hyuk-joo was surprised at Jung Hyun-woo’s silence.


“Oh, oh my goodness. You really got banned?”


“Hey, shut up. Don’t go around telling it to anyone.”


“Hyu, Hyung!”


“Be silent. I am in a bad mood right now.”


Jung Hyun-woo who said that started to put on clothes right after he came out from the Capsule.


Then he quickly did some calculations and played out some scenarios in his head.


‘I should hide the ability that I recently gained as well as I can, I should make my current situation look as bad as possible.’


One of the things that Jung Hyun-woo realized in his life was that he should not reveal his fortune to someone else.


It’s as it is.


‘He will run around the neighborhood telling everyone if he knew about this ability of mine.’


The world that Jung Hyun-woo lived in was a stage where there were people who were always overflowing with envy and jealousy.


If there was a successful person, if there was someone who is lucky, it’s a stage full of people who are dying to hug their thighs and sponged off of them no matter what or people who can’t just let themselves fall forward onto the ground.


In that kind of stage, Jung Hyun-woo didn’t have the slightest intention to bite the flesh of the delicious grilled fish which was all he wanted.


‘Until I get on the proper track to some extent, I need to endure it silently.’


As he couldn’t daringly bite that juicy flesh, he decided to be cautious until he got a thick, strong skin.


“Tomorrow I will come again so keep a free space for me.”


Therefore as Jung Hyun-woo gave a look full of extreme anger and rage, he turned his back after telling that to Lee Hyuk-joo.


And then, as if his endless sadness was more than anyone else’s his shoulders dropped down and he left the Capsule Room.


Lee Hyuk-joo who saw that face sighed shortly.


“Wah, Hyun-woo Hyung got fucked up pretty bad. He’s really pitiful, what a pity, he looks like he will walk on a path of thorns from now on.”


It was a moment where his acting worked well.






Right after the door opened Jung Hyun-woo’s face brightened up seeing the bright smile on his niece’s face and spoke.


“Right, uncle came. Have you been well?”




“What did you do in the kindergarten today?”


“I drew a picture!”


“Really? What’s the picture about?”


“It’s a picture of dad and uncle!”


This short conversation immediately brighten up a small room that was not even larger than 33m². (1 Pyong is 3.3m²)


“Really? Show it to me.”




And then Jung Hye-rin showed Jung Hyun-woo a picture she drew in the kindergarten.


She showed a drawing that was drawn with a tablet pen on a thin tablet PC.


“Hiya, our Hye-rin can draw so well.”


Obviously a continuous compliment.


But Jung Hyun-woo’s eyes who did the compliment swayed a bit.


‘She really draws well.’


The reason why it swayed was because Hye-rin’s drawing was so outstanding that it was hard to tell whether it was something that was drawn by a 7 year old.


‘She really draws well.’


And his Hyung in the drawing was sitting in the wheelchair as well.


Because she drew it too well it touched his heart even more and a sad smile full of bitterness was formed, but Jung Hyun-woo forcibly swallowed that bitter smile.


“Hye-rin will be an outstanding painter when you’ve grown up. Amazing.”


As he forcibly swallowed it he complimented her once more.






But his niece refused Jung Hyun-woo’s compliment.


“Hye-rin will be a player when I grow up. And then I will make uncle and dad rich.”




“Hye-rin will be a player!”


Jung Hyun-woo closed his mouth for a while to the answer that came out after the refusal.


“You came?”


The one who asked him was none other than his Hyung, Jung Tae-woo.




“Hurry and set up your body code again. So you can come here without having to press the doorbell.”


As Jung Tae-woo said that Jung Hyun-woo patted Hye-rin’s head and handed over the tablet PC to Hye-rin, Hye-rin who accepted it back ran to the living room while smiling.


“Hye-rin draws so well. Was it because she resembles Hyung-soo? You should tell her to study arts.”


“That will be good.”


Hyung who said that shook his head.


“But she said that she wants to be a player.”


Jung Hyun-woo’s face got stiff hearing those words.


The fact that he couldn’t smile even though he saw his daughter’s outstanding skill in drawing.


That was Jung Hyun-woo’s brother’s position currently.


It wasn’t simply only because of money.


“It’s a generation where every person in this world is dreaming of God Wars.”


God Wars.


It was dominating the world so fast to the point where it surprised the upcoming generation of this world.


In such a thing that there are real money paying jobs within the game as well.


Various kinds of professions started to deteriorate because of the entrance of God Wars.


It’s at such a horrible level that one can see the collapse of the entertainment and sports industries among those jobs.


It’s to the extent that one can’t do arts unless it’s in God Wars.


It was a generation where the best painters draw pictures in God Wars, and the singers sing in God Wars to survive.


“He didn’t make God Wars for this kind of world.”


Towards that generation Jung Tae-woo sighed in a low voice along with a short reminiscence.




Jung Hyun-woo’s ears didn’t catch the exposition monologue well, thus Jung Hyun-woo asked the question.




Jung Tae-woo gave an evasive short answer to that question.


Jung Hyun-woo then spoke to him.


“More than that Hyung, I want to sell information about a hidden piece in the game. Can you sell it to a broker account?”


His Hyung tilted his head to a sudden request.


“Why a broker account?”


Broker account.


To put it simply, if they didn’t get tracked, it’s an account that autonomously laundered cash.


“I got access to a hidden piece of information and I want to sell it.”


It was used a lot when one is doing a business that could cause problems in many ways.


“It’s not a bad thing to do right?”


His Hyung naturally asked a concerned question, Jung Hyun-woo giggled to the question and spoke.


“If I tell Hyung that it’s to help a really unfortunate ‘neighbor’ who got pretty damn unlucky recently due to an event that was completely beyond his control, will you believe it?”


Jung Tae-woo didn’t answer the counter question with this type of counter question


“Don’t work too hard because of me.”


He just gave him an endlessly sorrowful piece of advice.


Jung Hyun-woo frowned after listening to the advice and spoke.


“I don’t even have the slightest bit of intention to work hard because of Hyung.”


Along with his words Jung Hyun-woo directed his gaze to his niece who was drawing a new picture in the living room.


“Everything is for our cute Hye-rin.”


At that time his Hyung put on a faint smile, Jung Hyun-woo put on a smile as well.


“I will make it for you right now.”


Not so long after his Hyung pulled his wheelchair and went near the notebook nearby.


As he saw that face Jung Hyun-woo held his intention.


‘I will change this damned house no matter what.’


For his Hyung and for his niece.


Jung Hyun-woo who held that determination thanked God at that time.


And then he pledged.


‘Then I will use it properly so God won’t regret it.’


I will use this chance perfectly so that God will never regret it.


With that pledge, a day passed.

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