BJ Archmage – Episode 8: Chapter 1 – ? (1)



“Ah, I can’t do it. My damned character got suspended! That’s why don’t call me again!”


A young person with a stunned look in his face approached Jung Hyun-woo who ended the phone after shouting angrily.




Lee Hyuk-joo, because of his call Jung Hyun-woo’s middle forehead was wrinkled and he shouted temperamentally.




“The Capsule seat has been prepared.”


Then Jung Hyun-woo’s expression loosened.


Lee Hyuk-joo carefully asked him a question.


“Hyung, did you really get banned?”


Because of that question Jung Hyun-woo’s face got crumpled.


It was just that.


He didn’t answer and glared at Lee Hyuk-joo, as if he would kill him.


‘Just as I thought.’


He acted as if he was furious like that.


‘He won’t believe it if I told him once or twice.’


People are like that.


It’s extremely rare for them to truly believe what the other person said.


Jung Hyun-woo’s situation this time was the same as well.


A character that has been built for 5 years, a character that wasn’t different from his own life line to him, got suspended?


So he threw away that character and built a new character?


It’s sad.


But he could get a contrary question as well.


If he maybe has another secret scheme, that kind of question.


Of course there’s no probability for that question to accidentally happen.


‘I can’t let there be room for suspicions.’


The problem was after some time passed.


‘If I play the game like this, then there’s no choice but to stick out.’


It was still amazing for Jung Hyun-woo even after he confirmed the ability that he had at that time.


Moreover Jung Hyun-woo didn’t have the slightest intention to hide this ability and live like a petit bourgeois.


Of course he didn’t have the intention to reveal his nature in front of people as well.


He intended to wear a mask, and hide his face.


‘Even though I hide my nature, I shouldn’t be suspected.’


At that time for him not to be a suspect, Jung Hyun-woo was putting a bait out.


It wasn’t funny no matter how you look at it.


‘This kind of minor sketch is important. Most schemes are unraveled because of the small mistakes.’


On the other hand. It was a proof of Jung Hyun-woo’s cleverness who possessed that ability to the point where it’s surprising.


‘Quests are the same as well.’


Something like the question mark that popped out on the dying puppy’s head.


‘It might be a small quest as well.’


Jung Hyun-woo didn’t put high expectations into that.


“Hyung, because everything has been prepared you can come into the Capsule.”


At that time Lee Hyuk-joo spoke, and Jung Hyun-woo was thinking about those words.


‘Right, since when did I ever get lucky? At the utmost it would be a rare quest. It’s impossible for a legendary quest to appear at my level, right?’ (pr: yeah, sure)


And thus as he calmed his gaze coldly and laughed scornfully at himself as he connected to God Wars.




The most booming business due to the entrance of God Wars in the market was Capsule Rental Service Provider, or the Capsule Room.


The reason why the Capsule Room gained its power was because people who easily used a million won to make a character would still find it burdensome to buy a private Capsule Gate.


Mushrooms, rather than that expression it was more suitable to call it as a contamination and thus Capsule Room became a part of the world.


In ordinary people’s views a part time job in that Capsule Room was an easy job.


“Part time job in Capsule Room, isn’t it just about putting in people when they come in and cleaning up after they leave?”


“Because people in the Capsule don’t do anything there won’t be any quarrel as well, isn’t it a really fine job?”


People would think like that after seeing it from the outside.


But a part time job in Capsule Room was unexpectedly hard.


The reason was simple.


“Fuck! This damned trash game!”


The fact that the game called God Wars is not as easy as people thought.


“Heck, I paid with real money and played this game but what’s the bullshit that I can’t play it for 80 hours!”


And then there’s a policy that people couldn’t use the game for 80 hours after getting a game over.


To say it simply there were many occasions where people who just connected to the game for no longer than 10 minutes only able to suck their finger for 80 hours.


“Fuck really!”


And then most people who fell in that kind of situation couldn’t accept the sudden change of situation and came out while showing an extreme reaction with abusive language.


After that of course it’s a part timer duty to handle them.


“Dear customer! You can’t kick the machine with your foot!”


Lee Hyuk-joo, the reason was because he was running to a customer who kicked the Capsule Gate that couldn’t be bought even with his year’s salary.


But according to his standard with the reason of knocking the wood, it’s impossible to easily calm down the customer’s anger.


“What? Hey! Fuck do you see me as a fucker as well? I can just pay for this thing!”




On the contrary of Lee Hyuk-joo’s words the customer showed an extreme reaction and violently kicked the Capsule Gate once more.


Lee Hyuk-joo worked very hard in his heart towards that face.


‘Fuck how much is that, huh!’


It was at that time.




As another sound of Capsule Gate was heard the heavy door started to open gradually.


An opening before the expected time, Lee Hyuk-joo who saw that wanted to sigh.


‘It’s double!’


Misfortune on top of misfortunes, when the word of double went past Lee Hyuk-joo’s head instead of those words a sound came out from a Capsule.




A very strong cuss word came out, and Lee Hyuk-joo’s face started to fully stiffen.


At that time the man who just came out from the Capsule Room directly went to the bathroom without removing the equipment.


And the man who went to the bathroom spat out a voice in front of the washstand without me knowing.


“Holy mother of all fucks.”


The man who said that saw himself in the mirror.


And the him in the mirror with a surprised gaze, spoke to Jung Hyun-woo through his gaze.


‘A Legendary quest, is this for real?’


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